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Help / Re: Aliens vs Humans, Xenowar or OpenXcom for Android phone?
« Last post by Stoddard on Today at 02:07:24 pm »
and a 90 degree incremental rotation option tho. 

What's that? Can you explain?
XPiratez / Re: [MOD] Reincarnation 0.2b
« Last post by Dakkdakk on Today at 02:02:33 pm »
Ye, each codex could have its own spin on it, and it could maybe be used on stuff other than gals also, each with different results.

Or it could even be a part of the whole branching research choice thing that dioxine introduced recently. For example, you could have a "necromancy" themed research path which you could take that'd let you bring back gals as spectres/vampires/undead gals, slave soldiers as zombie/zombie troopers, peasants and bugeyes as something else, etc, while the other branching path would give you something else. The initial research could prob be unlocked by researching zombies and/or necropirates, with the more advanced parts being unlocked through gemology, zombie juice, etc.

I for one support any idea of bringing the jojo stone mask into the game and turning my gals into DIO.
XPiratez / Re: Codex Popularity Poll
« Last post by Martin on Today at 12:30:14 pm »
Crystal skull can also be obtained form the bank robbery mission
Help / Re: How to rotate camare and zoon (During battlescape)
« Last post by MysticReverie on Today at 12:28:28 pm »
Not even a rotate in 90 degrees increments?
I thought I had that feature when I used to play the PSX version.
Maybe I'm mistaken though
Help / Re: How to rotate camare and zoon (During battlescape)
« Last post by Meridian on Today at 12:00:35 pm »
It's a 1994 game, there is no rotate and no zoom... and no graphic resources to do it, even if someone was crazy enough to attempt to implement it.
XPiratez / Re: Bugs & Crash Reports
« Last post by Abyss on Today at 11:42:36 am »
Cheers, I have a question,
Does Moloch work and how does it work?
Had a nice gal inside (stats are attached), weaponized with Purgatory whip and Crystal skull.
TU were regenerating, though not as I believed they will - ok, whatever  :).
As for the Stamina - it didn't replenish with each soul-cleansing hit making 100+ raw damage on the low level Traders Guild units.
What will be the solution?

For what I've found when Moloch is on:
Energy replenishes only when melee S-Gauntlet attack is inflicted
TU replenishes with Purgatory whip (no energy boost the same time)
Crystal skull either doesn't stack with Moloch OR doesn't work (tested with different layouts).
So, the effects don't stack up?
Tools / Re: MAPVIEW upgrade
« Last post by kevL on Today at 11:42:20 am »
huh, ok

unfortunately i'm not setup to build or debug Mono ... I'd just be chasing cats up trees.

maybe someone who is can give it a go,
The link didn't work because I right clicked 'open in new window'. Didn't realise it was a download link.
I've managed to do most of it, but I can't get my mods folder in the game folder, I can't find where the game folder is located in my android phone, so can't add the mod folder.

Strangley the openxcom folder wasn't showing on the file explorer when plugged into my computer, so I had to use a file editor in android itself to copy and paste the mo d folder in place.

It's all up and running now, thanks very much for taking the time.

I do wish there was a simple zoom, and a 90 degree incremental rotation option tho. 
Apart from that, perfect.
Help / How to rotate camera and zoom (During battlescape)
« Last post by MysticReverie on Today at 10:55:48 am »
I was looking at the control, but can't find a rotate or zoom.
Hope I missed it only, the game would not be very useful without them, especially rotate.
Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« Last post by Meridian on Today at 10:28:09 am »
There is no tutorial.

You don't need a rooted phone, normal phone is just fine.
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