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The "allowedSoldierTypes" solution would allow you to do this just fine. Since the property is a list, you simply add all soldiers, that are allowed on the same craft, to that list.

So your example wouldn't force the player to manufacture a specific craft for each soldier type then?

If that's the case, I'm in, for sure!

I think features which are designed to be used only in a single mod aren't useful enough to implement.

I completely agree with this!

So, I think the solution that adds a new property to crafts called allowedSoldierTypes (array of strings), makes the most sense, because it would also be usable by other mods.

Sure this could be a "related" feature, definitely not what I'm asking but this could be useful for sure!

If you have 10 different alien races, then thusky would need 10 different crafts, each restricted to a single alien race. So the player(alien) would have to buy/manufacture the craft specific for the race that they'd want to use on that craft.

That's the thing, I'm not asking for 1 craft=1 race here but soldiers with "tag A" can only be crewed with "tag A" soldiers, this could still prove useful to other mods, don't you think?

So, what did you mean in your original request?

My apologies, still a noob modder over here (I have a tendency to not use the right words either ahah), I'll try my best to explain through the code snippet you provided:

Code: [Select]
    costBuy: 40000
    costSalary: 20000
    craftRace: Aquatoid

So not a new "type" just a "category" or "service" (I don't know how to call it really), that would be set once you crew that soldier into a craft.

...or do I need to introduce something new? So that you can have more than one unit type in your "alien race"...

I guess it could be a boolean for 1 single "type" like STR_SOLDIER for certain mods as well but that would be a different feature yes! Sorry for the missunderstanding.

True vanilla HWPs don't have a soldier type, they are not soldiers.
This would work only if you created soldiers that look like vehicles (btw. many mods already do this).

Which brings up a question: what should happen to the true vanilla non-soldier HWPs? are they all allowed? or are they all disallowed?

True they are items, I thought "services" as race categories I guess (since I use base services this way pretty much).

So there isn't a way to link soldiers and items to have both interact with each other in terms of service required?

If so yes, HWPs would be disabled and some soldiers would be used as "fake" HWPs,

In my case I thought HWPs would be terror units, if it's too much of a bother it's far from a deal breaker for sure! The most important part is really to have only 1 soldier type allowed per craft, that is the most important.


"allow only 1 soldiertype/race" as described by the example is relatively easy to do

I don't have any particular feelings about the feature myself, feedback welcome

"allow only 1 particular soldiertype/race" is a bit different, but also doable

I wanted to give further details on the feature as someone asked a question on the discord servers, the question was:

"Interesting idea. Not one I can see myself using, but nothing wrong with it as an idea. Although, would that not prevent you from carrying an HWP in addition to the soldiers, as they're two different things?"

My answer was:

"One wouldn't go without the other in a sense, once you bring a HWP of type A you can only load soldiers of type A and vice versa.
Much like requiresBaseFunc except the "service" becomes available as soon as a unit type is loaded"

It then returns nothing if the craft is empty, thus allowing for loading a new unit type again

Hey there!

I've been messaging Yankes and Meridian by PM and got recommended to make an official request here so everyone can estimate whether or not such feature would be nice for their mods (and thus be implemented, potentially).

I've been making a "Play as the aliens" mod for the past 3 weeks or so, as such I would like to force the player to only be able to have 1 alien race per craft, the feature would work like this:
Go to craft loadouts -> craft crew -> load 1 aquatoid soldier (now craft will only accept aquatoid units (soldiers/terror units)). -> Throw error message when trying to load a different race. -> Unload all  soldiers (empty craft) to accept other races again.

It is, in some way, similar to requiresBaseFunc but for crafts and would only trigger once a unit type is loaded (this could also be applied to armors for other mods).

Having soldier types limited per craft could be useful for mods restricting unit compositions, do tell me if I missed an additionnal benefit of such a feature though!

Do you guys think this would be an interesting enough feature to be added, could this be useful to you as a modder?


Help / Reaching out to old team members of UFO: TTS (The Two Sides)
« on: September 09, 2021, 02:11:17 pm »
Hey there!

I recently came back into TFTD and remembered how much fun I had with TTS, I figured why not, maybe with a little bit of luck I might be able to reach out old team members of the project!

I'm looking to adapt TTS to allow for TFTD mechanics and graphics altogether, considering I'd tweak them to avoid copyright issues, the usual you know (I'm a pixel artist by profession).

As such I was curious to know if the source code was still available somewhere, I saw a few posts here and there adressing the graphics (notably Xracer who seemed to have a connection with one of the artists).

If you happen to know Xracer or anyone who had a connection with the team, don't hesitate to answer here or to find me on the OpenXcom discord, I'd be more than eager to hear your story!




I managed to reach out one of the former people working on the project. I decided it would be best to let that project rest! As such I'm going to take the long journey to adapt Open Xcom to have multiplayer geoscape/battlescape, it'll likely take years since I only have experience with C# and not C++ and still have no idea about open xcom code structure, wish me good luck,

See you space xcom cowboys!

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