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40k changelog and download / Version 032
« on: July 25, 2018, 01:21:13 am »
Current Version 032

Download mod from:

Video Installation Instructions:

Latest OXCE is required to install prior to play the mod
LP  with mod

Update 20.02.2022:

- New features require OXCE 7.5.3
- Added Genestealer Cults as a new enemy faction, with new missions
- Added Geoscape sounds for selecting craft and sending them to intercept or on a mission
- Reduced the size of explosion animations for heavy plasma weapons to better match their explosion radius
- Added space for a 2x2 unit on all Stormravens
- Added some ammo and a Halberd to the Grey Knight's starting base
- Added missing information for Mastercrafted Storm Bolter ammo
- Fixed issues that were causing the mod to fail recent OXCE mod validation on start up
- Fixed some broken craft deployments
- Fixed some missing Eldar unit Codex articles
- Fixed some map generation crashes due to placing corpses as items

Update 02.01.2022:

- New Features require OXCE 7.3
- Added Chambers Militant/Grey Knights as a new player faction
- Increased soldier capacity of all Stormraven variants to 12
- Increased soldier capacity of all Stormeagle variants to 15
- Added alert sounts for missions and spotting hostile craft in the geoscape
- Several smaller bugfixes

Update 25.07.2021:

- New Features require OXCE 7.0
- Fixed crashes in geoscape due to improperly spawning missions from Cultist, Ork, and Traitor Guard bases
- Fixed missing live capture item for Cultist Ritualists
- Added a Generator facility for outpost bases
- Added a new riot mission conducted by Chaos Cultist bases
- Delayed first month missions slightly to give Marines time for their strategy selection gear to arrive
- Fixed the first level of the Space Hulk mission blocking the exit from some player craft
- Fixed the holes in the walls of the upper level of the Cultist Cathedral

Marine Content:
- Added Primaris as a strategy option
- Added a Salamanders chapter reskin mod
- Changed initial wargear granted by strategy selection to use a geoscape event to explain it
- The Stormraven's Assault Cannon and the Thunderhawk's Battle Cannon are now manufactured as part of the craft and fixed onto the craft in geoscape
- Added unit barks for Chaplain and Librarian armors

Guard Content:
- Pilot armor firing and reactions bonuses now apply to interceptions

Update 05.02.2021:

- New features require OXCE 6.9.1
- Added Necrons as a new enemy faction
- Added a new Chaos Cultist Ritual mission
- Fixed crashes with base defense missions happening at above-ground outposts
- Minor updates/fixes to the chapter change mods

Marines Content:
- Added voice lines for Sergeant Signum Armor
- Added a new set of Librarian spells and variants of the Librarian armor to chose them

Arbites Content:
- Fixed not being able to research High Tier Requisitions

Guard Content:
- Copied the Airstrike ability from Signum Armors to the Officer Armors
- Fixed being able to walk inside the Leman Russ MBT in the Armor Column craft

Update 14.12.2020:

- New features require OXCE 6.8.3
- Added new player base types: above-ground regular, trade, and training outposts
- Added more craft skins for the Arbites' Chimera, the Arvus, and the Thunderhawk
- Adamantium components, promethium, ceramite, warp drives, and power sources are now purchasable at trading outpost bases
- Updates to the Chaos Cultist rituals mission to prevent enemies from being locked in and to make it more fun
- Added a new firing range mission spawned by Traitor Guard bases
- Changed the Traitor Guard Chimera's battle map to match the smaller Chimera for the player factions
- Made the Traitor Guard Chimera's turrets more likely to be destroyed by interception on the geoscape
- Made the craft assault cannon available for all factions
- Locked specialized shotgun shells to only be purchasable for the Arbites
- Cleaned up the manufacturing categories for the Side Missions and HWP Ammo
- Fixed Hangars sometimes not being accessible to large units
- Added some more AI node connectivity to the access lift to encourage enemies to leave it once in a while

Arbites Content:
- Fixed Enforcer Heavy Shield Armor missing a manufacturing project

Guard Content:
- Added unit select/move/firing sounds for Commissar Carapace Armor

Update 06-11-2020

- Fixed Adamantium components incorrectly requiring a Prison instead of the Forge
- Fixed Arbites' armor overview codex article not showing up for them but showing up for the Sisters of Battle
- Fixed both Heavy Stubber articles showing up for Arbites when only one is purchasable
- Fixed Godwyn De'az Bolter not being locked to just the Sisters of Battle
- Increased height of base defense maps to 4 (mostly cosmetic)
- Added two craft skins for the Arbites' Vulture (requires OXCE from 1 Nov 2020 or later to function)

Update 31-10-2020

- New features require OXCE v6.7.2
- Added Arbites as a new playable faction!
- Added two new terrains
- Polar maps now have 'death trap' tiles
- Limited throwing range for all grenades (both player and enemy) to 20 tiles
- Enabled melee weapons being able to damage terrain (only for 1x1-sized units and not on a diagonal)
- Reduced size of battlescape maps for Ork vehicle encounters
- Reenabled some cutscenes that were accidentally disabled
- Added missing recoil/strength required lines in codex articles
- Added codex help articles for globe icons, following enemy craft, turret destruction, and terrain destruction
- Editing pass on codex article text in general
- Fixed Sister of Battle standard and repentia armor codex articles being visible to other factions
- Fixed the Traitor Marines from the month 1/2 terror missions not being researchable
- Fixed validation crashes for running on newer OXCE versions
- Fixed some maps blocking exits from the Chimera
- Fixed crashes when shooting down Ork vehicles
- Fixed some tyranids missing weapons on the space hulk mission

Marines Content:
- Master of signal sprites corrected
- Signal armor now provides airstrike
- Librarian sprites corrected
- Nerfed chapter banner
- Fixed sideoperations mission 8
- Chapter corruption now depends on chapel and librarian research so those don't get locked out once you corrupt your chapter

Sisters Content:
- Fixed dominion armor ufopedia sprite

Guard Content:
- Added carapace armor for Commissars

Update 08-06-2020

- New features require OXCE v6.5.3
- Sisters of Battle added as a playable faction
- Renamed Psi Skill to Devotion and Psi Strength to Psychic Ability for new Sisters' mechanics
- All Commander-rank Chaos Marines can unlock the final story research, not just the Traitor Marines
- Added recoil penalties for firing weapons with not enough strength
- Added strength requirements for melee weapons
- Added muzzle flashes to all bolt weapons
- Added vapor trail effect to plasma, melta, and flamer weapons
- Added human-sized bolters
- Added hellpistols as a MC laspistol
- Added stub rifles, gave to chaos cultists as appropriate
- Rebalance of some weapons' weight values
- Reduction of some enemies' strength values to reduce grenade spam
- Reduced chances of the month 1 Ork base spawning more Ork bases
- Moved enemy missions that shouldn't happen at friendly Guard Outposts to their own mission zones
- Servitor's armor repair now always hits but repairs a random amount
- Cleanup of some manufacturing categories
- Fixed palette for base defenses firing screen
- Fixed Winged Daemon Corpse listOrder
- Fixed crashes due to terror missions occurring in ocean regions
- Fixed recovering sacrificed civilians as the wrong items
- Fixed Ork craft interception window sprites causing crashes
- Fixed Chaos Cultist base spawning/missions causing crashes

Guard Content:
- Added Armored Column as a craft with Leman Russ MBT
- Rework of Chimera craft map
- Fixed Tanith Medic armor using the Tanith Scout armor item
- Fixed the IG's heavy bolter using the Thunder Hammer hand sprite

Update 20-02-2020

  - New features require OXCE v6.3.4
  - Added short cutscenes for mission briefings as an auxiliary mod
  - Updated and unified colors for Geoscape UI
  - Added the ability to pick starting faction at the start of the campaign
  - Flattened difficulty to make the faction selection possible
  - Removed Hobbes' terrains, replaced with some new ones
  - Updated terrain mission terrain by Dioxine
  - Update to Russian translation by Omich0629
  - Updated terrains for Cultist and Traitor Guard bases
  - Cultist, Ork, and Traitor Guard bases conduct new and more missions from the start of the game
  - Added multiple tiers for Cultist and Traitor Guard bases
  - Added a few new unit sound clips for female marines and orks
  - Updated some craft weapon icons
  - Small Battlescape UI updates
  - Fix for crash on chaos plasma missions manufacturing
  - Fix for Ork Waggon turrets not being destroyed sometimes when shot down

Guard Content:
  - Fix for Commissar sounds files on same index as some unit response sounds

Marines Content:
  - Two new Sideoperations Missions
  - Advanced Scout camouflage now switches variants for all terrains
  - Added Master Crafted Hammer, Power Sword, and Stormbolter, with sprites by Firaa
  - Fix for Assault Bikes being damaged when dropped in Droppods
  - Fix for Thunderhawk maps

Update 11-10-2019
  - Added unit response sounds, requires OXCE 5.6.3
  - Included Russian translation by Omich0629 and RamoZ-101
  - Map fixes and updates

Marine Content:
  - Minor updates to chapter change mods

Guard Content:
  - Fixed Sentinel Autocannon range being too short
  - Fixed craft turrets failing to spawn when too close to an exploded power source

Update 03-09-2019
  - Fixed missing traitor guard flamer and cultists sometimes having no weapons
  - Fixed certain IG missions crashing due to bad regions definitions
  - Fixed stray pixels on stubber hand sprites
  - Fixed crash in basescape due to missing single Droppod sprites in Blood Angels and Imperial Fists mods
  - Fixed Commissar's inspire ability damaging armor
  - Codex cleanup for craft weapons and auxiliary units
  - Added labels to all craft weapon slots
  - Chaos weapons don't prevent base facility pieces from exploding in base defenses
  - Orks have Killa Kans to defend their bases
  - Orbital Bombardment manufacturing now requires Naval Communications to be unlocked
  - Updated minimap sprites for all terrains to better match the tile sprites
  - Removed some pillars in hangar facility's maps to make them more accessible to large units in base defense
  - Re-translated altitude strings for craft to match both air and ground craft
  - Ground-based player craft cannot directly attack high-altitude enemy craft, but doesn't affect hunter-killer interceptions
  - Updated Chaos Dreadnought/Plasma sprite

Guard Content:
  - Added Advanced Sentinel variants with extra armor
  - Standard Sentinels now have an open-top sprite and other graphics

Update 02-07-2019
  - Added an article that explains Strategy choice that pops up at beginning of the game
  - New, harder final mission
  - Separate final mission for the Marines' Chaos Path
  - Added a "Hangar" mission to test out crafts' deployment
  - Autopistols, Autoguns, and Heavy Stubbers now damage a small amount of armor
  - Added a stomp melee attack for Sentinels
  - Enemy turrets and some heavy weapons soldiers can now shoot at targets spotted by other enemies
  - Enemy armor no longer scales with difficulty
  - Traitor Guard and Chaos Cultists no longer spawn on typical Chaos Craft
  - Traitor Guard and Chaos Cultists have their own separate sets of weapons
  - Added a flamer and grenade launcher for the Traitor Guard
  - Added Chaos heavy stubbers, shotguns, and sniper rifles
  - Changed the Chaos Priest to be an assassin (sprites to come later maybe?). High Priest remains as-is.
  - Map for Razorback in the battlescape
  - New sprites for some terror unit weapons
  - More ambient sounds
  - Minor cosmetic and terrain fixes
  - Fixed smoke grenades being counted as tainted artifacts
  - Fixed crash on wrong sprites for base facilities
  - Fixed typo on IG missions causing crash
  - Fixed some crashes and 0-cost new bases related to the globe rework
Marine Content:
  - Blood Angels chapter change mod now available
  - Updates to Imperial Fists mod
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Re: 40k changelog and download / Version 025
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2020, 04:46:37 am »
Update 12-04-2019
  - Updated text colors for New Research and New Manufacturing menus
  - Changed bolts and heavy auto shells to do less armor damage but have some armor piercing
  - Fixed bolts having too low stun damage
  - Increased damage and range on Heavy Bolters to better match lore
  - Bumped up damage on Assault Cannons and Autocannons to match Heavy Bolter changes
  - Changed Storm Bolters and Assault Bike Bollters to use the (0-100% roll)x2 damage model instead of (0-200% roll) to better represent firing two bolts to the same location
  - Increased armor damage of lasgun/laspistol power cells, but still less than version 012-017 levels
  - Enemies should make the aimed/snap/auto decision better based on the weapon they're using
  - Enemies with weapons that have a max range should prefer to move closer now
  - Added max ranges to Meltaguns and Multimeltas to help the AI use it better
  - Fixed the INFO section for Blight Rockets causing a crash
  - New campaigns now actually start in the year 40k
  - Traitor Guard soldiers no longer deploy with laspistols
  - Added Traitor Guard Outposts as a new kind of enemy base
  - Added a Chimera for the Traitor Guard
  - Added an Ork Encampment as a new kind of enemy base
  - Added Grots to the Orks' deployments, sprites by b
  - Added the Grot Blasta as an Ork weapon
  - Fixed Stormravens, Dreadnoughts, and Centurion Warsuits being researchable/manufacturable for the Imperial Guard
  - Edited the globe to make it look less like Earth
  - Added Codex articles for the rare Bolters, Boltpistols, and Lasguns
  - Added a Master Crafted Grav-Gun
  - Added some missing Codex strings
  - Improved some Codex images
  - Fixes for Imperial Fist armors and sprites
  - Added a map in the Codex help section for the new globe
Marine Content
  - Removed manufacturing of HWP-type dreadnoughts
  - Chapter Corruption now grants corrupted marines as a new soldier type, but prevents recruiting loyalist marines and manufacture of loyalist armors
  - Added a transformation from loyalist marine to corrupted marine
  - Added armors for corrupted marines to correspond to the loyalist variants
  - Added a Chaos Thunderhawk Transport
  - Added a Chaos Shrine as a base facility
  - Added new base sprites for each type of Thunderhawk Transport
IG Content
  - Increased cost of Psykers and Stormtroopers to 2 honor badges
  - Increased number of badges granted by Psyker and Stormtrooper research from 3 to 4
  - Fixed Veteran Guardsmen losing their rank after being promoted to veteran
  - Fixed not being able to research Autocannons for the battlescape
  - Fixed Sentinel/Missile being too weak against lasers and incendiary weapons
  - Fixed Mounted Weapons being too weak against lasers while taking no stun or smoke damage
  - Added Chaos Autopistols and Autoguns
  - Added Stubbers and Chaos Stubbers
  - Changed Riot missions to use Stubbers and Chaos Autoguns instead of Imperial Autoguns
  - Fixed one standing direction of Commissar not having black boots
  - Added boots to Ogryn battlescape sprites, fixed arms clipping over arms for Ogryn Carapace and Bullgryn armors
  - Hellguns and Hotshot Volley Guns now have infinite instead of recharging ammo
  - Added cosmetic variants of Advanced Carapace armors for Storm Troopers, sprites by Bait4Fate
  - Added new missions for supporting the PDF or Space Marines assaulting a Chaos Outpost

Update 08-02-2019
  - More string cleanup and editing by TheDeparted
  - Spellcheck by IvanDogovich
  - New sprites for lasgun/laspistol power cells
  - Added Lucius, Voss, and Vostroya Pattern Lasguns to the list of randomized weapons in ruins maps
  - Separated rare lasgun map blocks from rare bolter/boltpistol map blocks
  - Fixed the auto-equip function breaking how "charge" deployments like droppods or grav drops work
  - Fixed the craft tilesets being set on fire too easily
  - Fixed race appearances by mission type
  - Fixed mission scripts that would generate an extra mission per month
  - Fixed LOFTemps in the Grav Drop deployments that would allow spotting of units
  - Armor repair (Support Servitor and Techmarine Servo Arms) now automatically repairs the side with the most armor missing by percentage, no matter the side you use the ability from
  - Built-in/special weapons should now show properly on the INFO screen for armors
  - Added codex text for the Lascannon and made it exclusive to Marines Strategies
  - Added a script for crewed weapons emplacements and a codex article to explain it
  - Warmap tileset more real
  - Fuel map depot more real
General balance changes:
  - Reduced the armor damage for standard lasgun and laspistol clips
  - Rebalanced plasma weapons to fill more of an anti-heavy infantry role
  - Plasma pistols have reduced range and clip size but much more power
  - Plasma rifles have increased power but reduced clip size
  - Heavy plasma now has a small AoE radius that drops off quickly, and increased range and clip size
  - All plasma weapons are more rare and expensive
  - Added Chaos Boltpistols, and replaced some equips that had plasma pistols with them
  - Heavy Bolter has increased clip sizes, faster auto and snap shots, and an increased kneeling bonus
  - Increased the cost of heavy bolter ammo and missiles
  - Reduced the cost of krak grenades slightly
  - Reduced incendiary damage modifiers for large (2x2) units all-around
  - Reduced dreadnought susceptibility to laser weapons
  - Set resource costs of MC Bolter Ammo to match the clipSize
  - Increased the adamantium cost of lascannon manufacturing
  - Added an adamantium cost to manufacturing meltaguns
  - Added adamantium costs to manufacturing craft weapons
  - Reduced the points penalty for losing Guardsmen
Marine Content
  - Techmarine now has both hands free
  - Crozius Arcanum now can melee attack
  - Sorcerer staff with snap shot
  - Eldar light with snap shot
  - Apothecary narthecium with melee attack
  - Support Stormtalon weapons have fixed movement and more TUs/energy
  - Stormeagle map, comes with 10 crew and 2 pilots
  - Chapter Heraldry in Codex (simple yet)
Guard Content
  - The Long-Las now changes color slightly when loaded with the hotshot ammunition
  - The Marauder now requires researching Warp Drives and Power Sources
  - Psykers now require High-tier Requisitions
  - Updated Commissar sprites
  - Added a High-tier Requistion research for the IG endgame
  - Added the Gorgon superheavy APC
  - Added stims to guard medics
  - Added missing storage size and sell price to handheld autocannon
  - Added a guard variant of the handheld lascannon, changed the mounted variant to use the new ammunition but with lower reload cost
  - Removed ability for sentinels and mounted weapons to kneel

Update 17-01-2019
  -  Changed Chimera on outpost map
  - Added Accatran Pattern Lasguns to the list of randomized weapons in ruins maps
  - Fixed explosions being able to propagate through the front of Chimeras
Marine Content
  -  Signal Armor Correction
  -  keepCraftAfterFailedMission for Thunderhawk transport
  -  Imperial Fist sub mod
IG Content
  - New sprites for Tauros Lascannon Turret, corpse sprite for Tauros Grenade Launcher Turret
  - Added a new recurring mission to rescue stranded PDF Forces from their downed Valkyrie
  - Added a new map for the PDF Outpost Defense to give the mission some variety
  - Small tweaks to the first PDF Outpost Defense Map
  - Pushed back appearance of Raptors and Traitor Marines on PDF Outpost defense

Update 10-01-2019
  - Statstrings moved to auxiliary mod, turn on and off by activating/deactivating the mod from the options menu
  - Testing new script to change overweight penalty to remove energy instead of TUs
  - Added an assistance article to provide a short explanation of the new mechanics
  - Terminator weapons retain the TU penalty in addition to the new energy penalty when overweight
  - Guard Heavy Bolter no longer removes energy on kneeling
  - Corrected and edited many of the mod's strings (credit to TheDeparted)
Marine Content
  -  Updating GEO for stormraven
  -  Updating Craft image stormraven
  -  Inquisition Full arc
  -  Grey Knight´s
  -  Scout Armor color corrections
  -  Small fixes
IG Content
  - Fixed morale gain from executing traitors, broken due to last version's update
  - Changed Craft Quad Autocannon again to differentiate it from the (renamed) Marine's Craft Assault Cannon
  - Added the Marauder Destroyer as a mid-tier fire support interceptor.
  - Added Sanctioned Psykers as a late-game soldier type, with a number of different disciplines and abilities based on choice of armor.
  - Added hand-held autocannons.
  - Added the first of a set of monthly missions, an outpost defense after you've completed training.
  - Added the script that forces hits on the front armor as long as the shooter is in within diagonally in front of the target to the mounted weapon armors.
  - Added an article to explain how to execute traitors with Commissars.
  - Added articles to explain Officer and Veteran promotions.
  - Added deployed bipod sprites for Heavy Stubber when kneeling
  - New article images for Craft Multilaser, Quad Lascannon, and Quad Autocannon

Update 28-12-2018
- Ork Strings Fix
- LOS for chaos psi
Marine Content
- Bike armor Fix
- Honor Assault armor Fix
- Stormraven turret
- GK Stormraven
- Goggles by layer
- Centurion face fix
- Ufopedia fixes
- Mission 7 fix
IG Content
- Added photon flash grenade as a mid-tier tool for assaults
- Added Carapace medic armor
- Updated medic inventory image, battlescape sprites, and armor preview
- Updated Taurox map and turret images
- Updated how the Commissar's traitor execution functions, limited to only IG units
- Fixed drawing routines for IG armors

Update 11-12-2018
- Guard merged (now available on this download)
- Removed requirement of using a corpse for the dreadnought transformation
- Krak missiles for missile launcher now have a small AoE radius and do explosive damage, but reduced power
- Added krak grenades
- Removed non-soldier versions of assault bike and dreadnoughts
- Rebalanced unit vision
- Some string cleanup
- Mission 7
For Guard:
- Increased quad-linked autocannon damage to match the airborne version, reduced range to compensate
For Marines:
- 3 new armors for each strategy
- Armors are by layers now (so everyone can mod and create their own chapter)
- Resources are linked by chapter (so everyone can mod and create their own chapter)
warning sideoperations mission 8 is WIP (so if you get there hold the horses)

Update 16-11-2018
- behemont recover fix
- nerfed nurglespit
- tyranid now spit
- helmet´s for missions to come
- cyclone mortar buff
- New geoscape sprites
warning sideoperations mission 7 is WIP (so if you get there hold the horses)

Update 31-10-2018
- New Enemy

Update 17-10-2018
- Fix on craft addon research
- Other Fixes

Update 28-9-2018
- Marines Corpses no longer recover (legacy mechanic for dread)
- List order for corpse and live
- New Base Tiles
- New Base defense Mechanic

Update 19-9-2018
- 2 new Dreadnought Armors
- Distinct UI sprites For All Dreadnought  Armors
- Small fixes
- Major fix on Master Crafted Plasma Cannon
- Major fix on Terror map generation script

Update 14-9-2018
- Strategic choices (now enforced)
- Thunderhawk Variant´s for the Strategic choices
- Map fixes
- Small fixes

Update 07-9-2018
- More assistance UFOPEDIA(with FAQ)
- Tank units spawns with OCXE+ new system
- Support Stromtalon now get´s all wrecked in missions( )
- New facility for training

Update 24-8-2018
- Orks race
- No one hand penalty for terminator weapons
- Eldar granades
- Small fixes

Update 14-8-2018
- Fix Craft weapon disable color
- Fix war map won´t spawn Transport thunderhawk
- Fix all Drawing routing 10 to 0
- Fix dreadnought useless soldier armor 0
- HandInv now more up
- Fix predator paperdool
- Shorter ufopedia text when needed

Update 10-8-2018
-1 New Craft weapon
-1 New Craft Systems
-Platform corpse fixes
-Statstring correct
-New base generic banner replacing ultra (for guard and other chapters)

Update 27-7-2018
-5 New Craft Systems
-Minor fixes
-Nerfed Craftweapons acc for systems balance

Update 24-7-2018
-New Craft (Stormraven)
-New Facility (corridor)
-Ranks for adeptas seroritas
-Ranks for guard (basic 4 ranks guardop mod)
-fix ruins bug map
-Some Ufopedia facility text
-Chimera on Urban Maps
-Tractor on refinery maps
-Small fixes on some MCD

Fix 16-07-2018
- Valkyrie Map
- Land speeder map (sound on top)
- Belt expanded, now can carry´s knif´s

Update 13-07-2018
- Thunderhawk
- Thunderhawk transport
- Small fixes ( sniper dosen´t damage tiles/ armor animation)
- remove dreadnought promotions by manufacture (now done in soldier panel)

Update 29-06-2018
- Eldar (new unit´s/weapons/map)
- Chaos Armor values now same as marine (hope balance works)
- Sonic Cannon
- Several Fixes

Fix 07-06-2018
- New Facility (forge required to produce adamantium)
- Several Small Fixes

Fix 18-05-2018
- Several Small Fixes

Update 24-05-2018
- Special scan for techmarine armor
- Merged maps from terrainpack and made a new one
- New Inv´s
- Bike Ammo and other bike related
- New chaos Craft
- New Border´s
- More Globe Markers
- 2x2 unit preview
- Lot´s of smal fixes

Update 11-05-2018
- Realist chaos Craft interiors on all craft
- Hunter killer system (escort for supply and sentry for bases)
- Mortar now special weapon
- Rebalance for all craft
- More Globe Markers

Fix 3-05-2018
- Corrected Strings on Chaos craft
- New Chaos craft
- Melta gun now do melta damage
- Critical mission 5 spawn correction

Fix 28-04-2018
- nerf Chaos Dred missel
- corrected Strings
- Help section on codex
- Minor Fixes (sentinel sound, Joan Sprite)
- Critical Refinery and airport mapscript correction

update 24-04-2018
- Chaos guard sentinel
- hellfire rockets now objects
- Several Fixes

update 18-04-2018
- Sprite Correction on several units
- % on ufopedia Correction
- item categories for weapons
- New Pilot´s Armor (useless yet)
- Ufopedia corrected
- Small fixes´s all around
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