Author Topic: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded  (Read 23475 times)

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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #30 on: March 08, 2021, 08:33:23 pm »
Mini patch to fix some bugs detected in playtesting (some ammo research hooks for the Weird Boy + Slaangor armor hook). If you bumped into any crashes in the codex, that should resolve it.

Added Cantus Origins and Armor (serving for Novice armor as well for now) images.

OG art by Igor Sid (, painted over by me a tiny bit to fit the Cantus.

The armor bic is by Andreas Nilsson (, quite a nice take on a slightly more high tech armor.

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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #31 on: March 13, 2021, 08:19:24 pm »
ROSE mod updated, march 13 - 2021. House Keeper edition.

Same link as in main post:

Mostly fixes, codex additions, more text write ups and listOrder changes, but some new stuff.

Patch notes:

Codex fixes:
-Fixed a error that caused the ufopedia text for the Slaanesh laspistol to not display.
-Twin Shootas have a codex text entry now. Placeholder Big Shoota artwork.
-New Snazzguns have a codex entry. Placeholder Heavy Bolter artwork.
-New Mega-Blastas have a codex entry. Added unique artwork.
-Added artwork to Tank Busta Hammer and Wyrdboy Stikk
Added codex entries for:
-Ork Krakk Stikkbombs
-Ork Stinkbombs
-Ork tank busta
-Ork Tank Busta Hammers
-Ork Kommandoz Throatslitta choppas and Sneaky Sluggas.
-Located and fixed what was stopping the Phosphor Grenade codex article from appearing.

UI/language fixes:
-The Slaanesh Braygor Corpse now have a proper name.

Weapon List Order changes:
-Changed numbers on the Redeemer shotgun and ammo to not mix with the normal shotgun ammo.
-Changed numbers of the Retributor heavy bolters and ammo to not mix with the other heavy bolters.
-Changed the listOrder number for the Cantus and cantus ammo to not mix in with other light bolters, as the Cantus bolter cannot use the more advanced rounds.
-Changed the listOrder of the Throne Missile launcher, Haborym and Faust rocket launchers to not mix in with the ammo for the standard missile launcher.

BigOB fixes/changes/new:
-The Killa Kan mounted Burna object should now appear correctly in the inventory slot.
-The Killa Kan mounted Burna now have a slightly modified BigOB sprite without a trigger.
-The Winged Daemon fireball ability BigOB changed to something more firebally.
-The Faust weapons (Ork and Adeptas) now mimic the Haborym to fit within 3 tiles height and 1 width without inventory glitchin’. Telescopic stock/butt style.

-The Ork Stink Bomb now has a new BigOB.

There's something foul in this jar.

-The Flash Gitz Snazz Gun now has a new BigOB.

Inventory changes:
-Made a semi-placeholder Inventory Sprite for the Mek Boyz based on the Burna inventory sprite. Will get more work later but now you’ll be able to tell them apart. Still uses the Burna battlesprite and corpse for now, but more new assets in the works.

He's a happy lad.
Note: He'll be listed as a Burna in storage and such. Consider him a variant for now.

Enemy weapon set changes:
-Ork weapon sets slightly tweaked to tighten up what they appear with, fewer early enemies with just a melee weapon.
-Fixed some ammo issues for Orks using the Twin Shoota.
-Flash Gitz now uses a Snazz Gun instead of a looted Retributor Heavy Bolter.  It has a very high rate of fire, and spends a lot of ammo. In fact, more ammo than it spits out. Orks! It’s less accurate than the Twin Shoota, and uses two hands. Does have slightly better effective range though.

-Flash Gitz will now use a Snazzy Mega-Blasta instead of the looted Heavy Plasma from before. It uses heavy plasma and barrage plasma ammo, but can fire them at an increased rate of fire at the cost of range and accuracy. In the future, this may be researched to unlock some sort of plasma tech on the player side.

-Placeholder Slaangor Inventory image icon shrunk down a little to not distract from weapons as much.

Weapon changes:
-Adeptas Throne Missile launcher ammo capacity bumped to 6 from 3 per ammo box.
-Khorne Valkia are now equipped with animated Shields, sprites by Xom126

I threw together a BigOB, it may be familiar. Wrote up a little entry for the shield to explain how hunting Slaanesh daemons and making shields out of their heads is their favorite pastime.

-The Wyrdboy Stikk is now also animated.
-Changed the Malthus Lascannon and ammo requiresBuy to its requisite tech instead of Adeptas. Thus it can be unlocked by anyone who researches the Malthus (requires midtier though)

Custom Snazzgun handOB (and floorOB) added.

RaceList changes:

-Added STR_ORK_EARLY list which contains lower tier enemies with Gretchin added as basic soldiers. Terror unit is the Warbike and the only other non-vanilla 40k mod unit is the Stormboyz as navigators.

A note on Flashgitz and Mek Boyz: They're work in progress, they have unique unit sheets and armor Items, but not unique Battlesprites or corpses yet. They do have unique weapon sets however. You won't get anything special yet for researching these boyz, but they add some additional flavor and challenges to fighting Orks.

As usual, if you find anything that looks weird, is missing or some other bug, post it in this thread or DM me and I'll take a look at it. A lot of these fixes in this patch is due to such bug reports and they help me a lot to identify bugs and fixes.
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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #32 on: March 17, 2021, 02:57:31 pm »
Gotten some playtester reports back and we´ve found some of them ol´ wily bugs. I´ve found solutions for them, so they will be solved with the next update this weekend.

-A couple of units, mostly of the spawner type + Anointed missile variant, will cause the game to crash if captured alive as they lack the necessary code for this state.
If you´re handy you can fix it yourself by copying (and updating with relevant unit type ID) this live capture code into the Item_40k.rul file (search for "# ROSEMOD live captures" to find the right place to insert it):
  - type: STR_[enter unit string here, ex: STR_SLAANESH_SISTER_BLESSED_FALSE, delete brackets]   
    size: 0.0
    recover: true
    liveAlien: true
    costSell: 30000 #Whatever is suitable
    listOrder: 20300

I´ll write up the necessary research and ufopedia code entries, so until next update, avoid researching these units (you don´t get anything for them currently and the game will likely crash).

-One of the low tier Heretic Sister enemies lack a manufacture entry to turn their heretical bodies, stacked roof high in your fridge, into nutritious and high-calorie Honour Badges. An easy fix if you want to do it yourself, same deal as above but with the "to_honor" code. Just search for it in the items_40k.rul file and copy it (enter the relevant unit name ID in the top, and its corpse string).
  - name: STR_FLAMER_TO_HONOR    
    category: STR_FOES_FOR_HONOR
    space: 2
    time: 200
    cost: 20000

Relevant code parts marked with bold.

-Graphical glitch with codex entry for the new shield (oops, loaded the wrong palette).

Otherwise, next update will mostly focus on adding more art assets to get rid of placeholders.
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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #33 on: March 18, 2021, 09:36:08 am »
A few observations/possible bugs:

- Is it intended that you can both promote a Novice to Cantus with the Purity Seal transformation, and also manufacture Cantus armor for 1 Adamantium to just give the better armor to a Novice without promoting them?

- I noticed that when you do the Purity Seal method it often switches the newly-promoted Cantus's inventory avatar into a technicolor mess. Thankfully it can be swapped to a proper Cantus avatar in the inventory menu.

- Novices are a neat way to raise a new Battle Sister from a less apt soldier, but I still find myself just grabbing the militia or some Guard if I need disposable infantry, and instead getting the base Battle Sisters when I want someone to use a bolter or something heavier. Fun to recruit a handful and see if I can make something out of them every once in a while though.

- I absolutely dread fighting Ork terror missions, as it should be! There are so many of them, and now they have so many more destructive toys to annihilate my poor Sisters with. Kommandoz are really easy to underestimate, at least until one pops a veteran sister in the back of the head because I thought he wasn't worth focusing on earlier. Really appreciate the changes to grenade range, too. It's nice to get to actually *fight* the Orks instead of having grenades rained on me from everywhere lmao.

- Speaking of Orks, those Stinkbombz are hilarious. Had an Ork throw a grenade and thought "Oh, that Novice is either going to die or laugh off whatever that is." Instead she got knocked out! Had to have a Battle Sister cover her area until sleeping beauty woke up. Someone's getting a lecture on the proper response to odor-based offense for the future...

Overall great submod from what I've played. It's still quite difficult, but doesn't feel nearly as unfair as the base mod can at times.

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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #34 on: March 18, 2021, 05:10:23 pm »
Thanks for the feedback and good observations,

I`ll tackle the possible bugs first:
-The Cantus armor should be locked to Novice experience rank, so if they are the required rank they can put on the armor regardless of how you get it. Could be you are running into something unintended there with how the game counts ranks, but I prefer to keep the requirements pretty loose (Adamantium cost might be adjusted up a little in the future when we do another economy balance pass). I want to keep the Novice stage pretty forgiving.
-The technicolor mess might be related to the wrong palette on one of the inventory sprites (I´ve fixed one I found myself in testing), although if you switching it manually changes that it might be something unrelated and more of a UI bug. I´ll keep an eye out if I see it. (Odds are I clicked the wrong palette in Irfanview and didn´t notice).

-On the Militia/Novices/Sisters recruitment balance, it´s also pretty forgiving and up to playstyle. The novices are more economical in recruitment cost and upkeep vs a sister (you can have like 3 Novices per Sister and a similar total recruitment cost), Novices do get carapace-tier armor vs the flak of the Frateris/guard as well as better starting stats. It´s up to your own playstyle and preference (some players like human wave tactics, others like small elite forces - sisters can do a little bit of both). Again, my preference to keep the hard restrictions to a minimum.

-Orks: Nice to hear you enjoy them, I´ve seen some playthroughs where the player bumps into some of the harder configurations and rolls... 12 Killa Kans on a base assault, but we´re working on putting the various Ork lists into early/mid/late game tiers you can encounter. They can appear in a variety of missions, and several different configurations can appear on terror missions. Ork Bases will lean towards the late tier for now however.

On the to do list:
-Get more types of Ork missions in game so we can really use all these new ork units.
-Have the Ork base level change the type of Orks that defends it.
-There´s more Ork units and gear in the works as well. Squigs? Squigs!

-Balance for guns and grenades will continue to be tweaked to find that tactical sweet spot, good to hear you like the current balance!
Do give me heads up if you bump into something that feels useless or way too strong (can be hard due to how XCOM calculates damage in 0-200% ranges, I
ve seen Killa Kans go down to two bursts of Heavy Bolter Fire, or take an entire squad worth of heavy firepower to take down).
We´re looking at redoing how energy weapons work with the latest OXCE version allowing for "batteries" and powered shots to use various amounts of ammo, which will help differentiate lasguns, cannons and plasma further.

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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #35 on: March 19, 2021, 09:26:47 pm »
ROSE mod updated, march 19 - 2021. Heavy Inventory Sprite Art Edition.

Download link:

Update notes:
Main thing: Added about 30 inventory art pieces I've been pixel paintin', to replace placeholders.

There's still a couple of placeholders for the dark red non-khorne Adeptas armors, the Fraternis Militia and a few Orks. Will get to those (Militia got a WIP).

Codex additions:
-Demi Daemonettes given ufopedia text and image. No specific armor image yet.

Capture fixes:
-Slaanesh Anointed Missile type added to capture list to avoid crashes.
-Demi Daemonette and variants added to capture list and interrogation code to avoid crashes.
-Demi Daemonettes given ufopedia text and image. No specific armor image yet.

YAML changes:
-Slaanesh Anointed (Celestian), changed to Slaanesh Celestian to not overlap with snakey boy Anointed.

Weapon changes:
-Ork Throatslitta given aliens_only restriction to not show up in the codex at game start.
-New bolter sounds for some bolters. Sisters bolters will now sound somewhat more impressive.
-Traitor Guard shotgun replaced by chaos shotgun.
-Slaanesh Autogun missing projectiles fixed.

-Flamer damage change rework (trial)
: Giving Flamethrower ammo damage type 2 (50-150% of power) rather than the fixed INC damage of 5-10 (but ignores armor). Heavy flamer given damage type 7 (50-200%), likewise will now respect armor. This will buff flamers vs low armor targets, but make them less useful against dreads and power armor (unless you shred the armor first).
Hand Flamethrowers and Kombi-Flamer given damage typ 2 (50-150%) damage, and less effectiveness vs armor. They also have less power than standard flamethrowers.
Flamethrowers also do morale damage (at 50-100% of damage). This can potentially cause surviving enemies to panic. Maybe.
Penitent and Dread flamers also updated as “Heavy flamers”, does higher morale damage and have damage type 7 (50-200% damage).
Throne Missiles also changed with this, they are slightly better vs armor and almost the same power as the Heavy Flamer. In testing, not good against armored foes.
Flamethrowers will still light enemies on fire and do DoT damage.
They might be a little too poor a choice against heavy armor, but we’ll give it a go.

Flamers are good at area denial, indoor fighting, handy light source, taking out groups of low armor enemies, engaging high health/low armor enemies like daemons (not “fire” daemons though) and requiring very little expertise to use (accuracy, recoil). Against power armor or Dreads, use something more suitable.

Chaos Flamethrower changed to arcing shot (except for the Tzeentch version).

Previous ROSE balance changes to flamers buffed their range, and gave them arcing shot (so misses won’t go shooting across the map), which changes how they work vs meltas. With arcing shots flamers can now act as area of denial weapons, shooting ground tiles (harder to do with “beam” style flamers).

Enemy changes:

-The Tyranids gotten a bit of a health buff, from 70 health to 100-240 range, and from 148 to 340 for the Carnifex. They don’t have great armor, so they should still go down to a burst or two of bolter fire.
-Purestrain Genestealer given isLeeroyJenkins, acid attack removed. Now much more likely to give you repeated hugs. Also buffed armour values to something resembling Carapace (from Flak+).
All in all, Tyranids will now be somewhat more scary.
-Chaos Behemoth health buffed from 50 to 100. This should make him go down slightly less like a wet noodle against anything armour shredding or piercing.
-Heretic Canoness given her own armor, less stat-boosting than the player version, but with a built in heavy flamer. No updated spritesheet just yet.

Starting loadout:
-Adeptas shipment of Phosphor and Smoke grenades have gone missing, you’ll need to research/buy ‘em. No freebies from Mars.

Edit: Was reminded to include the updated alienDeployments file, it solves the remaining cultist dual-equipping issues. Tested to not crash the game on startup or in mission gen, no dual wielding to be found.
The remaining Rambo-map is the PDF outpost defense one. Still trying to figure out that one.

Doing a under the hood rework of the mod for the next update, so it might (or might not) be a while.
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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #36 on: March 21, 2021, 12:48:31 am »
A minor thing I noticed in testing is that the Nurgle gals are using the normal Missile launcher, an easy mix up; in the 40 mod code some weapons are by default the chaos version and the imperial version is _terran, while sometimes the chaos version is _chaos, or just "bolterN" etc. No biggie, but I'll make one for a non-havoc version and include it in the next proper update.

Second thing is that the Nurgle heavy bolter ammo has been using a placeholder for a while, and the chaos retributor as the dispenser of its blighty goodness.
So I've beeen testing a new weapon that will also be included in the next update:

The Nurgle Heavy Bolter + ammo:

Which will be coming to Nurgle forces near you soon.

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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #37 on: March 21, 2021, 07:05:06 am »
Hey, been trying this out after my last IG playthrough, seems cool so far, enjoying the semi-rebalance of things as well, though I'll have to play more to give any deep feedback.

I was wondering about something though, I really enjoy the process of upgrading my soldiers through transformations and stuff, so I was really excited to see the novice system. But it seems that when they get elevated to sisterhood, it sets their PSI strength to 60 no matter what, which seems kind of weak for all the effort. I was wondering if perhaps instead of just setting their stats to a baseline amount, the transformation could instead add on to their existing stats an amount? So that Novices you initiate could potentially be better soldiers? Dunno if that's strictly possible, but thought I'd post it.

Looking forward to exploring the rest of the new stuff though, lotta neat stuff.

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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #38 on: March 21, 2021, 10:47:20 am »
It's only PSI that's set to a fixed amount? Curious. I'll look into it.

Do you have a save file to share?

edit: To be clear, there's no fixed baseline when promoting, your unit should keep all their stats. What you gain access to is proper power armor, the sisters ranks and upgrade paths (to even better armor). Your novice does not get better stats just from the promotion itself.
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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #39 on: March 21, 2021, 12:57:22 pm »
Your work is impressive so far. A shame I'm a bit fed-up with WH40k. At this point your mod might as well be integrated in the main mod if isn't already, seeing the so many features and changes you bring so far.

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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #40 on: March 21, 2021, 02:14:50 pm »
If Bulletdesigner or the others want to use any assets I'd be happy to package them up for them. I understand if they don't want all the 'junk in this mod if they want to keep things a bit tighter, but they're free to grab/request whatever they'd like.
Failing time for that, I might put together a "vanilla" submod version with just the added enemies and equipment. Might be something like that cooking soonish  :-X

Also, uploaded a mini update late in the weekend here.

Rose Update March IV:
-Added Nurgle Heavy bolter with bigOB/HandOB/FloorOB and Codex writeup.
-Added BigOB art for the nurgle heavy bolter ammo.
-Equipped the Nurgle forces with the Nurgle Heavy Bolter at later tech tiers.
-Gave all Nurgle bolter ammo a new hit VFX (green puff of cloud) to indicate for the player if they're being shot at by blight rounds.
-Added a hand carried version of the Nurgle Rocket launcher for certain Nurgle sister enemies.
-Added artwork for Sister of Mercy BiGOB corpse and floorOb.

-Added the Sniper bolter Arche to category sniper rifles.
-Fixed a sprite issue (shortened a diagonal barrel) with the Arche where some stray pixels would appear in certain frames.

-Added new more suitable placeholder Inventory art for the Ork Tank Huntaz and Battlesprite, FloorOB etc. Will draw something fancier later when time permits.

The Tank Huntaz wear black shirts and in the early game, wield Tank Hammers. Quite dangerous. They have about half the stealth value of Kommandoz, not huge just yet but they might not be visible at a long distance (20+ tiles away).
-There's One visual bug remaining, when a Tank Hunta wields a Slugga pistol in one hand and a rokkitstikk (the shorter disposable launcher), it juts out to the side of the hand. Will have to come up with something smarter to make that work.

The Tank Huntaz already have codex entries and research.

-Added a placeholder battlesprite and CorpseOB to match the new Mek Boy inventory art. Added research entries and ufopedia text (but not unique art yet).
-Updated Mek Boy weapon sets, dropped a few sluggas and gave it a Mega-Blasta (same as Flash Gitz version for now) on the high end + some Krakstikk grenades.

The Mek Boy is a bit of a mix in threat between Flash Gitz and Burna boyz, the Mek Boy also has quite good front and under armor, weak only to melee and AP fire.

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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #41 on: March 21, 2021, 05:28:41 pm »
Xom126 latest russian translation:

Drop it in the language folder of the submod and replace the existing file.

Not quite 100% complete but good enough.

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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #42 on: March 21, 2021, 10:22:39 pm »
Hmm, it's odd that you say that, because upgrading a cantus to a sister brings their stats up to a baseline it appears. It doesn't make them go lower if they are over, that's true, but also brings their PSI to 60, their melee to 45, etc, if they are below these amounts. If you're saying it shouldn't be like that, then perhaps I have a mod conflict? I am running the IGMA submod as well.

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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #43 on: March 21, 2021, 11:08:23 pm »
Might be it brings up some stats to the minimum baseline of an Adeptas, yes (I loosened the requirements for Cantus promotion). Consider that the bonus!

You can train a Novice to higher stats than required for a Sister and they should instead carry over entirely (obviously more advantageous to just promote ASAP, but you might not have the economy to support the extra upkeep).

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Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« Reply #44 on: March 22, 2021, 03:09:10 am »
Oh, yes, that's good, I suppose I was more asking if instead of doing that it could just add a flat amount, although I suppose it only really matters with PSI Strength, since that can't be increased by any means I know of. It seems that the baseline for PSI strength is higher for sisters you buy, and lower for novices, which makes sense, but what it means in practice is that any novice you raise to a sister is probably going to be weaker PSI than one you buy. It's not a big deal, but it does dissuade promoting novices for the sake of being sisters rather than keeping them as cheaper soldiers.