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The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 1.3: Sanity Check
« Last post by INFERNO on Today at 11:27:33 pm »
So, my impressions of 1.3. Rubber bullets are cool. Now you don’t have to run to the farmer with a shotgun and get a shot of shots in the face. Hybrids really became much less. I am surprised that they appear only after the destruction of EXALT. And I destroyed it only in the middle of 2000. Gauss weapons - to make a rifle, you need to find a rifle. It's horrible. I found only heavy gauss in the boxes of Oziron. I thought that after the discovery of the gauss weapon I could do all kinds. If we are told with plasma that it is long and dangerous to develop our plasma, then what is the problem of Gaussian weapons? It is necessary to do as with a laser weapon, so that all types open. Unless, for example, having studied a gauss pistol, XCOM scientists cannot create other types of weapons based on this technology, with the same principle of operation? An urgent need to redo. Shog's missions. I deliberately timed it. After a step into the darkness, I waited 7 months, skipping all missions, only knocking down UFOs so as not to lose. The mission never appeared, there was only a mission to the Chtonite base, but an underground village is needed to advance the branch. After which I was tired of waiting and I closed the game. I was waiting for this mission as the most important thing in the game, really wanted to open a Gaussian rifle, although at that moment I had already opened an advanced laboratory, and there was only 1 step left to the plasma (2001). Need to redo. Missions. After reducing the missions of hybrids, the middle stage of the game was empty. The constant retaliatory strikes of the Syndicate, which can be easily prevented, are annoying. The feeling that they throw you in socks is not painful, but annoying. The mission to storm the Syndicate tower also disappeared. I missed it, almost all the fighters were in the hospital, after which this mission no longer fell out. At all. I would like to destroy the Syndicate, but the opportunity has disappeared. People in Black also disappeared. Absolutely. They appear only on missions with farmers, in the amount of 3-4 people. Bases do not build. (2001, there was not a single base). Tanks. Small rockets are cool. Very. There is only one wish. I really like the look of a regular tank, with tracks. I don't like the look of a hovertank. It looks like a cyberdisk with a tower. Is it possible to add ordinary tanks to the game, only from tritania, so that the armor is like hovertanks? Also, why will MAGMA not give XCOM the opportunity to buy its armored personnel carriers? They have a very beautiful sprite, I would like to play such a beautiful machine. Counter attack. The aliens became very sluggish (difficulty 5). If earlier the retaliatory strikes were continuous and fun, then now they appear very rarely, as a result of which XCOM completely controls the sky, knocking down everything that flies, without fear of storming the base in response. New cards are cool. I did not like only the map with the industrial zone, where there are green puddles. Too twisty. It is very difficult to find the remaining opponents. Infiltration. Returning to what I wrote above about the air, I note that by 2001 no country had left the Council. In 1.2, at this point I lost 8 countries. In 1.3, aliens very rarely send a battleship to infiltrate, making it very easy to prevent. At 1.2, 2-3 battleships flew out right away and you had to fight hard to save the country. It was really hard. Separate conversation about the improvement of soldiers. It's horrible. I opened the cyberimplant, looked at the installation requirements and realized that only experienced fighters would do. And now, having collected the necessary characteristics, I go to the gain menu, but the fighter is not there! I can’t strengthen it, although all the parameters are suitable and even exceed the required values. How it works? The same with ninjutsu, bio-amplification and pilot training. An urgent need to redo. That's all for now. Wrote what is most striking. Make Shog's missions more accessible so that they are easier to get and more likely to drop out. For all my games, I reached only the creation of the Viper. I'd like to meet reptilians. The end.
Work In Progress / Re: [WIP][MOD][OXCE] From the Apocalypse 0.10.4
« Last post by robin on Today at 10:01:39 pm »
OXCE is slowly adding more such checks to prevent inconsistencies and (unexpected) crashes...
I see now. Since I don't need vanilla zombie, I'll delete it as you suggest.
OpenXcom Extended / Re: Arrow indicator on multiple Ufopaedia pages
« Last post by SIMON on Today at 09:08:40 pm »
Brilliant idea, thanks, folks.
I worked with junk screenshots, but I'd say it's around 10x10 pixels.

I'll give it a try, though icons are not my forte.

EDIT: Here's a simple example.
Under the buy/sell list, if you filter under pistols, the sawn-off is there, but when listed as shotguns it isn't.

Because it's not a shotgun. :P

P.s.: if you research the sawn-off before you research the double barrel, you can't buy DB ammo.

It's a bug, sorry. Fixed.

P.p.s.: Couldn't you add, instead of a "shot" attack, the "special attack" for the Kukri?

Do you mean changing the string? Or something else?
The X-Com Files / Re: concealable is not concealable
« Last post by Solarius Scorch on Today at 07:56:15 pm »
What if the ufopedia entry for such mission type, which you unlock and hopefully choose to auto-view when you complete the research that opens them up, mentioned more explicitely "remember to use the "Beach" filter when equipping your craft", or "Only items listed under the "Beach" filter in the Equip Craft screen will be brought"?

Yeah, yeah... I'll revise this at some point.
The X-Com Files / Re: Want to help?
« Last post by Solarius Scorch on Today at 07:55:48 pm »
Do you mind if I post your new x-com mapping guide in the /r/xcom? I know most users there are only interested in the remakes, but you never know where someone talented and interested may lie.

Of course, go ahead! And if you don't mind, put the link here.

If there are any recurring questions, I can make an addendum.
The X-Com Files / Re: Bugs, crashes, typos & bad taste
« Last post by Solarius Scorch on Today at 07:53:34 pm »
Speaking of stun weapons, I dunno if it's a bug or some issue with my installation, but apparently you can see the ufopaedia page for the taser cannon, even though it requires recruitment of the chief engineer to manufacture it.

You're right, our bad... I fixed it yesterday.

Human Female Farmers can appear in "Strange Lifeform Detected" missions as civilians, but unlike normal civilians their corpses are recovereable loot (which can only be sold for -$10k). I assume that this is the cost meant to be incurred from killing farmers rather than capturing in crop circles and cow mutilation missions, which I am perfectly fine with. But in other missions, it is a bit jarring how a monster-killed female farmer costs XCOM way more than a monster-killed accountant. Sure it costs society more, but XCOM's finances in particular?

Well, crop circles are kinda like that. There is no external threat here except for you, so you get the flak for any casualties.

Interestingly, I don't seem to recall ever seeing female farmers in crop circles and cow mutilation missions.

Because this mission requires making new units and it's a pain. So it's just the boyz. (Also by trope.)

Incidentally, for curiosity's sake, can XCOM agents' corpses be set to appear as recovereable loot? I'm thinking of the possibilities of adding an "agent (cover-up) funeral" manufacturing and/or research project that give a few council points or something like that. It would also makes a difference points-wise regarding recovereable corpses and non-recovereable (acid, desintegration, etc).

Sure, it's technically possible; better armours are recoverable like this.
But see Justaround's post.

I won't lie, I am also a bit iffy about inconsistency in what civilians drop corpses and how much they are worth. I'd rather have simply mission points loss adjusted to account for the dead without any corpses that later have to be clicked to be sold acquired (with all relevant research entries added to interrogation) - it would also include monetary loss that way automatically as less points means less pay.

Believe me, I made it as simply as I could... If someone could refactor it somehow, I'm interested.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 1.3: Sanity Check
« Last post by Solarius Scorch on Today at 07:48:30 pm »
Why the change of the Blaster Lasers to Turbolasers? Just to know, it doesn't sound as catchy as "Blaster Lasers". The only reason I can think about is to avoid confusion with the alien Blaster Launcher, but it is a minor nitpick.

Yes, people complained about the inconsistency, and I yielded because they actually had a point.

Also, now that doges finally have mechanized armor of sorts, will their cyber-armors allow them to go to space missions if they don't do that already? Are even more advanced power armor for doges considered at this point, or not yet?

Not yet, this armour isn't exactly environmentally sealed. Maybe some other armour in the future.

I see there are new popup missions for underwater battles.

Umm, no, no new underwater missions in 1.3.X... Or am I misunderstanding?

One request/question: To what extent it would be possible to include in the mission description whether it's a 7- 15- or more person underwater craft ?

We plan to overhaul this system in the long run (make real submarines and such), so I don't feel like improving the current model, as it's slated for demolition.

Is the Overwatcher perk bugged? I keep getting the bonus with soldiers who did not even reaction fire.

I checked, looks fine to me... If it's bugged, then it's beyond me.

Wait for the missions with reptoids (Shogg arc).

Right, or try Osiron.

But statstrings does allow you to make custom ones.

Then feel free to do so :>
I won't do it, never used stat string,s never will as they look fugly and I can just check the stats myself like a decent human being.


Thanks in advance for being the guinea pig. :)

(But hey, new features every day!)
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