7 thoughts on “Exciting new developments

  1. Daiky

    So you are playing the first mission of the friendly scenario where the objective is to try to form an alliance with the aliens, called “First contact: greeting the unknown.”?

  2. bramcor

    Looks like he’s lining up the recruits to see who will survive a direct hit with an alien grenade and decide from that who to keep in the future 😛

  3. Jacques

    So, how are you guys gonna tackle the AI? That seems like a rather complex part of the game to rebuild?

  4. SupSuper Post author

    It will probably be a challenge, but at least reproducing an AI that just shamelessly cheats and murders every one of you should be easier than something with actual “brains”. 😛

  5. Pinkertonius

    That’s no a flaw! It’s a feature.
    Nothing beats starting a new battle, very first action you take one step and a blaster bomb effortlessy glides into the ship, gently reminding you that you need to research better armor.

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