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Offtopic / Re: XCOM Inspired Fantasy Game
« Last post by Solarius Scorch on Today at 02:21:15 am »
I always enjoy reading your "blog" here. It's pretty interesting!
OpenXcom Extended / Few Tweaks - Possible?
« Last post by mark617 on Today at 01:02:05 am »
Hey guys, just had a few questions:

1) How can I make it so I continue to get land missions often? They all but disappear late in the game and I would love to keep these spawning often throughout the campaign.

2) I know in the base game you can only get 12 alien sites. Is it possible to make these continue to spawn infinitely? Like land missions, these are fun.

3) In one of the hotkey threads for, I believe the mod WOTS, there was an option to execute unconscious mobs while standing over them. You could right click on your knife for the option. Can I add this function to the base game easily? It would be nice to simply add such a function to the three drills.

4) Can one simply change the drills in the .rul to function the same as the Thermal Tazer re hit rate? Basically, I would like the drills to be hard coded @ 100% hit rate like the tazer and then adjust the TU costs as follows: 20% TU for VB / 25% for TL / 30% for HTL.

Thanks for any help  :)
The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.9.9e2: Summertime Lovin'
« Last post by Alex_D on Today at 12:53:14 am »
(so it's raining cats and dogs outside)

And I decided to play with the G-11 rifle a bit. I never liked the proportions, so I took the image and reworked it a bit. Added a firing sound just because.
@ Solarius: For your consideration.
Offtopic / Re: XCOM Inspired Fantasy Game
« Last post by Nikita_Sadkov on Today at 12:41:25 am »
It appears Daggerfall dungeons are not completely random, but made out of big pre-generated blocks (i.e. like in XCOM)
The dungeons are built of "blocks", with any dungeon having about 3, with as much as 5 or 6 and as little as just 1. The blocks are HUGE, though, so if you enter a block you have done a lot before, then you have a pretty big area that will feel familiar. That said, the blocks are big, twisted, and crazy, so just because you've been to that block before doesn't mean you're going to know the route by heart. It takes quite a while before the same block gets old--besides, the monsters and loot always change. Learning a block only makes it easier to navigate, which can be a good thing.

Some blocks are very recognizable; for instance, the whole of Privateer's Hold shows up sometimes, Others, such as those with very large central chambers are easier to learn. But there are quite a few blocks that consist of nothing but maze, and I'm convinced you can't learn those. Ever.
a dungeon consists of up to 32 blocks, each of which may be connected to any (or all) of the four cardinally adjacent blocks since there are two connecting passages in each of the four cardinal directions, and thusly there are eight paths leading out of each block. While most dungeons may appear to be a random conglomerate of different modules, they were hard-coded in the release media and thus are never-changing. These were most likely generated via a pseudo-random program of some type, but Main Quest dungeons are an exception, because these were all hand-crafted.

While Main Quest dungeons may be the biggest dungeons in the game, it has been commented by some that even the least of the random dungeons are logically too large for the majority of quests. It has also been voiced that because the number of blocks in the source material is limited, most dungeons lack diversity/variance and hence all dungeons tend to look like each other.

Dungeons are built from blocks by assembling them together side-by-side on a 2D grid. Of these blocks there are two types of blocks: internal and border.

Internal blocks
    These provide the meat of the dungeon where most rooms and corridors are placed. Every internal dungeon block has two door openings in each one of its fours sides, one above the other. Each door opening is used to link to a nearby internal block or to an external block.
Border blocks
    These are used when it is necessary to close the side of an internal block. These are primarily composed of a single corridor which reflexively leads back to the same block of their origin. These are most often used to seal a dungeon's peripheral blocks, but could be used to create isolated areas within a dungeon. Border blocks do not contain any quest locations.

Cities are generated using exactly the same grid algorithm as XCOM uses.

So Daggerfall's dungeon generator doesn't handle Z dimension at all.

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - K1 - 17 Nov - Bandaid needed!
« Last post by BlackOnix on Today at 12:07:30 am »
November update? I'm stuck in october :o
XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - K1 - 17 Nov - Bandaid needed!
« Last post by Eddie on October 20, 2019, 11:50:44 pm »
Is having a superhuman overleveled gal a bad thing now (because immortal and birthday essentially nullify all other potential freshness increases)?

My current game has a lot of superhuman gals. My main squad of superleveled gals have freshness bonuses of ~ +6 to +12.
It's the B team that all have negative modifiers of ~ -2 to -5, mostly because of nightinggale and bullet magnet. The reason is, the B team fights mostly easy missions where their armor is better than the enemy weapons. So with these gals I mostly don't care if they get hit since it does no damage, hence they have high level bullet magnet. The easy missions I also typically do at night since the easy enemies have poor night vision.

Statcap for freshness is 70, so I would guess the bonuses and penalties from condemnations don't affect gameplay too much. I haven't played enough on the new patch to have an opinion yet.
Help / Re: Panic, Berserk or Mind Control on projectile hit
« Last post by ohartenstein23 on October 20, 2019, 11:43:18 pm »
Setting time unit costs to 0 disables that action for an item.
XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - K1 - 17 Nov - Bandaid needed!
« Last post by JustTheDude on October 20, 2019, 11:35:32 pm »
I guess I'm just gonna have to accept the fact that I'll never ever see a dominator in the battlescape.

There exist "Tractor Beam" that allows you to force every ship to land without any damage. It's late tech, but better late then never.
XPiratez / Re: Stuff I'd love to see in XPiratez!
« Last post by misterx on October 20, 2019, 10:38:30 pm »
Only an humble suggestions. There are other moda in ti รจ forum plenty of resources; for example to expand futhermore low tech weaponry extraterration international combat mod form efenspartano's or some modern stuff, may be worth to pay a look to space pirates stuff
Help / Re: Segmentation fault goingl from one Surface map to another surface map
« Last post by Meridian on October 20, 2019, 10:25:30 pm »
I don't have the tools to check the maps, maybe some other modder can help.

I can only say for sure that the game finds zero compliant spawn nodes for the xcom soldier.
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