9 thoughts on “Comments are fixed

  1. bramcor

    No reason to feel lonely – all faithful OpenXcom stalkers come through here daily in an attempt to get their fix. Too bad there are so few blog posts 😉

  2. Kovie

    For what it’s worth, I REALLY want to see this project come to fruition. It would be amazing if OpenXcom became a sturdy platform for large-scale X-Com mods. Shooting too far? – I don’t even know.


  3. Ty

    Keep up the good work. I cant wait for this project to be complete. I only wish somebody was working on a similar for Ultima Underworld.

  4. rutto

    oh man! Just found this awesome project. I’ll give it a try on my brand new Pandora! 🙂
    (the original version in dosbox is working good already)

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