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Because it was easy to do.
This is an important argument.
psiVision would need a small rework too, but not too big... I can add that in future if needed
No thanks, not without this.
And as Yankes say, desired effects can be achieved by scripts.
Help / Re: How to stop aliens from carrying extra equipment?
« Last post by The Martian on Today at 02:12:30 am »
I think I got it!

alienDeployments: was placed twice in the same .rul file.

When the second instance was removed the re-added deployment functioned correctly and the alien appeared without any equipment!

This is 'a' solution, but is it the correct way to prevent aliens from having extra equipment?

Is there a way to set a unit to only use equipment as assigned via [armors:]builtInWeapons: or [units:]builtInWeaponSets: or do you have to completely blank the [alienDeployments:]itemSets: if you are going to use the armor or unit method?
Help / Re: How to stop aliens from carrying extra equipment?
« Last post by The Martian on Today at 02:05:12 am »
(Edit: I solved why they kept getting equipment even after the itemSets: had been blanked.)

In an attempt to get rid of the default equipment given to the aliens each mission I tried blanking the [alienDeployments:]itemSets: lists but they are still all carrying sonic weapons?

Where else is their equipment assigned?

(Example .rul file)

I've tried using:
Code: [Select]
  - delete: STR_SURVEY_SHIP
  - delete: STR_ESCORT
  - delete: STR_CRUISER
  - delete: STR_HUNTER
  - delete: STR_BATTLESHIP
  - delete: STR_PORT_TERROR
  - delete: STR_CARGO_SHIP_P1
  - delete: STR_CARGO_SHIP_P2
  - delete: STR_CRUISE_SHIP_P1
  - delete: STR_CRUISE_SHIP_P2
  - delete: STR_ARTIFACT_SITE_P1
  - delete: STR_ARTIFACT_SITE_P2
  - delete: STR_ALIEN_COLONY_P2
  - delete: STR_BASE_DEFENSE
  - delete: STR_TLETH_P1
  - delete: STR_TLETH_P2
  - delete: STR_TLETH_P3

And then re-adding each of the alienDeployments: entries with blank itemSets: like this:
Code: [Select]
      - alienRank: 5
        lowQty: 1
        highQty: 1
        dQty: 0
        percentageOutsideUfo: 50
    width: 50
    length: 50
    height: 4
      palette: 4
      music: GMISPOSH

But the deployments stay deleted and do not show up again in the "New Battle" mission generator's "Mission" tab.

I've attached an example .rul file containing the altered alienDeployments: to better explain what I mean.

Please if anyone knows why the aliens are still holding weapons let me know, as far as I can tell it doesn't make sense.

The deployments are blank, shouldn't that mean an empty alien inventory?
Remember that y-scripts are aware of bonuses, this mean you can add nearly any logic linked to it and affect most of scripted parts.
« Last post by Leflair on October 24, 2021, 11:22:15 pm »
1.05B - Patch Notes (20211024)

    Added missing language for STR_ALPHA_SOLDIER_CORVUS: "Alpha Legionnaire", which was missing after a rename.
    Added missing language for STR_NIGHTLORDS: "Night Lords".
    Wrong floorob for the Lucious Heavy Stubber.
    Wrong palette for 1 Sister Superior Inventory image.
    Missing Vapour Trails with OXCE 7.1+
    Index Fix Adeptas Heavy Bolter hitAnimation.
    Fix BigObs with a height greater than 3 to be shown properly.
    The Bride of Tzeentch (Tzeentch Sister Chaos Champion) is now only researchable once.


Quality of Life:
    Introduced Craft Scan Data Slate to simplify the requirements for the final Marine/Adeptas craft. Each Data Slate getOneFree for enemy craft research.
    Endless retaliation missions will now no longer happen if the Flying Fortress is shot down by base defense facilities.
    Less patrol spam: Reduction of Number of Patrolling craft from enemy bases.
    Medic kits can now douse friendly units that have been lit on fire.
    Commanders unlock COMMANDER_PLUS instead of Cydonia or Bust for a correct research progression.
    Arbites Airstrike works the same as the IG one

    Forge produces twice the Adamantium for the same Cost.
    Halved Resource Costs for IG Manufacture (Sentinels etc), upped cash cost instead.
    Halved Adamantium Costs for Marine Crafts (Especially Primaris).
    Arbites Signal Armor costs Imperial Tokens instead of Adamantium.
    Adeptas Crafts cost less fuel and refuel faster (similar to Marines)

    Frateris Militia now only cause 50% morale loss in other Adeptas units when they perish as martyrs (i.e, gets killed). This mob dying by the droves doesn´t faze the Ecclessiarchy forces much, perhaps its even seen as inspirational? Gameplay wise its to make these guys more useful as cannon fodder, so its not much of a malus to bring them to a fight.
    Nerfed Blue Horrors Reaction score.

    Adeptas Light Bolters and other guns dropOff lowered (buffed) to match other factions balancing. Should provide some better engagement ranges for Adeptas.
    Moved Hellhammer Power back to 200 (Icarus gets 250 as a result)

    Necrons are now more tenacious (Reanimation Protocol)

Tzeentch Arsenal Expanded Phase 1:

TZ Laspistol Nihilis Pattern
TZ Lasgun Nihilis Pattern
TZ Inferno Boltpistol (Scoped)
TZ Light Inferno Boltgun
TZ Light Inferno Boltgun Scoped
TZ Plasma Pistol

New Ammo:
TZ Light Inferno Bolter Ammo for Boltpistols and Light Bolters
TZ Rubric Ammo buffed slightly.

New TZ Weapons have replaced placeholders used by tzeentch cults and other units.

For Phase 2 (not in yet):
TZ Longlas Nihilis Pattern
TZ Twin Core Plasma Rifle
TZ Melee weapons.

The X-Com Files / Re: [submod] XCom Files Arsenal Additions (ver 0.6.0d The Wall)
« Last post by 8mono on October 24, 2021, 09:52:24 pm »
Sorry for being away for so long, life gets complicated sometimes!
I'm getting close to completion of the next version, the content is mostly done I just need a ton of playtesting done so I make sure it works
- Added M16GL (M16 with grenade launcher, 1 round capacity, poor man's OICW)
- Added Sturmpistole (Multiple ammo "flare" gun, concealable and tiny version of a grenade launcher)
- Added upgrade to the Alloy Flare Gun into the Alloy Storm Pistol (tritanium tier for the Sturmpistole)
- Added B-52 Stratofortress:
Serves as a craft between the dragonfly and the first skyranger in terms of transport ability, multi-role, can equip heavy cannons, howitzers, heavy plating or heavy fuel tanks, VERY expensive and cannot hunt down UFO's with its speed, lastly you can unlock a version with higher cargo capacities while sacrificing speed, fuel economy and being able to equip heavy plating (extra weight)
This is a whole new class of craft, its much slower and its cannons are more focused on having range and damage rather than speed, this is an experiment and I want to see what can be done with it. You can have it patrol with a squad of agents in it, the cargo variant of it actually has more troop capacity than the skyranger's 10, plus an extra vehicle while being a lot slower
- Added Motorbike:
Single person vehicle, for those playthroughs where you want to send out lone agents against the world, faster than the sports car
- Added nameAsAmmo properties to the following weapon's ammo:
 BlackOps Auto-Shotgun exotic ammo
 Shard Shotgun ammo
 Shotgun ammo
 Flare Pistol ammo
 LWP Riot Launcher ammo
 Light Hand Cannon ammo
 KS-23M ammo
 All anti-tank rifles
 M3 Carl Gustav ammo
 BlackOps Smart Auto-Shotgun ammo
 Mortar ammo
 Barret HE ammo
 5.16 Ammo (AP and FMJ)
 5.45 Ammo (AP and FMJ)
 7.62 Ammo (AP and FMJ)
 Some others I may have missed, but most if not all the exotic ammunition I added should now work with it, when equipping ammo it will be reflected in the name of the weapon now. I've added this for the weapons with ammo that has different behavior or is the tritanium equivalent, I might add it to more weapons if you guys like it, except the extended magazine versions which I feel are redundant since its obvious when it's big but they'll still say if theyre HE or FMJ just NOT if its FMJ extended, HE extended etc
- Changed the naming convention for mod folder
- Added two new
Muton Berserker: Melee oriented, lots of TU's and hitpoints as well as a deadly AOE punch that can disorient you
 Muton Heavy Gunner: Has access to the plasma gatler, better armored than its normal counterparts

I am not happy with the Smart Auto-shotgun or the Shard Shotgun quite yet, the baton ammo on the first is what worries me most, you cannot cycle that kind of ammunition that easily and I wish to make it reflect that but I haven't had the time or focus for scripting (IF its even possible) so I might just remove it if I can't limit it to 1-2 shots per turn, I don't want to make it single-shot ammo either since that's not the proper solution either. The Shard Shotgun needs further playtesting, I feel it lacks its own identity, as cool as the concept is it doesn't quite feel right yet.

This is also one of the last pieces of pre-invasion content I'm adding so I can focus on further balancing and there probably won't be any more room to keep putting real world guns in (as much as I'd love to keep doing that) from here on I want to do Tritanium and more of the sci-fi ones as well as finish the initial laser/plasma weapons I added, after that I'll finish the HWP and LWPs... basically no more collector edition weapon from WWII or Vietnam War ...unless I can't contain myself and it really does add something to the gameplay
Help / How to stop aliens from carrying extra equipment?
« Last post by The Martian on October 24, 2021, 09:14:09 pm »
The Deep One is carrying extra weapons.


(Mod Download)
I've attached a version of this mod with the alienRaces: all set to be the Deep One to make testing vs that unit easier:
Deep One Weapon V0-2(Error).zip

I've been working on a small mod to give the Deep One a weapon to match its Ufopaedia description.

I think it is almost ready for use however I've run into a snag.

The Deep One is carrying extra weapons and should only be carrying its own special weapon and two ammo items for it.

The Deep One's armor now has [armors:]allowInv: set to true as it wasn't accepting the list of [armors:]builtInWeapons: being assigned to it.

However now it appears to be also carrying the weapons from the [alienDeployments:]itemSets: section.

I thought that [armors:]builtInWeapons: or [units:]builtInWeaponSets: would cancel out the equipment from [alienDeployments:]itemSets: but it appears that is not the case.

How do you make a unit only carry the equipment you assign directly to it?
OpenXcom Extended / Re: OXCE (OpenXcom Extended) main thread
« Last post by Meridian on October 24, 2021, 09:10:23 pm »
New OXCE v7.1.4 is up.

- Ability to change armor values via Soldier Bonuses:,7405.msg141860.html#msg141860
- Arc/Mission/Event-script triggers by xcom base country:,7215.msg141846.html#msg141846
- Arc/Mission/Event-script triggers by xcom base region

- Added Ukrainian translation

- Fixed duplicated psi weapon button

Help / Re: What are [units:] race: & rank variables used for?
« Last post by The Martian on October 24, 2021, 09:08:19 pm »
I've been digging around and from what I can tell the use for the [units:]race: variable appears to be displaying the units name on the screen that can be accessed in the battlescape by clicking on the unit with the middle mouse button.

Great, but why armors?

Because it was easy to do.

IMHO, it is more potent to affect psiVision or resistances.

Affecting resistances is practically not possible.
Not without a HUGE rework anyway.

psiVision would need a small rework too, but not too big... I can add that in future if needed
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