Yet another build!

Yes, for those of you without a compiler (which, if my forum is any guess, is like only 1% of my fanbase), rejoice! You get to try out some more stuff!

To recap what’s been added since the last build:

  • Base building.
  • Hangar building.
  • Craft equipping (incomplete).
  • Textured and lighted globe (incomplete).
  • Cosmetic enhancements.
  • And the traditional bugfixes and performance enhancements.

And our contributors never stop! If you think your particular platform or compiler wasn’t supported before, maybe it’s time to look at the Compiling page again, it just keeps on growing!

What would you rather see implemented next?

5 thoughts on “Yet another build!

  1. michal

    It’s all up to you.

    But maybe good idea would be working once on boring stuff, once on interesting, and so on. That way you won’t get overwhelmed by boring stuff 😉

    And maybe you could give bigger tasks for contributors? Maybe someone could work on ufopaedia – it should be fairly independent of rest of game. Or maybe implementing interception screen.

  2. SupSuper Post author

    Well I meant fun for the player, for me it’s all fun stuff and I don’t like giving it away. 😛 Unless I can’t get it to work, then it becomes aggravating and boring and I hand it off to the contributors. 😉

  3. localhosed

    On the subject of compiling, thanks very much for giving the detailed instructions on how to compile the program. I’m not very familiar with compiling with C++ and SDL and the precompiled SDL requirements made it very easy. I was able to compile and run it on Windows XP 32bit with the minGW precompiled SDL with CodeBlocks. Though I don’t think I’ll understand most of the code soon, it is nice to have the opportunity to look through it as it is being made and maybe to experiment with it.

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