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Title: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on December 13, 2020, 08:43:26 pm
Hello there.
Imagine if you will, Orks and Sisters, gallivanting about the galaxy with more guns, armor and toys. Happy as they can be. A beautiful world. Let's make it happen.

This mod is now combined with IGMA, forming ROSIGMA, available here:,9687.0.html
Which combines ROSE with IGMA!
Go download that for the latest version of ROSE.

Last Pre ROSIGMA version: ROSE Standalone v09 dated 20210405

In short:
-This is a *sub*mod for the 40k mod
-It adds a bunch of gear and units for Sisters, Orks and Chaos (primarily Khorne and Slaanesh, but some for tzeentch and nurgle too).
-It adds several early armors and new units primarily for Adeptas
-A dozen+ new enemy "racelists" (what XCOM calls a enemy force) that can appear in various missions.
-Some cost (less grind) and balances changes (shorter grenade ranges, less accurate and twitchy enemy turrets for example).
-New SFX and VFX for weapons and units.
-New ufopedia artwork.
To give a fresh experience playing the 40k mod!
You *can* play it as a new player, if you want all the new fun toys for an Adeptas playthrough, but while it makes the mod a little easier in some places, it also makes the mid and end game tougher with new challenging foes.

Mod name subject to change but its the gist of it. I got advised by BrainDaMijj to get a thread up for my mod-of-the-mod. Not just my sprite reworks and changes, but also some of Xom126 excellent spritework.

Disclaimer: I update this mod pretty often, stomp out bugs (faster with your bug reports as help!) and add content.
That said, this submod has some rough edges, mostly in placeholder inventory art or unfinished ufopedia pages for some enemies that I slowly replace with the real deal.
If you can live with that, this mod is perfect for a second playthrough!

Some of the new guns I've cooked up:

~and there's more~

What this is expanded summary:
-Global rebalance. Started out as an easier version for new players and less grindy, but I've generally tweaked things along the way. See below for more indepth breakdown of what is changed. Rule of thumb: Is this more fun/interesting? Does it fit the lore if you squint? Alright! Doesn't work in practice? Let's change it then.
-New Units, armor and weapons. Started out adding some small things to the Sisters, but now there's dozens of new enemies and a expanded "tree" for the Sisters. Eventually, maybe some sort of Inquisitor branch with Acolytes.
-New Enemies: Primarily Chaos and Orks are expanded so far, with lots of things in the work.
New Orks include Burnaboyz, Kommandoz, Stormboys, Meganobz and Warbikers. They are primarily higher end Ork enemies, so be careful! New Ork lists may appear in Space Hulks and other side missions.
New Chaos units are primarily Chaos Sisters, spread between the 4(5) Chaos factions and will show up in early and midgame in both mixed and dedicated lists.
-New and changed race lists. You'll face much expanded/varied enemy forces.
-Chaos path for Sisters, eventually.
-Quality of Life changes for Imperial Guard: No more -10 strength for carapace, and other minor buffs that will make your guardsmen about 10% more survivable!
-Stealthy rework, partially implemented for the Kommandoz. Certain units will use camo to sneak about, other units (scouts, officers, assassins) will use anti-camo to detect them!

Some of the new Ork enemies with their new weapons. Light Kommandoz and 'Eavy Burnas.

New Assets, for anyone to play with:
-Sisters, Orks and Chaos.

New units, armors and upgrade paths, pictured left to right: 1) New Sisters starting soldiers, the Novice, 2) Upgrade to Cantus armor and 3) Medicae Armour.
4) Elohim armour, first upgrade to standard SoB armor, 5) Retributor armour, devastation equivalent, 6) Sister Superior armor upgrade for experienced SoB.
Complete with customized voice lines, equipment and new upgrade paths.

New Weapons and changes
-Overall, all* small arms (lasguns, bolters) have extended drop off range from "5" tiles across the board to 6-12 drop off range, depending on if its a close combat or "rifle" version. Pistols are generally in the "5-7" range.
-Heavy Bolters have their drop off accuracy dropped, so they are no longer quite the sniper guns of before.
-Grenades range is dropped from 20 across the board, to 10-17. Heavier grenades = less range. Should make AI grenade spam a little easier to deal with.
-That Ork cannon turret? Less accurate and now with drop off range included.
-Armor changes across the board, good armor in the front, slightly less on the sides, a lot less to the rear. Flanking now awarded.
-Chaos Daemons beefed up, and some now come with nasty abilities.
-Plasma guns range shortened just a lil bit, from 24 to 18, with exception of the added guns with their own shorter/longer ranges.

Sisters new toys:

*CHANGED GUNS*-De'az Bolter and other light bolters: More dakka. Along with some other light bolters, it now has 4-shot auto and more ammo. Mostly a gameplay change to set them apart. Special ammo = less shots per mag. Now accepts inferno rounds.
New Weapons:
-Harborym Incendiary and Krak "Faust" disposable rocket launchers. Can be used off hand and take 2-3 inventory slots.
-Scourge pattern Bolt Pistol with a bayonet for melee cutting.
-Seraphim Bolt Pistols, high rate of fire and special extended magazines.
-Cantus Light Bolter. Semi-fluffy, but a sister trainee bolter. Lighter weight, less recoil, less damage. Baby's first bolter. Some simple sprite modifications of the De'az bolter.
-Elohim Light Bolter: Battle rifle kinda bolter, 2-shot auto fire, but longer range and punchy. Weights more. Has the ability to use INFERNO rounds and AP rounds. Now custom spritework just yet.
-Retributor Heavy Bolter: Sisters get this tastefully red Heavy Bolter, based on the Godwyn. Lighterweight, less recoil, slightly less dakka than the Space Marine MkIV. Uses 3 kinds of belt ammo (60 rounds).
-Arche Sniper Rifle, Sisters now got their own unique sniper/marksman rifle. Not quite as long ranged as the Astartes, it can feed Elohim light-bolter ammo and has a "double-tap" select fire.
-Malthus Light Lascannon, Sisters now get this hand held Lascannon. It sacrifices a lot of firepower and accuracy, but it has small power packs that fit in the pocket and it's more mobile than the full size lascannon.
-Cherubim Grenade Launcher, less ammo capacity but higher yield, gives sisters quite a bit of early grenade firepower.
-Redeemer Shotgun, for close encounters. Has several ammo types.
-Throne Missile Launcher. Has a autofire option that can fire the full ammo capacity of 3 light incendiary missiles. Not very long ranged or accurate, might get an anti-armor melta option in the future.
-Beamer Meltagun / Harmonic Melta Gun. A mid range meltagun option that fires a single beam of armor searing melta fire.
-Hellspite Kombi-Bolter. A further development of the Elohim Bolter, can fire several types of 40mm grenades from its underslung launcher.
-Mephisto Kombi-Bolter. A bolter with a underslung light flamethrower, what's not to love?
-Dominion Pattern Bolter. A "Elite" bolter for the Sisters, with a better bayonet and fun "detonator" rounds.
-Retributor Mk.2 Heavy Bolter. Now even lighter, and only takes box mag ammo (40 rounds).
-Potestas Heavy Kombi-Bolter. Take the Retributor Mk.2 and merges it with a light melta gun for armor peeling at close ranges.
-Clovis Plasma Spray Gun, it's a light barrage gun, instead of single shot it does autoshot! Less damage per shot and less accuracy though. There's a chaos version too!
-Jupiter Gravgun, a gravgun with an AoE effect. Quite nasty! Gravguns no longer just ignore armor, they damage it severely and causes a fair amount of stun damage to anyone that survives. Also gets a chaos version.
-De'az Storm Bolter, lighter, less recoil, less range. For when you're not in a Terminator Power Armor but still want that sweet storm boltin'.
-Galgalim Assault Cannon, lighter, close less range. Has a smaller ammo drum/box.
-Hilebard melee weapon.

*NEW GRENADE*-Phosphor grenade, burns heretics and creates some smoke cover.
*NEW AMMO*: Adeptas De'az and Elohim bolters can now use the Light Bolter Inferno Rounds, expensive but highly effective against meaty boys and daemons alike.
*CHANGED AMMO*: Inferno rounds for the Sisters Retributor that can be stored in the "belt" slot (no backpack required). Needs costum sprite work, and AP round version. "Works", but a little fiddly to fit in the right slot now.
*NEW SPRITE*: Alternative darker red version of the basic Sisters armor is now selectable from the armor menu on all Battle Sisters.

*NEW UNIT*: Sister Novices are now the base Sister recruit. Much cheaper to recruit and run than full Sisters, they can be ranked up to Sisters with more experience and higher stats. Custom sprites/inventory screens etc all done and new voice lines (from DoW).
*New ARMOR*: Cantus armor for novices once they've ranked up. Makes them more survivable. Custom voice lines added.
*NEW UNIT*: Fraternis Militia replaces Guard recruits. They are very brave! And very terrible. Still need some custom inventory spritework and voice lines, but there's some ersatz ones in now.
*NEW ARMOR*: ADEPTAS ELOHIM Armor, I've not coded any hard limit on using it on lower rank Battle Sisters, aside for the price, it offers a decent upgrade over the starting Sisters armor.
*NEW ARMOR*: ADEPTAS RETRIBUTOR Armor, sacrificing rear, under and flank armor, as well as melee ability, the Retributor armor strength enables it to use heavy weapons with ease and have advanced targeting systems. Custom voice lines included!
*NEW ARMOR/UNIT*: ADEPTAS SISTER SUPERIOR Armor. Only max ranked Battle Sisters can be promoted to Sister Superior, on their way to becoming the Canoness! This is a rather good suit of armor, a step up from the Elohim. Got custom voice lines. Needs some testing so all the upgrading works.
*NEW UNIT*: Adeptas Assassins/Imperial Assassins. Work in progress. High stats, high cost. Eventually: Callidus etc assassins.
*REBALANCE*: Most Sister armors rebalanced, both armor and stats changed. More survivable on the high end. Maybe even too good! Retributors/Assassins are now rather effective at getting across distances alive to chop things up.
I've played around with damage resistances, so pay attention to these. Some armors are quite good vs plasma!

*NEW* Novice Medicae, upgrade path/unit to Hospitallers. Early research and cheap armour option that can be used by Novices. It got unique voice lines.

The Adeptas start is changed to include the new weaponry and low tier units, Elohim and Retributor armors can be built with adamantium and money, without more research needed (for now).
Your starting force of Militia, Novices and Adeptas will look something like this:

New Sisters based Enemies:


There's a lot of them, but not just because I like the Sisters, they serve as a pretty useful mid-game enemy like the Snakemen in OG X-Com. Branching the gap between the early cultists and traitor guard, and then the actual Chaos Space Marines.
- Balance wise they have lighter power armour than the Chaos Space Marines, and worse stat (with the exception for some possessed/elite/commander variants).
- They have less of a focus on plasma weapons(with the exception of perhaps the Tzeentch ones) and instead use a variety of sister weapons, bolters, meltaguns, flamethrowers etc. I'm gradually adding in chaos variants.  When they do use plasma weapons its the (newly added) lighter plasma variants like the carbine. You will not be plasma-sniped across the map quite as often with these.
- They have some gimmicks and surprises of their own, like adding more (ranged) flying units, assassins and transforming units.
- Their addition allows us to rebalance the Chaos Space Marines to be more impressive, with more health and armor and "The best" weapons chaos got to offer. When they do show up, they're a bigger deal. Note: Not quite done here on rebalancing them all, so some may still be a little on the weaker side.
- They can be mixed in with other forces easily, both on the low end (traitor guard/cultists) and on the high end (Marines).

Vanilla Heretic/Chaos Sisters, straightforward Sister baddies but also fitting in here are defectors and anyone branded Heretic by the Ecclessiarchy itself. Could be misfiled paperwork (knowing how 40k works...). Somewhat easier to dealt with than CHAOS as they don't have very fancy equipment. Often they'll be mixed in with defectors of various kinds, or with actual chaos sisters that may be misleading them.
On to the four flavors of Chaos Sisters: each god gets their own little niché and theming. Khorne has variations on Repentia and Retributors with heavy firepower, Slaanesh gets "devoted", elite units and weird daemon-stuff, Nurgle Sisters with various blight abilities and higher health pools, Tzeentch Sisters have the higher tech, flamers, krak/melta and long ranged weapons.

Orks new stuff:
-Orks now have access to the BURNA/SCORCHA combo flamethrower/melta weapon. Very dangerous up close. Weapon sprite crafting from Xom126.
-Orks have access to Sneaky close combat weapons, a shiv and a slugga, used by the Kommandoz.
-Orks have access to Stinkbombz, which can stun and knock-out your units! Placeholder sprite for this grenade.
-Orks have access to Tank Busta Rokkitstikks, one-use rokkits for close combat anti armour work.
-Orks have access to Krakk Stikk Bombz, much like the Krakk grenades, but Orky!
-Orks have access to Tankbusta bombs, think very big melta bombs. Short throwing range luckily! Used by Tankbustaz.
-Orks have access to Tank Hammer, a dedicated anti armor rocket hammer. Don't let them slap you with this.
*NEW ENEMY* Ork Meganobz, thanks to the spritework of Xom126. These guys got twin shootas and ersatz Power Klaws/Killa Saws. Verydangerous. Dead 'ard.
*NEW ENEMY* Ork Warbiker, thanks to the spritework of Xom126. Early terror unit, sadly no quite the smoke belching coal rollin' bikers as envisioned. They do explode though.
*NEW ENEMY* Ork Burnaboyz, very dangerous up close, and will epxlode on death. Xom126 turned my mockup into a beautiful battlescape spritesheet so expect these lads to pop up.
*NEW ENEMY* Ork Kommandoz, simple recolor by me. Can be encountered. Very sneaky (bring recon), very purple. Very killy.
*NEW ENEMY* Ork Tankbustaz. A whole load of new weapons, but no custom sprites just yet. Can be encountered.
Most new Ork units are *in* and may be encountered, but do not yet have custom spritework. Still figuring out the best way to have them show up at different levels of Ork bases and patrols, scaling with tech tier.

New Ork Meganobz are the 'ardest there is. Proper stompy too.

*NEW ENEMY*: Ork Stormboyz.
*NEW ENEMY*: Ork Weird Boyz. With their trusty wyrdboy stikk, they're quite the menace (see page 2 of this thread for more info).

In progress:
*NEW ENEMY*: Attack and Bomb Squigs, Xom126 working on that stuff right now! Will be deployable by certain Ork units.
*NEW ENEMY*: Ork Dead 'Ard Ladz/'Ard Boyz. I'm working on some new sprites for these. Coding draft is done.
*NEW ENEMY*: Ork Kommandoz Nobz. I'm working on some new sprites for these.
*NEW ENEMY*: Ork Warboss to be encountered in high level Ork bases! Thanks to the sprite work of Xom126.

New Chaos Foes:
-Slaangors, Ungors and Brays are in with a new set of Slaanesh weaponry. These are early-mid game enemies, but may appear in some configs late game.

I drew a snakey boy, and then put him in the game. He's very friendly.

-Slaanesh Anointed, elite snakey infantry, boosts the variety further.

In progress:
-Slaangor Bullgors and Fiendgors.
-Slaangor Turnskins.

*On the to-do list* Chaos Daemon Nurglings, Heralds, Furies, Possessed, Spawn and doggos to round out the Chaos daemon enemies.

Other new stuff and changes:
-"Dekker" Pattern Twin Core Plasma Gun, a long range, twin-shot, plasma gun that will be available for both Chaos and Imperial forces. Capture it to research.
-Orks changed to not be 20% resistant to Lasgun fire. Credit to Buscher for this idea (he got a mod that handles this across the board for guard).
-Economy rebalance to be lighter on the grind. Personal preference, but adamantium and promethium costs are down across the board and money rewards are up. Feel free to tweak this to your own liking!

Download and Testing:
I've been working on this for a couple of months and have it in a playable state, even if all new assets aren't done yet, so I'm looking for playtesting, both for stability, bugs, missing things and balance.
Of course, if you're feeling inspired and want to make some sprites, either to patch up holes or got a cool new idea, feel free to contribute! You can find most of the "team" (as it is) on the 40k mod discord, we're happy to help out.

Some known issues on my fix-it-list:
-Enemies may appear dual wielding like Rambo. I've gone through the deployment files to minimize this, but it may still occur on occasion due to a couple of issues where I don't want to break something with the main mod or haven't found a solution.
-Some adeptas/chaos guns may appear for purchase in store for guards/space marine on occasion after I add a new weapon after midnight and forget to scrub a "buy" or "requires", give me a heads up and I'll fix it.
-Some sprites are not done yet and uses placeholders, goes for inventory sprites and floorOBs, and a few "spawns on death" units lack proper transformation animation. On the fix it list, but takes the most time.

Give me heads up if something is not working or you run into bugs and feel free to discuss the mod itself, And of course, you may reuse the sprite assets or make other changes.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: lurker on December 15, 2020, 04:22:20 am
This is so awesome so much work in this. I hope we find a way to submod this
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on December 15, 2020, 10:59:14 pm
Making some progress on the quick n dirty submod, cleaning out files as I go along. Problem is any new or changed file that reuses a sprite needs its respective resource included.
Got one elusive segmenatation fault that I'm not quite sure where it's coming from or why. Can't pin it down to anything specific yet.

Upcoming new stuff:
-BLOODY ROSE alternative basic sister power armor. Using the basic Khorne Sister sprite for now, no paper doll or anything, but some custom stats (for close combat/assault).
-Chaos Sister voices, I've found a different filter/recording of the DoW sisters and there's some positively psychotic lines in there to reuse.
-Custom sprites for the Elohim bolter are done. Big Object, hand object and floor object.
-Xom126 is making good progress on the squig, needs some animation adjustment but it's one chompy boy.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: ohartenstein23 on December 15, 2020, 11:23:42 pm
You don't need to copy resources from the main mod unless you're making new items/armors/units that use the same resources. Even then, there are ways of loading some resources from the master mod just in ruleset:

Code: [Select]
    #bigSprite: xx # you don't need to include this unless you're changing it

    bigSprite: {mod: 40k, index: xx} # reusing the same sprite as the item above without having to copy the image

You can read more about using this in your ruleset here in the ruleset reference on (
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on December 16, 2020, 01:33:08 pm
I've been going through and pruning the duplicates and removing all reference to the sprite/anims that are repeated (and removing any duplicate unchanged item mentions), same for the respective sprites.

Didn't know about the { mod: YY index: XX } method, *it's now implemented in the submod version.

New version 04:
- including spritework for the Elohim bolter
- new soundfiles for all Chaos Sisters. You'll now hear the Chaos Repentia approaching.
- By player request: New alternative Bloody Rose Sister starting power armor. It's a little more close combat focused stats wise, no custom inventory yet. New cleaned up version, now without any inventory segmenation faults (knock on wood).

Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on December 27, 2020, 06:50:52 pm
Hello, time for a TEST EDITION update. Where the Mechanicus calls for volounteers to test out/play around with the new arsenal of ROSE weapons on offer, no new sprite work just yet, but all weapons are coded up and "should" operate as intended. New Codex/Ufopedia articles for all weapons included, but no custom art there either yet.

*NEW* Arsenal Test version 7, submod version download link:
Now with *some* of the new weapon sprites included. BigOB: Arche, Hellspite, Mephisto, Dominion, Cherubim (has HandOB sprites), Phosphor grenade, Faust weapons (has HandOB sprites).
Known VFX Bugs:
-Blue Faust and Ork Faust weapons have a pixel artifact in the left corner, and are held out from the left hand. Haborym does not have this issue.
-Some minor inventory "frame" glitches with the faust weapons.
-Place holders are still in for the new Heavy Bolters (uses the Retributor heavy bolter), Storm Bolter (uses chaos red one for now) and Assault Cannon.
Changes: Fixed some HandOB bugs + drop off/range bugs. Potestas Heavy Bolter and Melta weapon now have longer effective range.

Some work in progress new weapons:

Top row: New "Faust" weapons, starting with the Ork Tank Busta Rokkitstikk, Adeptas "Faust" Krak/Melta Launcher, Adeptas "Haborym" Launcher and Guard Krak Launcher.
Second row: Ork Kommandoz "Throatslitta" Choppa, Kommandoz Sneaky Shoota, Tankbustaz Tankhammer and the Burnaboyz Burna/Scorcha kombiweapon.
Third row: Adeptas "Arche" Sniper bolter, Adeptas "Cherubim" Grenade Launcher and Phosphor Grenade (finally).
Fourth row: New Adeptas midtier+ Bolters, "Hellspite" KombiBolter/Grenade launcher, "Mephisto" KombiBolter/Flamer and "Dominion" Elite Bolter.
More are in the works.

What's New Summary:
In the Adeptas starting base you'll find the following new gear to try out (will also appear in the mission generator):
-Seraphim Pattern Boltpistols, more ammo, has autofire, rubbish accuracy. Spread the purging...mostly wide. Can use special high capacity magazines with less damage per bullet, as well as special "Penitence" ammo. Think Uzis.
-Scourge Pattern Boltpistols, with bayonet fixture. Favored by the Ebon Chalice Order. Slightly worse at shooting than the De'az (for balance/differentiation). Can use the new penitence magazines.
-Hellspite Pattern Bolter. Replaces bayonet with a underslung grenade launcher that can fire 3 types of 40mm grenade:  Incendiary, Penitence (anti-personel), Melta. Has 3 grenade capacity in its launcher.  Midtier bolter upgrade.
-Dominion Pattern Bolter, mid range. Befier melee at 65 power. Uses Full sized bolter ammo. Mid tier bolter upgrade.
-Redeemer Pattern Flachette/Inferno Shotgun, for close encounters with Heresy/Xenos. Where the Meltagun is the shotty of anti-armor, this is a... anti-meat shotty.
-Cherubim Pattern Grenade Launcher. Similar to IG Grenade launcher, but fires Phosphor, Incendiary and Penitence grenades.
-Choir Projector Gun, absolutely no Slaanesh going on here, just turning the Hymns of the Ecclesiarchy up to 11 to bypass armor and stun enemies that survive (a sonic type gun, feels pretty fitting for the Sisters). Midtier+
-Arche Pattern Sniper Bolter, developed from the Elohim. Not as accurate or punchy as the Space Marines Sniper Rifle, it's more flexible and does have the Elohim double-tap ability, in addition to using Sniper rifle HE, Inf ammo, it can also use Elohim ammo types. No bayonet.
-Faust Pattern Krak disposable one-shot rocket launcher. Inaccurate/short range anti-armor rocket.
-Haborym Pattern Incendiary disposable one-shot rocket launcher. Inaccurate/short range anti-infantry. Adeptas idea of a flare-stick. 
-Retributor Mk2 Pattern Heavy Bolter, now even lighter, uses 40 round box mag instead of beltfeeding. More mobile than the MkI, but a less stable firing platform.
-Potestas Pattern Heavy Kombi-Bolter, based on the Retributor Mk2, adds a underslung light Meltagun for a alt-fire mode. Midtier+
-Throne Pattern Micro Missile Launcher: Loads light incendiary missiles in packs of 3, can autofire the whole pack at mid-distance. Not very accurate, just the way Adeptas wants it.
-Malthus Pattern Lascannon, much more portable at the cost of firepower, accuracy and range limitations.
-Harmony Pattern Beamer-type Meltagun, a long(er)/mid range single beam meltaweapon, similar in purpose to the Malthus Lascannon, it can strip armor at a distance.
-Dominion pattern Halberd. Midtier melee option. 100 Power. Not as good as the Grey Knight Nemesis Halberd.
-De'az Pattern Stormbolter, lighter weight, less recoil, smaller ammo capacity. Recoil: 65. Midtier+
-Galgalim Pattern Assault Cannon, less weight, less recoil, smaller calibre, less accurate, less ammo capacity. Recoil: 85. High/Midtier+
*NEW With Version 6* Adeptas Jupiter-Pattern Gravgun. It got AoE, a fair bit of stun and armor damage.
*NEW With Version 7* Adeptas Plasma Spray Gun, based on the Clovis IV pattern Plasma Gun. 3-autoshot, weaker and less accurate than the standard plasma rifle.
Faust weapons now have slimmer 1 width inventory profiles, haborym is also 2 height only.

You may also encounter the new Burnaboyz, now sprited out (Aside for inventory doll), and the new Squig. Avoid the Stormboyz, for they have turned invisible (they can still hurt you). To see the Burnaboyz in action, along with Biker friends, select the STR_BURNABOYZ list in the mission generator.

Try it out and see what you think about ranges, power etc. Most weapons are tuned slightly weaker than their "full size" or Marine counterparts, while the midtier+ ones should be better than the starting gear.
The Malthus Lascannon (100 power vs 200 for fullsize lascannon) and the Harmonic Meltagun (just one beam, at higher power but not equal to a Meltagun up close) may be too weak for what they bring to the table.
Phosphor grenades don't create as much smoke/fire as I'd like (focus right now is on damage).
There may be bugs, been hunting down some list-order issues this afternoon, so see if you spot any (the Arche Sniper, using two different guns ammo, has some issues for example).

On the to-do list: Seraphim Hand-Flamers, and some Sisterly variations for Plasma weapons (probably wildly inaccurate/close range). Maybe some kind of beefy close range Bolter. I'm open to semi-fluffy ideas if you got any, bonus points if it's a weird/interesting/obscure weapon concept that fills a "weak" spot (without being too powerful).
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: lurker on December 29, 2020, 06:17:32 am
Bug report:

Segmentation fault when I loaded a pre-existing save for Arbites while using the ROSE mod. It arises in the inventory screen. Specifically, I caused this by equipping the troops in the Arvus Lighter before launching an interception.

I'll attach stuff so you can see about it
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on December 29, 2020, 03:10:31 pm
Bug report:

Segmentation fault when I loaded a pre-existing save for Arbites while using the ROSE mod. It arises in the inventory screen. Specifically, I caused this by equipping the troops in the Arvus Lighter before launching an interception.

I'll attach stuff so you can see about it

If it's happening in the inventory screen it's usually due to a item (could be equipped to a specific character, if it only crashes when you flip through characters) with a missing/wrongly linked sprite. I haven't added any gear to the Arbites, so it could be some other reason.

1) Can you flip through characters in the inventory screen or does it crash instantly when going to the equip screen before a mission?
2) Can you try the mission generator and see if it works then?

There are some crashes with the 40k 028 mod that got hotfixes for now, do you have the hotfix(es)? The ones I know of are related to loading save games with chaos rituals/spawners and above ground terror missions for the new outposts. Just to narrow things down.

Not related to your segfault, I have updated the link in my previous post to Arsenal Test version 4b v3.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: lurker on December 30, 2020, 03:21:34 am
I've got more specifics. I tried it again. I'm pretty sure the Arbites save file is pre-028, but when I load the save file without ROSE I don't get the segfault crash.

The crash actually happens when I select the base button from the geoscape.

Here's the latest log. I'm sorry, but I don't understand how to read it.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on December 31, 2020, 01:29:04 am
I'm a little unsure what would cause that crash with the Arbites and just going into the base. Does it happen if you start a new 028 + ROSE arbites game? Could be a missing base UI graphics reference or a change between 027 and 028 base codes (entirely possible there's a mismatch there for ROSE too).

New Arsenal Test version,
Added Adeptas Gravgun Jupiter-Pattern, with a blastRadius 3 AoE crush effect and a new implosion sprite (work in progress). It kills weak health enemies, severely damages armor (only directionally due to engine limitations) and it does a lot of stun damage to anything that survives. 3 vs 5 ammo capacity compared to other Gravguns. All other gravguns also rebalanced for range, ammo capacity and armor+stun damage.
Added new Arche BigOB (longer sprite), handOB+FloorOB for Arche, Mephisto and Hellspite.
New BigOB and code for Cherubim  Grenade Drums.
New BigOB and code for 60 round Ammo Belts (3 flavors) and 40 round Box Ammo for the various Retributor Heavy Bolters. The MK1 uses the belts, the MK2 + Potestas uses the Box ammo versions.
New BigOB for light melta ammo for the Potestas Heavy Kombi Bolter

Download link v7 (arbites advanced prison cell fix included):
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: lurker on December 31, 2020, 04:17:41 am
So I think I've discovered the source of my segfault. I did so by starting a new Arbites game with the ROSE mod enabled. During initial base layout, everything went swell until the moment I laid the Advanced Prison Cells. Maybe you could see about it, because I'd love my arbites to enforce some imperial law on your new orkz
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on December 31, 2020, 12:21:09 pm
Interesting, that narrows it down a lot! Thanks. I'll look into it.

edit: I believe it's fixed, if you use the latest v7 Arsenal Test version of the ROSE mod (link in previous post), or alternatively, replace the ROSE mod terrain_40k.rul file (in the ruleset folder) with this file:
The base building segfault was probably related to a broken SpriteReference with the Arbites prison facility, I've tested it in both custom base build and just normal start and building that facility without segway fault.

Try it out and see if it works for you.

As for the inventory segfault, that could be another error, I haven't modded arbites weapons, but it's possible its some other weapon in the inventory you had which caused it.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on January 01, 2021, 03:05:34 pm
New in Arsenal test version 7:
-Adeptas Plasma Spray Gun, based on the Clovis IV pattern. 3-autoshot, no snapshot, less accurate and less damage-per-shot than the standard plasma rifle. I have changed the plasma rifles up to do more armor damage and adjusted their firing range (9-12 til span before accuracy drop off).

-Coded in and included all current ufopedia, research and manufacturing for the new equipment. Including ammo, so no more codex crashes.

-Slimified the Faust weapons to 1 width. Haborym is also only 2 height. There's a minor inventory graphical bug with the longer ones when equipped. Haven't figured out why the "black bands" aren't biting as they should yet.

New gun graphics:
Plasma Spray Gun
Malthus Light Lascannon
Long Arche
Beamer Harmonic Meltagun

The forces of Chaos will make use of some of these new weapons. Either in their Adeptas format (Chaos Sisters) or in Corrupted versions for some Chaos Marine units.
I've made corrupted versions of 2 so far:
Chaos Plasma Spray Gun.
Chaos Jupiter Pattern Grav Gun.
There's research, but not needed to unlock the Adeptas Plasma Spray Gun (it needs the standard chaos Plasma rifle). They do have slightly different stats, mostly a couple tiles longer range to give the AI a helping hand. The Gravgun is high-tech tier and limited to just a few commander/heavy weapons units (mostly Nurgle forces) and the Spray Gun will appear on high end Chaos Sisters unit or as high-tier weapon , so you will probably not run into them straight away.

New item objects:
Small Light Lascannon Power Pack for the Malthus

Adeptas ammo belt for the Retributor Heavy Bolter (3 flavors of ammo). 60 rounds (Space Marines Cases get 80 rounds but weigh more).

Adeptas ammo box for the Retributor Mk2 and Potestas Heavy Bolters (3 flavors of ammo). 40 rounds, even lower weight and cost.

Potestas Kombibolter melta tank.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: lurker on January 01, 2021, 05:33:54 pm

While I'm not on the very bleeding edge as I don't think I have the arsenal yet, i updated to ROSE7 and my CTD issue is definitely resolved!
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on January 01, 2021, 08:05:29 pm
Great to hear it, I updated the facilities file in most of the available download sources so at least that one should be gone.

Arsenal Test v7 is now updated to... v5 (don't worry, the update links are up to date), which now includes sprite work for:
The 3 types of 40mm grenades used by the HELLSPITE mid tier Bolter.

The Scourge Pattern light bolt pistol, it has a bayonet, but that means it takes up 2x3 inventory slots. Can be handy though if you want to have that melee ability, be able to shoot people in the face and have a free off hand for a 'Faust.

The SERAPHIM pattern bolt pistol. It has extended mag and some other minor cosmetic differences from the De'az. If you're sitting still, it can fire 4 times in one turn (no ingame Akimbo mechanic, but lets just pretend its both pistols shooting).

+The two types of extended bolter mag, Seraphim and Penitence. With 20 and 15 rounds each. Allowing the Seraphim and Scourge bolt pistols to carry quite a bit of ammo into battle.

The Throne Rocket Launcher + ammo box.

Next on the to do list: The De'az pattern Stormbolter and the Galgalim Assault Cannon + Ammo. There's also a *special* ammo type to do for the Dominion Elite Bolter, the quite fun [Detonator] rounds, the Redeemer shotgun and finally the custom sprite for the Adeptas halberd melee weapon.

Some of these weapons will also be available for research for non-adeptas factions, thinking Beamer Meltagun and the Jupiter Gravgun.

Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: lurker on January 01, 2021, 09:51:24 pm
So I'm getting the codex crashes. I tried the links to Arsenal v7 above but I'm being denied access. Where's the link to the latest release?
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on January 02, 2021, 12:11:51 am
Just noticed it reversed access, should be good to go now. And I fixed the codex crashes in the latest version (some ammo types missing code entries).

Now also included:
Galgalim Assault Cannon + Ammo

De'az Stormbolter

Redeemer Shotgun + 4 ammo types.

Retributor Mk.2 Boxmag Heavy Bolter.

Potestas Heavy Kombi-Bolter

New page link of v7 latest version:
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: lurker on January 03, 2021, 01:44:47 am
New crash

At the end of this battle, I believe I may have wounded and captured the nearest repentia causing a crash. The crash is exactly after the mission ends and before the score appears. If you can't reproduce it, maybe it's because of the capture.

Also, this is the first mission I'm using the MkII heavy bolter, Grenade Launcher, and Throne missile launcher. Surely that's got nothing to do with it.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on January 03, 2021, 06:25:59 pm
I'll look into it, not seeing the usual crash notification in the crash log, did you get a segmentation fault or some other error message?
Did you capture the nearest repentia and abort mission with her aboard, right away, or complete the entire mission? (Should be some autosave closer to the abort than mission start then).

edit: found a misnamed live capture entry, which might have caused that crash
try replacing your rose mod items_40k.rul file with this version:

Manual fix inside your items_40k.rul file:

Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on January 03, 2021, 07:42:59 pm
New Arsenal test version 8 with some minor fixes for bugs I've found (sound on some added guns, some potential research issues, the Repentia capture crash bug), as well as a new weapon:

The Dekker Pattern Twin Core Plasma Gun:
( - Chaos version
( - Imperial version
No Adeptas restriction here, if you grab the chaos version you can research it and the Imperial Dekker variant.
They use its own ammo charge with damage between the normal plasma rifle and the heavy plasma gun.
The Twin Core Plasma Gun has a autofire mode that shoots a "Double Tap", 2 shots.
The Gun is accurate out to 24 tiles, i.e further out than the shorter 18 tiles of the other Plasma guns. Consider it a marksman or "long rifle" version of the Plasma rifle.
Enemies on the higher tech tier will be fielded with it, mainly Tzeentch and Slaanesh Forces but also some Chaos Marine leaders.
It has 16 rather than 15 shots per ammo mag to account for that double tap shot, and weight a little more.

Second new plasma gun is the Carbine / Light Plasma Rifle:
( De'az Pattern Adeptas version.
( Chaos version.

I've changed the "Plasma spray charge" ammo into Light Plasma Charge, both the Carbine and the Plasma Spray Gun uses the same magazine.
The Carbine has a couple tiles more range and higher snap accuracy, its autofire is 2 shots instead of the 4 that the Spray Gun has (higher accuracy and range though). The Plasma Rifle (standard one) has even further range and higher damage, but no autoshot ability.
The Carbine has a bayonet attack and is light weight, Chaos forces will use it as an earlier plasma option.

Other changes: Cash from selling plasma weapons have been adjusted down to 20k-40k range, previously around 100k for certain weapons.
I've changed the new Adeptas Stormbolter, Gravgun and Assault canons to be adeptas high tier dependent for research.

Download link:
Version 8.3 is now the latest.
Fixes some capture bugs with the new Orks by giving them live alien entries.
Fixed some missing late game new ammo ufopedia non-entries (without it, they cause crashes in the codex if flipping through, even if they have no entry on their own).
[Shield] rebalance for many (enemy) sisters. The formula was a bit more complicated than I first thought, but now you will not bump into Khorne sisters with 600+ HP shields! Instead there are 3 broad types. The low tier ones with "anger" shields, they'll start with 20 HP and if damaged, recover 50% of the shield the next turn and then 5 hp recovered per turn to full if left uninjured. This will make them survive another shot or two, and may mostly be dangerous to anyone trying to solo them with a pistol before they can get up close with a chainaxe.
The next step up has 66,6 starting HP (of course), and recovers 50 HP on turn 2 if the shield is dropped to zero. It will take 6 turns to recover to "full", so consider them to have around 50-60 Shield HP. I.e, about 1 shot absorbation per turn, which is mostly useful against snapfire/reaction fire.
The more elite enemies will have a starting shield of 100 and it will work in a similar fashion, recovering 66% after 1 turn and then gradually going to full if you let them get away.
The toughest enemy shield is the one that the Slaanesh Demon Princess has, which starts at 200 and recovers 75% in one turn if dropped to zero. It will take many more turns to recover to full though, so concentrate firepower to bring her down!

I cannot change the color of the shield just yet, and all the shields work without damage modifiers, so it's just a bundle of extra HP that recovers per turn. Anything that does damage will work if concentrated enough.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on January 07, 2021, 01:10:50 pm
Minor patch to Arsenal test v8 today (Same link):

-Fix for a codex entry bug (Dominion Halberd) and a image bug.
-Fix for codex bug Galgalim clip.
-Added new BigOB Inventory Sprite for the Dominion Halberd. Small buff to damage at cost of TU (fewer swings).
-Added new BigOB Inventory Sprite for the Power Klaw, as well as coded in a Power Klaw entry. Less accurate, but slightly higher damage compared to other powerfist/claw weapons. Some Kommandoz and Meganobz for example have this weapon.
-Added Inventory Sprite Doll for the Burnaboyz.

-Added Inventory Sprite Doll for Light Kommandoz.

-Added codex images for the Burna Boyz interrogation and armor.
-Addex codex images for the Meganobz armor.
-Addex codex images for the Warbiker.
(Still having some issues with getting the codex entries to appear as they should for armor/living).
-Fixed some missing plasma hit animations on the new plasma weapons.

-Added in spritesheet for the Stormboyz + floorOB. Ersatz corpse sprite and inventory sprite for now, but you can try fighting them in Mission Gen. Look for the Stormboyz list amongst enemies.
v9 will include some of them in various ork missions in the campaign.

Stormboyz are not particularly heavily armed, early on they'll use a combo of slugga and choppa, with one ork grenade.
On higher tiers they'll use the new krakstikkbombz, and on the highest tier they are also armed with disposable ork tankbusta stikkrokkits.
They're always equipped with adorable leather pilot caps and tiny stubby yellow wings though.

Next version features:
1 New Weapon.
Heavy Bolter accuracy rebalance (buff).
More Ufopedia fixes.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on January 11, 2021, 05:52:43 pm
Arsenal Test Version 9:

Contains a big overhaul of ufopedia/research. Right clicking on a bunch of orks inventories will now work, although not all codex art is done (Kommandoz, Stormboyz). Yuo can research both live captures and do autopsies although no real gameplay impact right now though.

New Weapon:
Neural whip!
You can now buy the Neural Whip for 50k, no research required (for the moment, may change).
It has 3 settings: Motivational, Stun and Kill. The later two are slightly ranged, out to 3 tiles, while the motivational requires the user to be right next to a friendly unit.
The motivational whippin' restores some morale, TU and energy, at the cost of a little HP (for the target) and some energy+TU cost for the wielder. It will not cause wounds.
The attack settings are ranged out to 3 tiles, with an attack power of 40 with damage between 0%-200%. It ignores a fair amount of armor (80%), and does damage to enemy morale (60), TU (20), energy (20) and causes 20 health and stun damage, as well as 10% to wound. The kill setting launches two attacks at the cost of 25 TU and 10 energy, at 70% accuracy. The wielder can hit themselves as the radius is set to 1! So keep distance.
Due to the high randomness of the damage, you're not guaranteed to capture enemies alive, but it can be an option for early stun damage and capture.

The codex image has some artifacting bugs (transparency probably), still looking for a solution beyond the usual irfanview approach. If you know the settings to solve it, give me a heads up!

Work in progress, but a fair bit away is the owner of said weapon, the Repentia Superior:
Probably coming in a enemy format as well.

Balance change:
-Heavy bolter buff, the changes in range cut the accuracy by more than intended after some testing (basically, drop off starts after 10+ tiles instead of 20+ tiles with this mod), as it interracted with weight and recoil formulas as well. I've given the heavy bolters a hefty boost in accuracy, so see how you like it. Remember they fire more autorounds than normal bolters, so a little less accuracy isn't that much of a deal. Also, some of the new "marksmen" bolters are supposed to have higher accuracy further out. Still subject to change, give it a spin and see how you like it.
-The Cantus bolter accuracy has been nerfed a little, as its low weight and recoil made it a little bit better than intended.

Bonus mockup, Nurgle Traitor Guard:
Although Orks and Sisters hold priority due to our limited time, a more expanded lower-tier Nurgle racelist is in the plan, containing Nurgle Traitor Guard, Poxwalkers, Nurgle Zombies and Ogryn.
I don't have time to work on it myself right now, but if you're feeling the urge to try out sprite-arting, it's a good starting point, or if you just happen to be a big nurgle fan and feel like helping out.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on January 15, 2021, 10:40:05 pm
Arsenal Test Version 9 updated. Use link in main post or previous post.

New stuff:
-Hand Flamer with fuel tank.
Single hand light flamer.

-Dominion (Adeptas) Power Axe
Requires researched Chaos Axe to unlock.
Quite good against armor, but slow to swing.

Chaos Beamer Meltagun
It has replaced the Adeptas Harmonic Beamer Meltagun amongst chaos forces. It's very popular in the forces of tzeentch in particular.
Adeptas Beamer Meltagun is now dependent on this in the research. Eventual generic imperial or Space Marine Beamer Melta can also use this.

Ufopedia updates:
-Kommandoz Origins and armor artwork added.
-New Ufopedia entry for promoting Sisters to Sister Superior, and an updated version of the Promote to Canoness to reflect the changed requirements.
-Requirements for promoting to Sister Superior lowered, now only requires 50+ stats in firing and melee skill, 80 bravery and 40 devotion. Devotion requirement for canoness dropped to 60.
-New ufopedia entries and art for Heretic Sisters and Sisters of Filth (Nurgle) including their armor pages. I've photoshopped up a lot more artwork that will be added over coming updates, mainly for the mod chaos sisters.
Working on some background lore entries for the various Chaos Sister factions. Only wholesome heresy and damnation, with a touch of grimdark. Also on the planning list: Some uses for captured Sisters of Chaos!
-New ufopedia artwork for the Dominion Halberd.
-New ufopedia artwork for the added Dominion Power Axe and Handflamer (handflamer ufopedia art modified from the melee mod).
-Inventory doll sprite added for the Juggernaut, curtesy of Xom126.

New Enemies and spritework:
-New BigOB Corpse Sprite for the Sister of Filth.
-Added the new Tzeentch Twisted Sister, which is the basic/low tier Tzeentch Sister enemy. She got battlesprite, bigOB sprite and floorobSprite.
She's got better front armor that others of her tier (110 front armor) and slightly better side armor (75), she's weak to melee (120%) damage and flanking. Her aim and reactions are good, but she's not as accurate or strong in melee (and doesn't have melee weapons aside for the bayonet). Her armarment is basic on low tech tiers, with boltpistol and De'az bolter configurations, secondary weapons include krak grenades and the disposable Faust krak rocket. She can appear with a flamethrower, and on higher tiers use plasma pistols and the plasma spray gun.
-New Battlesprite, BigOB sprite and Floorob sprite for the Tzeentch Radical Inquisitor. She now got her own armor (With personal shield) and corpse code.

Balance changes:
-Chaos Bolter has gotten the new range implementation, it should now be more accurate and have further range + 4 round autofire, posing a bit more of a threat.

Still working on implementing her ufopedia, trade in and research code.

Going to aim to complete some more sprites for the next update (which will probably go back to standard ROSE format), got a bunch of themed ideas for Nurgle and Tzeentch sisters, although finishing Khorne takes priority.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on January 24, 2021, 03:58:27 pm
New Submod version, Sisters of Rage edition:
We're back to the "Standalone" submod naming scheme, as well as the standard Sisters starting base .rul file, latest version is found here or in the main post:

-Standin art for the Khorne Superior, for now.

New stuff:
-Added sprite sheets for the Khorne Retributor and Superior.


-Added BigOB corpse sprites for Rookie Khorne Sisters (Unbloodied), Sisters of Rage, Retributors and Retributor Superior.
-Added codex entries and artwork (+armor sprites) for them and the Slaanesh Chosen Assassin.

( (
( (

-Removed the "shield" from the lowest tier of Khorne sisters.
-Added the Heavy Khorne Retributor racelist, it may now appear in certain terror and retaliation missions (low odds).
-Also added slight randomization to the standard Khorne list, Retributors may now appear here as well.
-Gave Space Marines Terminators a slight armor buff.

Inventory sprites will be coming later.

Gameplay wise the Chaos Retributors are tough, but not as deadly as some later enemies or Chaos Space Marines like Havocs or Obliterators. Retributor weapons are more inaccurate, shorter range and lean more towards incendiary or anti-armor damage. They will mess up a close cluster of unarmored guardsmen, but then again so will most things.
The more dangerous configurations wield the multimelta or heavy flamer, but those come in later as tech advances.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on January 30, 2021, 11:40:00 pm
Update 20210130:

Minor update, mostly spritework:
-Elohim Pattern Armor inventory doll:

-Retributor Pattern Armor inventory doll:

-Sister Superior Pattern Armor inventory doll:

Full set of sprites for the Choir Projector Gun:

And the handOB and floorOB for the Dominion halberd:

Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on February 07, 2021, 02:10:17 pm
Update 20120207
Download link:

-New Enemies:
Enter the Valkyries.

Based on the Khorne Demon Princess Valkia I've added Khorne "Valkyries". Basically Khornate Daemonettes, but none of that zombification stuff, just decapitation!


Wingless variants for now, they are a form of "demi-bloodletterers" as standin for Khorne Chosen/Possessed Sisters that's gotten a little much of the good stuff.
They got custom daemon spears, also in the image of Valkia, although no shield for now. Not quite as powerful as the black blades of the Bloodletters, they do have some armor piercing.


These will appear in mid-later game khorne forces. Quite tough and fast, they are not very well armored. Some will be wielding ranged weapons while others will favor melee.

In addition, *some* "Khorne Blessed" Khorne Sisters, Armored sisters (Sisters of Rage), Retributors and Retributor Superior can now transform into Khorne Valkyries upon death, as a reward from their patron god.

OG Art by Huai yu Wang

There's 4 different variants with small visual differences depending on their origin sister body. The Superior version is the toughest. The Khorne Valkyries that spawns in this manner will only have their built in weapons, demoralizing fireballs and melee abilities.
These *blessed* Khorne Sisters will be mixed into the existing lists and some new ones, with varying chance of appearing.
They have custom spawn sounds on death, and custom death sounds for their Valkyrie forms.

Gameplay effect will be that grenades and other explosives will be slightly less effective as the lone "Finisher move", as they can "spawn" these new enemies.

Bug fixes:
-Removed the Meltagun and ammo from the starting setup for the Sisters, as it is not researched at game start.
-Fixed 2 name string errors for corpses and trade in.
-Gave the Winged Khorne Daemon new sound effects for its self-defense fireball. It will no longer sound like a marine!
-Fixed some under the hood errors.

The Gravgun AoE effect has now been changed with a new method to get it to display on just 1 loop/tile by Xom126s experimentation. Will change it up more in the future to get it *just right* but I think it looks pretty ok for the moment.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on February 11, 2021, 06:55:24 pm
Next update will be a bit... meatier?


or these guys:

I will be fleshing out the forces of Chaos further, with some early/mid-game enemies.

Work in progress planning/dev postin':
The next big update will contain two faction additions focused on the forces of Slaanesh.
The first list of units will be centered on the Slaangor, i.e Slaaneshi Beastmen.
They'll be mid-tier, but contain enough units that they can fit in on a low tier and up to the basic high tier. Lacking armor, they have speed and health to compensate somewhat.
Their slaaneshi traits and weapons will be "close" combat focused, armor rending, panic/stun/energy drain. Not a lot of AoE or long ranged weapons.
They'll be pretty slow about killing your units, and instead kindly strip off unneeded things like armor, and make your troops stick around for the party (on account of being energy drained/stunned/panicked).

The higher tiers of the Slaangor list will have snippity pincers.

New units Listed top to bottom:
Slaaneshi Fiendgor: I wanted an alternative Slaaneshi terror unit to the Daemonette, something not quite as instant-kill, lower tier and preserving the daemonette for "Special occasions" and the higher tiers of enemies.
The Fiendgor will have pale skin/fur, two big pincers that go snippity snip and a majestic set of horns. Lots of health, carapace tier daemonic armor. Fast, armor rending/piercing, panic inducing, energy drain/stun. Faster and tougher than the average bloodletter, it might not be quite as kill-focused.
Slaangor Bullgor: Beefy warband leader, "chosen", got one giant pincer and wields some form of pistol or special weapon.
Slaangor "Gor": Your run of the mill muton but with less armor, quite quick with good reactions, but not very accurate. Can wield heavy two-handed weapons, right now focused on heavy-stubber with new slaaneshi ammo and a custom webber.
Slaanungor: Got tiny horns, somewhat beefier than a human. Might use some light bolters or other "heavy" weapons, but otherwise melee focused.
Slaaneshi Bray: No horns, light beastmen features. Run of the mill slaaneshi beastmen-mutant. Around cultist level of threat, mainly meant for low tier.

Some of the Slaangor terror units can be mixed into other slaaneshi or cultist racelists.

The second group of units are an alternative, slaaneshi themed cultist list, designed around the new Slaaneshi Hedonite army list.
-Shardspeaker Sorceress/Priestess making use of some mindcontrol/seduction abilities.
-Painbringers as tough/heavy cultists. Sporting either special melee configurations or some of the heavy weapons, they provide most of the ranged firepower.
-Twinsouls respawning-on-death enemy, might turn into some form of Slaangor to spice things up. Otherwise mediocre stats. May give these some slightly better ranged options
-Hedonite, basic slaaneshi cultist, melee focused or twin-shot lasgun.
-Depraved some low tier zombie/gimp cultist. May or may not turn into a terror unit, through the magic of pseudo-randomization.

May also mix in some of the slaaneshi assassins I've already made for this list, or use Slaangor terror units.

I'm open for ideas to make the Hedonites a little more spicy, some ideas I'm juggling:
-Slaaneshi-Chaos Spawn. Cool, but rather difficult to put together from scratch, got a couple of ideas but nothing clicking just yet. Preferably this would be a 4 tile unit, but I've not tackled that yet.
-Slaanesh daemon Herald, naga themed (snake-lower half, easiest to put together) or a pincer armed daemonette thing.
-Slaanesh Seeker. One of those weird seahorse daemon-steeds.
-The Constrictor: Free forming it a little, creating a lesser daemon of Slaanesh in the vein of a Pink Horror. I have an idea for a slim, toothy and smooth lad of a HR Giger daemon. Very pink/purple. Loves to snuggle.
-A daemon form based on one of the Slaaneshi spells, a big floating hollow head with a bunch of whips-for-tongue.
-Possessed Hedonite, tentacles/pincers for arms, possibly a Ogryn for a big base.

New Slaaneshi weapons, not all daemonic:
-Slaaneshi ammo types, armor piercing/rending, panic/stun/energy drain. Rather low on damage, may lean more towards causing wounds (but not as much as BLIGHT, nurgle rounds).
-A custom (damaging) webber,
-Some sort of whip weapon (single target and possible a AoE version),
-Some other slaaneshi melee blades. Curved blades, so scimitar, kukri and of course, masterfolded katanas. Focus on stripping off armor and whittling down the enemy for sport (Khorne forces would be a lot more direct about it).
-A low tier small arms (staying away from bolters), going a bit with the Slaaneshi focus on perfectionism I'm leaning more towards a precision lasgun than some sort of pain-rodeo autogun, but there's room for both. A two-shot, reaction focused lasgun, no autofire option.
The Slaaneshi Autoguns would focus on armor rending, and be a little more like say, Shuriken catapults. That or a needle/toxi-gun, might be more in Nurgles ballpark though.
-Slaanesh grenade, a fun-time drug/gas grenade that causes panic and drains energy/stuns.
-On the special weapon side I got a close combat or short ranged mind control weapon. Domination Rod, Geas Mirror, that kind of thing. Either a bonk on the head, or very short ranged but with a small AoE. Used by the Sorceress and champions.
I want to stay away from the sonic weapons, as its more of a Noise Marine thing, but maybe there's some suitable way to fit in a weaker/different version.

Got any ideas to add? 40k Slaanesh need some lovin'.

Slaangor in the field:

All spritework done aside for the inventory (got a new suitable WIP piece though).
New sound effects, 6 death sounds and aggro sound (I got several here, but I've not figured out if there's a way to randomize them).

Got a Slaanesh Chainsword and short blade in the works, for now they're using ersatz chaos guns.
I've mixed these boys into some of the Slaanesh lists for ROSE until I can get more work done on their fellows.

I've updated the download link with the latest version.

Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on February 20, 2021, 11:47:56 pm
Subupdate: Slaanungor  + Slaanesh Weapon Pack Mk1 edition.

I've uploaded a new version of ROSE, grab it at the usual download link in the main post.

What's new:

Slaanungors have been added, these are the mainliners for early Slaangor forces and have been mixed into a couple of Slaanesh aligned racelists for early encounters.
Some Slaangors have been removed as a result, and will now instead show up in the terror units for these lists.
A new Slaangor Warband list has been added, although I've not added it to any mission rotation yet.

-Visually, they only have the two slim horns, gold details have been replaced for silver, they've lost the nosering and the studs on the right leg and they are also somewhat slimmer than the bigger Slaangors.
-For VFX, I've swapped out 2 deathsounds for 2 new ones, so they'll be somewhat audibly distinct as well.
-For weapons they wield a mix of the new Slaanesh Laspistols + various new slaanesh melee weapons, and the new Slaaneshi Lasgun (with bayonett). At max tech, they bring the new Slaanesh Heavy Stubber w/custom ammo.
-They also carry the new Slaanesh gas grenades.
-For armor they have 30 front armor, and are weapon to fire and melee damage. They take 100% damage from lasguns, and 90% damage from AP rounds.

Slaanesh Weapons Pack Mk1:

I've been a busy bee and added a bunch of custom Slaanesh themed baseline weapons.

Small Arms:
Lasgun w/ Bayonet
Plasma Pistol
Unique traits: Twin snap shot, Armor piercing and armor "sunder"/render.
They are quite the nasty overwatch weapons, and will damage armor quite a lot with repeated shots.
They do 60-70% HP damage to compensate, and be fluffy with how Slaanesh might prefer battles to play out, drawn out, elegant and painful affairs!
These weapons will be standard issue in most dedicated Slaanesh forces.
I've added new sound effects, so you'll be able to tell them apart.

Heavy Stubber
Unique traits: Armor Sunder, extra snap shots.
Quite similar to the normal Heavy Stubber, this one is slightly better in overwatch and against armor.
It will be wielded by Slaanesh "Heavies", and eventually Slaanesh cultists/traitor guard/ogryn etc.

-"Constrictor" Webber
Unique traits: Stun, Energy Drain, Wounding, Morale damaging, Armor Crush (Sunder).
This is mainly a stun weapon like the normal Webber, but it also does a fair bit of armor damage, drains energy and causes wounds.
Slaangors and some Slaanesh Sisters will wield it.

-Long Blade
Unique Traits: Armor Sunder, Armor Piercing, Energy Drain, Wounding, Morale damage.
Like other Slaanesh weapons, these trade pure health damage for armor shreddin' traits and other demoralizing attacks.
Not as good at wounding as Nurgle BLIGHT or as good against Morale as Tzeentch weapons, they're quite lethal at wearing down your forces.
They'll be wielded by Slaanesh forces universally, like Slaanesh Sisters.

-Slaanesh (Gas) Grenade
Unique traits: Stun, Morale Damage, Energy Drain. Laughter. Small radius.
This grenade does minimal health damage and has a small radius, but it can wreck havoc on your forces if they have low morale.

-Sonic Grenade
Unique traits: Armor Ignoring, Stunning, Small Radius.
Like the Sonic gun based weapons, this grenade ignores 70% of armor and causes health and stun damage.
Noise Marines have been equipped with these, as have some of Slaanesh elite sisters.

Other stuff:
-New inventory sprite for the Demi Daemonette
-New more daemonic death sound effects for her and the Daemonette.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on February 28, 2021, 02:16:45 pm
Subupdate: Slaanbraygor + Slaanesh Weapon Pack Mk2edition.

Sprite fixes:
-All gors legs adjusted to remove a midriff gap.
-A stray pixel on the Slaanesh lasgun handob removed.

-Some codex fixes
-Thanks to Buschers scripting, self-flaggelation is now a thing of the past with the Neural Whip.
-Edit: Fixed an old bug I hadn't encountered with a wrongly attributed floorOB sprite on the Faust thanks to a bug report. Please report any bugs you encounter either in this thread or by DM, it helps!

-Added text entries for some weapons in the first weapon pack.

-Cleaned up some Adeptas ROSE weapon reasearch requirements.
-Added the slaanesh plasma pistol as a possible path to unlock the Plasma Pistol.

Balance changes:
Most small arms effective range bumped up by 2-3 tiles. Most bolters will now operate in the 8-12 tile range, with some upgraded/scoped ones having up to 14 effective range.
Retributor and Lascannon range also bumped.
Lasguns will operate in 16-20 range range.
Guardsmen lasgun autoshots restored to 3. More coming here in the future.
Slaanesh Lasgun and pistol damage reduced by 5 and toHealth damage reduced by 0.05. Their anti armor capabilities are quite good on their own!


The Slaangor Roster, currently.

Added the new Slaanesh Braygor (Slaanbraygor), these are the runtiest of Gors, lacking horns and being physically smaller.
In game they have 20 front armor, slightly more health and strength than a Guardsman, and use the lightest of the new slaanesh small arms. They serve mostly in the grunt soldier role.
I have some Turnskins planned as real fodder, but those will come later.

Racelist and mission changes:
-Added Early and midgame Slaangor Warherds that will show up in appropriate missions like Abduction and Terror.
-Added Braygors to various Slaanesh early lists.

Slaanesh Weapon Pack Mk2:

Adds Slaanesh themed:
-Lascarbine w/bayonet. Uses slaanesh laspistol ammo (now set to 20 capacity).
-Autogun w/custom ammo. A truly depraved... bullpup that only Slaanesh followers can love (please report to your nearest Inqusuitor if you're feeling urges towards this gun).
-Light Bolter w/bayonet and custom ammo.
-Standard Bolter w/bayonet and custom ammo.
-Scoped Bolter version w/Bayonet. Uses same ammo as the standard slaanesh bolter.
-Sonic Kombi Bolter with underslung Sonic Blaster with custom sonic charge, does slightly less damage than the standard Sonic Cannon.

The custom ammo have less health damage, but will rend and penetrate armor quite well. They are also very good at snap fire, using Slaanesh double shot.
Looking at ways to buff vehicle ammo to compensate a bit, will come in a later version.

These guns have been distributed amongst Slaanesh forces according to tech level and type of unit (Slaanesh Sisters will be mostly using the Light Bolter version, Noise Marines the kombibolter).
Once Hedonites are added, the lighter weaponry will be appearing with them as well. Right now its mostly the Brays that use the autogun and carbine.

Finally, a bonus Morrigan mockup for a flying Daemonette:
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 07, 2021, 02:05:49 am
First March update, and it's a big one. Some cleanup, and two new units+weapons.

Codex fixes:
-Phosphor grenade now universally available to those who research Smoke Grenades, and the codex should also be available.
-Added entries and deepest lore for Novices, Cantus and Frateris Militia. Still need some custom images for the Cantus and Novices.
-Added an entry for the Cantus Bolter.
-Throne Missile Launcher moved slightly with ammo to not stack with the normal Missile Launcher
-Added a bunch of requirements to the Slaanesh weapons and ammo so they don’t show up in the Codex at game start.

Weapon availability changes:
- Seraphim boltpistol and ammo now unlocks for purchase when you research the Seraphim armor.
- Reedemer Shotgun now properly limited to Adeptas.
- De’az Pattern Bolter limited to Adeptas.
- The Hand Flamer and ammo now restricted to Adeptas. Ditto for the Mephisto flamer fuel tank. Tidying up a little here for players of other factions.
- Malthus and its ammo given slightly changed index numbers to not bunch up with the standard Lascannon.

Balance fixes/changes:
-Weapon list overhaul as part of the deployment overhaul to remove/reduce the “dual wielding” issue.  Custom Weaponlists given to all remaining units and existing ones cleaned up and updated. Some instances may still occur, but it should be greatly reduced. Consider it a bit of a beta thing and report anything weird that pops up.
-"Spawner" Units health nerfed to make them slightly less tough in combo with their spawned units.
-Tzeentch bag of tricks to be updated. For now only Flamers will burst forth.
-Added recoil to the new slaanesh Bolters and Sluggers.
-Slaanesh bolter rounds AP nerfed by 5%, and power nerfed by 5.

Honor grind balance reduction:
-Honor trade changes, heavy chaos units now require less corpse trade ins per honor token. Ex. Berzerkers, Warptalons (15->10), Chaos Sorcerer and Lord (2 and 1 corpses from 5). You still need a truckload of cultist and traitor guard corpses however.

New Units:

-Weird Boyz joins the Orks with glee. Xom126 has been a busy bee, so I’ve added his Wyrd Weirdboy sprite to the Ork Roster! It's very fancy with animated little particle effects.

With a Wyrdboy stikk, this unit provides quite a few dangerous ranged psi attacks to the orks (3 different sets, depending on enemy tech level).
Two single target "spells", one beam based, one gravity-crushing.
One multi-melta like Da Krunch based ability.
One summon ability.
In addition, they can also cause panic with psyker attacks and have a competent melee attack.

Take them out quickly, and preferably from afar.

They'll be appearing in the "leader" slot, and shared with Nobz, so there shouldn't be too many of them.


Complete with codex entry and inventory sprite.

The Ork Weird Boyz corpses can be traded in for honor tokens, at a good value.

Xom, gem that he is, also helped with a Stormboyz inventory sprite:

Now for the Slaanesh side of things, I've made a new unit and some art for it:



-Slaanesh Anointed have been sent into the field by Slaanesh to bolster the forces of the Dark Prince. These Chosen have been blessed by the Dark Prince to take on the form of the Serpent (and Fulgrim, I suppose).  These guys are top tier Slaanesh enemies, so be careful.

Codex illustration by myself, as there’s nothing suitable from official sources. The design is loosely based on the old Slaanesh Champion metal figure + a Slaanesh Fiend head. As Noise Marines are technically the “Chosen” marines of Slaanesh, consider these Anointed a step up (or possibly a step to the left and then up diagonally).


Wielding the Slaanesh Sonic Kombi Bolter and the new (for the mod that is) Potreus II missile launcher. A heavy multi-missile launcher, this weapon can be quite dangerous for everyone involved. It can autofire slaanesh gas, sonic and [redacted] missiles, being smaller than “large” rockets, their radius, range, accuracy and power is reduced vs other missile launchers.

I put this together with the recent Forgeworld release as reference.

Inventory sprite for the Anointed.

The Anointed have been added in two versions to the Slaanesh race lists, one using the new Slaanesh Bolters and one using the new Slaanesh Missile launcher. Other late game army lists have also had a few Anointed added, mainly as terror units.
A new late game Slaangor list have been added with some Anointed in it, replacing the Slaangor_mixed in those deployments odds. Some other reshuffling of Slaanesh lists have also taken place.

New sound effect: Less BOOMy, and more poofy, I’ve added a open source smoke grenade sound.
I’ve also added a few more sonic weapons and daemonette sound effects.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 08, 2021, 08:33:23 pm
Mini patch to fix some bugs detected in playtesting (some ammo research hooks for the Weird Boy + Slaangor armor hook). If you bumped into any crashes in the codex, that should resolve it.

Added Cantus Origins and Armor (serving for Novice armor as well for now) images.

OG art by Igor Sid (, painted over by me a tiny bit to fit the Cantus.

The armor bic is by Andreas Nilsson (, quite a nice take on a slightly more high tech armor.

Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 13, 2021, 08:19:24 pm
ROSE mod updated, march 13 - 2021. House Keeper edition.

Same link as in main post:

Mostly fixes, codex additions, more text write ups and listOrder changes, but some new stuff.

Patch notes:

Codex fixes:
-Fixed a error that caused the ufopedia text for the Slaanesh laspistol to not display.
-Twin Shootas have a codex text entry now. Placeholder Big Shoota artwork.
-New Snazzguns have a codex entry. Placeholder Heavy Bolter artwork.
-New Mega-Blastas have a codex entry. Added unique artwork.
-Added artwork to Tank Busta Hammer and Wyrdboy Stikk
Added codex entries for:
-Ork Krakk Stikkbombs
-Ork Stinkbombs
-Ork tank busta
-Ork Tank Busta Hammers
-Ork Kommandoz Throatslitta choppas and Sneaky Sluggas.
-Located and fixed what was stopping the Phosphor Grenade codex article from appearing.

UI/language fixes:
-The Slaanesh Braygor Corpse now have a proper name.

Weapon List Order changes:
-Changed numbers on the Redeemer shotgun and ammo to not mix with the normal shotgun ammo.
-Changed numbers of the Retributor heavy bolters and ammo to not mix with the other heavy bolters.
-Changed the listOrder number for the Cantus and cantus ammo to not mix in with other light bolters, as the Cantus bolter cannot use the more advanced rounds.
-Changed the listOrder of the Throne Missile launcher, Haborym and Faust rocket launchers to not mix in with the ammo for the standard missile launcher.

BigOB fixes/changes/new:
-The Killa Kan mounted Burna object should now appear correctly in the inventory slot.
-The Killa Kan mounted Burna now have a slightly modified BigOB sprite without a trigger.
-The Winged Daemon fireball ability BigOB changed to something more firebally.
-The Faust weapons (Ork and Adeptas) now mimic the Haborym to fit within 3 tiles height and 1 width without inventory glitchin’. Telescopic stock/butt style.

-The Ork Stink Bomb now has a new BigOB.
There's something foul in this jar.

-The Flash Gitz Snazz Gun now has a new BigOB.

Inventory changes:
-Made a semi-placeholder Inventory Sprite for the Mek Boyz based on the Burna inventory sprite. Will get more work later but now you’ll be able to tell them apart. Still uses the Burna battlesprite and corpse for now, but more new assets in the works.
He's a happy lad.
Note: He'll be listed as a Burna in storage and such. Consider him a variant for now.

Enemy weapon set changes:
-Ork weapon sets slightly tweaked to tighten up what they appear with, fewer early enemies with just a melee weapon.
-Fixed some ammo issues for Orks using the Twin Shoota.
-Flash Gitz now uses a Snazz Gun instead of a looted Retributor Heavy Bolter.  It has a very high rate of fire, and spends a lot of ammo. In fact, more ammo than it spits out. Orks! It’s less accurate than the Twin Shoota, and uses two hands. Does have slightly better effective range though.

-Flash Gitz will now use a Snazzy Mega-Blasta instead of the looted Heavy Plasma from before. It uses heavy plasma and barrage plasma ammo, but can fire them at an increased rate of fire at the cost of range and accuracy. In the future, this may be researched to unlock some sort of plasma tech on the player side.

-Placeholder Slaangor Inventory image icon shrunk down a little to not distract from weapons as much.

Weapon changes:
-Adeptas Throne Missile launcher ammo capacity bumped to 6 from 3 per ammo box.
-Khorne Valkia are now equipped with animated Shields, sprites by Xom126
I threw together a BigOB, it may be familiar. Wrote up a little entry for the shield to explain how hunting Slaanesh daemons and making shields out of their heads is their favorite pastime.

-The Wyrdboy Stikk is now also animated.
-Changed the Malthus Lascannon and ammo requiresBuy to its requisite tech instead of Adeptas. Thus it can be unlocked by anyone who researches the Malthus (requires midtier though)

Custom Snazzgun handOB (and floorOB) added.

RaceList changes:

-Added STR_ORK_EARLY list which contains lower tier enemies with Gretchin added as basic soldiers. Terror unit is the Warbike and the only other non-vanilla 40k mod unit is the Stormboyz as navigators.

A note on Flashgitz and Mek Boyz: They're work in progress, they have unique unit sheets and armor Items, but not unique Battlesprites or corpses yet. They do have unique weapon sets however. You won't get anything special yet for researching these boyz, but they add some additional flavor and challenges to fighting Orks.

As usual, if you find anything that looks weird, is missing or some other bug, post it in this thread or DM me and I'll take a look at it. A lot of these fixes in this patch is due to such bug reports and they help me a lot to identify bugs and fixes.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 17, 2021, 02:57:31 pm
Gotten some playtester reports back and we´ve found some of them ol´ wily bugs. I´ve found solutions for them, so they will be solved with the next update this weekend.

-A couple of units, mostly of the spawner type + Anointed missile variant, will cause the game to crash if captured alive as they lack the necessary code for this state.
If you´re handy you can fix it yourself by copying (and updating with relevant unit type ID) this live capture code into the Item_40k.rul file (search for "# ROSEMOD live captures" to find the right place to insert it):
  - type: STR_[enter unit string here, ex: STR_SLAANESH_SISTER_BLESSED_FALSE, delete brackets]   
    size: 0.0
    recover: true
    liveAlien: true
    costSell: 30000 #Whatever is suitable
    listOrder: 20300

I´ll write up the necessary research and ufopedia code entries, so until next update, avoid researching these units (you don´t get anything for them currently and the game will likely crash).

-One of the low tier Heretic Sister enemies lack a manufacture entry to turn their heretical bodies, stacked roof high in your fridge, into nutritious and high-calorie Honour Badges. An easy fix if you want to do it yourself, same deal as above but with the "to_honor" code. Just search for it in the items_40k.rul file and copy it (enter the relevant unit name ID in the top, and its corpse string).
  - name: STR_FLAMER_TO_HONOR    
    category: STR_FOES_FOR_HONOR
    space: 2
    time: 200
    cost: 20000

Relevant code parts marked with bold.

-Graphical glitch with codex entry for the new shield (oops, loaded the wrong palette).

Otherwise, next update will mostly focus on adding more art assets to get rid of placeholders.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: MetalIzanagi on March 18, 2021, 09:36:08 am
A few observations/possible bugs:

- Is it intended that you can both promote a Novice to Cantus with the Purity Seal transformation, and also manufacture Cantus armor for 1 Adamantium to just give the better armor to a Novice without promoting them?

- I noticed that when you do the Purity Seal method it often switches the newly-promoted Cantus's inventory avatar into a technicolor mess. Thankfully it can be swapped to a proper Cantus avatar in the inventory menu.

- Novices are a neat way to raise a new Battle Sister from a less apt soldier, but I still find myself just grabbing the militia or some Guard if I need disposable infantry, and instead getting the base Battle Sisters when I want someone to use a bolter or something heavier. Fun to recruit a handful and see if I can make something out of them every once in a while though.

- I absolutely dread fighting Ork terror missions, as it should be! There are so many of them, and now they have so many more destructive toys to annihilate my poor Sisters with. Kommandoz are really easy to underestimate, at least until one pops a veteran sister in the back of the head because I thought he wasn't worth focusing on earlier. Really appreciate the changes to grenade range, too. It's nice to get to actually *fight* the Orks instead of having grenades rained on me from everywhere lmao.

- Speaking of Orks, those Stinkbombz are hilarious. Had an Ork throw a grenade and thought "Oh, that Novice is either going to die or laugh off whatever that is." Instead she got knocked out! Had to have a Battle Sister cover her area until sleeping beauty woke up. Someone's getting a lecture on the proper response to odor-based offense for the future...

Overall great submod from what I've played. It's still quite difficult, but doesn't feel nearly as unfair as the base mod can at times.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 18, 2021, 05:10:23 pm
Thanks for the feedback and good observations,

I`ll tackle the possible bugs first:
-The Cantus armor should be locked to Novice experience rank, so if they are the required rank they can put on the armor regardless of how you get it. Could be you are running into something unintended there with how the game counts ranks, but I prefer to keep the requirements pretty loose (Adamantium cost might be adjusted up a little in the future when we do another economy balance pass). I want to keep the Novice stage pretty forgiving.
-The technicolor mess might be related to the wrong palette on one of the inventory sprites (I´ve fixed one I found myself in testing), although if you switching it manually changes that it might be something unrelated and more of a UI bug. I´ll keep an eye out if I see it. (Odds are I clicked the wrong palette in Irfanview and didn´t notice).

-On the Militia/Novices/Sisters recruitment balance, it´s also pretty forgiving and up to playstyle. The novices are more economical in recruitment cost and upkeep vs a sister (you can have like 3 Novices per Sister and a similar total recruitment cost), Novices do get carapace-tier armor vs the flak of the Frateris/guard as well as better starting stats. It´s up to your own playstyle and preference (some players like human wave tactics, others like small elite forces - sisters can do a little bit of both). Again, my preference to keep the hard restrictions to a minimum.

-Orks: Nice to hear you enjoy them, I´ve seen some playthroughs where the player bumps into some of the harder configurations and rolls... 12 Killa Kans on a base assault, but we´re working on putting the various Ork lists into early/mid/late game tiers you can encounter. They can appear in a variety of missions, and several different configurations can appear on terror missions. Ork Bases will lean towards the late tier for now however.

On the to do list:
-Get more types of Ork missions in game so we can really use all these new ork units.
-Have the Ork base level change the type of Orks that defends it.
-There´s more Ork units and gear in the works as well. Squigs? Squigs!

-Balance for guns and grenades will continue to be tweaked to find that tactical sweet spot, good to hear you like the current balance!
Do give me heads up if you bump into something that feels useless or way too strong (can be hard due to how XCOM calculates damage in 0-200% ranges, I
ve seen Killa Kans go down to two bursts of Heavy Bolter Fire, or take an entire squad worth of heavy firepower to take down).
We´re looking at redoing how energy weapons work with the latest OXCE version allowing for "batteries" and powered shots to use various amounts of ammo, which will help differentiate lasguns, cannons and plasma further.

Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 19, 2021, 09:26:47 pm
ROSE mod updated, march 19 - 2021. Heavy Inventory Sprite Art Edition.

Download link:

Update notes:
Main thing: Added about 30 inventory art pieces I've been pixel paintin', to replace placeholders.


There's still a couple of placeholders for the dark red non-khorne Adeptas armors, the Fraternis Militia and a few Orks. Will get to those (Militia got a WIP).

Codex additions:
-Demi Daemonettes given ufopedia text and image. No specific armor image yet.

Capture fixes:
-Slaanesh Anointed Missile type added to capture list to avoid crashes.
-Demi Daemonette and variants added to capture list and interrogation code to avoid crashes.
-Demi Daemonettes given ufopedia text and image. No specific armor image yet.

YAML changes:
-Slaanesh Anointed (Celestian), changed to Slaanesh Celestian to not overlap with snakey boy Anointed.

Weapon changes:
-Ork Throatslitta given aliens_only restriction to not show up in the codex at game start.
-New bolter sounds for some bolters. Sisters bolters will now sound somewhat more impressive.
-Traitor Guard shotgun replaced by chaos shotgun.
-Slaanesh Autogun missing projectiles fixed.

-Flamer damage change rework (trial)
: Giving Flamethrower ammo damage type 2 (50-150% of power) rather than the fixed INC damage of 5-10 (but ignores armor). Heavy flamer given damage type 7 (50-200%), likewise will now respect armor. This will buff flamers vs low armor targets, but make them less useful against dreads and power armor (unless you shred the armor first).
Hand Flamethrowers and Kombi-Flamer given damage typ 2 (50-150%) damage, and less effectiveness vs armor. They also have less power than standard flamethrowers.
Flamethrowers also do morale damage (at 50-100% of damage). This can potentially cause surviving enemies to panic. Maybe.
Penitent and Dread flamers also updated as “Heavy flamers”, does higher morale damage and have damage type 7 (50-200% damage).
Throne Missiles also changed with this, they are slightly better vs armor and almost the same power as the Heavy Flamer. In testing, not good against armored foes.
Flamethrowers will still light enemies on fire and do DoT damage.
They might be a little too poor a choice against heavy armor, but we’ll give it a go.

Flamers are good at area denial, indoor fighting, handy light source, taking out groups of low armor enemies, engaging high health/low armor enemies like daemons (not “fire” daemons though) and requiring very little expertise to use (accuracy, recoil). Against power armor or Dreads, use something more suitable.

Chaos Flamethrower changed to arcing shot (except for the Tzeentch version).

Previous ROSE balance changes to flamers buffed their range, and gave them arcing shot (so misses won’t go shooting across the map), which changes how they work vs meltas. With arcing shots flamers can now act as area of denial weapons, shooting ground tiles (harder to do with “beam” style flamers).

Enemy changes:

-The Tyranids gotten a bit of a health buff, from 70 health to 100-240 range, and from 148 to 340 for the Carnifex. They don’t have great armor, so they should still go down to a burst or two of bolter fire.
-Purestrain Genestealer given isLeeroyJenkins, acid attack removed. Now much more likely to give you repeated hugs. Also buffed armour values to something resembling Carapace (from Flak+).
All in all, Tyranids will now be somewhat more scary.
-Chaos Behemoth health buffed from 50 to 100. This should make him go down slightly less like a wet noodle against anything armour shredding or piercing.
-Heretic Canoness given her own armor, less stat-boosting than the player version, but with a built in heavy flamer. No updated spritesheet just yet.

Starting loadout:
-Adeptas shipment of Phosphor and Smoke grenades have gone missing, you’ll need to research/buy ‘em. No freebies from Mars.

Edit: Was reminded to include the updated alienDeployments file, it solves the remaining cultist dual-equipping issues. Tested to not crash the game on startup or in mission gen, no dual wielding to be found.
The remaining Rambo-map is the PDF outpost defense one. Still trying to figure out that one.

Doing a under the hood rework of the mod for the next update, so it might (or might not) be a while.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 21, 2021, 12:48:31 am
A minor thing I noticed in testing is that the Nurgle gals are using the normal Missile launcher, an easy mix up; in the 40 mod code some weapons are by default the chaos version and the imperial version is _terran, while sometimes the chaos version is _chaos, or just "bolterN" etc. No biggie, but I'll make one for a non-havoc version and include it in the next proper update.

Second thing is that the Nurgle heavy bolter ammo has been using a placeholder for a while, and the chaos retributor as the dispenser of its blighty goodness.
So I've beeen testing a new weapon that will also be included in the next update:
The Nurgle Heavy Bolter + ammo:

Which will be coming to Nurgle forces near you soon.

Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Thatguysenpai on March 21, 2021, 07:05:06 am
Hey, been trying this out after my last IG playthrough, seems cool so far, enjoying the semi-rebalance of things as well, though I'll have to play more to give any deep feedback.

I was wondering about something though, I really enjoy the process of upgrading my soldiers through transformations and stuff, so I was really excited to see the novice system. But it seems that when they get elevated to sisterhood, it sets their PSI strength to 60 no matter what, which seems kind of weak for all the effort. I was wondering if perhaps instead of just setting their stats to a baseline amount, the transformation could instead add on to their existing stats an amount? So that Novices you initiate could potentially be better soldiers? Dunno if that's strictly possible, but thought I'd post it.

Looking forward to exploring the rest of the new stuff though, lotta neat stuff.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 21, 2021, 10:47:20 am
It's only PSI that's set to a fixed amount? Curious. I'll look into it.

Do you have a save file to share?

edit: To be clear, there's no fixed baseline when promoting, your unit should keep all their stats. What you gain access to is proper power armor, the sisters ranks and upgrade paths (to even better armor). Your novice does not get better stats just from the promotion itself.
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Post by: HT on March 21, 2021, 12:57:22 pm
Your work is impressive so far. A shame I'm a bit fed-up with WH40k. At this point your mod might as well be integrated in the main mod if isn't already, seeing the so many features and changes you bring so far.
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Post by: Leflair on March 21, 2021, 02:14:50 pm
If Bulletdesigner or the others want to use any assets I'd be happy to package them up for them. I understand if they don't want all the 'junk in this mod if they want to keep things a bit tighter, but they're free to grab/request whatever they'd like.
Failing time for that, I might put together a "vanilla" submod version with just the added enemies and equipment. Might be something like that cooking soonish  :-X

Also, uploaded a mini update late in the weekend here.

Rose Update March IV:
-Added Nurgle Heavy bolter with bigOB/HandOB/FloorOB and Codex writeup.
-Added BigOB art for the nurgle heavy bolter ammo.
-Equipped the Nurgle forces with the Nurgle Heavy Bolter at later tech tiers.
-Gave all Nurgle bolter ammo a new hit VFX (green puff of cloud) to indicate for the player if they're being shot at by blight rounds.
-Added a hand carried version of the Nurgle Rocket launcher for certain Nurgle sister enemies.
-Added artwork for Sister of Mercy BiGOB corpse and floorOb.

-Added the Sniper bolter Arche to category sniper rifles.
-Fixed a sprite issue (shortened a diagonal barrel) with the Arche where some stray pixels would appear in certain frames.

-Added new more suitable placeholder Inventory art for the Ork Tank Huntaz and Battlesprite, FloorOB etc. Will draw something fancier later when time permits.

The Tank Huntaz wear black shirts and in the early game, wield Tank Hammers. Quite dangerous. They have about half the stealth value of Kommandoz, not huge just yet but they might not be visible at a long distance (20+ tiles away).
-There's One visual bug remaining, when a Tank Hunta wields a Slugga pistol in one hand and a rokkitstikk (the shorter disposable launcher), it juts out to the side of the hand. Will have to come up with something smarter to make that work.
The Tank Huntaz already have codex entries and research.

-Added a placeholder battlesprite and CorpseOB to match the new Mek Boy inventory art. Added research entries and ufopedia text (but not unique art yet).
-Updated Mek Boy weapon sets, dropped a few sluggas and gave it a Mega-Blasta (same as Flash Gitz version for now) on the high end + some Krakstikk grenades.

The Mek Boy is a bit of a mix in threat between Flash Gitz and Burna boyz, the Mek Boy also has quite good front and under armor, weak only to melee and AP fire.

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Post by: Leflair on March 21, 2021, 05:28:41 pm
Xom126 latest russian translation:

Drop it in the language folder of the submod and replace the existing file.

Not quite 100% complete but good enough.
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Post by: Thatguysenpai on March 21, 2021, 10:22:39 pm
Hmm, it's odd that you say that, because upgrading a cantus to a sister brings their stats up to a baseline it appears. It doesn't make them go lower if they are over, that's true, but also brings their PSI to 60, their melee to 45, etc, if they are below these amounts. If you're saying it shouldn't be like that, then perhaps I have a mod conflict? I am running the IGMA submod as well.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 21, 2021, 11:08:23 pm
Might be it brings up some stats to the minimum baseline of an Adeptas, yes (I loosened the requirements for Cantus promotion). Consider that the bonus!

You can train a Novice to higher stats than required for a Sister and they should instead carry over entirely (obviously more advantageous to just promote ASAP, but you might not have the economy to support the extra upkeep).
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Post by: Thatguysenpai on March 22, 2021, 03:09:10 am
Oh, yes, that's good, I suppose I was more asking if instead of doing that it could just add a flat amount, although I suppose it only really matters with PSI Strength, since that can't be increased by any means I know of. It seems that the baseline for PSI strength is higher for sisters you buy, and lower for novices, which makes sense, but what it means in practice is that any novice you raise to a sister is probably going to be weaker PSI than one you buy. It's not a big deal, but it does dissuade promoting novices for the sake of being sisters rather than keeping them as cheaper soldiers.
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Post by: Leflair on March 22, 2021, 08:02:50 am
You can gain Devotion, haven't changed anything there from the 40k base mod:
  STR_DEVOTION_UFOPEDIA:  "{NEWLINE} Devotion represents an individual's dedication to a specific idea or cause. Those with incredible faith in their icon can manifest its will in the material universe.{NEWLINE}{NEWLINE} Most soldiers will gain Devotion only by prayer or excercising psychic abilities. Sisters of Battle will gain Devotion simply by participating in combat, but their faith may be shaken by the powers of the Warp (flashing red in battle)."
  STR_PSI_TRAINING: "Train Devotion"
  STR_REMAINING_PSI_LAB_CAPACITY: "Remaining Chapel capacity> {ALT}{0}"
  STR_IN_PSIONIC_TRAINING: "In Devotion Training"

If you mean psi-strength, that might be an options setting (at least the specifics for training:
  STR_ALLOWPSISTRENGTHIMPROVEMENT_DESC: "Psionic strength of the soldiers can be improved by experience and training."
  STR_ANYTIMEPSITRAINING: "Psionic training at any time"
  STR_ANYTIMEPSITRAINING_DESC: "Allows assigning soldiers to psionic training at any time of the month. Remember, initial training takes from 30 to 60 days."

As to which facility, I always mix it up but:
STR_PSI_LAB: "Chapel"
STR_PSIONIC_LABORATORY_UFOPEDIA: "{NEWLINE} This facility is a Chapel to the Emperor in which our forces can pray, increasing their Devotion."
If it's not a stand alone facility it should be "provided by" either the Library or Inquisitors office.
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Post by: Thatguysenpai on March 22, 2021, 09:10:42 am
Yes, I did mean Psi-Strength specifically, since they still increase devotion as you said. Allowing them to train Pstrength with the chapel is an interesting idea, I didn't even realize it was possible, but it's not really what was thinking. I think screening recruits for PSI is fun, but I realize that's probably personal preference. No need to worry about it, it was just a passing thought.
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Post by: Leflair on March 22, 2021, 09:50:20 am
Psi attacks (MC or panic) aren´t as common in the 40k mod vs XCOM, so I´ve not given it much thought. Might get a rework when/if we introduce more Chaos sorcerer/daemon shenanigans that involve psi.

Guess Genestealer cults might also be relevant.
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Post by: Leflair on March 22, 2021, 09:47:49 pm
From the Work In Progress pile:

These guys are currently in ROSE with place holder art, if you bump into some rather unfriendly green guardsmen it's the Deserter faction.

Like the Heretic Sisters faction, these guys are not necessarily Chaos aligned. Got some plans for them, like bounty missions and other problems they might be causing.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 24, 2021, 06:48:57 pm
Cooking up a ever growing mound of things for the next update, here's the Flashgitz placeholders-be-gone:

based on this rad lad:

As you might guess, the Flash Gitz are the "devastators" of Ork armies (well, them and the Lootaz/Deffgunners). They got the flashiest, fanciest and snazziest guns. Including the tripple barrel snazzgun I added a while back, and the plasma weapon.

At least with these sprites, they'll be pretty easy to pick out from the crowd.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Thatguysenpai on March 25, 2021, 09:18:41 am
Bug Reports: Seems like the traitor guard sergeants who spawn with the chaos plasma carbine don't have the right ammo, their guns start empty and they don't shoot at all.

Also, I did an eldar webway mission which was 90% tzeentch sisters, with like 2 banshees mixed in. Not sure if that's intended or not.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 25, 2021, 10:30:25 am
Do you know which map/mission type the plasma pistol thing was on? Could be a left over where I´ve removed weapon sets (but they somehow get a pistol).

The Webway mission is intentional, as they can now spawn some ambushes of non-Eldar forces (naimly Tzeentch/Radical Inquisitor out to get the Eldar goodies before you do).
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Thatguysenpai on March 25, 2021, 08:27:26 pm
It was a max level traitor guard base I believe, and the sergeants had the plasma carbine, the one with the bayonet. I accidentally hit the debug shortcut while trying to run and noticed their guns were empty on their turn.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on March 25, 2021, 08:48:28 pm
Found him and two others, possibly left overs from when the carbine used the standard rifle clip.

Try this fixed 40k.rul file as replacement:

Two self-fix solutions:
1) Go into 40k.rul and search for carbine, replace the STR_PLASMA_RIFLE_CLIP with STR_PLASMA_SPRAY_CLIP.
solution 2) Go into items_40k.rul and add STR_PLASMA_RIFLE_CLIP below STR_PLASMA_SPRAY_CLIP on the compatibleAmmo section for the STR_PLASMA_CARBINE_CHAOS.

If you run into crashes with captured beastmen/slaangors, use this items_40k.rul

There's a new release in the works, but still running tests on it.
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Post by: Leflair on March 30, 2021, 08:49:49 pm
Interim update, the [big one] will take a little longer while I coordinate with Buscher.

In the meanwhile, have the last update of March, v09 Medicae-edition:

-Hotfixed previously mentioned integrated (Slaangor capture, Spraygun clips)
-Flashgitz battlesprites added.


-Medicae Armour added, novice enabled medic armour + inventory art and codex articles/art. You need to research it first.
The Medicae Armour replaces the Hospitaller armour as the early game medica armour, it's pretty cheap to produce but bad at direct combat (decent front armour though).
Hospitaller armor (And tech) moved in to midtier and cost bumped. Until it is unlocked (And you can afford it), Novices will have a role + cheap backup medics later.
Medicae Voice Lines added.
Medicae has a Auxmedikit, with half the charges and a weaker melee attack.

-Frateris Milita inventory art added;

-Elohim, Retributor and Sister Superior codex art updated and articles expanded.

-UnitUi sprites (the tiny ones) added for Elohim, Retributor, Sister Superior, Frateris Militia and Medicae.
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Post by: Thatguysenpai on April 01, 2021, 05:27:01 am
Would you consider changing the requirement for seraphim armor to include all variants of Raptors? Frankly it's a change I'd like to see in the base game as well, in my current playthrough I believe I've seen 2 raptor UFO's in the history of the campaign, and when I stunned one of them it happened to be a raptor saboteur, which doesn't unlock it.

EDIT: Also, I have been getting some crashes, one regarding a "STR_EMPERORS_DAUGHTERS" and failing to form a mission I believe, and then another when I tried to assault a landed Flying Fortress, regarding something named STR_NURGLE. I have attached my save file, not sure how to reliably replicate it except to pass time, but it has happened a few times in a row now.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on April 01, 2021, 09:47:43 am
I have been looking into how to do "either/or" kinda tech unlocks. The plasma pistol for example uses this technique to unlock from either the standard chaos plasma pistol, or the new slaaneshi one.
I could look into applying that to Raptors/Warptalons/Stormboyz.

As for the crashes, haven't heard of these before. If you encounter it again, take a screenshot of the error message pop-up box. I'll try to see if it can be replicated on my end.

e: Included a updated research file in the download. It "should" allow researching any live flying type enemy to unlock the Seraphim armor research, give it a shot.

I'm uploading a fixed main zip file, but here's the fixed alienMissions_40k.rul file that will eliminate that crash bug you had (at least for the Daughters, couldn't find any obvious error with the Nurgle one):
Replace your existing alienMissions_40k.rul in the Ruleset folder of the ROSE submod with this file.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Thatguysenpai on April 02, 2021, 07:21:58 am
I have checked, and the new research.rul file seems to be actually requiring ALL the flying enemies to be researched in order to research seraphim now lol. At least in my ongoing game, hard to test in a new one I suppose.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on April 03, 2021, 04:15:26 pm
The way I read the Ruleset reference, this part:
"Dependencies : List of research projects that can unlock access to this one. If the full list is researched, or if one of the projects on the list "unlocks" this one, it becomes available. "
Means that researching any of the units that make up the depency lists of DEP1-DEP3 should unlock the Seraphim armour.

Here´s the code:
    cost: 180
    points: 20
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Buscher on April 03, 2021, 05:00:07 pm
That's not how it works. Either the research topic (f. ex STR_ADEPTAS_ARMORS_DEP1) lists which dependencies it needs, of which all have to be met.

Or one research topic (f. ex STR_FLOATER_SOLDIER) unlocks a different research topic (f. ex STR_ADEPTAS_ARMORS_DEP1). The dependencies of your topic don't matter if you got a different one unlocking yours. Then dependencies aren't being checked on unlock (unlike requires)

    cost: 180
    points: 20

    requires: # is checked for unlock
    dependencies: # are not checked for unlock

    cost: 75
    points: 50
    needItem: true
      - STR_ADEPTAS_ARMORS_DEP1 # will unlock topic

You can try the attached rul file.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Leflair on April 03, 2021, 07:08:35 pm
That's not how it works. Either the research topic (f. ex STR_ADEPTAS_ARMORS_DEP1) lists which dependencies it needs, of which all have to be met.

Or one research topic (f. ex STR_FLOATER_SOLDIER) unlocks a different research topic (f. ex STR_ADEPTAS_ARMORS_DEP1). The dependencies of your topic don't matter if you got a different one unlocking yours. Then dependencies aren't being checked on unlock (unlike requires)

    cost: 180
    points: 20

    requires: # is checked for unlock
    dependencies: # are not checked for unlock

    cost: 75
    points: 50
    needItem: true
      - STR_ADEPTAS_ARMORS_DEP1 # will unlock topic

You can try the attached rul file.

So run them all through DEP1 like this?

With each dependency having the unlock, instead of DEP1.

I.e the chain should be:
1. "research ANY ONE of the listed (flying) units",
2.  This Unlock "DEP1" (DEP1 has no research cost, so the player gets it right away without researching it as a topic)
3. DEP1 is set as dependency for all of the Flying type armors. If other dependencies are fulfilled,
4. The Flying Type Armor of your faction is now available as a research topic.
(haven´t made DEP1 the dependency for the Assault Marine Armor yet but that´s the idea).

To limit each armor unlock to only one faction or strategy, it might require several DEP1 versions, like for assault armor:
  - name: STR_ASS_ARMOR
    cost: 180
    points: 20

  - name: STR_ASS_ARMOR_DEP1

Each listed unit have unlock: - STR_ADEPTAS_ARMORS_DEP1 and STR_ASS_ARMOR_DEP1, but because each armor DEP1 research topic is limited by an "requires: X Faction", only the relevant armor should appear as a topic for the player.
Title: Re: [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
Post by: Buscher on April 03, 2021, 07:31:51 pm
I have already pushed a fix on Git. Also the research file attached in the previous post already contains the fix. When you are available I can show you everything in detail.

But in general what you want to achieve is what you see in the attachments. This also matches with your chain.

The dependencies in your code block are just for show. They are the most restrictive requirements. Think of the dependency list like a boolean AND ( Think of the unlock like a  boolean OR ( For the unlock the acting entry is not STR_ADEPTAS_ARMORS_DEP1. This research entry can do whatever, it doesn't matter. The acting party in my example is STR_FLOATER_MEDIC or _SOLDIER or _whatever. The medic/soldier/whatever research is the subject which unlocks the object STR_ADEPTAS_ARMORS_DEP1. So this means you have to modify your nine individual entries, each unlocking STR_ADEPTAS_ARMORS_DEP1 upon being researched. For reference I have dropped DEP2 and DEP3 as DEP1 being unlocked by any Raptor (FLOATER), Warptalon or Stormboy is enough.
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Post by: Leflair on April 03, 2021, 08:51:49 pm
Edit: The additions, fixes and (a lot more) is now available in ROSIGMA,9687.0.html
Which combines ROSE with IGMA!
Go download that for the latest version of ROSE.

I´ve implemented the research suggestion for ROSE in the (now updated) main file.

This includes setting up the plasma pistol research in the same way + Assault Armor for the Space Marines.

For those in a testing mood, researching any live version of the Raptors, the Warptalons or the Ork Stormboy should now give access to the Seraphim (If you´re playing Sister) or Assault Armor (if you´re playing with the Assault Strategy as Space Marines) research.

I've also fixed another couple of crash bugs and updated the language file.

20210417: Small update while waiting for the [big one], almost done there with lots of juicy new stuff. This tiny update fixes the battlesheets for the Braygor/Ungor/Gor (thanks to the Unit Sprite Studio it's now pretty easy to find misaligned arms and the like).