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Fan-Stuff / Re: XCOM Crossovers that'd never work
« Last post by tkzv on Today at 11:03:59 pm »
Then there's a more appropriate one that wouldn't work at all. Rome: Total War or any Civ game.
There was an official Civilization 2 mod about X-COM :)

Day of the Tentacle:

You've got to use the porta potty time machine to send agents into the future (TFTD) or past (Piratez??) so you can play three games at once, in which timeline continuity is thrown out the window and changes you make in the past apply in the future at the same time relative to the way the player experiences them.
This one would greatly benefit if Geoscape can switch map and date/time on the fly. Even without that the mod would be workable, with missions to past and future launched from today. The Chron-o-John would limit squad size to 3 or maybe even 1. There can be researches to improve the time machine and missions to capture bigger diamonds.

The biggest problem is the plot, which is effectively written in research items and mission briefings. The research tree has to allow significant freedom to the player (per the spirit of DotT), yet keep the player jumping between timelines to add variety.

Plus, there's a question: if you can travel in time, can you save your lost operatives? And a bigger question: what will be the overall tone of the game — how bloody will it be? It's nearly impossible to keep everybody alive in X-COM (if you count the civilians), but there were no deaths in LucasArts adventures.

Let's say, the game starts with hordes of mutant evil tentacles appearing out of nowhere all over the globe, causing havoc. They sent Ethereals and Governor of Mars packing by the spring of 1999, solving your biggest problem, and becoming the major problem themselves.

At first you only react to signals of savage tentacles. Eventually you capture a moustached leader, one of many sent from the future (late 22nd century) to guide them. You find out that future tentacles are busy installing Sludge-o-Matic machines all over the world in the distant past (late 18th century) and the mutagen slowly transforms common cephalopods.

To prevent humans from interfering with their plan, future tentacles covered the last millennium with some neutralizing field that only allows time travel within a narrow tunnel, with way stations in 1999. They don't understand the time travel technology very well, thus they can't control where the way station is going to be, hence the need to guard the way stations with mobs of not-fully-mutated savage tentacles.

You can track down mutagen sources in the past, storm them and neutralize them, but that would create a problem. No mutagen — no tentacles in the present — space aliens didn't leave. If you figure how to scare them off, there'd be a paradox: no mutagen — no tentacles in the present — no reason to keep X-COM around that long — X-COM has been disbanded long ago — tentacles are back. Some researcher may claim you've already went that route and are now back to square 1. So, you need to
capture tentacle specialists in the past, where they are few, easy to find and aren't well defended;
extract knowledge of the future from them — locations of poorly-defended information and valuable equipment and materials;
use this knowledge for stealthy raids;
maybe attack some places guarded by tentacles to sabotage something in the present and past to compromise future defences;
there can also be cases when a prisoner lures you into a trap;
rinse and repeat until you can build your own time machine that can dig its own tunnels, all the while suppressing tentacle mobs, who get stronger, smarter and better armed with time.

You will find there are people, who know tentacles well: Bernard, Hoagie, Laverne and Edisons family. They've been captured, and you need to send rescue missions after them. Debriefing them reveals important pieces of information: you need Dr. Fred to build the ultimate time machine, Bernard knows where he hid the blueprints, Laverne picked up a lot of info about tentacle biology while she was their prisoner, Ed and Edna observed tentacles for years and are also needed for Fred's peace of mind. Can't think of use for Hoagie. Ah! He's so dirty, he's immune to the tentacles' toxins.

When all is said and done, you discover that the thing that scared the aliens away is the Slugde-o-Matic mutagen — ­it makes the servitor races rebellious. They didn't leave in fear, they started a civil war. So, for continued existence of independent Earth X-COM can't just cancel this tentacle affair. It has to take the place of future tentacles, take over the mutagen production, and integrate the sentient tentacles into the human society. And to come up with a plausible cover story.

How about that for a mod?

The biggest gimmick of DotT was immediate changes in the present and future, when something was done in the past. The "immediate" has to become "when the space-time ripples reach our year, usually no more than a month". I know the events can be triggered by finished research, but can they be triggered by successful missions?
Offtopic / Re: Subversion server and NAS (AKA "NAS Enemy Unknown")
« Last post by robin on Today at 10:42:58 pm »
Thanks for the answer!
I'm obviously too unfamiliar with the subject ;D

About the separate server setup:
I read that the proper way to setup svn for a team, is to setup an apache server that serves svn; conversely the "internal" svn server should only be used for testing purposes.
I also read that directly putting a shared repository on a nas is wrong, because the server manages the access to the repo and stops multiple people accessing it at the very same time, making it corrupt.

The X-Com Files / Re: Bugs, crashes, typos & bad taste
« Last post by niculinux on Today at 10:29:32 pm »
I noticed an interesting fact. Glock 18 can use clips with 17, 19, 31, 33 or 100 cartridges (100 is two disks with an adaptor, definitely not concealable :) ). Does the engine allow to use multiple kinds of clips with a single weapon?

Very interesting! It may appear in the game once you complete the proper research/unlock contract to make it buyable..

A tiny bugreport for the small update :).

The string STR_M3_GREASEGUN_BUY is missing.

I suppose that means it won't be buyable after research? Any info to fix this manually in 0.7.6?
Offtopic / Re: Subversion server and NAS (AKA "NAS Enemy Unknown")
« Last post by R1dO on Today at 10:11:45 pm »
First thought.

Can't you just mount the NAS path first (for example under /mnt/myNAS ) and then refer to this path under svn?
Of course the details for the mounting operation depend on the way the the NAS drive is accessible (NFS, samba, some other network magic), but at least you let the OS deal with user authentication.

Another thought
What are your motives for requiring a separate server setup. If you are too unfamiliar with the subject the most likely outcome is that you are setting things up for multiple points of failure, instead of just one.

Hope this is of any help,
The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.7.6 alpha: Rapid Fire
« Last post by mumble on Today at 09:54:06 pm »
Also the cqc update, wasn't that around v5?

Cqc involves a chance to react to point black gunfire with trying to wrestle the gun away. It involves a check between the shooter and defender, with a successful roll forcing the shooter to shoot left, right, or straight up instead of the intended target, so long as the defender is within 1 tile of the shooter

Pretty good for mixing up close quarters combat significantly, it can either completely screw you over (force you to shoot your allies) or a life saver (avoiding point blank shotgun fire)

It is however tied to melee /  strength / reaction skill, and requires being right next to the shooter, so you can completely avoid this if you simply always fire from no less than 2 tiles away.

Contrary, rushing a gunner with a high melee pawn can be useful in negating a particularly strong enemy, as an enemy with a plasma rifle isn't as dangerous if they miss

There are variables based on strength, facing (the more the person faces the other, the better their role... From behind completely is usually always successful)

... Sorry if you already knew about this, but 2 or 3 versions back i think includes this.

I hope concerned citizens are made a little more scary, last i tried i was incredibly wreck less, and only got one guy knocked out with a bat.
The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.7.5 alpha: Lizard Trap
« Last post by Dr.Crowley on Today at 09:49:15 pm »
Version 0.7.6 has been released.
(Or will be, when the bloody upload is complete.)
Geez, I am soooooo sloooooow :D

- Fixed Concerned Citizen recovery.
I hope they can be interrogated now.
The X-Com Files / Re: Bugs, crashes, typos & bad taste
« Last post by ohartenstein23 on Today at 09:48:42 pm »
I noticed an interesting fact. Glock 18 can use clips with 17, 19, 31, 33 or 100 cartridges (100 is two disks with an adaptor, definitely not concealable :) ). Does the engine allow to use multiple kinds of clips with a single weapon?

Yes, see examples of heavy cannon, autocannon, and rocket launcher all having 3 types of ammo.  You could certainly have an increased mag size clip for the glock if you wanted.
The X-Com Files / Re: Bugs, crashes, typos & bad taste
« Last post by tkzv on Today at 09:43:41 pm »
Checked internet... Beretta seems to be far more popular. Everybody seems to have tried Glock 18 and refused to switch to it. Which kind of fits the theme of a third-rate agency that gets the equipment nobody else wants.

I noticed an interesting fact. Glock 18 can use clips with 17, 19, 31, 33 or 100 cartridges (100 is two disks with an adaptor, definitely not concealable :) ). Does the engine allow to use multiple kinds of clips with a single weapon?
The X-Com Files / Re: New vehicles for the openxcom files?
« Last post by ohartenstein23 on Today at 09:40:52 pm »
I still don't understand how to properly use Mudranger. Early on most missions are doable for teams of 2-4, who are patient and use cover. There's only 1 mission where I felt 4 agents were not enough — mansion defence — but my then-only base was in Europe and the random mission sites would only be reachable from the centre of the USA.

Has anybody used it efficiently?

I've used it very effectively by hiring one for missions right next to my base - though it really depends on base placement.  For example, if you unlocked a cult HQ location, you can remember where the mission showed up one month, place a base there, and transfer over a Mudranger full of agents to complete the HQ mission, then send them back to their original base.  This is particularly useful for the Black Lotus HQ or EXALT HQ, since those are already good places to make a base to begin with.  Trying to use it for much more than that is difficult - fortunately the Mudranger can be sold back to recoup most of the cost.
Area 51 / Re: Area 51 beta version 0.955 released - November 11th
« Last post by Dwarmin on Today at 08:35:22 pm »
Minor, yet critical bug. In the DATA EXTRACTION MISSION COMPLEX, the data disk is floating in mid-air a level about the ground, obviously unreachable. Pretty much in the center of the map-right above the lab area I assume it was supposed to be placed.

Also working on your other queries btw, but haven't run into 2nd wave missions as of yet.

width: 20
length: 20
groups: 10
revealedFloors: [0, 1, 2, 3]
items:STR_DATA_DISK_CRAFTS_E: - [14, 14, 1]

Found the exact problem. Changing the last number from 1 to 0 sets it back down on the floor. No anti-gravity floppies allowed.
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