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Thank you.

Thanks for the reply. I am playing mods mostly made by others.  Last question on this, could one speed up the calculation time of the A.I? In the old days, computers have Turbo button. Xcom was made 20 years ago, surely the A.I can be push to Super speed in some ways? Like the calculation cycle have sudden speed burst during movement turns.

Hey not sure if this is falls into a feature request or question category. Sometimes in a battlescape game, the A.I can take up to 4 mins to finished up their turn in a large map. Is there a feature or method to make the A.I in completing their final unit placement or turns instantly? Without or by completely skipping the need to watch the movements of enemy A.I units?

I can confirm that option was enable. It is the source of my ills. Thanks for the help everyone.

Here is a sample of my code.

Code: [Select]
      tu: 45
      stamina: 65
      health: 30
      bravery: 80
      reactions: 40
      firing: 50
      throwing: 50
      strength: 24
      psiStrength: 5
      psiSkill: 0
      melee: 50
    aggroSound: 951
    moveSound: 952
    deathSound: [41, 42, 43]
    standHeight: 21
    kneelHeight: 14
    value: 30
    intelligence: 4
    energyRecovery: 20
        - STR_MAGNUM  
  - type: STR_MAGNUM
    size: 0.1
    costBuy: 800
    costSell: 600
      - STR_MAGNUM
    weight: 2
    bigSprite: 753
    floorSprite: 628
    handSprite: 605
    bulletSprite: 1
    fireSound: 4
    accuracySnap: 60
    accuracyAimed: 70
    tuSnap: 35
    tuAimed: 60
    aimRange: 6
    snapRange: 3
    battleType: 1
    invWidth: 1
    invHeight: 2
    recoveryPoints: 2
    size: 0.1
    costBuy: 70
    costSell: 52
      - STR_MAGNUM
    weight: 1
    bigSprite: 754
    floorSprite: 629
    hitSound: 22
    hitAnimation: 26
    power: 45
    damageType: 1
    clipSize: 6
    battleType: 2
    armor: 12
    recoveryPoints: 2
      - alienRank: 0
        lowQty: 1
        highQty: 1
        dQty: 1
        percentageOutsideUfo: 50
    width: 90
    length: 90
    height: 9

There is a strong and specific reason that I did not include any weapons in the itemset for the small scout's alien deployment. I strongly wanting to use the unit's builtInWeaponSets to replace the itemset. The primary reason is because I wish to utilize the memberRandom feature in the alienRaces to the fullest, by having a lot of random units with their own builtInWeaponSets.  So I can have unpredictable encounters whenever a small scout is shot down.

My main problem is, if the enemy unit was stunted, all its items were recoverable.  If the unit was killed, all its items are missing but its corpse.

I assume built-in weapons as weapons or items having   

fixedWeapon: true?

I don't have anything like this in the code for my items or weapons that's included within the builtInWeaponSets for my units.

Hi, I have units in my mod using builtInWeaponSets. When the unit was killed, it drops no loot. Only when it was stunted, then the loot it carries was dropped. Is this an intended feature that the unit dropped no loot unless it is stunted?

OXCE Suggestions Rejected / Re: Specialist Engineer and Scientist
« on: February 04, 2021, 11:00:52 am »
This is a very good method of a question ask. To be direct, no.

I believe this will force me to retract of the feature I request. I only wish for it if it is easy to implement.

Thank for considering and replying to my inquiries.

OXCE Suggestions Rejected / Re: Specialist Engineer and Scientist
« on: February 04, 2021, 02:46:08 am »
You expect us to answer within 5 hours?
This is a hobby forum... not a 911 hotline!
We have day jobs, and personal lives.
Sorry, most of the recent feature requests coming from established modders I had read here, are always getting feedback quickly. Some are completely ignored. I was assuming that mine would be joining the ignored list.

1/ If all scientist types are equivalent, e.g. Prison officer can work in the Prison, in the Biolab and in every other science facility as well, then it is relatively easy (although still time-consuming).

I understand the implementation of any feature request is time consuming, on the provider or developer's part. I heartily
praised you, if you can allow it at whenever times. Any easiest path in making it happen is what I seek. Like the sentence as quoted above.

Scientist types are equivalent, but can use this existing facility feature "provideBaseFunc" and with something to restrict or allow them to work in the facilities?

or it this would fall under
2/ If each scientist type is different, e.g. Prison officer can work in the Prison, but cannot work in the Biolab, then it is very difficult (and even more time-consuming).

Then heavens forbid, I retract my request.

Comparable feature would be "configurable prison types", which I've done several years ago (you probably know it from XcomFiles), and which is causing pain to this day (I won't go into details, but it is my number one most hated feature that caused more bugs than anything else I ever did).
Or "configurable hangar types", which is still on the todolist... we have tried implementing it at least twice and failed (so far).

Sorry, I haven't been around the forum that much time. The history is interesting to read.

OXCE Suggestions Rejected / Re: Specialist Engineer and Scientist
« on: February 03, 2021, 04:11:09 pm »
Finnik, from your feedback, I can only partially understood what you are trying to get across. What I had envisioned was much simpler than what you had proposed. To put it simply, I am looking a feature having Scientist and Engineer, rebrand under different names. Example.

A Scientist can be rebrand as
1) Prison Officer
2) Interrogator
3) geneticist
4) Drug Researcher.

I was planning to make a little mod for Xcomfiles having the Prison Cells needing Prison Officers to interrogate prisoners.
Geneticist for the Biolabs.  They are scientist type Items I guess. If they fall under geoscape items 

An Engineer can be rebrand as

1) Factory Workers.
2) Salvagers

and so on. Different type of engineers for a new Salvage yard or Advance Workshop. I don't know how complicated my request is and the lacking in feedback is disheartening.  Perhaps this feature request section is only for established modders. Anything less is ignored.

OXCE Suggestions Rejected / Re: Specialist Engineer and Scientist
« on: February 02, 2021, 02:08:10 pm »
Any feedback on this feature request?

OXCE Suggestions Rejected / [Rejected] Specialized Engineers and Scientists
« on: February 02, 2021, 08:11:39 am »
Rejection reason: this is beyond/outside the scope of OXCE

Hey guys, can I request a feature where you can have items with label of scientist or engineer but assigned to specialist roles?  like for example, you have a research lab now remoulded into a prison/interrogation facility, but instead of scientists hired for it, you have torturer(or item torturer with scientist label) You can hire a torturer at the start of the campaign game but other specialist maybe later in the game? Instead of scientist or engineer available straight for hire at the start?

Having specialist engineer or scientist can expand into specialised facilities requires specialists to staff them and special quest to kidnap/hire them?

Help / Re: Game hang when Civillian units are spending their TUs
« on: December 24, 2020, 06:37:55 am »
I am using the latest version of OXCE, this hanging problem commonly happen when I spawn too many civilians in a battlescape terror mission. This is a small mod of mine, unfortunately the logs has been overwritten and same as the save game.  It is a common occurrence, I will post it next time..

Help / Game hang when Civillian units are spending their TUs
« on: December 23, 2020, 05:29:21 pm »
In a terror mission, my game has hanged or stuck. It didn't crash, but hanged like the civilian unit was caught doing something and not able to finish what it is doing.

I check the logs, this was shown

[24-12-2020_02-21-09]   [WARN]   No free channels available

Any idea what the error is?

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