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OXCE Support Y-scripts / Re: Testing changes to 'visibilityUnit'
« Last post by Meridian on Today at 11:14:59 pm »
I don't have any objections to adding script support there

do as you feel is right, Yankes
Troubleshooting / Re: Problem with moving the camera
« Last post by Elf_7 on Today at 10:35:08 pm »
Ok it is fixed now, thanks for the help.
OXCE Support Y-scripts / Re: Testing changes to 'visibilityUnit'
« Last post by Yankes on Today at 09:58:12 pm »
@2, @3
Ok, this can be done

I see, Meridian impletion of this feature by deliberately skip script usage, I will see what can be done.
Thank you for OXCE authors now we can have scrollable lists in ufopaedia! Great feature.
However, it seems that the scrollbar itself is outside of page frame. It is not visible when page occupies whole screen. Still able to scroll it with mouse wheel but nothing else. It is also difficult to guess if list is scrollable by just looking at it as the bar is not visible.

Same story with the description text, of course.
Released Mods / Re: [SOURCEMOD] Brutal-OXCE 7.12.1
« Last post by Xilmi on Today at 09:47:57 pm »
UPD 3 oh my god, you fix bugs way prior I report them. The discord community must be very active.
Erm... not exactly. I found this one myself. :D

The links are always the same :o


You can bookmark them.
Released Mods / Re: [SOURCEMOD] Brutal-OXCE 7.12.1
« Last post by Xilmi on Today at 09:44:40 pm »
Hi Xilmi,  there's one more save with Cult HQ (main base, ~90-100 enemies)
Layout is quite good, but one thing embarrasses: gillmen used to attack alot wherever I used to land in previous playthroughs. Right now they don't do it often.
And even if the hitchances are too little, they should bombard by means they have infinite ammo.
In Dagon HQ castle they spawn at corners & inside the temple itself.
It's turn 3, low-tier enemies around are downed.

Also, this save can be used to train AI use strategies vs usual player approach for such missions (set up a line, then aimed + snap). The most notable about this map vs BAI is: it covers inside the castle and then each unit, that is supposed to attack, goes to the gate, where following sniper reaction shot comes, as 10 agents simultaneously watch the exit.
Meanwhile, I retreated from previous same mission because layout was different (close to castle, more grenades and more shots consequently)
I tried with the settings as attached and the Gillmen did almost all attack. Used debug to watch them.
XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N6 03-Oct-2023 Zany Cats
« Last post by Zesty on Today at 09:16:54 pm »
Personally my only grave annoyance with Xpiratez is how often new bases seem to get attacked before I can reasonably set up to defend them. Like I start building on March 1st and then Apr 2nd an attack comes. If you didn't build living quarters immediately you're screwed, if you didn't send over soldiers/weapons immediately you're screwed, if you tried to hire new soldiers on Apr 1st then they haven't arrived yet and you're screwed, and fighting off base assaults early game when the map is only 2 or 3 rooms with 30+ enemies in it is a special kind of hell. Maybe I'm unlucky but it feels like an asshole RNG move that kills 1/3rd to 1/2 of my bases. If attacks on new/small bases could be toned down against it'd be nice.
Troubleshooting / Re: Problem with moving the camera
« Last post by CrazedHarpooner on Today at 09:00:02 pm »
Wait... are you still launching the game with the original executable? If so, you should be using the openxcom one of whatever version you've installed.

I get the feeling that you haven't actually installed it and just replaced who knows what. Get the installer for your system here for OXCE (,5258.0.html) altho, you might want to clean your original install by removing everything and reinstalling whatever version you're using, just in case the replaced files end up causing issues.
Released Mods / Re: [SOURCEMOD] Brutal-OXCE 7.12.1
« Last post by Abyss on Today at 08:54:06 pm »
I suppose 7.12.0?
Yes, I updated the comment and atteched the exact savefile. Just press turn end.

UPD 3 oh my god, you fix bugs way prior me reporting them. The discord community must be very active. Give me the link, too, please
OXCE Suggestions NEW / [Suggestion] Hide Research
« Last post by 0xEBJC on Today at 08:51:59 pm »
It would be nice to hide research similarly to hiding items in the purchase menu or manufacturing in the manufacture menu.

Especially when playing X-Com Files when there are a lot of research available that is un-researched and I know it's nothing I ever intend to research it would be nice to hide those entries because it's very cumbersome to filter through what is important or not.

right-click scrolls through "pink letters" new, "white letters" started, and "purple letters" hidden and with a way to view hidden research.
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