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OXCE Suggestions OK / Re: [Suggestion] Continuous wave laser
« on: August 20, 2019, 01:35:07 am »
I like this idea.

Being able to have lasers draw a solid line from the weapon to the impact point would be a cool feature.


Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: August 19, 2019, 10:54:44 pm »
I'm a bit curious though.
Why would you need the old v1.9.8?
I'm seeking to complete a V1.9.8 Genius difficulty run with Iron Man setting on before moving on to the latest FMP version and attempting a higher difficulty.

The reason for running the older version is there have been some balancing changes since V1.9.8 and additional enemies have been added.

So although V2.3b is the better version it is technically a different campaign.

Basically I'm just completing some old unfinished business before taking a shot at the modern version of the campaign.

Troubleshooting / Re: Game failed after only 3 months?
« on: August 19, 2019, 10:28:19 pm »
I'm curious what has changed in the game from retail to this.

If this is your first experience with OpenXcom coming off playing the original retail version. Then you should be aware of this interesting fact about difficulty in the original game:

Link to info: (Some spoilers, so only read if you don't mind that)
"All DOS versions of X-COM have a bug which causes the difficulty setting to revert to "Beginner" after the first combat. XcomUtil and several other utilities can be used to fix this bug."

This bug is already patched out in OpenXcom, so it is possible that the game is much more difficult than you were expecting as the difficulty settings are actually working.

The aliens can really push back now. It's great! ^_^

If you want a full list of the differances between OpenXcom and the original retail version you may want to also give this list a quick glance.

Link to info: (Again, some spoilers.)

Help / Negative Index? (bigSprite: & ignoreInBaseDefense: variables)
« on: August 09, 2019, 05:48:15 pm »
In the current 2019 builds of OpenXcom using negative values in bigSprite: is no longer supported.

Instead index values "57 through 61" are used by the alien units that used to use "-1 through -5".

(Question 1)
Are the sprites assigned to the negative values given a blank image, and if so why are there five different versions?
(I could be misremembering but I seem to recall Reapers & Chryssalids not having a visible weapon when mind controlled.)

(Question 2)
If I remember correctly all HWP ammo was given a bigSprite: value of -1 to prevent it from appearing during the equipment selection screen or when aliens assault a X-Com base.

Am I correct in my assumption that this has been replaced by the command "ignoreInBaseDefense: true".

If it has, do I still need to assign the item a bigSprite: value to an item that is using the ignoreInBaseDefense: variable?

This image has been invaluable concerning this topic, so I'll attach it to this post:

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: August 09, 2019, 05:06:12 pm »
Why would you confuse people with a fix for an obsolete version?
That was not my intention, I'll edit my previous post to attempt to mitigate the chances of that by highlighting that the attached .rul is out of date.

Please use the newest FMP version instead; the fixes are already included.
Normally that would be the best option and I do intend to play V2.3b through as well later, but a the moment I need the old V1.9.8.
Which is a shame as V2.3 adds more enemies and V2.2 changes how Hybrid convoys are handled.

I'm definitely going to need to run that version through later, lots of new cool stuff.

You are right, I'll begin updating the Mods instead immediately.

Starting with the Final Mod Pack's V1.9.8's items_FMP.rul file, which I'll post 'HERE' for anyone who may need that specific version with the all of the negative index variables fixed.

I doubt anyone else will be interested in an older version of the FMP, but just in case I may as well upload it.

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: August 09, 2019, 04:26:48 pm »
I've just finished changing all of the bigSprite: variables that had negative index values assigned to them in the FMP's version 1.9.8 release items_FMP.rul file. (Using Yankes's code found here: LINK)

This file is out of date, but just in case anyone else needs a version of 1.9.8 that is compatible with the current OpenXcom nightlies release I'm attaching it to this post to save them some time.

If your reading this and are unsure of what it is, please download the latest version of the Final Mod Pack instead
(Version 2.3b is the current one) and ignore this post as it only effects an older version of the mod.

In the FinalModPack_readme.txt for V2.3b I noticed these changes that may be preventing a crash condition found in the older V1.9.8:
2.1: Fixed a crash on Cerebreal attack.
2.2c: Fixed incorrect terrain texture coordinates.
2.2b: Fixed a missing trajectory. Fixed a missing terrain.
2.2d: Fixed some research related microbugs.

If possible could you please elaborate on what was fixed?

Especially about the Cerebreal attack crash, I don't think I've encountered it in V1.9.8 so far. Was the crash introduced in a later version?

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - J16 - 8 Aug -Zombie Dreams
« on: August 08, 2019, 03:38:53 pm »
Rock on! ^_^

Could you please upload a copy to the Mod Portal?

I have a few Mods that are not compatible with the latest 2019 08 03 OpenXcom Build.

Are there any problems that are particularly catastrophic that could arise from running the 2017 11 09 OpenXcom Build for use exclusively with these old Mods?
(It is the version of OpenXcom these Mods were written for so I know they run on it.)

From what I remember that build was a pretty stable version at the time so I am not that worried.

But I thought it would be better to ask before charging in blindly, just in case.

I'm still looking for
OpenXcom's version history so I can learn what changes have been implemented since that older version.
(Could someone please provide a link?)

Be aware: That although this multi-folder method should work on Windows it appears that if you install more than one version of OpenXcom on Linux they all use the same shared folder for Mod files.
(At least on Linux Mint they do.)


Code: [Select]

Fortunately I'll be installing to a Windows machine for where I need the multi-folder approach, so this isn't an issue for me.

I just figured it was better to point it out in case a Linux user searched this topic in the future.

For Linux ohartenstein23's method of passing the location of a different
options.cfg file to the OpenXcom.AppImage may be the best way to go. I haven't tried it on Linux myself yet so I can't confirm its viability on that OS.

Released Mods / Re: Old Mod Portal Archive
« on: August 02, 2019, 02:33:08 am »
Thank you for doing that SupSuper.

Released Mods / Re: [MAPDATA] [RESEARCH] Alien Reproduction.
« on: August 02, 2019, 02:19:38 am »
This "May" be the file you are looking for Kzer-Za:

I found it via this post:
When the mod portal was facing issues, I feared the worst and ran a web scraper to grab every file I could just in case the worst happened. And well, it did. :P The result is I managed to collect all the downloads before they were forever lost. Originally I was gonna save this for migrating to the new portal after careful curation, but given the delays on that front and repeated requests for lost mods, I decided to provide them here:

This is an archive of all the working downloads on the portal as of 10th October 2017. Only files that were publicly available were archived, any files that were deleted by their authors or unavailable due to server issues will still be lost. In case of duplicate filenames, you will have to figure out which one is the "correct version". Checking the Date Modified might help, although it seems old files all had their timestamp wiped in a server move in 2016.

  • This is a last resort for the sake of preservation. Only use these mods if there are no other public versions available.
  • All files are provided as-is with no support or associated mod page. Any form of documentation or instructions will have to be in the files.
  • The contents may be broken, corrupt, outdated, or otherwise a non-functional mess, with no guarantee of support from the original authors.
Any mod authors that want their old work removed just let me know.

The Mod's Readme.txt file has the following in it:
Code: [Select]
Alien Reproduction enabler for OpenXcom


 Simple addon to OpenXCom to allow access to the alien reproduction research topic, by changing some map data.


to install:

simply extract to your data folder (e.g., X:\OpenXcom\Data)
add the following line int the rulesets section of your options.cfg:

  - Reproduction

*note: for now,you need openxcom 0.9 with the latest git build ->
       Options.cfg can be found from your documents/OpenXcom folder.


This does seem to be the Mod in question, or at least something similar.

It definitely appears to be altering U_Base which I believe is a type of terrain tile in the alien base, so the chances that this is actually the file are pretty high.

Code: [Select]
  - type: U_BASE
      - MCDIndex: 29
        specialType: 6

I'll attach the file to this post as a redundancy.

Only downside for modders is that now "Image not found" errors will only occur in-game, instead of right at the start. If this is a concern, you you can go back to the old loading by setting "lazyLoadResources" to "false" in options.cfg.

That's handy.

Thank you for providing that toggle option.

I noticed these posts mentioning "Negative Indexes", so it looks like I will definitely be doing some recoding.
(But that is fun in its own way.)


SupSuper merged my PR that change how OXC handle negative indexes and common surfaces for all mods.

This mainly affect `bigSprite`, where OXC use negative indexes for terror unit weapons. Right now they are now invalid, game will reject mods that use them. Only exception is `-1` but it now mean no-sprite not terror weapon sprite.
If your mod still need this surface there are still available but under different syntax:
Code: [Select]
bigSprite: { mod: master, index: 61 } # under this we have old "-1" sprite, 60 is "-2" etc. for UFO, XCOM2 have different offsets because it have more surfaces
This new syntax allow you to access resources of other mods (work for sound and other shared surface sets too).

Code: [Select]
  mod: MyOtherMod #id of mod from `metadata.yml`
  index: 120

Old syntax still work
Code: [Select]
bigSprite: 120
and is equal to
Code: [Select]
  mod: current #alias for current mod
  index: 120

Example of change I made to make Final mod pack to work with this new version:

some additional changes:

added `ignoreInBaseDefense` from OXCE as some mods used negative index to limit usage of items.
if you exceeded `reservedSpace` for your mod, game will fail to load.

One stupid Question how did the indexing of bigSprites now changed?

And how do i have to change the indexes in my mod so that things loads normally?
Negative indexes are not allowed anymore.

Quote from: hellrazor on June 14, 2019, 07:32:15 pm
"And how do i have to change the indexes in my mod so that things loads normally?"

1/ Easier method: Copy the terror weapon bigob sprites into your mod and give them positive indices.

2/ Easy method: Reference the existing terror weapon bigob sprites from xcom1 as described by Yankes above.

Thank you BlackStaff! ^_^

I'll begin the install process with confidence.

Additionally, for those who want to save (A small amount) of harddrive space the method posted in this thread may also work:
Separate shortcuts for UFO and TFTD.

You can create copies of the options.cfg file for different sets of mods as that's where the list of mods you have active are saved. Then you can run

Code: [Select]
openxcom.exe -config "/path/to/folder/containing/the/config/file"

to run different configuration files. Note that you need to put the file in a separate folder, as the game assumes the path passed to it is a directory containing the file, not the file itself.

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