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« Reply #420 on: May 23, 2024, 10:03:20 pm »
also an Idea,

we have pump action shotgun or the weapons used by Civilians or GSC

maybe a Double-Barreled Shotgun or even  sawed-off shotgun as a early singe hand option?

and then add exotic weapons like Toad was saying /which are in FMP or Xcom files/ like
Belasco Dueling Pistol - laspistol that uses the whole laspistol cell capacity for a single shot to create a lascannon
like punch /a single hand lascannon/

or ad Archeotech weapons or implement the combi weapons from the melee pack + there the volkite weapon is also available
/they work like a dream...I use the melee pack all the time...just use it in this pack/

or add Lasguns. shotguns , autoguns with exterminators /what I was saying here already like 2 years ago/
and dont forget Klovis the Redeemers Eviscerator with a Exterminator / a mission where you help Klovis to get him or hi weapon?/

digi weapons ! a Joakero ship! /to create a Joakero just use the Mongrel from xcom files.../ maybe make the live catch joakero available to turn into adepts /if playing radical/

and all of this only to be found on missions...maybe create new missions...rouge traders lair LOL  Joakero ship

sorry for such a long post...but watching the videos on YT during work...inspire me

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« Reply #421 on: May 30, 2024, 10:30:40 pm »
lets all watch:

good stuff!!

and manny of my ideas are being integrated into the mod !!!!!!

thank you so much guys and are the best!

P.S. there are always more improvement ahead, but that's the future....

never less all people working on this mod or testing this mod....Thank you very much...

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« Reply #422 on: June 13, 2024, 08:39:18 pm »

the Steel Legion update /work still in progress/

what I saw /YT + playing the beta/

this is the best looking , feeling OXCE addon ever....

I can only tell to the team involved in creating this....

Congratulations , its a Wagnerian classic

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« Reply #423 on: June 16, 2024, 04:51:12 pm »
ROSIGMA 2.7 is now live and available on the

ROSIGMA 2.7 Notes:


Heads Up:
- Requires 40k version 038.
- GUARD: If you got an ongoing pre2.7 save with Guard and have a normal Valkyrie/Crassus/Gorgon the save might crash upon entering the baseUI. This is due to an update to those craft code entries in rosigma to get around limitations to submodding in OXCE. 

- Some Regen fixes.
- Some Melee Scaling fixes.
- ASTARTES: Devastators now have their big backpacks again, if they were missing.
- Replaced some faulty Player Frateris death sounds
- Implemented a method to restrict Perils of the Warp checks per turn to prevent instant warpification by using big AoE items (like the buff/smoke tomes).
- Crash fix for missing Nurgle Interception craft alienDeployment data.
- Corrected Webber ammo (Dark Mass) manufacturing cost from 20 ceramite to 10 promethium.
- Various other minor fixes and tweaks.

- Updated some more items (primarily ammo) armor values to 200 to prevent item pile disintegration from stray Tzeentch shenanigans.
- Grav weapon stats standardization.
- Melee weapon stats updates and standardization efforts.
- Smite Buffed: 10 Energy instead of 25 to use, stun damage reduced from 10 to 5 for using it. Damage bonus from user psi ability. Ignores armor, maxRange 20.
- Changed spawned/turned enemy units TU to 15% default instead of 25%, to prevent them using snap fire and possibly causing some conga line issues.
- Made Mastercrafted Stormbolter ammo available for manufacture for factions that aren't Greyknights, after ceramite and mastercrafting is reasearched.
- Standardized Order Max Range at 7.
- Orbital Beacon reactions doubled to counter the 2xPistol reaction bonus on enemies. Also given 1x100% chance to dodge if shot at.

- Integrated Therons excellent Ancient Space Hulk dungeon work. This includes 4 new space hulk map set themes and several new genestealer variants. Leflair has built a couple dozen, or forty, map blocks based on the tilesets, Surrealistik got in on it too and before you knew it we had a [lot] of maps.
- You'll encounter new music tracks per map based on the old space hulk games.
- The special space hulk will appear once certain conditions are met. Either discovered by the player (through destroying genestealer related bases) or from world events. There's several ways to trigger it, and once the Hulk appears on the geoscape it will not time out nor disappear if you evacuate from it.
- Archeotech Lootbox:
If you manage to complete the Ancient Hulk-Dungeon you get an "Ancient Vault" item.
You need to research the corresponding topic and then you can open it in the related manufacture "Opening Ancient Vault" and you get an ancient set of power armor, unique per faction, including Arbites, based on the LE10 Power Armor).

- ARMOR: New Bloody Rose variant of the Elohim, stats towards melee. New inventory art.
- TRANSPORT: Added 2xSkull Probes for the Corvus, these can be used for scouting and to draw some reaction fire on turn 1.
- TRANSPORT: Added 2xAssault Cannon turrets to the front of the Corvus.
- TRANSPORT: Added Inquisition Valkyrie variant with a new paintjob and slightly tuned up engines. Replaces Guard Valkyrie for this faction.
- SFX: Added more motivational deathsounds to the Servo Skulls.
- CODEX: Removed requirements for some sister armors, that articles were unavailable despite fulfilling the requirements.
- ARMOR: Updated requirements for Celestian and Sacresant armor types, they are now dependent on Armory of Faith, Master Crafting and Ceramite.
- ARMOR: Deathcult Assassin melee bonus restored to +20, ranged bonus nerfed a bit further to -20 from -10.
- ARMOR: Removed inbuilt Skull Probes. A little too strong when massed.


- Personal Shield and Bionics projects now available to Judges.
- New Justicar Power Armor, if you can recover the LE10 armor from the new deep Space Hulk location.

- BANEBLADE: New craft with 40k 038. Increased speed from 75 to 150. Gun turrets updated and beefed up.
- BALANCE: Added Scaling to Officer Melee Weapons.
- BALANCE: Added a Mortar Marker, whch delays the mortar strike by a turn. Mortar ammo cost lowered as compensation.
- RESEARCH: Moved airstrike research to starting unlocks for Scions/Elite Strategy Guard.
- RESEARCH: Carapace armor research unlocked by Scions/Elite Strategy.
- ARMOR: Scions can now use the Elysian jump armor and Harakoni Warhawk jump armor, research reqs unlocked with strategy.
- ARMOR: Felinid regular sensor armor vision stats lowered to soft cap 40/40 from 45/45.
- START: Elite Strategy IG (Scions) now gets:
1xValkyrie Grav Drop token
1xTauros Grav Drop token
6x Elysian Jump armors
6x Accatran Lasguns
2x Accatran Missile Launchers
2x Accatran Bolters.
In their starting package. They lose the normal Valkyrie Token. They get 1 more craft token than they have hangar space, so you'll need to pick what to deploy first.
- CODEX: Crassus codex article requirement given mid-tier to match research access (previously high-tier).
- ART: New Kris-made Commissar spritework for normal and carapace versions, battlesprites/floorob/bigob/inventory art.

- Added the mechanized Steel Legion of Armageddon as a guard Strategy, with excellent sprite art by Kris.
- Design wise they are a little more streamlined than the default strategy, with more skilled starting troops and a focus on ground craft. Their ground vehicles have a speed bonus.
They lack some air options lack grav drop Valkyries. 
Steel Legion has better range on their autofire (codex doctrine armoured fist and mount up!).
They have 10-30% ACID resistance better than standard Guard, to represent their toxic world origin and sealed equipment.
- For Abhuman support options they have the Squats (Ratlings may come in the future) but lack Felinids, Beastguard and Ogryn (Ogryn bodyguards may be added in some more limited form later).
Includes: Soldier types and armors (officer, medic, vox, carapace etc), custom Sentinels (with some ACID resistance).
- Steel Legion arsenal of guns, low/mid-tier voss variant lasguns (scoped) and carbines (bayonet), hellguns and volleyguns, missile & grenade launchers, heavy flamer, new chainsword and powerfist. Some weapons appear at mid-tier or after researching ceramite.
- End game armor: Steel Legion Stormtrooper armor (replaces Guard void/power armor). They have better resistance vs ACID damage type.
- Steel Legion variant mounted guns, HB, Lascannon and Autocannon. Purchased as normal, shows SL skins when used by SL guardsmen.
- Steel Legion versions of Chimera convoy, and Leman Rus convoys with and without tank rider slots. Their go-to high end Leman Rus is the Executioner (plasma). They get early access to the non-tankrider version of the Leman Rus convoy in early tier after researching adamantium.
- Steel Legion convoys containing Chimeras get a ~20% discount to purchase price and upkeep cost.
- Steel Legion Lightning and Thunderbolt interceptors (re-skins). They are more expensive as a downside to the SL ground focus and boons (cost, speed and armor boons).
- Steel Legion Crassus and Gorgon variants (re-skins). They have the Steel Legion boon to speed.

- ARMOR: Heatvision for Advanced Scout Armor
- ARMOR: Buffed Armor Resistances of Officer+ (includes Techmarines, Librarians etc) Power Armor and Terminator Armors by 10-20%.
- ARMOR: Buffed Armor Resistances for Primaris.
- TRANSPORT: Updated the speed of the Chapter Army Craft to 250 instead of 20.
- TRANSPORT: Gave the Chapter Army Craft heavy bolter sponsons, turned the Rhinos into Razerbacks (turrets) and added some recon capability (2 skull probes) to the Landspeeder.
- TRANSPORT: Added 4 tiles and 4 additional slots (total of 30 instead of 26) to the Chapter Army Craft for support and 2x2 units (Dreadnoughts). Can't really restrict specific tiles to specific unit types, so place them however you want in the Craft Preview.
- TRANSPORT: Moved item pile to the back of the Landraider for the Chapter Army Craft to save it from explosions.
- TRANSPORT: Added 8 ground tiles and slots to the Landspeeder craft (14->22) with additional space for Support units (servitors) and HWPs.
- TRANSPORT: Guard Valkyrie no longer available for Space Marines.
- SPONSONS: Buffed armor of the Thunderhawk/Landraider heavy bolter sponsons so they can survive a bit longer.
- FINAL MISSION: Buff damage, armor and health for the Vindicator cannon. Damage roll updated to 50-200% to always do some damage.
- BANNER: Space Marine Banner is now AoE again.
- Crozius damage bonus from psiSkill. Power range drop off set to 20, 5 points of power reduction per tile after.
- Smoke spell now modified by user psychic ability.

CHAMBER MILITANT (and friends):
- Immunity to the Perils of the Warp added to armors.
- Deathwatch Armor Resistances buffed.
- ARMOR: New Grey Knight and Deathwatch Saturnine bases terminator armors can be acquired from the Ancient Hulk loot.
- TRANSPORT: 2x Skull Probes for the Corvus.
- TRANSPORT: Added 2xAssault Cannon turrets to the front of the Corvus.
- TRANSPORT: Added Inquisition Valkyrie variant with a new paintjob and slightly tuned up engines. Replaces Guard Valkyrie for this faction.

- Blood Ravens Space Marines can now appear to assist the player, if playing a non-space marine faction, after fulfilling certain requirements. THREAT_ONE required, and reseaching the chapel helps. One event with a 5% chance of firing per month for 1 veteran Blood Raven, and one event with a higher chance of firing once the chapel has been built for 4 Blood Raven Marines.
- The Blood Raven marines are tactical marines, with slightly higher psi ability stat rolls (but lower devotion).

- Reduced effective range of Nurgle Midwife/Daemonette spit and spray, and max number of spits per turn.
- Made the Nurgle Elite final list somewhat harder, the engineer slot can now spawn a blessed deathguard that transforms instead of just havocs, medic slot nurgle sisters/daemonettes removed and replaced with more Deathguard spewers and Terminators, the navigator slot will now also spawn a nurgle assassin 33% of the time, the soldier slot will now spawn a few normal deathguards (fewer terminators) but also maybe an nurgle blighted assassin, the terrorist slots will spawn more Blight Haulers.
- Nurgle Blightbearer assassins now tougher, higher firing/melee accuracy and unbreakable. Will now toss a Plaguebearer spawner first instead of a Nurgling spawner. Nurgling spawner replaced with another blight grenade. Will snipe outside of LOS more often (90% instead of 50% of attacks).
- Nurgle Cult Leaders will now attack outside of LOS 75% instead of 50% of times.
- Chaos Gravgun now has less accuracy drop off (6->5) and 5% higher snap accuracy (70% instead of 65%). No longer capped at 24 maxRange but instead have 2 power drop off after 18 tiles.
- Nurgle AOE Gravgun now has less accuracy drop off (10->5) and 10% higher snap accuracy (55% instead of 45%). No longer capped at 20 maxRange but instead have 2 power drop off after 16 tiles.
- Nurgle Gravcannon  now has less accuracy drop off (7->4), powerRangeThreshold: 14 and powerRangeReduction: 0.25 changed to    powerRangeThreshold: 25 powerRangeReduction: 2 (no power reduction until 25 tiles out). MaxRange 25 changed to AimRange 25 (can now fire further than 25 tiles). minRange set to 5.
- Nurgle Gravgun now has less accuracy drop off (10->6), power drops off after 14 tiles.
- Nurgle Gravpistol now has less accuracy drop off (7->6) but removed aimed fire mode. Accuracy drop off begins after 14 tiles. Power drop off starts after 16 tiles.
- Nurgle Needler rifle changed from 5 accuracy drop off to 2 drop off per tile, and accuracy increased from 80% to 110%, aimRange increased to 30 from 25. So you'll now be hit and infected pretty much every time it fires. Added 100% energy and stun damage to it. Damage bonus increased from 30% to 40% (scales with accuracy). minRange set to 7 (less accurate closer than 7 tiles).
- Nurgle Autopistol given 10% nurgle infection damage.
- Changed daemonette armors spawn TU to 5% from 10% to prevent them getting a melee attack off when they spawn.
- Changed ranged daemon spells to flatRate: false from true.
- Reduced toItem damage for several Tzeentch spells that was previously set to 500%.
- Reduced some morale damage from 800-1000% to 500% or lower for some tzeentch spells.
- Slightly increased armor effectiveness from 50% to 60% vs some chaos spells (tzeentch).
- Changed some daemon melee attacks accuracyMultiplier to meleeMultiplier (you'll probably not notice anything).
- Reduced effective range of Mr Crabby's tzeentch spray attack.
- Increased Tu cost of Pink Horrors standard spell by 5 points. Can no longer aim fire twice a turn, or snap fire 5 times a turn. Snap fire drop off range begins at 15 tiles instead of 18 and 26 tiles.
- Created a STR_SLAANESH_LATE race list for month 10+ Slaanesh missions and bases, containing more Slaanesh Marines and other nasties.
- Iron Guard given a custom Battlesprite sheet and corpse sprite with pixels done by Sboven.


- HP Normalization for Necrons
- VFX/SFX: Necron Flayed Ones melee attack graphics and sound effects updated.
- MAP/BASE: Necron Tomb 2x 20x20 Map Block Additions: Stasis Chamber Array, Security Room.

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« Reply #424 on: June 26, 2024, 10:01:14 am »
I firs saw it in May, don't know if it was fixed...but its funny

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« Reply #425 on: June 30, 2024, 10:05:46 pm »
THE FUK...playing as the Steel Legion...send the Tank with Riders from West Europe to Antarctica and I receive a message not enough FUEL...THE FUK

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« Reply #426 on: July 03, 2024, 10:47:50 pm »
dear friends,

so the update that I saw where HEAVENLY ..especially for the STEEL LEGION, managed to do the game for the was  incredible

yes I got Yarrick join me !!!

I was like maybe make more such special ppl available like ...Eisenhorn, Fishing or Grimaldus, Ciaphas Cain, etc...and don't make them faction only (goes for Yarrick as well)
eisenhorn is a fuken IG with some librarian powers , Fishing  is a Judge with a power armor stats that has a digi weapon (the halberd attack as a neeedler  or short range lascannon ) and grimaldus or Ciaphas Cain you know the drill...