Author Topic: [WIP] Xeno Operations LEGACY  (Read 4026 times)

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Re: [WIP] Xeno Operations LEGACY
« Reply #15 on: August 16, 2022, 05:19:49 am »
Another post time, i could wait a few days before i finished the last bits of paperdolls layers, but i really wanted to post something (so i feel im making at least a little bit of progress)

basically the same as beta but some tiers finished and its  advanced enough to recieve reports about clipping .

v0.96.v6 LE:
    -Slowly but steadely restructurating some .RUL files (eliminated redundant ones, cleaning, merging and organizing others, tbh they were a mess and dear lord, i increased this mess), still a lot to do tho
   -Updated Death sounds, now all races (should) be consistent on the sound deparment, used firaxis 2012 XCOM sounds  (corrected basic mutons using new sound but more advanced versions using vainilla instead)
     °Fixed some crashes related to death sounds (thanks a lot to eleriumWard for pointing this)
   -Changed armors , finally into layers system!
   (so many thanks to SolariusScorch, his amazing work with XFILES mod helped me a lot to understand what the hell i was doing wrong)
    (used his body sprites as basis for every edit i made to the armors sprites,to assure the maximum compatibility possible.... so hopefully , he or anyone who whises to include this armors on their mod shouldnt have bigger problems      
    °pilots only use blue variants
    °other classes cant use pilot variants (gonna edit them further to make them more unique visually and conceptually)
    °custom preview mini sprite for every armor (with the exception of skystrike and the nerve ones, this is on the to do list)
    °First tier completely done, up to HEC armor.
     *redone the helmets a bit ,added microphones and new night vision google system, with QUAD lenses (heavily inspired from CTO mod from EFRENSPARTANO, check it out, its pretty rad!)
    °second tier its being worked currently, wont have any helmet until i finish retouching them.
    °the rest of the tiers are theoretically done,their "helmets" (they use kinda astronaut thing attached to their head/neck, dont know the correct word sorry) will be finished really soon
    SO I HUMBLY REQUEST that any rebel/floating/extra pixel i missed could be reported so i can fix them ASAP
   -Replaced some ufopaedia images:
    °handcrafted version for pilots (despcription still to be done)
    °a temporal soldiers picture until i find other that satisfy me more.
    °redone the muton commander (finally there are no more muton pajamas)
    °an alternative F35 lighting picture
    °an alternative XF3 fighter picture
   - made new paperdolls for DOGGOS!
     °now first two tiers use newer papperdolls, still pretty rough collored, (hope i can improve them as i learn to paint better tho)
     *first tier a simple collar, second tier now uses a more intricated harness, with lots of straps and stuff), already drafted general ideas for next ones.
     *plans are to integrate this with the LAYERS so instead of faces, there are others breeds (currently working on a mallinois, a doberman and a rottweiler, any ideas will be appreciated)    
   -Replaced basic drone with a four rotors quadcopter version (added unique sound, so it buzz like commercial drones and differentiate from the rocket drone)
   -Replaced Basic sectoid sprites:
    °Sectoids now uses a recoloured version of AQUATOIDS (my favorite alien from tftd), imho they had a more striking and unique profile, im happy with the results but currently thinking on changing the color into a more blueish gray (so the brown/kaki/coyote/ scheme is "reserved" for xcom units), kinda the palette of xcom2012 firaxis sectoids.
    °no matter how much i tried, i wasnt satisfied with any change made to sectoids (they kept looking like a brown splat)
   -Finally changed the ranks to be more consistent:
     °every rank have an unique sprite:
     *a single stud for rookies up to master sergeants with chevrons and stuff (also retouched background a bit)
      *retouched the pilots ranks sprites a bit and renamed them(also retouched the background into a more blueish scheme to diferentiate of standard soldiers)
     *Officers ranks renamed and updated sprites (to avoid some misleading or confusing situations, like having a third lieutenant being promoted to a THIRD lieutenant again)
     *ranks sprites and flags of doggos retouched a bit (so it alings better with ui and keeps the same general appearence)
    °there is still a bug related to ranks, if you see the ranks on the base, the ui colors some parts of the studs incorrectly(easily appreciated with captains double bar for example), it works correclty in battlescape, so i guess is something related to palettes.
   -Added a new unit type, a land drone armed with a small smoke launcher, useful for scouting ahead and helping with the deployment phase, you can set up some screening before sending rookies to their (assured) death
     °eliminated mortar tank (seemed redundant, thinking on doing the same with the MRLS and repurporsed in another variant )
     °currently thinking pushing the standard tank into requiring A-Alloys to construct and delay their apparition a bit later (kinda like the laser tank on vainilla)
    -Tried adding new flags but couldnt find a way to make it work (i decided to stop making new flags, they are free to use by anyone, they took me less than 10 minutes each so if anyone is interested of making more, just DM and i would gladly help
   - citing a very wise modder i know: Several Bugfixes done. (sorry a lot of RLI happened so i lost track of some changes made)


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Re: [WIP] Xeno Operations LEGACY
« Reply #16 on: August 19, 2022, 06:10:11 pm »
Looks really promising and awesome !

Keep it up !

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Re: [WIP] Xeno Operations LEGACY
« Reply #17 on: September 18, 2022, 09:14:12 am »
a new version its ready for this weekend. Beware, some changes might break your current campaings, be sure to read the changelog and to update with a geoscape save, some units might dissapear (tanks) until i finish the work intended(a few days hopefully).

v0.96.v7 LE:
    -Added new items:
    °All the items has custom sprites, inspired heavily from Xcomfiles. So thanks again for all the work done by solariusScorch. They need ufopaedia text which is currently being done.
      *adrenalin syringe: gives 1 dose to revive stun soldiers (get discarded after use)
     *First aid kit: heals 1 point of bleeding, can be used on themselves, its discarded after use),Cost more TUs,so its slower than other medkits
     *Basic medkit:  heal 1 point of bleeding and have 5 charges, useful for dedicated medic units, its expensive,heavier but heals more quickly and recharge freely after missions.
     *Renamed the starting medkit to Field surgeon kit: Bulkier and expensive, but more space efficient. Has access to painkillers pills and adrenaline doses, also recovers extra life points per use (mid of the road time usage).
   -Improved sprites for some weapons on early tiers:
     °the basic   PDW now resemble an IWI TAVOR (tar 21).
    °Basic SMG now its more alike of a MP5
    °very sliiiiight retouches to basic rifle so it looks more like a h&k 416
    °heavy cannon got a different stock and grip, kinda look lika a MGL
    °the X6 rifle its now an heavily modded and chonkier FN SCAR-L
    °the X4 now should resemble more a h&k UMP 9 (tried my best, might get further edits tho)
    -Added improved hand objects (made by IvanDrogovich), now a lot of items doenst use the black coconut sprite and its easier to know what your troops and carrying on a simple glimpse
   -More work done with the custom layers system:
    °modified a lot of body sprites (groomed a lot of haircuts, to avoid clipping with some helmets and headgears)
    °finished POWER ARMOR layers, they should correctly show the turtleneck neoprene suit and their respective hair (i would appreciate any report in case i missed anyone)
    °finished ALLOY ARMOR (same as above)
    °finished PERSONAL ARMOR (same as above with the addition of the googles of this tier(finally managed to get the desired "head<turtleneck<hair<googles" distribution, took me a lot of more time that i expected, sorry)
    °sky strike should be finished soon, now that i streamlined the process
    °with this more than half of the work should be done now (missing only nerve, and xops)
     *Xops its being worked now, will have their googles pulled up , so it needs a bit more of work than other tiers
     *nerve should take a bit longer as im intending of finishing all the sprite work at once (including the battlescape sprites)
   -Temporarily eliminated ALL the first chassis HWP (including basic,multi rocket, mortar, and laser) , this will be top priority for next patch.
    °should have three basic models, expensive and should require alloy for construction (giving the land drone and doggos an early niche role),pushing back the date they are deployed one or two months .
     *Land drone will have their smoke launcher replaced with a short range shotgun (smoke its kinda underwhealming as main weapon for it intended role imho)
     *basic with a 20mm cannon (faster rate of fire, AP ammo), smoke launcher as secondary weapon (intended for support and scouting)
     *a MBT with 76mm(?) HE version , a tank (cyberdisc) buster , brawler unit .
     *a laser gatling version.
    °Improved HWP(the cyberdisk with a tank turret welded on top)  will have their sprites replaced, secondary weapon should be either a lobbing HE or rocket launcher, main weapons should be same gatling laser and some plasma and railgun for advanced models.
    °manufacture items now should be more consistent
     *biggest example: all armors showed their standard version, personal showed the "blue" version.
    °starting date changed to january of 2024
    °some alien missions were appearing earlier than intended (first CODEX were sectoids a whooping 60% of the time,having 4-7 cyberdisc felt quite oppresive if you got unlucky and RNG decided to put them directly aside your starting position)
    °balanced some prices
    °added (and removed in some occasions) items from starting base in new campaings.
    °finally managed to fix the visual bug of rank sprites on the baseview, should work as intended
    °last patch i said i finished tinyranks sprites, found i loaded the wrong file (SHOULD BE FINISHED NOW), (still trying to find how to add different tinysprite for different soldiertypes tho)

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Re: [WIP] Xeno Operations LEGACY
« Reply #18 on: September 18, 2022, 12:18:38 pm »
Looking forward to seeing more of that great alien weapon assets too!  ;) Apparently, some were left behind and unfinished. It is very hard for me to replicate that fancy style due to the lack of art skills...