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Welcome to ROSIGMA, a collab content mod that unites the two content submods ROSE and IGMA, expanding upon them further. page and download links:

Discord (quickest way to get answers to questions and bugs, but we also got extensive suggestion sections):
(Found the setting to not have the link expire after 7 days)

Latest update notes and hotfixes:,9687.msg138591.html#msg138591

Me, Buscher and Xom126 have been busy integrating these mods and the first release is now ready.
Special thanks to Cabal/CAPSHEP and Lord Flashheart for pitching in with their additions as well (see more below).

So what is ROSIGMA, ROSE and IGMA? The short version:
-Expanded enemy roster, Orks fully fleshed out, Chaos added to and new early, mid and late game enemies added.
-Expanded Adeptas, and Imperial Guard content. Units, armor, weapons, upgrade paths and abilities. Arbites isn´t the focus, but get access to some of the Guard arsenal.
-Gameplay Rebalance. Quality of life features like the new token system to replace the honour badges (and corpse storage pile), reduced grenade spam, changes in sight ranges and engagement ranges to make more weapons appealing.
-New code additions, new abilities and effects. Buscher is always cooking up new cool code additions and Xom126 has done some great work adding more idle animations to weapons and units.
-An expanded Strategy system for Marines, with each strategy having access to specific weapon types. This includes heavy weapons, bolter variants and melee weapons belonging to specific Strategy-themed weapon kit.

If you´ve played the 40k main mod previously and want more variety and new challenges, this is the mod for you. That said, don´t be scared away if you´re entirely new to the 40k mod either, this mod does not aim to be a hardcore difficulty mode and we´ve introduced plenty of quality-of-life improvements to make it appealing for new players as well.

ROSIGMA content notes:
-Integrates the ROSE and IGMA submods for a combined and expanded experience with the 40k mod.

Highlights, new Content:
-Adds over 70 new enemy types. This includes doubling the variety of Orks, introducing several factions of Chaos Sisters, new Traitor and Deserter Guardsmen and introducing entirely new unit types like the Chaos Squats, Daemon Undivided, Khornate Valkia, Tzaangor, Horrors, Slaangors and Slaanesh Anointed.
We aim to flesh out several factions and introduces new ones.

Orks Expanded:
-The Ork WAAAAUGH! Has been greatly expanded, new Orks foes include: Tankbustas, Kommandoz, Stormboyz, Burnaboyz, Mekboys, Flashgitz, Mega-Armored Nobz, Warbikers, Deffkopters, Weirdboyz and the Warboss!

New Ork Weapons:
- The new Ork units have an expanded arsenal, including the Tank hammer, a very sneaky slugga, snazzguns and more dakka than you can shake a stick at. This includes some more ranged options, so learn to spot them at afar to take them out early (the Flashgitz tend to stand out in a crowd).
 - The new Weirdboyz have an array of quite dangerous, if unpredictable, psyker abilities.

New Chaos and Heretic Sisters of Battle Foes:
- Chaos and Heretic Sister factions provides ample new threats for the early, mid and late game. While most are easier to dispatch than Chaos Space Marines, some have the blessings of the Chaos Gods and can prove quite tough, with hidden special abilities.

The Forces of Slaanesh Expanded:

 - Slaanesh fleshed out with early and midgame Slaangor warbands. They got more health than your cultists but not much better armor.
 - The Fiendgor is the new Slaanesh Terror Unit to round out the Daemonettes, quite quick, tough and have rending pincers that will damage armor and stun units.

- Late game Slaanesh Anointed elites wield new missile launchers based on some of those lovely old 40k designs. They are quite tough snakey lads.

A new Slaanesh Arsenal:
- Adds new enemy weapons, fleshed out Slaanesh weapons from auto- and lasguns to kombibolters and missile launchers.
 - Slaanesh weapons are precise, good at reaction fire and have armor rending, penetration and energy drain, at the cost of direct damage.

Tzentch  Expanded:
New in 1.05 is the Cults of Tzeentch:
- A techy, magic using force with a focus on energy weapons and good accuracy. They're more fragile than other forces, but do have quite a lot of summons.
Tzeentch (Blue for now) Horrors and Tzaangor are included.
Tzeentch Traitor Guard forces and an expanded Tzeentch themed Arsenal is in the works.

Nurgle Expanded:
- Nurgle has a smaller boost to his arsenal for now, but it includes a new Heavy bolter and a hand held version of the Nurgle launcher.
 - All Nurgle bolter rounds have recieved a new VFX effect to indicate you´re being hit by blight rounds.

New Imperial Deserters:
- The new Deserter faction adds new traitor guard for the early game and eventual bounty missions, not aligned directly with the forces of Chaos but perhaps manipulated by them.
 - All this (and more!) added with new enemy army lists, split between early, mid and late game variety and thematic lists that will keep you on your toes.
 - With the addition of more weak early game foe variety, it might be a little easier for new players.

Adeptas Expanded:
- Adds 9 new armors and units to the early-mid Adeptas game, including new voice packs to add variety.

 - With new promotion chains for medicae, assassins and the Sister Superior there are now more options and depth to the Sister playthrough.
 - The early Sisters game now sports Novices and Cantus rather than full on Battle Sisters.
 - Battle Sisters are recruited through a new Convent Barracks upgrade to the living quarters, which is unlocked by researching the early Adeptas specific techs (mobilization being the important one).
 - Assassins and Repentia having their movement speed and survivability increased.
 - The new Death Cult Assassin is a upgrade option that provides an "advanced" assassin armor to make them more viable late game.
 - The Ecclessiarchy have replaced the Guardsmen with their own Militia, hand picked fanatics kitted out (in this case) to pass as respectable troops. They got worse starting training than Guardsmen, but make up for it with guts! And high morale, but mostly guts.

- A new Sister pilot has been introduced, with bonuses to piloting. Expensive, she´s not a replacement for the Battle Sisters in the field.

- Changed Adeptas start, the Adeptas start now with Novices, Militia, Pilots and just a few Sisters to oversee them, with the higher end weapons and armors to be unlocked with research. You will get the option to recruit Sisters of Battle, or to train up and promote Novices (for a cheaper cost).

A new arsenal of Sisterhood weapons:
- Adds a new arsenal of fleshed out weapons for Adeptas.
  - Includes dedicated bolters, boltpistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launcher, grenades, rocket launcher, disposable rocket launchers, lascannon, meltagun, stormbolter, assaultcannon, several types of plasma weapons, a new AoE Gravgun and a mighty animated Zweihander power sword.
  - Generally  lighter weight at the cost of ranged accuracy and power of their Astartes counterparts.
  - These weapons are unlocked either through general research topics, or through capturing their new Chaos counterparts.
  - Some of these weapons can be unlocked for all factions play, Harmonic Beamer Meltagun and light "Malthus" lascannon.

-Imperial Guard expanded:
  -Mounted Heavy Bolter additional to Autocannon and Lascannon (also rebalanced to make them more worthwhile)
  -Multilaser and Heavy Plasma variant for Sentinels
  -More armor variants (Elysian-Like Jump Armor)
  -More soldier types (Veteran/Scion Officers and Penitents as fodder).
  -Krieg Guardsmen for more flavor (thanks Cabal/CAPSHEP for all the work and Lord Flashheart providing the base for the inventory sprite).
  -Krieg Lucius Pattern Heavy Lasgun and Heavy Stubber added.
  -Solo Pattern Light Bolters, well liked by PDF and rebels alike!
  -New Assassins, Vindicare and Callidus.


-For the Imperial Guard a slightly more expendable playstyle with a focus on heavy weaponry and hero skills:
  - Penitents are fodder which do not cost morale on death. Utterly expendable, nobody cares if they die.
  - Krieg Guardsmen trying to redeem themselves should always have exceptional morale. Kriegsmen will now appear randomly mixed in with other NPC guardsmen on Terror Missions.
  - Mounted Weapons (including the new wheeled heavy bolter) and Sentinels are the mainstay for heavy weapons.
  - Commissars, Priests and Officers are intended to allow normal Human soldiers to go beyond their normal abilities (buffing).
  - Vindicare Assassins are intended to destroy high priority targets from afar with specialized and expensive ammo.
  - Autoguns/Lasguns should be viable options in early/mid-game with more advanced ammo types (hotshot and such) to help them stay relevant.

Imperial Guard Arsenal expanded:
  -Different variants of weapons for Heavy Stubber, Officer Sword, Hellpistol, Smoke/Photon ammo for Grenade Launcher.
  -Buffing Roles (Officers and Priests).
  -Laser Designator for Airstrike (was Officer's special weapon before, which is now buffing).
  -Modified Drop-Transport and Tauros Valkyries (Drop-Transport got HWP slot, Tauros gets bigger arsenal of grenades and more troops).
  -Added Vulture to fill the gap between Thunderbolt and Marauder.
  -Upgrade with Transmission Decoder for the outpost (currently only works for IG).

Traitor Guard expanded:
  -New Valkyrie transport deployments.
  -Traitor and Chaos Ogryn, wielding Ripper Guns and Heavy Stubbers.
  -Battle Servitors with heavy bolter or missile pod limbs.
  -Penetante cannon fodder/suicide troops.
  -Floating Heretek engineers with beamer meltaguns and light lascannons.
  -New sniper long las, lascannons, ripper guns, hotshot and volleyguns.

General quality of life improvements:
 -Xom126s animated and very fancy, Mastercrafted melee weapon sprites have been worked in. This includes an Adeptas Zweihander, the Mastercrafted Powersword and the Weirdboy Stikk (for now). It will now be easier to identify the units with the best weapons!
 -QoL: Flying armor types can now be unlocked by researching other enemy flying units than just the basic Raptors.
 -QoL: Plasma pistols can now be unlocked by researching different plasma pistol types, this will be added to more weapons with variants in future updates.
 -Specialised ammo available for high prices at trade outposts.
 -Changes to availability of things like the Plasma Sentinel or Assault (flying) Armors, they are now easier to get the research for.

ROSIGMA Rebalance changes:
Weapon ranges and values have been tweaked, normal bolters have been buffed while grenade spam has been reduced.  Overall have long ranged weapons and vision ranges been reduced while midranged bolters have been buffed. The ideal engagement range should now be around 8-20 tiles.
 -Buff/Easier: Space Marine recruits starting bravery range buffed from 10-60, to 40-80. Still allows for slightly cowardly marines, without them accidentally recruiting Sir Robin.
 -Changed: Space Marine Heavy Bolters are now the cream of the crop that rises to the top, higher damage and rate of fire compared to non-Space Marine variants (if you can handle the recoil).
 -Harder: The Heavy Bolter effective range has been reduced to promote different weapons and give all weapon types their own niche.
 -Harder: Missiles and Lascannons accuracy have been slightly reduced, as has their effective range.
 -Buffed/Changed: Flamethrowers now do more damage against unprotected foes, have slightly better range (less self-immolation risk) and generally have been changed to use arcing shots (with a few exceptions). If you can reduce enemy armor, flamers will be quite effective.
 -Easier: All grenades have shorter range, and heavy grenades have the shortest range. From 20 tiles to 10-17 tiles of range depending on power or weight. Enemies will still use grenades but the aim is to reduce enemy grenade spam meta, Orks have proper Dakka now instead.
 -New: New grenade types have been introduced (more towards disabling, panic inducing or armor reducing/bypassing types). This makes them work more as an attrition tool than a random roll to see who´s dead this turn (and not in power armor).
 -Easier: Less Plasma early on, with the introduction of more Chaos early weapons and bolter types.
 -New: In addition, new lighter plasma carbines and spray guns also mean you´ll bump into far fewer heavy plasma sporting enemies until the very late game.
 -Easier: Some enemy turrets stats have been reduced, especially reactions and accuracy over long ranges. Example: The big Ork turret will no longer reaction blast you across the map quite as often.
 -Harder: Daemons are now tougher and have more abilities, no longer will they go down quite as often to a single bolter shot or two, upping their danger level. This is to help especially the Khorne Daemons.
 -Harder: New Spawner/Transforming enemy types have been introduced, as a counterbalance to high explosives, missiles and grenades. Some Chaos enemies are "Blessed" and may either spawn a daemon on death or transform into some mutated warp monstrosity. Some may even summon reinforcements themselves. So walk softly and carry a big gun (make that several big guns).
 -Harder: Chaos Space Marines and their leaders have been buffed and moved up to be even more of true late game foes, with the introduction of many new mid-game enemies to take their former spot. Chaos Behemoths, commanders, Dreadnoughts and  Terminators have had their health and armor slightly buffed. 
 -QoL/Easier: Economy rebalanced, with a focus on a lessened grind compared to base 40k. Adamantium and promethium costs have also been reduced. This is still being tweaked and balanced. Very powerful weapons and special armor will still cost quite a lot of resources but "standard" armor upgrades and better weapons should now make late game losses less punishing.
 -QoL: There´s a new honor token system to reduce the need to store massive amounts of corpses in fridges, instead each corpse can quickly be traded in for a number of tokens.
 -QoL: Storage space increase. With lots of new weapons and enemies, storage space has been increased slightly to compensate.
 -QoL: Barrack space increase, especially to help the Imperial Guard player.

Disclaimer: These are according to our own gameplay preferences, if you prefer the vanilla economy or balance and just wants the added enemy variety, we encourage you to make your own tweaks and changes.

The mighty to-do list:
Just a few examples, but to give you guys an idea of what we got planned, are working on or just to get inspired I´ll list some here:
 -More themed traitor guard units, cultists and weapons. We consider the existing ones to be mostly Khorne/Undivided, so there´s plenty of space to fill in with Nurgle, Slaanesh or Tzeentch themed units.
 -New maps and missions, our big weakspot but we are certainly interested in adding more variety here.
We´ve not done the art for any of the things on this list, so if you´re feeling inspired or want to help out, hit us up.

Considerations for future additions, in no particular order:
-Nurgle Blight Launcher Heavy Auto Grenade Launcher.
-Nurgle Deathguard Havocs with Gravcannons.
-Nurgle Blightlord Terminators
-Nurgle Pestigors
-Slaanesh/Nurgle Cultists factions (maybe with some Necromunda mixed in)
-Slaanesh Anointed Terminators
-Daemon Furies
-Possessed Marines (First Draft Exists, Leflair)
-Tzeentch Daemons expansion, Screamers
-Adeptas Dogmata, Sister Cop of Sisters.
-Adeptas Paragon Warsuit, 4xtiles unit like the Centurion or Behemoth. Proof of concept sheet done by Xom126.
-Adeptas Terminator tier armor.

Just to give you an idea what suggestions we've already recieved or come up with ourselves.

Contributing/lending a hand and bug-reporting:
We´re just some passionate modders that like the 40k mod and have gotten together to contribute this mod pack to the community. If you want to contribute anything at all, be it a weapon, unit or art, feel free to contact us and we´ll get you sorted.
Of course, playtesting and bug reporting is also a form of contributing, so just by posting your findings or questions in this thread, you´re helping out! (more than you´d think, some bugs are like finding a needle in a haystack).
We´re also open to ideas, suggestions and balance discussions, so post away.
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Awesome work! Cant wait to try it out.

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ROSIGMA Latest Update Notes:
1.09: 2022-AUGUST Tenth Big Update Patch.
1.09B 2022-SEPTEMBER Eleventh update. Compatible with 40k 033 and OXCE 7.7.3 (required).
1.09C 2022-OCTOBER Twelfth update. Compatible with 40k 033 and OXCE 7.7.3 (required).
1.09D 2022-NOVEMBER Thirteenth update. Compatible with 40k 033 and OXCE 7.7.3 (required).,5258.0.html

ROSIGMA 2.1 - Patch Notes (2023-03-23)

**Requires OXCE 7.8. Works with 40k 034**

- Removed redundant orbital strike handsprite.
- Hangar Requirement Issue for Outposts preventing buying of craft at outposts.
- Holographic Guardsmen are now immune to zombification.
- Wallfix, URBAN04.MAP
- Ammo sell cost update to fix a INFINITE MONEY exploit. Melta Ammo now less lucrative to mass produce. Trade goods profitabiltiy improved instead (outpost).
- Support Servitor, Chimedon, Castigator, Exorcist and Damocles turret energy regen fix.
- Adeptas autogun melee sound and animation now reference the correct index.
- Tarantula turrets can now no longer run around all willy nilly.
- Added Missing Kill Token rewards for Deathskulls Orks and the basic Ork Boy.
- Made the main menu art palette compatible with all submenus.

- Streamlining of Guard armors in the store for Abhuman units using Flak/Carapace. Buy one type of armor and units equipping these armors will switch to the appropriate version depending on unit type. Reduces store clutter.
- Changed craft carrying capacity for HWPs, now using the more specific maxLargeUnits: function of OXCE instead of "Vehicles".
- Translatable script messages
- Improved Heavy Weapon Toolkit description
- Manufacture Categories implemented for many manufacturing projects.
- Valkia corpse naming clarified vs live captures.

- Edited the RED palette to be more saturated at brighter values (top 8 or so). This means less pink Blood Angels, and more bloody gore!
- GIBS proof of concept for overkilling guardsmen with physical weapons. Splat! Limited to Flak Guardsmen right now. Expanded GIBS also include getting Necron Flayed and BBQ'd by Flamer weapons, leaving a nice ash pile.
- Added particle trails to Nurgle spit/puke and spewer attacks.
- More HEAT adjusting bigObs added for various plasma weapons.
- Various handOB fixes/improvements.

- Hologram Grenades can now be batch produced for 10 killpoint tokens per grenade (batches of 10).
- Infection Rebalance, Reduced the insta-zombification chance of most things across the board further.
- Slightly reduced the infection removal amount of the medikit heal function; now 5/10/20 instead of 10/20/30 for research levels 1 to 3.
- Added faction attribution to infection; units that succumb to player caused infection/corruption don't spawn hostile units.
- Slightly rebalanced several infection causing weapons; most notably gave the Plague Spewer weapon a snap shot.
- Friendly infected/corrupted units the player kills with "friendly" fire will grant the Emperor's Mercy; they will not turn into daemons on death.
- Devotion now affords protection from Chaos corruption/infection at a rate of 1% resistance per 2 points of Devotion above 50.
- Added rapid morale recovery for manned turret armors.
- Trading Outpost's trade goods now yield 10% profit rather than 5%.
- Lascannons now do gaussian damage rather than 50-200%.
- Large lascannon charge reduced to 5 shots down from 10.
- Tarantula turret base tiles added for Defense Corridor.
- Munitorium ammo piles health increased to 100. Will now die slightly slower to random hits. Also made infection immune.
- Standardized Shotgun buckshot to have extra Time, Energy and Stun damage.
- Standardized most fragmentation, krak, photon and phosphorous rounds.
- Frag, Krak, Phosphor and Photon grenade costs made sane.
- Normalized the heavy frag missile to the new standard frag munition conventions (debuff modifiers).
- Added Gaussian random type to many low fire rate lascannon style weapons (tl;dr less whiffing when hitting).

- QoL: Made Nurgle Cultists give another interrogation for free when interrogated.
- QoL: Made several Chaos commanders/leader give another interrogation research topic for free once researched.
- New Article for Pump Action Shotgun.
- QoL: Added information about Corruption/Infection mechanics to the Codex under the Help section.
- QoL: Made various Adeptas armor codex articles available from the start when playing as Adeptas (varies by strategy, but possible to get certain armors early vs when you can buy/build them.)
- Split Ork Kommandoz articles and created a new one for the Sniper variant. They share autopsy and corpse.
- Death Skulls research topics linked to Codex articles added.

- New Pilot armor/unit.
- Moved Light Taurox to Mid-tier, Manticore to Ceramite tier.
- Arbites Taurox Turret gets more shots.
- Small buff to Enforcer Heavy Armor (and Shield version) front and side armor (+5).
- Arbites can now produce same drum ammo as guard can (shared weapons).
- Expanded PAINT IT BLACK, formerly green guard weapons are repainted into Arbites grey/black when used by Arbites.
- The Arbites Arvus is replaced by FAT ARVUS. Cousin of Little Arvus and formerly in the Italian Mob, Fat Arvus can carry 24 soldiers/4 2x2 units.

- FIX: Moved Commandery/Landraider convoy to ceramite tier repentia
- Bloody Rose armor option now have unique (and very red) Inventory sprites. Bullying Leflair to sprite harder works.

- Alliance mechanic now available to Guard as well as Arbites.

- Tauros 2x2 unit assets and armor code. Heavy flamer and heavy stubber options.
- Ogryns now have a basic default carapace armor that doesn't require manufacture. Manufactured Carapace rebranded as 'Reinforced'; most manufactured Ogryn armor given slightly better protection at the cost of more weight.
- Ogryns given 33% infection resistance.
- Chimera speed increased to 150 from 120.
- Commissars have improved Psi Defence: 50% of Psi Skill (100% for Lord Commissar) + 100% of their current Morale. Commissars also have 33% Intimidation resistance (50% for Lord Commissars).
- Added Ripper Gun armor piercing flechette rounds; intended to make ripper guns more viable vs mid-late game armor. Unlocked for purchase and manufacture via Ogryn Requisition + Mid-tier Guardsman research.
- Added manufacturing recipes for Ripper Guns, Ripper Gun Munitions and Mortar Rounds.
- Frag Mortar ammo added.

- FIX: Requirement for Corvus updated for inquisition use.
- FIX: Requesting Arbites Judge support now unlocks the bike bolter ammo.

- Added Bad Moons Ork race tag for relevant units.
- Added Death Skull research topics (interrogation/corpses).
- Deathskulls Big Mek added to Deathskulls lists. An enemy leader, it is armored with a Shokk Attakk gun that teleports Gretchins (inside you).
- Weirdboyz have visited the spa and gotten their legs cleaned up, new baby smooth skin inventory art.
- Added Bad Moon Mekboy Codex+art.
- Added Kommandoz Sniper battlesprite and inventory art+codex article. They now have their own armor with slightly less front armor and 10% greater fire weakness.
- Added Bad Moons Ork Boyz, Big 'Uns and Nobz. Slightly better armored and ranged focused (worse melee) than the Evil Sunz boyz, they'll hang back more. For now they've taken the Evil Sunz Ork Boyz place in the mid-tier Ork lists. Big 'Uns and Nobz are better armored and got even bigger guns, but similar role.
- Added Bad Moons Snazzy Shootas, equivalent to High-Grade Imperial guns, they currently come in 3 versions. A more accurate Shoota, a Kombi-Rokkit and a Kombi-Blasta (plasma pistol) variant. Bad Moons Boyz, Big 'Uns and Mekboyz uses the various versions to provide more of a mid and late game challenge once encountered.
- Created a mid tier Evil Sunz list, removed the Deffkopter from the Early Tier ork list (also Evil Sunz weighted).
- Added but not implemented fully yet, inventory sprites for:
Blood Axes Ork Boyz, Big 'Uns, Nobz, Kommandoz, Stormboyz and Meganobz.
Goffs Boyz, Big 'Uns.
- Expanded Ork Clan race lists and mixed lists will be implemented as we get these into the mod.

- Expanded Khorne rampage and intimidation mechanics for units like Warptalons, Valkia, Daemons and Berzerkers. Intimidation = "Terrify". Khorne weapons updated for the mechanic. A character that is totally demoralized will take any overbleed as stun damage then stun overbleed is taken as health damage.
- Added resistance mechanics for intimidation.
- Juggernauts now have the Khorne rampage mechanics, heightened aggression and Psi Vision to aid them with their hunt. They now have heightened TUs, stamina and stamina recovery to match their distinction as a Khorne steed.

- Tzeentch spell tweaks for Flamer and Glimmering One.
- Tzeentch casters now tend to use spells in lieu of guns; taste the Warpfire rainbow.
- More Tzeentch Spells added to Daemons and sorcerers. 

-  Throw range for Nurgle spawner grenades capped at 20.
-  Reduced infection ratio on some Nurgle grenades.
-  Infection damage capped to a unit's maximum health; this generally means weaker units cannot spawn more powerful daemons when they succumb to infection/corruption. Low health units like guardsmen will instead turn into weaker poxwalkers, thralls and gimps.

ROSIGMA 2.0B - Patch Notes (2023-02-04)

- ROSIGMA now compatible with Brutal AI, for the full BRUSIGMA experience, activate that submod with rosigma.
- For a easier experience (but still more challenging than default AI), use Therons 50% or 75% unit count submods (found on the discord).
- Brutal AI now supports autoplay with player units, for those milk run missions. Not recommended vs large enemy ships/Counts.
- Reminder that there's plenty of Quality of Life submods on the Discord and Forum, like showing actual damage inflicted.

- Crash: Certain Sacrifice missions would crash due to wrong deathFrames number on certain sacrifices.
- Added a missing HSHIP11.RMP file for routes on said map.
- Added Arbite Shield handob sprites.
- Attempt at making CAS rocket pods less prone to exploding.
- Elevator to floor 2 on
- Tarantula Hyperion fix. Now requiresBuyBaseFunc: [IMPERIUM]
- Melee on Marine jump packs and chaos armor. Created a jump pack variant with melee punch.
- Researching the Chaos sister path will also now unlock the chaos weapons for use.
- Machine Spirits tire less (turret energy on various transports).
- Calling In a Airstrike doesn't cause reaction fire.
- PSI: 0ed psiSkill for several units that shouldn't be throwing around mind controls. Nerfed Tzeentch mind control units ability as well. 
- Script workaround for OXCE mechanic: Bravery >= 110 will no longer cause loss of morale from morale buffing actions.
- CH04WINGS.RMP spawn nodes updated to disable the underwing galleries from being turned into doggy-houses. Doggies got stuck.

- New Main Menu and End Turn artwork to make it easier to see if you got rosigma loaded over the 40k base mod. Future updates may randomize End Turn art with different factions. Artwork is very subtle modified Wrath & Glory: Dark Tides cover, and art from 40k Gladius.
- SOUND: Normalized geoscape sound effects and music tracks volume.
- AMMO: Players can now produce more ammunition types (Bolter Kraken rounds, metal storm etc) at the cost of resources.
- AMMO: More ammunition is now manufactured in batches for QoL; resource and monetary costs have been adjusted accordingly.
- TRANSPORTS: Add 1 HWP slots for Thunderhawk class Transports
- ENERGY/STAMINA: Energy Recovery now based on 0.33*Stamina instead of 1*EnergyRecovery.
- Flares are now 33% lighter (2 instead of 3 weight).
- Trading Posts now cost 1 million but have 500 storage space, generate 200k per month, and allow the player to purchase Trading Goods for resale at a small profit after a month long delivery time.

- Turrets Reaction set to a low 20 generally.
- Stub Rifle range and drop off buffed to serve as sniper rifle.
- Standardized most sniper rifles in the game to use gaussian damage randomization, improved kneel bonuses, and heavy weapon classifications/recoil where appropriate.
- Rebalanced standard sniper rounds in terms of armor piercing.
- Fire Mode Power Bonus Scripts can now either scale with a % of the user's Firing Accuracy or a flat amount. This bonus can now also be either a flat amount added to weapon power, or a percentage of the weapon's power.
- Orbital Beacon costs slightly more money and 200 kill point tokens.
- Removed Ability to Orbital Strike (your own) basements.
- Frag and Krak Grenades weight reduced slightly to help noodly armed guardsmen toss them a little further.
- Frag grenades now have more utility damage effects, a little armor stripping, wounds and energy damage instead of pure health damage (remember, enemies get these too).

- Dodge now has limited uses per turn. 10% chance = 1 dodge attempt. 30% = 3 dodge attempts. Slaanesh and Eldar have the highest (along with imperium assassins), while Khorne, Orks, Nurgle and GSC (aside for Genestealers) have only 1-2 dodges per turn. Once exhausted, you can hit them like normal.

- Lead By Example ability now ignores armor entirely.
- Repentia Strategy gets the research for the Penitent Engine with their reinforcement event now.
- Tome requirements changed with Library requirement for production removed.

- Now starts with Enforcer armor available. Cost (cheaper) and stat requirements modified.
- Banner and Tome rebalance. Banner scales with bravery and devotion now. The tomes are now scaled by Psi ability instead of Bravery. Banner now cost 1000 kill tokens, the tomes 250 and have to be manufactured instead of just bought from Wish. Tomes require the Library facility and the Banner the Chapel (Psi lab).

- Improved Field of Fire for Taurox
- Fixed starting Guard Missile launcher to the right type.
- Turret stats made more consistent with other turrets. Leman Rus super-reactions dropped.

Inquisition Stormtroopers:
- Now have access to three additional weapons, the Longlas, Twincore Plasma Rifle and the Multimelta. The Plasma Rifle and Multimelta require requisite research to unlock and use (Dekker Plasma Rifle and the Multimelta).
- The Longlas armor grants the Analyze ability as well as superior Anti-Camo, Thermal and Night Vision; ideal for a scout or sniper.
- Special Psi Defense bonus has been reduced by 50 to account for their Psi Strength no longer being bugged.
- Inquisitor Stormtroopers are now immune to zombification due to their warded armor.
- Added Jumppack and Medicae options to Inquisition Stormtroopers.

- Added expanded Eldar unit types to Eldar race list. Reapers, Scorpions, Wraithguards, Avengers will now appear at Eldar sites.
- Added ELDAR_EARLY to first quarter of missions.
- Updated Eldar Mission types with ELDAR_EARLY, ELDAR and ELDAR_ADV racelists. Eldar forces will become more advanced with time and have more aspect warriors.

- New Infection mechanics. Instead of instant turning, certain GSC units now cause (attempts) to Infect units that will slowly turn them unless purified by healing.

- Chaos Stub Rifles now support the expanded ammo types in rosigma.
- New Infection mechanics for Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeentch. The respective Corruption will eventually turn or transform units unless purified through healing.
Certain weapons apply Infection when dealing damage, usually in proportion to the damage dealt
Some armors are either impervious or resistant to Infection (typically those that are zombie immune)
An infected unit takes damage to their health, morale, energy and stun at the start of each of its controller's Turns in proportion to the level of infection.
A unit that dies while infected typically changes into some other horrible form, irrevocably warped either by chaos corruption, the level of the unit's Infection usually determines the nature of this change.
Some types of infection intensify over time. All infections can be treated and purged with the Heal function of Medicae items and apparatuses.

- Nerfs to Khorne weapon TU recovery on kill/damage.

- Slaanesh spawned Daemonettes now start with 10% of TU instead of 25%.
- Slaanesh gas grenades now do less direct damage, but causes Slaanesh corruption.

- Several Nurgle units and weapons now cause Nurgle infection, eventually turning units into Nurgle creatures unless healed.
 - Necron weapons now have properties that are more canonically accurate; Gauss weapons now strip armor rather than ignore it. Synaptic Disruptor now deals stun typed damage and thus is only effective vs organics, while inflicting stat debuffs. Gauss Flayers and Gauss Blasters now have axe bayonets.

Latest Hotfix:
Checkout the Discord for hotfixes.

Matches the mod filestructure, so just extract the files into the folders.

I'll keep this post for the latest hotfixes inbetween releases.

As usual with bugs, please report them to me or Buscher and we'll get on fixing them as soon as possible. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to figure out what's wrong under the hood.
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« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2021, 05:41:54 am »
My two favorite mods joining forces, this looks great! Will gladly be giving this a try on my next playthrough.

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« Reply #4 on: May 06, 2021, 07:01:11 pm »
The more players the merrier! Already getting lots of good suggestions + the occasional bug report.

The next update will have quite a lot of goodies based on said suggestions/requests:
-Finishing off the remaining "Transforming" enemy types with custom animations.
-New Adeptas Sentinels, one totting a Thermal Lance (the melta kind).
-Some Drop Pod changes and hopefully (if I figure it out), a drop pod craft for Adeptas to use as an alternative to the "Ankle Woe" Blackstar.
-Some Krieg carapace stuff, not entirely sure what's cooking over there in that corner but it looks good.

-More on the concept/WIP stage: Cyborks? Maybe.

Can't promise it will all make it in or it might get delayed slightly while we work out the last kinks + do testing.

A little note on difficulty for you newcomers, the mod has basically 3 starting enemy factions (like the 40k mod), and in order of difficulty (especially after our additions) it goes:
Easy: Cultists
Average: Traitor Guard

It's a dice roll which one you start off with, so if you're finding yourself getting krumped, try a start with one of the other two factions (Orks may still appear on *certain* missions).

Secondarily, with the changes to the Sister start, its now a tad more difficult than it used to be. You got stormtrooper tier protection (60-80) rather than 100+ power armor starting out.
(Might knock together an easier version here where you get access to Adeptas right away, if there's interest).

If you got questions/suggestions/bug reports etc check by our discord (link in the first post of this thread), you'll find one of us on most of the time (although we lean towards Euro-timeszones).

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« Reply #5 on: May 06, 2021, 09:55:11 pm »
Amazing work! It makes the "basic" WH40k look weak. Shame I'm not sure I would find this mod fun, I don't think XCOM and WH40k match well, although this is a good try. Especially weak IMO is the researching part, or more like "rediscovering". Funnily enough well-made plasma weapons are OP in WH40k like base XCOM.

As for the Sororitas, they're getting new gear quite soon, in case you're short of ideas:
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« Reply #6 on: May 07, 2021, 01:36:08 am »
Oh I wouldn't think the vanilla 40k looks weak, we're building entirely on its foundation. Would take 2-4xas long to make everything from scratch. Bulletdesigner, Oharstein etc do a lot of things we haven't even figured out yet.
It is a bit of a challenge to make 40k "fit" within the xcom structure, and yeah the "research" is part of that dilemma. It's partially what makes X-COM work so well too. Mentally I see it less like research, and more like "justifying" requisition of more rare equipment (and the adepts cooking up some pseudo-religious justification).
One other way to change it to make the research work better is to place the campaign in some sort of dark-age*/warpstorm pocket world that haven't been part of the Imperium proper for centuries. There's probably a couple of other setups which would fit the X-Com formula even better (Tau-aligned human world? Heretical as it may be).
*(of which there's been several millennia long eras in the 40k lore)

The tech/weapon power progression is also tricky, with Bolters (and Heavy Bolters), missile launchers etc being available from the get go. Imperial Guard/Arbites end up playing closer to basic X-COM, but don't really get access to the end game armor tier in the same way.

Tl;dr 40k offers a different flavor and gameplay from OpenXcom, and that's fine.

I've seen the new Sisters units and got some ideas for how to use at least a few of the new designs:
-The Paragon Warsuit Landmates is a obvious fit for a Centurion-style 4-tile unit. Making them fit the 4-tiles will also help the design by making them a little chunkier, I think.
-I like the *concept* of the Sacresants but had hoped for GW to put in a little more effort with a new Heavy Armor design for them (got some ideas though). Already have a Adeptas halberd in the mod, so a "gunshield" would be the next thing.
-Dogmata could probably be worked in as a "buff"/leadership unit (or well, Commissar-type).
-The new Banner carrier seem to fit a very similar niche as the existing Imagifier (could be added to the mod though, with Banner-abilities).
-The new Predator-like MBT "Castigator" could be a good fit for the Sisters Armour craft/convoys.  Give them some long ranged punch.
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« Reply #7 on: May 07, 2021, 09:35:01 pm »
Excellent news, loved the two mods...played them both, and will give a try to this new expanded Mod.
thank you very much for the hard work and stay true to the Imperial truth!

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« Reply #8 on: May 12, 2021, 12:56:41 am »
Dear All,

so here are my first impressions ....Excellent

started a game as the IG, the new mounted Heavy Bolter is a beast (reminded me the 40k:SM game) and it makes the mounted Lascannon a joke (OK this time you can buy it for a fair price instead of building it for more resources then a Advanced sentinel)  Sentinels...the multilaser is fair, same is the  Lascannon variant...practically the new mounted heavy bolter makes them obsolete...but the Autocannon or Heavy Plasma are like a dream....the heavy flamer is still not my stile...and I think the multimelta version is not yet been introduced (but if you do it with like 3x ammo...don't do it)

the Kriegers...I like them, 500k to get 10x with a extra buck is OK, especially because on gets the Krieger Lasgun.....well balanced
maybe...krieger carapace or officers for the future?

where I have to give some criticism is the following, one will battle a lot corrupted sisters, one will get their gear...there is no option to identify it as IG - Astartes, etc so that should be fixed, if one finds something he can use (Scout gear, Sisters gear, etc) give a swift option to know the stats...would be nice :)

and maybe a second idea...the trading post...sell more exotic items...In the moment: special Lasguns or Bolters OK...why not also  exotic Shotguns (arbiter ones) or Cyber Doges, or Sistar weapons when playing a other course for a high price....

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« Reply #9 on: May 12, 2021, 01:55:41 am »
Speaking of suggestions, how about new unique weapon. Lucius Pattern Shotgun? In tabletop its used by Krieg Engineers and packs quite a punch on top of being semi-automatic.

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« Reply #10 on: May 12, 2021, 06:56:01 pm »
Good suggestions, will go in the consideration pile.

(Got a bit of a tech review/overhaul planned to make it easier to unlock exotic weapons with any captured variation, cross imperial versions etc).

A little something I've been working on to clear out more of the Adeptas only gear is a expanded Nurgle arsenal so the Nurgle Sisters can have their own toys:

Plague Marines will also use some of this stuff.

I've been moving to divide up the forces of chaos by "themed" guns. So no longer will they all be using the same generic chaos plasma guns.
For Nurgle, the themes are physical weapons + grav weapons. So no lasguns or plasma guns. Instead they get these fun new gravguns!

The patch notes will have a detailed explanation for each weapon. 
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« Reply #11 on: May 13, 2021, 11:20:52 am »
Cyber-Mastiffs would be a cool addition yep. Piratez and XCOM Files already have playable doges, so it would be an easy conversion IMO. Some of the high-tier robo dogs are hilariously murderous. Similar case with combat servitors, which should be a thing if they aren't already. Some of them are OP but fun to play with, like the Praetorian ones.

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« Reply #12 on: May 13, 2021, 03:55:02 pm »
First of all very good mod  :) Lots of excellent content that I cant live without, but I was just wondering if there is anywhere I can find a sheet or something similar to find the stat/item requirements (e.g sister superior honour) for all the new transformations and how to get those items if any. Thanks in advance
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« Reply #13 on: May 13, 2021, 06:51:39 pm »
Dear All,

so the Bad Ladies attacked my base..was not an easy battle but we managed...but then Boss Lady came
killed like 4-5x Guards and then we won only to get a screen that a file is missing (the game crashed)
which file can I reproduce to fix it? (I dont care if the corpse will look diferently)

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« Reply #14 on: May 14, 2021, 04:52:11 pm »
Dear All,

so the Bad Ladies attacked my base..was not an easy battle but we managed...but then Boss Lady came
killed like 4-5x Guards and then we won only to get a screen that a file is missing (the game crashed)
which file can I reproduce to fix it? (I dont care if the corpse will look diferently)


I can't reproduce your issue with OpenXcom 7.0 (v2020-03-17) and ROSIGMA v1.0 (with and without the hotfix in this thread).
You could check ROSIGMA/Ruleset/ENEMY/HERETICSISTER/armors_hereticsisters.rul
Code: [Select]

and ROSIGMA/Ruleset/ADEPTAS/adeptas.rul

Code: [Select]
    name: STR_CORPSE
    weight: 30
    bigSprite: { mod: 40k, index: 619 }
    floorSprite: { mod: 40k, index: 378 }
    invWidth: 2
    invHeight: 3
    armor: 80
    recover: true
    liveAlien: true
    costSell: 50000

It should look like in the code boxes. If that all doesn't help you can consider using debug mode (enable in options.cfg) with CTRL+D and CTRL+K. Perhaps updating OXCE might help but it seems to be a stretch.