9 thoughts on “Holiday teaser

  1. Loddo

    Wow! I cant believe how far you have come with this game 😀 it looks great. How complete is 0.4? it looks quite playable..

    Well 🙂 never the less, you guys rock. I love when projects does the extra effort to make a port for Mac.

  2. Daiky

    The path highlighting I actually implemented for debugging the pathfinding algorithm (which has been improved since 0.3).
    It was only later I realized it actually could be a feature that players may want to enable too. That’s also the reason it’s not that fancy as in JA2 for example.

  3. Claude

    Nice work! I come here each day to watch the progress.

    Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to everyone involved in the project!

  4. juantxovilla

    Oh yeah, I’m following you since… one year?. This really rocks, I love to see the progress coming through.

    Good work

  5. Tim

    Yep – Great to watch how far this project has come. I’ve been watching it since the beginning and it’s looking great. Huge congrats to all involved. I hope you’re all having a great Christmas break. Looking forward to seeing your progress in 2012.

  6. dred

    Great work so far, mate. Finally X-Com will has a future other than bad shooters by greedy companies.

    Since you’re whilling to implement improvements (I loved EU extended myself), I have a simple suggestion for one simple item: a shoulder lamp for night missions to create a cone of light in the direction which the character is facing. This would make scouting way easier on night missions, but also make your troops easier to detect by enemy units. Electro-flares wouldn’t become totally useless as well, since they could be still be used to light up areas far way from your lamp’s range.

  7. jval

    Congratulations for your excellent work! It’s amazing so far, I’m looking forward to see it completed!

  8. Vincent2128

    Hooray, manufacturing at last! Now I can do something else other than sit around and shoot down random UFOs.

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