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« Reply #150 on: April 28, 2022, 10:27:39 pm »
The Night Sisters are a case of fake sisters, they're basically just chaos cultist groupies to the Night Lords. Hence them using a smattering of weapons (those guns are not GSC specific, they're available throughout the Imperium).

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« Reply #151 on: April 28, 2022, 11:04:22 pm »
Sry but then the fail is even worse as they where mixed together with Hereteks  and those Sistars that turn into the crab Deamon
the crab deamon is the strongest enemy that I encountered in my history of playing Open xcom (FMP, TFFT, or Xcom files)...I needed 7 units to kill it and it took 2 rounds....a heavy bolter sistar Sentinel with 5x attacks does nothing to it!...nasty little bugger

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« Reply #152 on: April 28, 2022, 11:15:20 pm »
Crab daemon?

If its the Neverborn, try something more energy based. Flamers, Melta, Plasma, Lascannon.

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« Reply #153 on: April 28, 2022, 11:17:56 pm »
it took like 3x melta 3x grav etc (I am playing now as the Sistars so I have mostly the combi bolters...)... a tough fuka but I learned how to deal with it....

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« Reply #154 on: April 29, 2022, 12:13:23 am »
Patch Notes 1.07B-032 is now live.

Summary images of new content:

Patch Notes 1.07B-032

- QoL: Updated alertSounds disabler (Geoscape noises).
- QoL: Included a unitResponseSoundsFrequency set to 33% for most unit responses. Every 3rd click will now play a unit sound, instead of every single click. You can change these values yourself to whatever you like, the bracket numbers are % trigger.
- MAPFIX: Unblocked Elevators on the Industrial Pyramid ship.
- FIX: Changed the Necron Generated missions of the Genestealer Hive (Base 40k) to Rosigmas version of GSC Patrols. Reduced frequency of mission generation.
- LANGUAGE: Updated final mission text to fit all Imperial factions.
- LANGUAGE: Added a language string for the Chaos Chimera Turret (Shows up in mission debriefings).
- INTEGRATION/GSC UPDATE: Brood Brothers and GSC Saboteur updated to ROSIGMA. New weapons and stats, integration in several GSC racelists etc. Uses the GSC range of pump shotguns, smgs, autoguns, laspistols, some gravguns and grenade launchers. The new 032 Gene Cultist list updated with some other supporting GSC heavy weapons assets like sentinels.
- Added STR_GENE_SAB. A GSC Hybrid Saboteur to several GSC related lists. Armed with High Explosives and Melta Grenades, along with pistol or grenade launcher, this sneaky unit can be quite dangerous.
- Added STR_GENE_CULTIST_S, a Sniper variant with custom inventory art.

- ECONOMY BALANCING: Made some late game heavy weapons and plasma weapons more expensive, for consistency and so that earlier weapons aren´t more expensive. The mighty mastercrafted heavy plasma is now quite expensive at half a million.

- GRAPHICS: Increased selection of inventory faces/bodies from 8 to 16 or 24. This inventory art already existed and was randomly distributed to new units, but could not be manually changed by the player ingame.

- MARINES QoL: Servitors and Dogs can be loaded on Landspeeders.

- GUARD: Krieg Grenadiers can now get Bionics
- GUARD: Krieg Carapace buffed by 10/5 points.
- GUARD: Added Codex Article for Krieg Grenadier ARmor.

- SISTERS CRAFT QoL: Corvus replaced by Etty's tweaked Corvus. Extra door in front and no ankle murdering tail struts.
- SISTERS AND MARINE - WEAPONS: Made Heavy Flamer available to Sisters and Marines at midtier. Previously only available to Marines with Terminator tech. Lowered weight to 80 from 100.
- SISTERS ARMOR: Saint Armor dropped from High Tier to Ceramite Tier, but with raised project time (20-45 days with 100 scientists). MinRank dropped to 3 from 4.
- SISTERS QoL: Adjusted sisters medic units medikit hand for more consistent shortcut use.
- SISTERS FIX: Hospitaller Armor should now unlock from the Hospitaller research and not the mid-tier research.
- SISTERS FIX: Corrected Damage Type of Penetence 40mm Grenade to Melee.
- SISTERS PROMOTION: Sister Superior now requires a Veteran Commendation (15 won missions and kills) but less bravery (50+, previously 80). Canoness now requires a Honorific Celestian (Crux Terminatus Commendation) with 30 kills and 60 Devotion.

- RESEARCH: Moved Master Crafting to High Tier and upped research cost.
- MC Lasgun, Laspistol and Hellpistol available from mid-tier MC research.
- Moved several MC Bolter (including stormbolters and assault cannons) type weapons and power melee weapons to the "Ceramite Tier" (Tier 2.5), down from High tier and High-Tier Master Crafting. Now you'll get more use out of them before unlocking plasma and ~golden plasma guns~.
- Kept Master Crafted Ammo at mid-tier, renamed to Mid-tier Master Crafting.

- QoL: Updated CODEX for Weapons with multiple ammo slots (firemodes) to use several pages, showing more information for each attack type.
- QoL: Expanded HEAT Info for Plasma weapons.

- NEW ENEMIES: Not mentioned for 1.07, but there are now a full on Nurgle Cult lists in play. Several flavors of cultists with unique inventory art, from leaders to shoddy grunts and Nurgle Plague Ogryn. They use physical weapons, various nurgle grenades, rockets and bolter weapons (on high tech level). Higher HP than average, but do not have amazing reactions, TU or accuracy to their other themed counterparts. Bring extra healing though.
- ENEMY VARIETY & LISTS: Added several Nurgle Cult lists, they will appear on primarily "Harvest" (UFO term) missions.
- NEW ENEMY: Added basic Nurgle Zombies (Plaguewalkers). Slow, plenty of HP and attack with blighted claws (nasty if they hit). They have a second variant called the Boomer, which works similar to a Penetante. Don´t let them get close! Btw they look just the same as ordinary Plaguewalkers until they decide to blow themselves up.
- NEW ENEMY: Added several green robed Sickly and Shuffling Civilians, who may or may not be Nurgle cultists. They got some surprises, and their own List. They can also appear in other Nurgle lists.
- NEW ENEMY: Added Midwives of Nurgle, ever wondered what Nurgle Daemonettes would be like? You're about to find out!
Midwives can zombify units using Nurgles Rot into several types. The default is Nurgle Zombies, but some units turn into other types. Marines turn into corrupted marines and other units turn into various Nurgle themed cultists etc.
Midwives have a secondary ranged spit attack like Plaguebearers.
They are very weak to fire and do not have much in the way of armor, but plenty of health.
In the future, this opens up for more zombie types.
- Added a Blessed Plague Sister variant that turns into the Midwife when defeated. This variant will randomly appear in (mid-late) Nurgle lists.
- Blessed Nurgle Sister variants have the zombification attack as a special weapon, although they may rarely resort to it if they´re holding other weapons due to how the AI works.
- ENEMY VARIETY & LISTS: Added a new Nurgle Zombie list to rotation, along with tucking in the Midwife in other Nurgle lists.
- NEW ENEMY WEAPON: Nurgle Needler Rifle. it delivers the sweet tangy taste of blight from a distance. Single shot weapon with high TU cost. 25% Chance of Thriller. Certain cultists are the main users of this weapon.

- GENESTEALERS: Gave their attack range 1 so they can pounce on anyone just slightly out of reach (and to deal with awkward turrets).
- GSC: Added a generic GSC "Zombie" to replace the placeholder used until now. Only units that do not have a specific GSC variant will turn into this generic Xeno Tainted.
- NEW ENEMY WEAPON:  Added GSC Needler Rifle, it can deliver heresy juice from a distance. While armor pierce is very good, it has a high TU cost and low accuracy for snap fire. 25% Heresy chance. Certain infector units are the main users of this weapon, mid-late enemy tech levels. New bullet and hit effects.

- MAP: Updated The Space Hulk map terrain, scripts and routes. Things get real nasty if you linger past turn 14, so hustle to that elevator. Part 2 is also less camp-able, find the device quickly. To compensate for the added difficulty, both parts have been given bounty rewards (750k in total). If you destroy the Control Center in stage 2, the mission now ends (before you had to escape back to the elevator). First Hulk arrives in February or Later.
- MAP: Delayed timers for better staggering of enemies.

Sounds fun............ only one problem when playing the Space Hulk level. I have no freaking idea what the control center is or how to destroy it. If anybody has any screenshots of that accursed thing I'll be happy.

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« Reply #155 on: April 29, 2022, 06:10:28 pm »
I believe this is the space hulk mission objective.

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« Reply #156 on: April 30, 2022, 12:47:52 am »
I believe this is the space hulk mission objective.
Thanks....... though I ended up accidentally loading a save where I aborted the mission and lost the space hulk..... though granted I was planning on starting the campaign over since I have no clue what I am doing half the time.

What are some good tips on what facilities to build and what to research (since research takes forever for some strange reason if you have 5-10 adepts assigned to something, but if I try to assign around 15-25 adepts to a single research topic I'm having to wait every few days for one research to complete before I can move on to another).

I would love tips for Astartes, Sororitas, and Guard.

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« Reply #157 on: May 01, 2022, 06:45:29 pm »
There's a couple different strategies, but early on you don't really need things like the Promethium/Adamantium Forge (which takes up a lot of space).

Realized we don't really have a beginner friendly guide for *base building*, but some general tips:
Living Space is a early focus, you start out pretty packed in the base.
If you're playing Marines or Sisters, you'll probably have plenty of wounded, so you'll need more living space and backup soldiers.
In addition, if missions pop up while you got a team heading to another you may also want a backup team + Base defenders.
Similar deal with interceptors, they're bound to be damaged or end up refueling, so having a couple extra bases just for that will help for the air war.

If you got some good missions under your belt you can consider setting up some Plasma generators, which will pay back their investment cost and then turn a profit later in the game.
It's a trade off, as all the other bases and craft will guzzle cash for a while. Depends on your fortunes in the war.

As for research, it's more dependent on your faction. With Guard, Arbites and Sisters - mission difficulty goes up once you hit midtier research, so rushing it has some downside but you also gain access to a lot of nice weapons.
However, that increased difficulty is only for a stretch of months, so if you get midtier just around summer it will not matter. 
And you want midtier weapons to deal with the increasing number of enemies in power armor after month 5-6+.

While not required to unlock other things, the Hologram Caster gives you access to a life saver grenade. Expensive per toss, it can save your more valuable troops in a pinch, as the grenade deploys a decoy projection that the enemy is likely to go after first.

Good early tech for the Guard are the Light Bolter tech, which gives you access to the Solo pattern bolters in several variants. They are handy for dealing with well armored enemies.
The Meltagun tech is required for midtier research, and its a good weapon against the occasional early Power Armor foe you'll find leading Chaos forces.
To gain access to Midtier you'll need the Motion Scanner and Adamantium research too.
Good armor for Guard is locked behind midtier, like the Carapace armor, Elysian Jump Armor, Vindicare Assassin, Heavy Sentinel (and in the next update, the Power Armor).
After that you can unlock Guardsmen Veteran promotions, which will enable you to research the Hellguns (very good weapons).
After that its a longer trek to gain access to Ceramite Tier research, which require Adamantium -> Promethium, Power Source, Warp Drive and Ceramite Plate research.
Note: Scions start with Carapace and some advanced techs, while Abhumans have some restrictions in what they can get (like medics, stormtroopers).

For Sisters:
Arsenal of Faith gives you quick access to a lot of Sisters early weapons, like the good midranged Elohim Pattern Bolter and the Arche Sniper Rifle. It is also required for some midtier weapons like the Jove Boltgun (which fires regular calibre Bolter rounds).
Arsenal of Faith also gives you access to the great Heavy Bolter Sentinel, which can be a very useful longer range heavy firepower platform. Just don't let it eat all your XP.
After Arsenal of Faith you'll want the Medicae research, which gives you access to your first medic armor that can also be worn by Novices.
You'll need to capture a live enemy and research them, preferable of the Chaos kind but some other nasties will work too.
With these 3 prerequisites you can do Battle Sister Requisition research, which allows you to hire (expensive) Battle Sisters instead of going with the Novice Promotion track.
This research is also required for the Elohim, Retributor and Sister Superior armors (and promotion to Sister Superior, which you'll need to get a Canoness later).

After this you can research Hospitaller Armor, which is the tier 2 Medic Armor (Cannot be worn by Novices though).
Also available is the Adeptas Assassin Suit research, if you've also researched Adamantium. This is a very good scout and well, assassination armor.
If you've captured a live Flying enemy, researched Adamantium and Adeotas Advabced Arnir you can research the Seraphim flying armor.

You can skip some of these armors and get Midtier, which leads to the great Mephisto, Hellspite and Jove Bolters, the Dominion Halberd, Heavy Flamer etc.

I'll let someone else fill you in on Astartes.
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« Reply #158 on: May 21, 2022, 05:02:30 am »
So far all the
Eldar webway
missions seem to spawn
corrupted Sisters and CSMs rather than Eldar
- is this working as intended? I could see why it might be (and I wonder anything different happens if you let the mission get up to the time limit) and I've only had two or three of those missions come up so far, but it's happened every time so thought I'd ask.

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« Reply #159 on: May 26, 2022, 02:26:34 pm »
There's a small chance it will spawn a non-Eldar ambush.

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« Reply #160 on: June 01, 2022, 02:48:06 am »
So, I would just like to ask a question that has been on my mind for a while now. Are there any plans for additional content for the Abhuman Strategy of the Imperial Guard? I always felt that its late-game content was relatively lacking compared to the other two. Also, are there plans to incorporate the Leagues of Votann somehow?

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« Reply #161 on: June 23, 2022, 01:53:18 pm »
Using the rosigma addon, playing the space marines, i am wondering :
Is it possible to destroy a chaos juggernault in early game (i started the 2nd month) ?
I got a IG massacre mission in which there was a ton of chaos guys killing IG troops.
We managed to kill them all with a few losses on the space marine side (those armored chaos dwarves with those damned flamethrowers are murder incarnate as they seem to have a nice resistance to bullets)

Then once things got quiet, at the mid town a chaos juggernault exited a building.

It took 4 rockets , many grenades , lots of bolter and heavy bolter auto shots ... without problem as it just casually walked up to every single SM and one hit killed them all.

So i assume i am missing something very important (researches being so slow and i'm only on 2nd months i don't have much items available) , what would destroy those monsters ?

edit : finally managed to kill that damn thing after replaying the save a lot.

It looks like what made the difference is ... luck
Because it took nearly as much rockets, grenades and shots than previously.
But i guess there have been a lucky roll in which the damage were dealt fully instead of lowered. So it's not really the way to kill it, there must be something else i am missing as it seems so ridiculous to depend on luck to destroy those things.

edit 2 : i think i figured out the problem.
I thought i was carrying krak rockets and krak grenades.
It turns out i mixed their graphics, because in fact i was using frag rockets and frag grenades that are noticably less damaging (just has a higher radius but in that case radius meant nothing anyways) while all the krak ammo was in fact lying on my drop pods ground.
Next time i will not make such mistake and hopefully it will be less about luck when it comes to taking down those chaos juggernault.
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« Reply #162 on: June 29, 2022, 05:12:48 pm »
Rangerh: Those Juggs' are one of the toughest enemies around. Glad you figured it out (I´ve only been checking this thread sporadically lately, summer stuff and all).

ROSIGMA 1.08 - Patch Notes (20220629)


Summary images of new content:

Patch Notes 1.08


- GENERAL: Updated install instructions with some troubleshooting. OXCE and submods got some quirks, hopefully this helps resolve most "common" issues.

- FIX: Industrial Pyramid Map height issue fixed. Also, some blocked doors and accursed elevators.
- FIX: False Elevators on GSC ships have been purged, hail the Spiral Staircase! (turns out the tileset did not contain functioning elevators at all).
- FIX: Weakened three Tzeentch Horror spells that were getting an unintended strength buff to their ranged attack component.
- FIX: Height issue crash for the Guard CAS craft on a few maps. Sacrifice/Summoning missions, Ork Outposts, hard terror mission and a few others.
- FIX: Night Sisters Codex page displayed wrong text and image.
- Tzeentch Solo bolter now has a sell cost. Scoped version no longer available at your local supermarket.

- MAPS: Added more potential spawn nodes to the Industrial Urban map set.
- NEW MISSION TYPE: Shrine defense Missions. Part of the random Terror Missions. Defender NPC Sisters/Novices/Fraternis Militia + Pilgrims. MAP: Gothic+Terrain.

- Buffed allied Stormtalon health in the WAR missions (and other missions where it appears). 2x-3x health from vanilla.

- Created and split STR_XENO_ONLY + STR_NECRONTECH from STR_ALIENS_ONLY, currently available to Radical Inquisitors to make use of captured Xeno Weapons (without going full chaos/Heretical).

- NEW RANDOM EVENTS Added, with various requirements to trigger depending on how well your campaign is going.
- NEW "The Emperor Protects" Beginner Mode Research topics, events and scripts. Research this topic to unlock more options, that allow you to request individual squads from various factions as well as get scripted reinforcements of the same squads. You also get a little bonus score infusion for each research topic. For new players, or if you want to fuck around with cross faction units.

- Split Chaos Marine Recruitment from STR_ALIENS_ONLY, introduced several new Chaos research topics and made it easier to gain access to STR_CHAOS_PATH by interrogating various chaos leader/commanders, the Crozius or from the warp research. You can also access it without being Astartes this way (no Chaos Traitor Guard or Arbites right now, only the Iron Warriors Guard).
- The Chaos Sister path (STR_ALIENS_ONLY2) available to Adeptas gives them quicker access to hiring Chaos Sisters than other Chaos Paths.
- 4 Gods Research Paths for more options (converting existing Soldiers) and Paths (specialization) that allows hiring 1 God flavor directly.
- Updated Chaos Marine Armors to ROSIGMA statline.
- NEW ARMORS: The Big 4 Chaos Factions now get their own armors with different statlines. In addition, Alpha Legion, Night Lords, Raptors and Iron Warrior armors are now available for the Undivided to equip.
- NEW CHAOS SISTERS: Heretical and the Big 4 now get their own Chaos Sisters. In addition you can create Iron Maidens (see below) and use Night Lord Sister armor.
- More varied custom Inventory Art remains to be done, as well as upgrade paths, but some new custom Voice Lines are available.
- Unholy Resurrection: By researching the Chaos Path and conversion/recruitment topics, you gain the ability to pay a (steep) price to resurrect your fallen Chaos Marines or Sisters. Does require the Soldier being rank 1.
- New Combat Servitors: By nabbing a Iron Warrior Warsmith and interrogating them, you can unlock the means of creating these unholy Chaos Combat Servitors. Either from your own Soldiers, or from captured enemies. They are tough but a bit slow, have high bravery, with good optics and accuracy (but poor reactions).
- By unlocking the Chaos Path you can also convert (manufacturing topic) many captured enemy Chaos units for your own use.

- NEW ENEMY: The Kelermorph, packing some big iron Liberator Autostubbers will now appear in certain GSC lists. A deadly gunslinger with revolvers that can punch through power armor with their special ammo, but any looted Autostubbers can be used once researched. You cannot build or buy these rare, non-standard guns.

- Gets Assault Cannon and Power Sword tech when researching mid-tier (one for free, the other need to be researched). Required to equip the Dread. Temporary workaround for STR_ASSC and STR_POWER_SWORD researching being Marine locked in vanilla 40k. The Force Hammer becomes available at hightier in the same way. The Force Halberd is already available after researching Master Crafting as GKs.
- ADJUSTED START: You now start with a varied Inquisition Retinue, including a few Inquisition specific units. GK reinforcements have been spread over several waves instead of the big early batch (you still get 4 GKs in that one).
- In addition, you can research several topics to requisition reinforcements from various factions, these are one-time events. Some more may be available at mid-tier.
- There are several reinforcement scripts dependent on Score, at very high (2000-3000+) you'll get some special reinforcements.
- NEW CRAFT ACCESS: The Inquisition Corvus Blackstar is now available.
- NEW SOLDIER: The Imperial Inquisitor can now be requisitioned/manufactured as the Grey Knights. using the existing Inquisitor Armor (Adeptas, so limited to female Inquisitors for now). The GK base starts with 1 Inquisitor, and any additional ones are very expensive to recruit. Adeptas players can also recruit these Inquisitors once they research the Inquisitor Office.
- NEW SOLDIER: the elite Inquisition Storm troopers are now available for requisition through the manufacture menu. They come with their own scoped and improved Hellguns. They are pricey, but do not "run out" like Grey Knights do. They have slightly better minimum stats compared to "normal" Scions, and slightly better armor (side, rear, under and 10% bonus vs Acid/Blight damage) and optics (heatVision, night vision, antiCamo). Their special mental conditioning grants them high morale, and their special status inflicts 50% less morale damage to allies when they die.
- The Inquisition Storm troopers have custom Battlesprite, Inventory art (9F+9M), BigOB etc etc. As do their Hellgun (a little white "I" and scope).
- The Inquisition Storm troopers are also available for Adeptas, once they research the Inquisition Office. 
- Added Imperial Black version of the Rotor Cannons that can be bought from the start, or at midtier (combi version).
- Added a portable Multilaser. Expensive to purchase, but saves on ammo cost vs rotor cannon.

- HUNK: The Inquisition Storm troopers can appear as friendlies on certain maps, and any survivors may join you. Currently the GSC high level base maps, where they will appear scattered about the map after a failed insertion.
- Added a rubberbanding mechanic, where if you score lower than 800 score after month 3, a small fire team of them will join you (ONCE).
- Likewise, if you score really well (3000 points+ after month 1) you will get 1 Fireteam of 4 Inquisitor Storm Troopers, one time boon, so you may want to take some risks to rake in them points in a month that is already going well enough.

- NEW SOLDIER: Imperial Assassin. The Inquisitor faction can recruit these through research topics that cost score and cash. You can only get so many in a run, and some are gated behind mid tier. You do start with one. NEw inventory art and battlesprite.

- FAVOR SYSTEM: Through research topics, the Inquisitor player can recruit limited number of reinforcements, triggering Events that delvier a small squad and equipment at the cost of funds, time and score. You get access to better things after mid-tier.

- RADICAL ROAD: Right now a research (costs 1000 score) that unlocks several manufacturing options under category RADICAL. These allow you to turn captured DESERTERS, Heretical Sisters, Chaos Penetante, Traitor/Redblack Ogryn, Squat (not Chaos Squat) and Blackstone into various SOLDIERS. Penal Legionnaires, Psyker, Adeptas etc. Generally corresponding with the base unit. 
- While slow and with some expense, these options are much cheaper than the "Traditional" ways.
- Full on chaos units are not yet... recruitable.

- HERETICAL PATH: GOing beyond even the radical, this path allows you to get down and dirty with Chaos. Falsify reports to the Inquisition, ensnare Imperial allies with blackmail, solicit bribes and recruit most captures human enemies to your side.
- You can even learn how to create the heretical Iron Maiden and Iron Guard servitors.

- Integrated MrJoppers Playable Farseer mod with my modified Inventory art of the 'Seer. The Eldar Farseer can now be recruited (with some convincing and resources) if you have a captured Farseer + researched STR_XENO_ONLY. She has carapace level armor + a considerable personal shield.
- NEW: Guard Power Armor. Equivalent to early Adeptas power armor in protection and equipped with Stormtrooper optics, this human Power Armor offers decent protection. Expensive and time consuming to produce, research available at mid-tier, the suit can be worn by veterans, stormtroopers, officers and commissars. Medic, Officer and Commissar versions have unique abilities and appearance.
Sponsored by Zastaver
- Krieg Panzergrenadier Power Armor added, unlocks with the Guard Power Armor requisition.
- NEW: Beastmen Guard Medic Armor. Uparmored flak, available from midtier (Abhumans gotta scrounge a bit harder for their medical equipment). Beastmen make for high mobility medics, even if their lowish armor (for late game) means they have to be careful. New inventory art.

- Guard Rotor Cannon. Minigun style (basically an amped up Heavy Stubber with higher rate of fire and some armor-rend ability) with a, Kombi-Grenade Launcher (single shot) variant. Can use both heavy stubber belts and its own backpack with more and slightly better ammo. The kombi-launcher can launch grenades (same as the Hellspite) and two types of Shotgun rounds.
- Added the Accatran Pattern "Light" Bolter. The traditional Heavy Bolter rechambered for Light Bolter rounds to reduce weight and recoil. Bipod equipped, this airborne developed Bolter is easier to carry and deploy than its heavier Godwyn cousin. While lacking the rate of fire or punch, this belt-fed (40 rounds) gun provides Guard with a stable and dependable light bolter platform, that can also use Kraken rounds. It is available through mid-tier light bolter research. Downsides include costly ammunition (especially the Kraken rounds) and a purchase price that rivals several rifles put together.

- NEW STRATEGY CHOICES: Added 4 Strategy options to the Adeptas start. Novice, Repentia, Battle Sister and Dominion (Elite). Each get different starting reinforcements and recruitment options. Novice is the low tech start, similar to the current one. Battle Sisters is similar to the old 40k start, without having to rely on Novices and getting a few more starting techs. Repentia starts with the new Repentia soldier type (see below) + Repentia Superiors, with less access to power armor and heavy weapons. Dominion will be further developed with more restrictions, but currently is a somewhat easier start that gets more techs and earlier access to high end weapons.
All have access to Adeptas Pilots, Medicae and all but Dominion Strategy has access to Frateris Militia.
-  Each Strategy gets different starting craft tokens to trade in for transports via manufacturing topics. Each strategy also gets access to the different craft at different times, with Repentia and Dominion strategies having the biggest differences.
 - Adeptas Faction now starts with just the Adeptas Pilots and Frateris militia, with further reinforcements coming by event after your Strategy Choice. Each Strategy gets different Sister reinforcements (Novices+Novitiate Superiors, Battle Sisters, Repentia + Repentia Superiors and Veteran Adeptas for Dominion). As well as sets of weapons.
- NEW CRAFT ACCESS: The Arvus Lighter is now available for Adeptas as well.
- NEW CRAFT: The Castigator Autocannon IFV variant. A Predator style turret on an Adeptas Rhino Chassis, this Ceramite-tier transport option adds some needed long range autocannon fire to the Adeptas. Available to all strategies.
- The Immolator Convoy Craft speed has been increased, from crawl speed to a brisk walking pace.

- NEW SOLDIER TYPE: Novitiate Superior. The Adeptas now start with some of these to lead the Novices in battle. She is of similar ability to the normal Sister Superior, with a slightly different armor. She can be hired for 1 million credits and is well compensated for her task of training Novices (expensive upkeep). They can also be promoted from Sisters and Pilots with Long Service Time commendation (normal Sister Superiors require the VETERAN commendation) and have 1 lower rank requirement for promotion.
You can promote a Superior to either (but it costs).
- NEW ARMOR: Novitiate Superior armor added. Has the new ability, LEAD BY EXAMPLE which buffs and heals (slightly), and scales with Devotion and Bravery. This ability has also been granted to the standard Superior and Canoness armor sets.
There is a manufacturing topic to produce the Novitiate Superior armor set + a Sister Superior honor token required for the promotion.

- NEW SOLDIER TYPE: Repentia Superior. Leads the Repentia into battle and serves as that Strategies starting Sister Superior, with a melee focus and using Neural whips. Similar to the Novitiate superior. All Superiors can cross promote.
- NEW ARMOR: Repentia Superior Armor, sacrifices rear armor for improved front and flank armor to serve on the front line. Can be used by any Sister Superior.

- Sister Superiors (all types)) now have a bigger morale impact on their squads when they die. Balances a little bit for their LEAD BY EXAMPLE ability.
- Enabled the Canoness to wear Sister Superior Armors as a fallback option.
- Added restrictions on the Canoness and Inquisitor Armors so only the Canoness can use the former, and Canoness/Superior Sisters can use the Inquisitor armor. Slightly nerfed the stat boosts by 5 points.

- NEW SOLDIER TYPE: Dominion Sisters are veteran Sisters that come equipped with Dominion Armors and better starting stats. They are available to recruit through a pricy manufacturing project for the Elite Dominion Strategy.

- NEW SOLDIER TYPE: When a Sister falls wearing the Geminae armor (formerly the "Celestin" flying armor), her soul shard can be recovered after battle and used to transform an existing Sister into a Geminae soldier type. This uses another sister as a host, so it can be used to turn a novice into a powerful veteran Sister. The Geminae Soldier comes equipped with the Geminae flying armor set, which will save you some resources vs manfucturing a new armor. There is a cost in cash, promethium and kill tokens but it is cheaper than the true "Resurrection" project (which brings back the soldier proper). If the Geminae sister dies, she will leave behind a Shard as well. This means that with enough resource expenditure, you can have several Geminae Sisters, ensuring that you always have "veteran" sisters with good stat lines. Basically the Agent Smiths of the Sororitas.
- NEW SOLDIER TYPE: Dedicated Repentia soldier type STR_ADEPTAS_REPENTIA, can be hired with same conditions as ordinary sisters - cheaper to run, and with slightly different stats (faster, tougher, less shooty accuracy)
- Added Dedicated Repentia Armor and SoldierType, with greatly upped Devotion gain (20 vs 6 normal armors, or 10 for the old repentia armor option), only the new Repentia soldier class can use this (comes with it by default).
- Transformation project for Sisters/Pilot/Superior/Canoness/various Chaos Sisters soldiertypes to Repentia.
- Transformation project for STR_ADEPTAS_REPENTIA -> STR_ADEPTAS, requires VETERAN commendation (15 kills, 15 missions).
- Transformation project for STR_ADEPTAS_REPENTIA -> STR_ADEPTAS_ASSASSIN, requires CRUX TERMINATUS (30 kills).
- Transformation project for STR_ADEPTAS_ASSASSIN -> STR_IMPERIAL_ASSASSINFEM, requires VETERAN commendation.

- NEW SOLDIER ACCESS: Adeptas can now recruit the new Inquisitor Storm Troopers and Inquisitors after they research the Inquisitor Office.
- Inquisitor Armor updated with 9 new male inventory sprites and vocie lines + updated female sprites with more inquisitor details.
- Nerfed the stat bonuses for the Inquisitor Armor.
- Added 30 Adamantium cost for producing the Sister Superior Armor/Token.

- Simplified Requirements for USING Adeptas weapons. Requires have been changed to RequiresBuy or moved to Manufacturing. If you find any Adeptas weapons in the field, you can now use them regardless of faction.
- Changed the Dominion Bolter magazine production so it is dependent on the magazine research. Lowered research time cost for the ammo and raised it for the gun instead.

- ADEPTAS WAR: Corrected a typo that added way too many rank 3 enemies to this map.

- Lowered Necro Meltagun research time cost to 200 from 400, as its more of a sidegrade.
- NEW WEAPONS: Adeptas Autoguns. Inspired by the Kill Team Novitiate Autoguns. Shows up in the base menus simple as the Autoguns, but in battle they have the Adeptas BigOB art. There´s a Scoped DMR variant with aimed fire instead of a bayonet.
-  BALANCE: Nerfed resistances of the Assassin suits, although it is a workaround for no proper dodge mechanic, they should still be taking *some* damage.

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« Reply #163 on: June 29, 2022, 06:07:27 pm »
Nice changelog, can't wait.

Just recently got a guardsmen traitor camp mission oddity that feels like a bug.

I sent my space marines in drop pods and after killing a few enemies , i was surprised to see coming out of the guardsmen camp a hostile unit that felt out of place :

And checking closer indeed, that's a Sister of Battle (and not a chaos one)  that is for some reason hostile ?

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« Reply #164 on: June 29, 2022, 08:20:27 pm »
The Deserters are sometimes led by some ~mysterious forces~, won't spoil what's behind it. You might learn more as you go on.

Not all of these odd units may be what they appear.