9 thoughts on “Merry christmas!

  1. localhosed

    Wow the lighting looks great. I like especially the lighting from objects. I think I would have wanted it that way back when the game was new.

  2. John Gerevich

    I’ve discovered this project not long ago – it’s great to see my favorite game come alive again. What will truly be amazing is the kind of followup the game’s release might conjure. Expansions like TFTD was for UFO, really looking forward to it, keep up the great work!

  3. Jacques

    Impressive progress on the battlescape! Are you using a 3D engine ‘below the hood’ for the lightning/visibility calculations?

  4. Daiky

    @Jacques: I use a simple form of Ray Tracing for those calculations. You can call it 3D if you want yes 🙂

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