A new direction

Update: April fools! (as if you couldn’t tell) Click here for the original post.

As you all know, X-Com remakes have always been a bit of a grey area, what with the original copyright being up in shitcreek somewhere. There’s always that tiny little risk that what we’re doing is in fact incredibly outrageous and someone will come down on us for it. You know, same old story.

Anyways a few weeks ago Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., the current copyright holders of the X-Com trademark, contacted me with a C&D on this matter. I didn’t post anything about it then since I didn’t wanna spook anyone. We had to shut down the project and take down any and all material relating to the X-Com game and/or trademark. This wasn’t limited to just resources, but any possible association. They wanted to stay on their toes and carefully protect their license, what with their upcoming XCOM title.

However, I’ve been discussing this issue for a long time with them and we’ve managed to come to an agreement. They will allow OpenXcom to continue as long as we only focus on one X-Com title we all love, ensuring no conflict with their current XCOM game. As a show of good faith, they’ve even given us the rights to all its original resources and data, so we can easily get back on track to giving our fans what they really want. As a big X-Com fan, I’m sure you’ll all be pleased with this agreement as much as I am.

We’ve been working around the clock to make the required changes, and the website will soon reflect them too. In the meantime, here is a new gameplay video that I’m sure you all will enjoy:

7 thoughts on “A new direction

  1. hsbckb

    If all the message (including the Youtube video) is a joke, please delete it to prevent misunderstanding.

    Anyway, good joke!

  2. Bob

    The funniest part about this is when you look at the new X-Com game and see what they chose to do.

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