Happy new year!

Sorry I was too busy partying and drinking during actual New Years Eve. Anyways here’s some development updates from, well, me.

Saved games have been really requested for some reason, even though they’re not that handy this early on, but they’ll make debugging easier. Plus infinite saves!

More languages! The format had to be tweaked to tie in with the new savegame format, so to try it out I decided to port the Italian and Spanish languages from the PSX version too.

On that note, there seems to be a bunch of interest in translating the game to bold new languages popping up. Support isn’t quite finalized yet, but still, if you’ve already done/know of a fan-translation for the original X-Com,

12 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Antitribu

    Great news, Sup.
    Well, there was (a long time ago 😉 i was a kid back then) a russian translation, which i used to play. It was super-messy, though (pirate version, arrrrr~).
    But, what the hell, I’d love to try to make a new one.

  2. SupSuper Post author

    Someone already sent me the russian version, I can put it up somewhere if you wanna improve it, though languages with completely new fonts will probably take longer to support. 😛

  3. winterheart

    For russian support there required 21 additional glyphes (upper and lower case) for big and small font charset. I can provide these glyphes.

  4. lordfrikk


    I’d like to translate the game to Czech. There is a very old version of translation, so I’m going to do it all over again instead of patching up the old one.

  5. localhosed

    I’d like to know what’s involved so that I might be able to translate into ygyde language. Even though it’s not too popular, as a bonus the ygyde glyph set, a TTF font, looks kind of alien, like the glyphs on the outside of scouts. So it could be a novelty as a sort of “Cydonia Mode”.

    Thanks, Good to see new developments in OpenXcom.

  6. Andrey Boldakov

    I’ve lots of translated stuff at russian also, becourse there is already translated version of original X-Com, so I can prepare language files in case Winterheart will provide you glyphes for correct displaying russian alphabetical symbols.

  7. Leandro

    I don’t know how much programming knowledge is needed to make these translations, but as far as only text is involved, I would volunteer to translate the game into Portuguese, since I have no programming skills whatsoever.

  8. Leandro

    I meant Brazilian Portuguese, since there are some slight differences from the Portuguese used in Portugal.

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