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Re: OXCE (OpenXcom Extended) main thread
« Reply #1335 on: February 24, 2024, 11:35:48 am »
New OXCE v7.12.0 is up.

- R-click in SoldiersState:,11808.0.html
- Experimental: weapon safety switch (for reactions):,11340.msg161750.html#msg161750
- Longer quick search in TTV:,11796.msg161647.html#msg161647
- Show reason(s) why facility cannot be dismantled:,11152.msg161592.html#msg161592
- Direct soldier transformation:,10002.msg161488.html#msg161488
- MMB to open Pedia on "What can I wear?" UI:,11250.0.html
- Experimental: arrow browsing without hidden articles:,10374.msg161299.html#msg161299
- Ability to hide Pedia articles (by players):,10374.msg161299.html#msg161299
- Option to follow the wing leader or not:,10534.msg161166.html#msg161166

- Support for saves and notes deletion on mobile:,11789.0.html
- Support for infinite production on mobile:,11788.0.html

- Smarter Equip mod (for xcom1 and xcom2):,7868.msg161834.html#msg161834
- Preferred reaction weapon priority:,10627.0.html
- Amiga thinking...,10710.msg161509.html#msg161509
- New Battle: ability to select globe texture:,11370.msg161151.html#msg161151
- Added new type of node that allows to ignore ruleset: FIXME

- Bigger Facility Preview for Ufopaedia (by WarStalkeR):,11819.msg161957.html#msg161957
- Inventory auto-placement priorities/rules:,7868.msg161833.html#msg161833
- Allowed soldier groups per craft:,10678.msg161784.html#msg161784
- Experimental: chryssalid inherits zombie's faction:,11259.msg161586.html#msg161586
- Experimental: allow zombifying hostiles (by player):,11259.msg161586.html#msg161586
- Experimental: mind control hostiles into neutrals:,11221.msg161585.html#msg161585
- Experimental: Support for grenades exploding before battle:,11765.0.html
- Ability to disable Pedia articles (by modders):,11766.msg161280.html#msg161280
- Ability to override item in item pedia articles:,11766.msg161280.html#msg161280
- Ability for geoscape events to spawn craft:,11201.0.html
- Mapscript commands filter by craft (group):,10713.msg161170.html#msg161170
- Base defense facilities with own ammo storage and rearm rate:,11760.0.html
- Don't mark xcom base(s) for retals without scouting phase:,11429.msg161096.html#msg161096

- y-script: Expose weapon vapor particles: FIXME

- Fixed height for motion scanner markers:,11577.0.html
- Fixed crash when transferring currently opened craft:,11807.0.html

From OXC:
- Added Windows Installer translations


Auto-update is available on Windows.

Ruleset validator was updated.
Wiki ruleset reference was updated.
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