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OpenXcom Extended / Re: [Suggestion] Remember the Light
« Last post by Finnik on Today at 10:53:34 am »
A bit an off topic, but I will still ask it here - what about checking craft tiles when create the craft map, that have light source > 0. Then adding a control to turn them off and on (for example, in extended state) if those tiles are still alive.

Example case - dragonfly craft in xcom files has lights on it, that does not helps at all if you want stealth through the night mission.
Open Feedback / Re: Game Over
« Last post by bigwiggy on Today at 08:40:05 am »
I figured it out.  The game was ending because I was going too far into debt.  I'm not sure what the actual number is but when I sold a bunch of stuff to get enough so I was less than 2 million in dept after the monthly report the game didn't end.  You'd think they'd tell you the number though.
Open Feedback / Re: Game Over
« Last post by bigwiggy on Today at 06:33:37 am »
Thanks for the reply.

Oddly my score at the end of the month was 8709 and my rating was excellent.  In fact I don't think I've ever had a negative score and certainly never two in a row.  The only thing is I'm always over two million in debt which causes a warning, but that's easily taken care of by bagging a UFO or two.  Anyway I guess I'll try taking out one of the alien bases and see if that makes any difference.
The X-Com Files / Re: X-Com the game
« Last post by al_5437 on Today at 02:03:27 am »
Below is today's screenshot from the craft-team-equipment view.
On the left are the main base navigation buttons (64 pixels out of 1024).

192 pixels for the column that lists base's crafts and the button to purchase new crafts (UI copied from xenonauts).

The remaining 768x768 is the equipment view where you would have in one screen what other games divide in three or four.  You would select a spot in the craft, and then assign 1. agent 2. suit of armor and 3. equipment to that spot.  At any point, you would be able to save/load a predefined config.

Take into account that material "in the arcs" has also been contributed by other authors (users on the forums, github, etc). You'll probably need to contact Solarius for particulars, and you might want to check out the credits in the readme attached to XCF.

Yes, I will do that after the prototype has base management and basic game loop. There is always an option to scrap the globe, and to do the game in medieval-fantasy setting.  Five feet long bows instead of sniper rifles.

The X-Com Files / Re: [submod] Battle Scars That Hurt
« Last post by Fomka on Today at 01:28:17 am »
Strangely to me the Battle-scarred award is given even if no fatal wound was received. It seems it is given for every unit that hasn't full health at the end of a mission. Even if the difference is only 1 hp.

Here is that insight from my playthrough
...Bolt the dog was scratched by the last cultist with a throwing knife. In spite of he receives no fatal wound, he is considered Battle-scarred and suffers from -1 hp awarded by Battle Scars That Hurt submod. OK, I'll live with that
The fight with the paranormalities and the Enemy Unknown continues...

Three apprehensions of Black Lotus are on the schedule.
The lowest level cultists are awaited, so there is no goal to capture someone, agents are allowed to open fire right at the missions' starts, without shouts to freeze and drop weapons.

Australian Case
Some Black Lotus followers were discovered in Canberra, Australia, at 07:00 on the 30th of May. 27,5 hours later two agents and two dogs arrives there at night in a van (luckily it was heading in Australia from China already) and apprehend them at 10:33 on the 31st of May.
Outcome: the case is closed, no valuables captured, all sold for $11475 ($7200 captured cultist included), rookie Carmen Suarez was wounded (5 day recovery of 19hp into full 29hp).

Easter Island Case
The case on Easter Island was discovered at 23:00 on the 28th of May and was lost 93 later at 20:00 on the 1st of June. A van from China almost finished that long trip, there were only 16 hours of travelling left.

Xian Case
Black Lotus lowest level mission popped up at 03:00 on the 31st of May and is about to start at 15:47 on the 2nd of June, 60,5 hours later. There are three agents and a dog on it. The main force is Nakimera Umony, an asian-looking girl from Uganda (yeah!) who is fond of Skorpion SMG that was taken away from Red Dawn.
Outcome: the case is closed, no valuables captured, all sold for $11592 ($7200 captured cultist included), no one is fatal wounded. Only Bolt the dog was scratched by the last cultist with a throwing knife. In spite of he receives no fatal wound, he is considered Battle-scarred and suffers from -1 hp awarded by Battle Scars That Hurt submod. OK, I'll live with that.

Strange Creatures On The Icy Plains of Northern Iceland
The mission pops up at 12:00 on the 1st of June, a van from Europe goes there and arrives 28 hours later at 16:01 on the 2nd of June.
The 4 men squad goes hunting armed with 4 Glocks (each having 3 spare magazines). Heavy weapons are three shotguns. Sniper weapon is a hunting rifle.
One Owlman and a woman far away from it are spotted. Just run towards the woman! David Martin managed to put a HIT on the creature with his hunting rifle. OK, flashbang it then! David can't help himself but fire at the running owlman again, placing it to rest. Erm, that's all? I hoped for a bunch of Mongorns to hunt for...

Red Dawn Safehouse on Kamchatka
It was detected at 23:00 on the 1st of June. Will be apprehended from China base.

EXALT in Fortaleza, Brazil
Cult activity was detected at 01:00 on the 2nd of June. A van returning to Europe base will be on the track in about 10 hours. The squad is not full: they are returning from unsuccessful Muckstar case, where agent Carlos Fraga was killed. No rest at base, they'll sleep on their way across the Atlantic and in airport queues.

OK, the worldwide trips of vans with armed agents of X-Com the Paranormal Activity Unit continue.
The hardest nut to crack of the near future will undoubtfully be that Kamchatka Safehouse of Red Dawn...
But Glocks and flashbangs in hand of skillful agents will bring victory!

Know Your Tools
You'll find some GIF videos of using inaccurate Skorpion, dog barks and teeth attacks, and a Hunting Rifle attached. It is not a solid statistical investigation, just for the mood.
Are you one of those people who thinks rubberhose cryptography is science? :P
No, my science about interrogations was a sarcasm. But they do even more awful things in X-Com labs against Aliens, you know. For the sake of humanity!

That's a pretty fancy way of saying 'they can only open boxes for 833 dollars a day'. ??? 1997 dollars, so about $1500 today.
Yeah, engineers would be High Price No-Doers if I ordered the Workshop for them (as I planned one time) with no decent topics researched beforehand. Now there is only one, the Chief Engineer Who Brought Us the Shotgun, a bottle-friend of the commander and overall useful fellow research wise.

What, no love for classics such as the M1911 and the hand cannon Magnum? :D
No love, no hate, just complete disregard. Not a dedicated gun lover too, my approach here is "Use default weapons and wait for Black Ops, don't be a victim of all that Files of gun porn". If a target doesn't fall down to the first hit, just use more hits.

Glocks overuse may be a tribute to the 1st Half Life game, where you follow some scientist with no shown proof of scientific advances through his lucky battles with unearthly creatures and soldiers. The Glock is the first handgun there, acquirable after the first overall weapon — the famous Crowbar (Fomka in Russian). :D
The sounds are funny there.

Your workshop cost seems to be wrong, the average is 50, not 10 or 100 science-days.
Oh, thanks, my bad.

Why no Bio-lab, though? I thought this was considered the ultimate research start?
The Bio Lab doesn't stand on the fastest path to Promotion II and I somehow overlooked it. Thanks for the question.

Let's see, its research cost is 150 days (Medicine + Advanced Medicine + Bio Lab) which is half the cost of the Science Lab.
According to the plan under discussion the path PromII->SciLab->Workshop->BioLab via Medicine will yield research finish on the 15th of September (31st of August + 15 days for the addition).
Going path PromII->BioLab via Medicine->SciLab->Workshop will yield research finish on the 12th of September (Bio Lab with 5 scientists will be operational on the 31th of August).
The Bio Lab path is better!
Not only it brings the workshop closer to start, but it make expenses curve smoother. I mean, the costs of new facilities will increase in linear fashion, without the surge of $2000k+$2250k for the Sci Lab before the more modest $750k+$450k for the Bio Lab.

And why are you limited to 10 scientists? Another Intelligence Center at the second lab base would speed things up quite a bit. Not enough money?
It's more complex. The planned net income is only $750k per month. It's enough to build one Intel Center monthly, bringing in another task of gathering $450k more (for 5 researchers' hire) to solve. I can struggle out the 2nd Intel Center in Asia in July, in addition to the 1st in Europe in June. But the research then must be split between the two bases. It will give some gains if I'm up for interrogating every one of captures, but I'm not going this way (and I have no prison at the 2nd base).

Also, the way you're hiring scientists so they'll only work for a bit over a week for an entire month's salary seems a bit... extravagant.

Finally, planning all this in such detail when actual research costs can vary a lot...
:o   ...never mind. I'm friendly, really, I am! Very friendly!  *Backs away, slowwwly*
This is a plan, it will be corrected by actually playing the game. With this plan detailed with the precision of one day I have a nice baseline to compare plan vs actual status, it will be fun for me. And saving money hiring agents and other staff only at months' beginnings is a wise move, yes (I usually do so :P).

Ha, the first difference of actuality vs the Plan shows up with the first research: Chief Engineer Recruitment finishes 5 days ahead of schedule. Just at the start of June. Finances also make me happy: funding countries raise the income! After the order of Intelligence Center I need only $311k to earn within 17 days, not $450k.

Context usually.

Bulgarian мед [med] may mean honey or copper. They are different words, even have different genders (мед honey is male and мед copper is female).

Thanks for the input. No 100% distinction by ear then.
Hardmode Expansion / Re: Hardmode Expansion - Bugreports
« Last post by hellrazor on June 27, 2022, 11:41:15 pm »
First of all , thank you very much for this great mode and effort that you put on it, I have a lot of fun with this mod.
I have some bug to report so please help me:

1.   Plasma tech don’t open correctly, I captured alien engineer and I researched plasma pistol and clip after that plasma tech won’t work anymore it stopped, I tough maybe I need another captured engineer but after research another engineer tech won’t go any further. Also, to notice that I have all sort of plasma weapons in general store. Why I can’t research Plasma Rifle, Shotgun, Heavy Plasma where is a problem?

2.   How to play your mod in OpenXcom extended , where I need to copy downloaded files?

Thank you in advance.

Please download the patched Version here from my github account:

Sorry for my late reply, i am currently renovating my girlfriends appartment.
Released Mods / Re: X-Chronicles Release, v.0.99.6
« Last post by Nord on June 27, 2022, 11:16:16 pm »
...otherwise it's awfully nice of them to just wait for X-Com to get strong enough to deal with them. ...
There is one minor trick... aliens will not wait. They will  spawn more and more hives with no excuses. He he he.
I think one aspect that could be improved would be the maps. I am not a fan of that railway station with a long 2-3 story building across it, for example.
Totally agree. Do you have more maps to include?
The X-Com Files / Re: X-Com the game
« Last post by krautbernd on June 27, 2022, 10:14:11 pm »
Voxel units and objects are pretty secondary for battlefield manipulation. Maybe some particularly big Muton corpse or a wrecked tank would matter, but it'd more eye candy than functional.
The eye candy being the entire point, being able to have the orginal battlescape aesthetic in full 3D. *drool*

A part-time developer who already has another game in the works is hardly going to produce a 'modern voxel engine', so I imagine the whole thing is rather moot.
But as far as I can tell that's not really what OP is after[...]Not that I expect OP to actually go through with this (Voxels or not).
Of course it is, I'm aware of that. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see it happen ;)
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