You bunch of gits!

After a lot of peer pressure careful thinking and planning, the codebase has been moved over to Git on Github, and the Sourceforge SVN codebase will no longer be maintained. The Compiling instructions have been updated respectively (updated Contributing instructions will soon follow), so anyone who likes to compile the project should catch up. For Windows users, I recommend either Git Extensions or TortoiseGit.

Edit: Contribution instructions in the forum are now updated.

6 thoughts on “You bunch of gits!

  1. Nils

    If you create an ignore directive for bin/DATA then you don’t get changed files if something is present there.

    Same would be true for the compiler data and results.

  2. SupSuper

    There is already a .gitignore for compiler trash.
    I can’t ignore all of bin/DATA because there’s new OpenXcom-specific files in there too.

  3. Daiky

    I was also very sceptic in the beginning. I’m a big fan of SVN – probably the most popular version control software. And learning new tools is always a pain, but as an active developer on the project, the little learning curve aside I’ve only seen benefits: automatic intermediate build, personal branching,… and certainly not a step backwards. The normal workflow, using tortoisegit, is not slower than SVN. The GitHub website is nicer than sourforge’s. And once you learned to work with advanced git features like “stashing” you really feel the power of git.

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