Author Topic: Reaching out to old team members of UFO: TTS (The Two Sides)  (Read 1391 times)

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Reaching out to old team members of UFO: TTS (The Two Sides)
« on: September 09, 2021, 02:11:17 pm »
Hey there!

I recently came back into TFTD and remembered how much fun I had with TTS, I figured why not, maybe with a little bit of luck I might be able to reach out old team members of the project!

I'm looking to adapt TTS to allow for TFTD mechanics and graphics altogether, considering I'd tweak them to avoid copyright issues, the usual you know (I'm a pixel artist by profession).

As such I was curious to know if the source code was still available somewhere, I saw a few posts here and there adressing the graphics (notably Xracer who seemed to have a connection with one of the artists).

If you happen to know Xracer or anyone who had a connection with the team, don't hesitate to answer here or to find me on the OpenXcom discord, I'd be more than eager to hear your story!




I managed to reach out one of the former people working on the project. I decided it would be best to let that project rest! As such I'm going to take the long journey to adapt Open Xcom to have multiplayer geoscape/battlescape, it'll likely take years since I only have experience with C# and not C++ and still have no idea about open xcom code structure, wish me good luck,

See you space xcom cowboys!
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