Mac 0.3 build now available!

There’s now a 0.3 download for Mac OS X users available, courtesy of marabus. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Mac 0.3 build now available!

  1. Ruut

    OpenXcom version 0.3(1) Mac

    I copy the into applications
    When I open openxcom application, I have a black windows with white text:
    Failed to load palette

    Can’t find a required X-Com data file.

  2. Ruut

    I have copied Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources
    Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources > DATA
    but it did not solve the problem.

    Maybe I don’t understand where I can find the ‘X-Com resources’.

  3. marabus

    You need to copy your original X-Com resources. This project is only a game engine reimplementation, the actual game data is copyrighted and can not be distributed. You’ll have to look for it elsewhere.

  4. marabus

    Good. Copy the contents of game folder to the destination mentioned by SupSuper and everything will work.

  5. SupSuper Post author

    You can customize the window size in the options.cfg in your ~/Library/Application Support/OpenXcom folder.

  6. Ruut

    Ok it work perfectly but no recherche and no production available for the moment.
    else the fights are fun especially the amo run.

  7. Z

    Hey, keep up the good work!

    You’re doing exactly what this game needed – a modern port.
    Congratulations from a fellow portuguese speaker.

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