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Brutal AI / Re: [BUG REPORT] XCF crashes in Black Lotus HQ
« Last post by Akamashi on Today at 12:37:06 am »
Oh, sorry that there is no feedback. I am now 250 km from home. The settings of the brutal enemies are 3-1-1. Of the additional mods, only one is for a random spread of the base cap of agent stats +/- 10%.
XPiratez / Re: Everyday is Caturday Challenge Run
« Last post by Yugian on Today at 12:14:50 am »
(Welp. I've uh... had some interesting times recently. Had to sideline Caturday for a bit, but now we're back in the saddle. Breaks are good though!)

November 1st, 2604

There are very few people whom can bypass our IFF. Rarer still that they know where we live, and that they have the keys for the front door. The harmony of these three facts means when blazing heat and bay doors fired off, we knew whom had arrived: Free Traders. The mail had arrived.

What has felt like ages ago, we sent them their crate of robes. The bodies of the so called 'gods'- as many as we could stick in such a retched thing. Ships worth of the fallen, the slain... the unworthy. A voyage made across the stars as physical proof of our capabilities, that we were worth investing in. That Claw-Sisters have died perpetuating the war against the great enemy of the stars. The Tyrants of this planet. That we could win this fight, if we merely had investment of the Empress.

Our pleas were answered. She had heard us. Where we had sent one crate, she has sent us many. Green boxes filled with Stormcat, The suit of Veteran warriors. Enough for a Regiment to encase itself in a flexible, light weight battle armor. Lighter then The Carapace that was Ironcat, but without compromising our natural mobility for protection. A fine tailored suit for the challenges we'd face ahead: Breaching, assault. But we needed better, This was for general threats- and threat we were facing...?

Eyes turned then to several black boxes. Crates full of High Explosive Ordinance. Marked with Hazard symbols and treated with the care you'd expect at this point. The Free Traders panicked for a moment; Then they remembered whom they were dealing with. Fresh Muntions from the Homeworlds were included of all types, alongside Micro-Rockets. Neko-Runts were already hard at work shipping the ammunition away, and assembling pieces of what was clearly Harness suits for Exo-Skeletons. The very frames that would house Peacemaker Launchers.

There was plenty to share. From the size of these shipments, it was clear that there would be more coming too. This was not a charity drive or donation from the Home-Worlds. This was a commited effort of war material: A sanction from the Houses. Regardless if they recognized our claims or not, they had no choice but to support our war effort. We had now become a factor in the grand scale of politics, with our actions now judicating where the knife would fall in this sector.

Yet as our influence grows- So do the shackles.

Cheer fills our halls, and a round of Chateu is held for the crew. But I instead turn to the Captain of the ship, whom has a key for me. The instructions are clear: I am to take it to the Hypercomms, and plug it in. Our contact is waiting for the confirmation of our delivery... and the conditions of our contract. For if nothing else, I have come to understand this beast:

That war is logistics. Nothing is for free.

Whilst the world celebrated their much needed victory, I tread forth to the realm of the stars, Our small piece of the greater whole. Merriment reverberated, before tapering off as I crossed that threshold. From Warriors, to our engineers that maintained the systems- There was an irony that discipline was not found within the warriors of my realm, but those whom made the machines sing.

Upon my orders, the machines spin to life. Upon my will, they insert the key. Soon, Holographic displays bleed in, and I stand before the Quartermaster.

A woman of ebony hair sits before me, with skin as smooth as a humans. She is kith, and marred by countless battles- Her eyes is taken from her, and the air about her has the proven aura of a warrior. Her posture extrudes confidence, and she clearly was delegated with our handling- For whom else could keep a handle on a rowdy bunch of Feminine Cat-Warrior upstarts? Perhaps in another life, I would be taking orders from her... Or she to me. But that is not the situation at hand.

"Ho-bah, Captain of Starlight. I see you have recieved your reward for your service." Her tone is confident. Smooth. She speaks with a gentle touch of silk in her voice, but I've grown experienced enough to know it hides steel. A dagger you would never see before it was too late. A devotee to the way of Shadow, or perhaps even a traditional claw? She has been granted sanctity into my demesne, and she knows how to own the room. "I am Jasmira, The Merchant Advisor of System-92 Branch here. We have received your commitment to the Empress. She has agreed to grant you access to supplies and requisition from the House supply. Free Traders have been appointed as Intermediaries, you will negotiate with them regarding transaction price- as they will be handling delivery of your war material."

I bow my head. My tone is deferential, but curt. Despite all that has been said, we were reliant on our patron. If we were to get the equipment we need to survive... Well. I like to think I've started to become quite capable of conducting court politics. Maybe I was turning into a respectable captain after all.

"Thank you Jasmira. Your words bring hope to my crew, and to have the Empresses sanction in this war emboldens them. We will redouble our efforts with the new supply she has sent us... Is there anything else that we need to speak of?" My tail flicks softly, hand gripping gently. An unease fills my body- an expected one. But I've come to learn that no deal ever comes without strings. A breath is taken. A breath is stolen.

"Indeed. We have heard that you have developed new technologies. We will take a look at what you have developed... Then Inform you what has interested us. As these are your creations, you will be compensated fairly for them. Is this acceptable?"

That means access to our database. That means the inevitable was coming. But we could not say no. Not if we were to keep the door open. And so it is with great reluctance, that we begin the choice that will soon lead us to the point of no return. A minute of rumination follows, before I nod to the woman.

"This is acceptable. I hope the house will find many of our inventions to be wonderous and worthy of her attention."

They are words that change a galaxy. It is here, that lives will be irevokably marked.

Stream is Live!
In great armor, shall we clad them...
IDT Modding Hub / Re: Reaver's Harmony Megamod - A Massive X-Com Expansion
« Last post by Draemock on July 19, 2024, 10:50:16 pm »
Ahhh, thank you for clearing up my confusion!!
The X-Com Files / Re: Error while trying to determine waypoint for mission
« Last post by Meridian on July 19, 2024, 10:33:26 pm »
Moved to XCF subforum
It's a known issue in the mod's files
you can follow the instructions provided in some posts above to fix it and download an updated version of the regions ruleset file from the github repo to prevent it from happening again. Or you could edit the ruleset file directly if you have no problems in doing so while the official release comes out.
The X-Com Files / Error while trying to determine waypoint for mission
« Last post by _Vezy_ on July 19, 2024, 07:14:33 pm »
[19-07-2024_17-25-15] [FATAL] A fatal error has occurred: Error occurred while trying to determine waypoint for mission type: STR_ALIEN_ABDUCTION in region: REGION_NATASHA_MOROZOVA_HIDEOUT, mission tried to find a waypoint in zone 5 but this region only has zones valid up to 1

The only mod used is The X-Com Files. Tried to contact the mod maker. Not sure if it's the mod making the issue.
To reproduce the bug just leave the world spinning for a bit , click away the couple of ufo contacts it should come up.

The X-Com Files / Re: The Joy (Pain) of a Terror Ship
« Last post by Juku121 on July 19, 2024, 03:41:48 pm »
Touché. :P
The X-Com Files / Re: Sanity gain
« Last post by Juku121 on July 19, 2024, 03:41:18 pm »
Sanity/mana is both a primary and secondary stat in XCF, but since there are no sanity-training weapons, it's essentially secondary. Read Ufopedia for how that works.
The X-Com Files / Re: Bugs, crashes, typos & bad taste
« Last post by CrazedHarpooner on July 19, 2024, 01:33:40 pm »
While adapting some scripts for my submod, I've spotted a possible issue in the last one I've come across. There's a mission, "Impossible Internet Intelligence", with a deployment in a 50x50 map. The script for this mission tries to spawn a large block (40x40) in after the craft. The issue is that depending on the size of this craft and its placement on the map it can prevent this large block from being placed, while not critical as it doesn't crash the game nor does it block the player from completing it, it left me wondering if this was desired / intended.

The probabilies for the school block to spawn in the current 50x50 map are aproximately:
- 64% when the craft is in a 10x10 block
- 40% when the craft is in a 10x20 block
- 0% when the craft is in a 20x20 block

Increasing the map dimensions to 60x60 would mitigate this issue greatly, but not completely prevent it:
- 89% when the craft is in a 10x10 block
- 80% when the craft is in a 10x20 block
- 64% when the craft is in a 20x20 block

Also, I tried to check if maybe there's a vehicle limitation for the mission, but I did not see any such properties defined in the deployment. Just your usual insanity battle conditions.
The X-Com Files / Re: Help with editing enemy numbers
« Last post by CrazedHarpooner on July 19, 2024, 12:46:51 pm »
One cavehat you can possibly expect is in gang wars or anything that has a 3rd faction, they also use the same spawn nodes and during my testing of scripts and new battles I've noticed them clumpling up around certain nodes. I expect that setting the demigod value to false will reduce their numbers on the map considerably as they seem to be spawned in after all the hostile units have and would very likely run out of spawn nodes with just a few units spawned in, if any even.
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