More boring programming stuff!

So I’ve been working on savegames. And let me tell you, what a wonderful experience it has been! I just have to talk about the technicalities and conundrums of the intricacies of the colloquial format gibberish-


…what was that?

Who? Daiky? What are you doing here?

No, you can’t take me away! I must tell them all about the boring programming stuff! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-



7 thoughts on “More boring programming stuff!

  1. Mark A.

    Just an observation you might very well be aware of, but you seem to be running the game in 320×200 resolution, or 16:10 (which the original game ran at because of ModeX optimisations). But the original game was then stretched in fullscreen onto a 4:3 screen.

    I’ve noticed a lot of modern remake projects or DOSbox setups where people don’t seem to be aware that more “accurate” would be to stretch the game a bit vertically to 320×240 (or any multiple), particularly when playing in a window.

  2. SupSuper Post author

    Personally I prefer the inaccurate 320×200 look, but not to worry, you can change OpenXcom’s screen resolution so you can run it at a “stretched” 320×240 (or any multiple) if you prefer. 🙂

  3. doctorfrog

    Not sure if/when you have this planned, but I long for the time when the window can be expanded to 1080+ and have a heck of a lot more breathing room than the current one does. (That, and an updated sprite project.) Either way, watching this project!

  4. Daiky

    @doctorfrog: that’s already possible, currently by changing the code (an example is on the forum), but I guess it can be a setting to increase the viewport size of the battlescape. I think with a resolution of 1600+ you can even fit an entire battlscape on screen without the need for scrolling. (and without the need of a minimap :p)

  5. doctorfrog

    @Daiky: I thought as much, good to know that setting will be possible in a playable build. I’m just learning XCom myself bit by bit and the viewport is damned claustrophobic. My next wish would be support for higher-res sprites in the future, and for Sai and HQ scaling support in the interim, but I have a feeling you’re way ahead of me on that…?

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