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Troubleshooting / Framedrop while moving units
« on: April 11, 2016, 06:48:36 pm »
I'm playing the mod X-Piratez for the record.

Stable 60 fps is normal but when I move a unit it drops everytime to a lower (sometimes to 5) fps, when unit takes a step. Of course mainly when the screen is full of stuff like smokes. Sometimes without smokes but terror missions. Makes the game somewhat to a stop motion video. It is annoying because turns takes longer than they would.

playing on 1280x1024. Borderless and openxcom-filter. battlescape x1.5
What can I do?
I don't really want to change one of those option except the filter. I hoped using a filter with opengl would fix it, but no

XPiratez / Difficulty Question
« on: April 08, 2016, 08:38:52 am »
I played at the first difficulty settings and it was fine. From times to times a bid too easy

For this playthrough I started with 2 and.. wow

Is it supposed to be so much harder? Most of the unit take A LOT MORE hits than before. If I could I would throw stones at them and anything which is lying around.
I attacked several Bandits UFOS and barely did it. "Okay. Then I shouldn't attack them" I was thinking. Next two terror missions wasn't a cake walk at all. Second and third month they had already laser weapons and I encounternd the marsec troop with their .. nice armor and interesting "tanks"(which ambushed me). Even when I grabbed their Lasguns and shoot them in the face with it, it took a couple of hits (and my luck generated a map with explosiv pipes, where everything that can goes wrong, gone wrong, like autofire hit a pipe and after the next few exploding things my gals where on fire.)

Next few thing I noticed that the enemies throw a lot more of grenades to the point where's nearly impossible to avoid it( for example a enemy right in front of your ship. You can't really run away. If you shoot, your gals could die or He doesn't and throw a grenade in the next round anyway). From what I read it seems it's an "issue" with openxcom

Still I'm posting that here because this game cranked everything up to eleven. I know It is supposed to be hard but.. that jump from difficulty one to two? Bit harsh

I mean even that bandit-group are more or less the same mutants than you are and they can eat more hits than your lovely gals.

I don't really get how the difficulty changes stuff. I mean It could be possible, that my gals just bad at shooting and hit them everytime in the foot or I have really really bad luck and encounter some shit, that isn't normal.

So I like to hear some words to it. Will be there any adjusments? or Do have I "git gud" basically?

I read the beginners at this forum and still I struggle hard. So I'm glad to hear some tips

p.s will be ever a improvment for the civs? It isn't funny anymore, that they play Super Mario and jump at my gals head from above and make them unconscious. Maybe it should be that way.. I don't know any xcom game with civ that care about their life ("Hello Alien, why are you shooting at my friend?". "Hi strange soldiers ! come to me ! I'm over here! right next to a friendly chrysalid who wants to hug me! isn't he cute, is he?")

XPiratez / Loosing
« on: April 07, 2016, 03:14:10 pm »
So I lost at the end of the month because the screen told me a full scale military attack was started against me.
I'm not sure if this because my montly rating was too high or too low

I had overall a good rating most of the month and last month I lost horrible at a terror mission (This enemy is strong!! but that loot, mate!.. hey.. there was only 3 units left...or so maybe I could won this in another dimension..).
After that I got a real bad one. A bad joke. Well I wasn't laughing too.

In the month where I lost, I only attacked one Humanists ufo and boarded them..

That's why I am confused at the end.

Texts said I was too good. Last month said I was bad.

So what is the reason?

You really don't need to read this.. I'm just rambling about my lost and how much I like this game. I lost this game since past 30 min. so I'm a bit .. eh.. emotional..:

Btw. I could cry. I played on Ironman .. because.. It's more fun ! I said! More tention! more story to be told, because no fixing with reload! more emotion! .. indeed more emotion. Again, I really could cry. I played the last couple of days straight through. I was at year 2603 Jan. I researched everything I could (Thats why I was so greedy at that terror mission. Tough enemies with tanks and gauss weapons -> research!. Took a lot of shots to take one down.. and I had already advanced weapon.. If I had know this, I would take the high tech weapons to this terror mission, which was lying around for later purpose (Disassembly or using if I can craft the ammunition). I got some gauss weapons on my own.. and enough explosiv stuff to blow up the whole city!!!!( what the enemy did anyway)..

Eh I'm rambling. I got really attached to everything in this game. I love pirate-theme (and love the pirate music mod). Well I love nearly everything what this mod offer. So loosing .. . felt like a real lost. Everything is gone.

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