Version 0.1 is here!

Yes, the first properly versioned, properly planned, properly built release is here! With tons more bugfixes and features than before! Still not complete though. But at least there’s a semblance of playability now! What are you waiting for? Go get it!

For those just joining us, here’s a run-down of all the features you can expect in this version:


  • Fully-controllable globe.
  • Globe details like country borders and names.
  • Day/night effect.
  • Initial base placement.
  • Basic UFO spawning and detection.
  • Craft interception with fuel consumption and basic dogfights.
  • Craft repairing/refuelling/rearming.
  • Funding overview.
  • Monthly funding.
  • Scroll-wheel support.


  • Full base view with facilities.
  • Building new bases with access lift placement.
  • Base information.
  • Base stores.
  • Soldier stats (with randomly generated soldiers).
  • Craft info and equipping.
  • Facility building/removal.
  • Scroll-wheel support.

And here’s some technical notes:

  • You can’t destroy Access Lifts (therefore destroy a base).
  • You can’t minimize dogfights.
  • UFOs are nerfed to make them easier to intercept.
  • Crafts rearming in base don’t use up ammo in base stores. This is to prevent them from running out since you can’t buy more ammo yet.

10 thoughts on “Version 0.1 is here!

  1. Bruno A

    Downloaded it, ran it, started new game, beginner, picked a spot for my base… can’t name it! 😐

    The name prompt comes up, I type a name in, press Enter – nothing happens.


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