Current and future developments

So here’s what I’ve been planning:

  • The current goal is to finish up interceptions on the globe. UFO detection, launching craft, sending them to targets, dogfights with UFOs, craft maintenance, etc. Once that’s done I’ll get a new release out, that’ll be v0.1.
  • From that point on, SVN builds are out, stable releases are in. SVN changes too often for me to put out regular releases and most people can compile the latest code themselves. So instead I’m gonna start putting out stable versioned releases like regular projects, with proper packages and installers. I’m gonna try and lay out a roadmap of all the features done and to-be-done and what to expect for each version, although my development tends to be rather random.
  • After v0.1 I’m gonna take some time off “X-Com features” to work on some more low-level engine stuff, prepping up for the future. Cleaning up and improving the code, externalizing stuff like rulesets and strings (this will probably tie into modding and internationalization, more on that later), and maybe setting up some new features like proper Options, resolution scaling, etc.

4 thoughts on “Current and future developments

  1. bramcor

    Great work and good points for focus on future work. I am looking forward to see where this is going 🙂

  2. viktori

    all UFO remakes are bad, unplayable, boring .. this remake is the best in the world – because:

    it is a UFO.

  3. Teddy

    I’m so glad to see someone actually just reimplementing X-Com! Heh, so long as it’s got a smooth mouse and you don’t have to delete someone’s entire name just to make one tiny edit, I’ll be happy 😛

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