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« Reply #405 on: March 15, 2024, 10:00:58 pm »
I don't know if this is a Vanilla mod feature ...WTF is the function when playing as the Deathwatch to build the  XXXX quarters ?   can you inform me ?
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« Reply #406 on: April 02, 2024, 08:35:30 pm »
will there be a real 3.0 release or only the April Fools version ? (played some levels as the Boiz...was fun, but there is no research or I did not found out how its working etc...If ever it would be made for real then the sky is the limit)

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« Reply #407 on: April 03, 2024, 02:50:36 am »
Just downloaded the mod, but  having an issue with some equipment not showing up (i.e. standard bolt clip) and lots of orc references (i.e. having "mek boys" and "odd boys" for manufacturing and researching respectively) and earning waaaagh trophies from missions. I selected chamber militant. Also had some imperial guards attacking me at a massacre site, but didn't look too closely since I had only just launched the game to try it out.

Anyone else have this issue or any ideas on what to do?

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« Reply #408 on: April 05, 2024, 05:44:09 pm »
There will be a 2.6A real release soon (orks as a playable faction may come at some point in the future).
Meanwhile you can always download the "live build" of both 40K and Rosigma for the latest bugfixes/content (that will not be very different from incoming version Rosigma 2.6A ) :
Quote from: Buscher
Links to the dev builds
40k -
40k Submods -
note : those links will always have the very latest dev builds.
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« Reply #409 on: April 05, 2024, 09:33:31 pm »
2.6A is now available on Usual place.
Works with 40k037.2 (hotfixes)

Contains a bunch of map fixes, some from issues with 037 and others that have been reported previously but not tracked down until now.

ROSIGMA 2.6A Notes:

The Ork containment unit have been repaired. Nothing to see here citizens.

- MAP: Fix for tzeentch ship 06B and 06C.MAP glitchy walls/floors.
- MAP: Fix for Stormraven entry tiles.
- MAP: Fix Orkbase Height and GSC Base Ship Deployment without access paths (in city maps).
- MAP: Minor map gen fixes for bombardment provided by two crafts and deserter hideout.
- MAP: Revert Tauros Map to 40k036 type.
- MAP: Revert CH and CHI1-5.PCK to 40k036 type due to missing tile type in 037, reverted to old 07 and 07B.MAP battleships, this would cause missing tiles, walls and wrong colors in some larger ships.
- MAP: Morbid Graveship Fixes
- MAP: Updated mapScript for Droppods and fix GSC base ship tiles for accessibility in some rare cases.
- PRICING: Dominion adamantium price corrected from 2 to 20.
- Fixes Instances of Units Surviving Self-Destruct
- Corrected Assaultcannon, MC stormbolter and some other bolters have armor value 200 (very hard to be destroyed on the ground).
- Swap Catacombs mission text string to STR_CATACOMBS_MONTHLY_MISSION_TITLE
- Fixes Melee (damage type) bypassing Not Working Vs Self-Destruct Units;
- Sounds: Gave AI Imperials/Adeptas correct death sounds.
- Allow medikits to "heal" troops which cannot bleed (certain Deathwatch chapters).
- Certain hostile Eldar now use Eldar craft UFO rather than Imperial ones.
- Handflamer ammo now available if you can buy the weapon (Assault Marines, Inquisition).
- IG Support Tanks don't care about the advanced turret system (which would previously cause some issues if you didn't bring spare leman russ turrets).
- MISSION: Disabled broken STR_GENE_INFILTRATION with inherited values from vanilla.
- CRAFT:  Disabled STR_CORVUS_TOKEN with conflicting values.
- Fix for broken Gretchin graphics.

- Rebalances Power Knuckles, Knives and Power Fists.
- Chainsword and MC Chainsword Retooled to Have Scaling
- Decoder Outposts now also provide provideBaseFunc: HANGAR + IMPERIUM
- 40k037 added turrets updated to rosigma standard.
- Added Falloff to Officer's Sword, energy cost in %.
- Added Damage Scaling to More Melee Weapons.

- Elohim bolters and Seraphim boltguns will now be available to Novice Strategy after researching mid-tier, along with the ammo manufacturing.

- Bayonet energy cost set to 2 points per use.

- Added a Teleporter Script, experiment with a new Assault Terminator Teleporter unit.
- Buffed the Assault Bike. Tougher frontal armor, and dodge, plus a little cheaper RAM attack that does 20% more damage.
- Terminator unit types can now turn to chaos if you go down that path.
- Advanced Drop Pods now have stormbolter turrets too.

- Raptor armor updated to work like other jump packs.

- Clean up playable Chaos Armors with more standardized stats, which also gives Impact Shock resistance to them for drop pods.

- Added Brenshars Necron Flayers.

- Buffed some of the NPC units. The specific unit is REDACTED for your safety.
- AI Frateris and Sister death sounds changed to more suitable noises.
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« Reply #410 on: April 05, 2024, 09:44:35 pm »
Unless we bump into some critical bugs, the next update will focus on some more new content.

Available via the discord already: New World Map (new final base codex+location, change of mission zones), by Lecatac.

A few things in the WIP pipe (not promising all will make it into the next update).
    -Blood Ravens Space Marines (event reinforcements, mission recruitment, soldier+armor type). Art by Chaotic Tabris/Leflair.
    -Primaris Arsenal Expanded. Bolter and Plasma weapons. Art by Filip + Ashtroboy.
    -Combi-Plasma (Ettykitty) Code draft done.
    -Volkite Weaponry: Volkite Serpentis, Caliver and Charger, dependent on next version of OXCE. Art by Ashtroboy.
    -CHAMBER Strategy Split by Filip. Fleshed out GreyKnights with added Power Armor Aegis soldiers. Later, a Inq Stormtrooper Killteam Strategy. (4-5 Strategies).
    -Assets partially done: Space Wolves Strategy, assets by Chaotic Tabris
    -Assets partially done: Guard Rattlings - ChaoticTabris
    -Assets partially done: Nurgle Toads - Brenshar
    -Assets partially done: Penal Legion (Flak) Chemdogs - StarSquid.
    -Assets partially done: New Commissar Inventory art variants by Kris.
    -Assets partially done: Steel Legion for Guard, art by Kris.
    -Tzeentch Sorcerer on Disc 2x2
    -Orky Multimelta
    -Expanded Necron Base Map variety
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« Reply #411 on: April 09, 2024, 03:23:30 pm »
ROSIGMA 2.6 Notes:
Updated to work with OXCE 7.12 and 40k037.

- MAP: Some leaky wall fixing for 2 UFOs.
- MAP: Added accessible ground floor doors to Tzeentch ship 08B.
- MAP: Removed partial wall blockers in entrance of Nurgle ship N07. Added missing elevator tiles and doors to left and right wing.
- MAP: Fix for GSC (Arbites) Imperial scout and convoy maps stairs not working (changed to object).
- MAP: Leaky wall fixes on the big bunker maps.
- MAP: Fixed blocked stairs in INDUSTRIALURBANCULT20A and 20B.
- MAP: Fix blocked doors for CH02DOUBLEWIDE (Variant for Hell Tears).
- CRASH-Fix for Issue with knocked out Wraithguard causing crashes, related to PainImmune being bypassed by stun weapons.
- CRASH-Fix for Issue with knocked out Slaanesh Xeno Weapons Platform causing crashes, related to PainImmune being bypassed by stun weapons.
- MECHANICS: Fixed OXCE update breaking the 2X reaction bonus for pistols (and preventing reaction fire in some cases).
- MECHANICS: Improved Scripting for Intimidation and Mend Wound Mechanics.
- MECHANICS: Friendly Turrets can no longer be Decepticons.
- MECHANICS: Heavy Flamer Turrets should now be properly corruption immune.
- MECHANICS: Minor Refactor of Mend and Inflict Wounds to prevent harming own units.
- MECHANICS: Added more Mechanical Tags to prevent corruption and betrayal mechanics from triggering for these "units". Including holo-decoys and training dummies (so Alpha Legion infiltrators don't reveal themselves after gunning down a training target).
- MECHANICS: Fix Heavy Krak Missile lacking damageType.
- CODEX: More Typos corrected in several Codex articles.
- CODEX: Added Codex texts for the Pump-Action Shotgun and the Liberator Autostubber.
- CODEX: Adjusted several Mastercrafted Weapons CODEX requirements to match their manufacturing requirements.
- CODEX: Adjusted access to marine power armor and terminator armor articles so more factions can see them.
- INFO: Tzeentch Battleships will now correctly show as VERY LARGE instead of just LARGE.
- INFO: Proper listOrder to special bolt ammo and guns.
- QOL: Added Outpost Dirt: canBeBuiltOver.
- RESEARCH: Unlocked Imperial Webber Research for All Factions as intended.
- ENEMIES: Removed placeholder code from base 40k where genestealer hives would spawn necron ships/missions.
- TEXT: Added some more missing name Strings for dummies.
- VISUAL: CustomArmorPreviewIndex for IG Mounted Guns fix.
- VISUAL: Flying Animation for Tzeentch Inquisitor.
- AUDIO: Re-Added Missing Dominion bolter fire sound.

- MISSIONS: Reduction in most Normal difficulty Mission types from 4 to 3 UFOs waves. Some terror missions from 3 to 2 UFO waves. Less UFO craft spam per month. Swapped in some smaller UFOs in the first wave instead of medium/large UFOs for more training opportunities.
- MISSIONS: Easier early months: Split the Nurgle/Tzeentch/Slaanesh random monthly mission types into normal and HARD, enabling easier early month missions for factions that do not start with the HARD missions. Also softened some of the early 3-gods lists to have fewer daemons and spellcasters.
- MISSIONS: Lowered Hulk chance of spawning in later months + halved monthly mission script firing odds for less mission spam.
- MISSIONS: Made the target objective in space Hulks a hostile unit you can "spot". It's possibly explosive.
- MISSIONS: Added several previously restricted missions to the random monthly pool for more variety. A downed valkyrie, outpost defense, assaulting a chaos temple (with friends) and the Catacomb mission with recruitable Adeptas units to rescue.
- MISSIONS: Space Hulks primary objective is now a "hostile unit" so its easier to detect if you can see it.
- MECHANICS: Infiltration chance reduced and changed to increase in proportion to damage inflicted.
- MECHANICS: New for Psykers: Perils of the Warp mechanic introduced. Psykers with low Morale, or that utilize their powers repeatedly in the same turn, carry a heighted risk of perils; the lower their Morale, the worse the outcome is likely to be.
- CODEX: Added additional text to Codex articles for some commendations.
- RESEARCH: Plasma research now locked behind mid-tier.
- RESEARCH: Heavy Plasma research now has a unique joint topic. Heavy Plasma ammo reduced from 10 to 6. Increased heat generation per shot.
- PLASMA: Added Maximal mode to most plasma weapons; this allows the user to expend 3 additional charges (and heat) to deal 50% more damage. Situationally useful for penetrating heavy armor.
- PLASMA: Mastercrafted Plasma Rifle now has better drop-off per tile (improved accuracy).
- PLASMA: Plasma pistol and rifle damage reduces at 20 tile+ range.
- PLASMA: Plasma dropOff normalization for more plasma weapons.
- BOLTERS: Visual addition, added hitAnimation for bolters. A little explosion.
- RECRUITMENT/MISSIONS: Krieg guard may now appear in WAR missions. Helpfully assisting by taking enemy fire during the first turn. If any survive they can be recruited.
- STARTING BASE: Updated starting bases craft ammo count to correct values.
- BALANCE: Hologrenade price adjustment, less tokens, some more elerium instead.

- ART: 16 new variant heads for SoB power armor and 6 for Bloody Rose version of the armor.
- RECRUITMENT: Enabled 4 more Slaanesh Sisters captives to Repentia Manufacture topics.
- ARMOR: Nerfed ranged accuracy on repentia and deathcult armors, buffed stamina (energy). DCA armor now has slightly better front and side armor to make it an upgrade vs the repentia (still has 20% more dodge as well).
- MECHANIC: Spirit of martyr purges all infection/corruption when triggered.
- CODEX: Moved more Armor Codex articles over to the Adeptas codex section+removed some blocking requirements for low end armors that other factions may encounter/use.
- ART: Heretic Hospitallers given unique Inventory Sprite + codex articles.
- MAP/CORVUS: Added a second door exit to the Corvus.

- MECHANICS: Tweaks to the buff Banner, added safety parameters for self-harm prevention.
- RAZORBACK: Turret buffed to 50 health from 40.
- New 037 drop pod Firestorm is now available.

- WEAPONS: Ripper Pistol Improvement, a lot more morale damage, 10% more health damage. Token Cost Reduction from 400 to 200 tokens.
- UNIT: Buffed the Priest. Now benefits from Spirit of the Martyr (prevents dying) and generates 10 faith points.
- WEAPONS: Lascannon sniper adjustments. +1 point in dropOff accuracy. aimRange 30 instead of 31. Higher kneelBonus. minRange introduced (lower accuracy in close combat)
- WEAPONS: Longlas kneelbonus increased, accuracy adjusted so its better to kneel with it than stand or hipfire.
- TURRET: Crassus turrets set to 50 health. Reaction fire removed, autofire buffed to 5x from 3x shots.
- MECHANICS: Biomancer can now only regenerate up to a maximum of half its max HP. Instead of having no recovery time, its recovery time is reduced by 90%. Lethal wound regeneration now scales with psi (minimum of 1).
- 037 change: Tauros convoy are now 3xTauros instead of 2x.
- 037 change: Taurox convoy updated, ramp replaced with ladders.
- New 037 Praetor vehicle now available. Access may be moved.
- WEAPONS: DW Lascannon adjustments. Higher mobility, less accuracy at distance.
- WEAPONS: DW Dread Plasma Cannon now has better drop-off (3 instead of 5 per tile).
- UNITS: Bionics Enhancements enabled for Inq Stormtroopers. Inq stormtroopers can now achieve higher total reactions as well.
- FIX: Display full range of inventory sprites for Inquisitor armor.

- New 037 Eldar Cobra and Scorpions available. Further updates may come.

- Changed some late game weapon loadouts for Deserter Soldiers (navy autocarbine), Deserter Officers (Highgrade autopistol), Iron Guard Heavies (mortar) and Heavy Traitor Squats (mortar).
- Added Chaos variant of the Mortar.

- MAP: Necron Tombs are now larger and more varied with a new main objective to destroy (by Buscher). Look for the glowing crystal.
- Necron bases can now retaliate (small chance per base and month).
- Necron Scarabs attack speed adjusted by size of the swarm. Fewer scarabs = fewer attacks.
- AI: Necrons no longer afraid of fire tiles.

- Halved civilians chance to trigger AL (30%->15%).
- Made GKs have a much smaller chance of triggering it. Librarians are immune. Chance of triggering it goes from 5% to 1/0% with higher rank.
- Chaos Sacrifices will no longer trigger AL.

- Spooky grenades now much spookier.

- DIFFICULTY: Made starting difficulty Nurgle lists a little easier. Added one new simple cult list specifically for the starting month.
- DIFFICULTY: Added HARD mission types for Nurgle missions. Made normal missions early game easier.
- WEAPONS: new Nurgle autopistol and grenade assets by Brenshar.
- LOADOUT: Nurgle Terminators now have gravpistols instead of boltpistols.
- Poxburster Explosives No Longer Hidden on Minimap. Script and mechanic streamlined.
- DIE HARD tag introduced for certain units. Plague Marines, Rotbearers, Plague Ogryns, Poxwalkers. Sets just enough health not to die to one pass of fatal wound damage.
- Instant Zombification removed from more Nurgle weapons and replaced with slight buffs to infection amount or TU damage.
- Balesword TU cost decreased from a whopping 30 to 20.

- Tzeentch Mutants and Thralls introduced for Corruption Spawning on the lower end of the health curve. Fewer Mr Crabby or Blue Horrors from noodle humans.
- Added HARD mission types for Tzeentch missions, made the normal ones easier in the opening months (fewer Witches, Tzaangors and Daemons). HARD missions are activated by researching mid-tier, or playing Space Marine factions.
- Reduced ratio of Tzeentch Blessed Rubric Marines (Spawns Flamers).
- Adjusted new 037 Screamer daemon for rosigma statline and rewards, included in several tzeentch lists, it's a lower threat daemon.

- Implemented the new OXCE AI avoidsFire: false modifier for Tyranids so they aren't afraid of harmless fire-tiles.
- HIVE GSC Base mission will now always have 3 Trains for the player to deploy from (previously 1-3 randomized).

- Added HARD mission types for Slaanesh missions. Made normal missions early game easier.
- Fewer Daemonette types in the early-game Slaanesh lists.

Note that some of the enemy list changes have integrated some chill mode ideas from 2.4/2.5, giving a kinder threat ramp for non space marine-based (Hard Mode) factions.
The older Chill Mode file that modifies enemy tech progression will still work with 2.6.

Yeah, about the crystal thing. What kind of weapon do you need to destroy the crystal?

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« Reply #412 on: April 10, 2024, 05:30:33 pm »
Melta, lascannon, plasma, power (melee) weapons or even chainswords should do it.

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« Reply #413 on: April 18, 2024, 09:35:22 pm »
an IDEA,

Judge you cannot buy only promote /get one at game start/ to promote: Veteran + Long service (?)
or produce for shitload for tokens?

the basic Judge armor gets the IG shield /the 60 token shield/ and the Judge gets the same inspire feat like the Commissars/Officer/Big Sistar

and then the Judge can use the Arbitor or Marshal armor....and the bike....

I think its a good idea ?

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« Reply #414 on: April 20, 2024, 07:46:24 pm »
Hiya. Great mod - really enjoying this.

Just one kinda random question - where did you get the death quotes/voice lines for the Daemonettes (specifically DaemonetteDeath1.wav & 2.wav)? I know I've heard them in another game and its driving me nuts that I can't remember which lol...

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« Reply #415 on: April 25, 2024, 11:18:58 pm »
Dear all,

I made my ideas into a file

please add them to the mod...

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« Reply #416 on: April 29, 2024, 09:36:33 am »
The Daemonette sound files are from a combination of Diablo 1 (death sounds) and Marvel vs Capcom/Deathstalkers (You've Been Naughty).

Simi822: The Judges/Arbites are on the ToDoList, but those ideas are in line with that. Will take a look.
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« Reply #417 on: May 15, 2024, 01:46:20 pm »
When trying to land on a downed interceptor, an error appeared about the lack of a Nurgle interceptor model.

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« Reply #418 on: May 20, 2024, 11:42:39 pm »
Greetings Everyone. Owing to an exceptionally convenient error message, I am able to submit an exemplary "live alien item definition is missing" bug report. #9a1c72cc-1e59-45c1-bad2-71b5e81e2

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« Reply #419 on: May 21, 2024, 09:13:38 pm »

is the Fletchette gun with Keller Ammo (75) snap shot 3x the strongest single hand weapon...or is the Master crafted Plasma pistol or its the Tigrus bolt pistol with master crafted ammo? which one you prefer? and which one is the best for a Shield carrier (Ogryn, Arbiter, Beastman, Astartes) ?

just and Idea after watchin Toad today...
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