Author Topic: [2] OXCE v5.2 download & installation guide  (Read 25810 times)

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[2] OXCE v5.2 download & installation guide
« on: February 03, 2017, 08:42:42 pm »
The OXCE download package has the same structure as the vanilla nightly download package.
All installation instructions are also exactly the same.

- you don't need to install OpenXcom before installing OXCE
 - all you need is in this single package, everything else will only cause you trouble if you mix it together

Here are the brand new download links for OXCE v5.2:
  - Latest version for Windows (v2019-02-17):
  - Latest version for Android (v2019-02-11):
  - Latest version for MacOS (v2019-02-11):
  - Latest version(s) for Linux:

Based on vanilla nightly build from: 2019-02-17 (commit 374e236)
If you haven't found download package for your platform, you can build your own directly from the source code.
Source code PC/Apple:
Source code Android:
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