Crafts and bases

It’s been a busy time. Taking care of exams, fixing bugs, adding features, etc. A lot is going on with the code, as you might’ve noticed if you’ve been to the forums, but sadly it rarely translates to anything visible, so here’s a run-down:

– Did some work on fleshing out crafts. Now you can view their info and equip them a bit:

You can also see the highlighting works now.

– Looking into implementing sound effects, they make the game more lively, and they’re one of the more advanced game formats I need to look into eventually.

– After months of hard work, you can finally click on things on the globe! A triumph for us all. 😛 Thanks for the contributors who helped out.

One of the implications is that you can now place and name your starting base:

Soon you’ll be able to actually do things on the globe, build extra bases and so on.

6 thoughts on “Crafts and bases

  1. marabus

    About the bases limit – IMO it’s a combination of all the aforementioned reasons. There should be no need for an average player to have so many bases as well. 5-6 is more than enough to cover the whole globe effectively, not to mention the costs overhead.
    And again, I’d rather see a vanilla reimplementation of the game with bugs/quirks fixed, than another “x-com extended” project, since there are already many of them and it can be done anyway after vanilla is finished.

  2. hsbckb

    I agree with Pmprog.

    Besides, I prefer more space for each base to built facilities than having more bases.

  3. anonymous

    Some strange bug:
    1. place base
    2. zoom in 3 or more times
    3. rotate globe

    Blue dot can be seen in different places, even on water.

  4. SupSuper Post author

    @pmprog: That doesn’t look too bad actually. 🙂

    @hsbckb: Again, more facilities are easy to implement, but hard to put them in the interface.

    @anonymous: The code is still under development so bugs are expected, but thanks for reporting.

  5. Max

    My guess is that it’s also a micromanagement limit. It becomes annoying in later parts of the game.

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