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Congrats for the release! I'll update before attacking year 2.

Looking good, giving specific mechanics to ships will make their documentation worthwhile to figure their puzzles out.

Also I just hit a star god pogrom, and... well... it did not end well.

This reminded me that the AI weaknesses sometimes drag out combat for longer than intended. From memory it is set to either move forward, shoot or pull back and it may randomly decide to pull back a lot. I had to spend many turns chasing "that guy" to the corners of the map sometimes.

But an alternative would be to use primed bombs in addition to fire to add to the danger. You have a gal pick up the "damaged power core" as in "I succeed my assault and defused the situation" to prevent its explosion, then have the rest of the team finish the job. The core weighting 99, you have one less gal on your team in exchange of this.

You could have fire spreading from the ufo, and the remaining engines could explode over time. In the end a lot of money worth of booty would be lost if we turtle too much.

Guide: use blackpowder bombs

Cutlasses and axes cut through power armors too.

Also you should use 'alternate movement method' so you can ctrl+click for sprinting (trades energy for TU). On gals who have enough energy, you will be able to walk around the enemy to hit him in the back.

The blunderbuss is also great at close range, I did not bother with the other starter guns because either they lack autonomy, precision or weight a ton.

What I did early on is to give melee weapons and have the gals loot guns from the dead security guards. You can also buy either a rpg or a couple of panzer to kill cyberdisks on the first terror missions.

Did you using a unpatched version of UFO enemy defense by any chance?

I first tried to use a fully patched version and I crashed all the time. I had to use a completely vanilla and bug ridden version.

Nice, it's much more detailed, is that a new design for the gym suit or a new thing?

Offtopic / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: August 20, 2015, 05:44:36 pm »
Hello from France, my name's Guillaume. I was playing X Com 2012 when I ran into the Piratez mod and now I am addicted once again on the classic xcom.

My early adventures with XCom was when I was 12 or so, my men died horribly to chrysalids on a demo disk. It was only years later that I was able to save Earth, even if it was only on easy (savegame bug anyone?).

Now I am doing a LP with the Bay 12 community. It should be a surprise to no one that Dwarf Fortress fans also love xcom, both games are full of FUN after all. I made a succubus mod for DF and I am the modding capabilities of OXC are quite exciting.

I'm glad that you liked the succubus mod. I got both praises and complaints for making something new that is not without the DF cannon (if DF even have one) but as a whole I like contributing into masterwork Dwarf Fortress and the community in general.

Micromanagement is great when it is rewarding, in xcom I spent hours micromanaging and the end result was everyone wearing flying armor and heavy plasma, the diversity of Piratez really enhanced the game, in the sense that it shows how good and complex it can be.

Anyway, I guess I was unlucky with my swabbies. I have a few with 16 strength and they make my cattle prod suicide squad. Thankfully it grows fast. As for losing the slaves, it's a case where the solution is worse that the problem so I guess I should start producing harpoon clips and bring more captives.

I admit that the predator surprised me. In the last update of the LP you can see that i shot down a gunship, then right after it was mentioned that gunships are too hard for a lone interceptor. :P The predators are really tough thanks to their dodging but at the same time since they only take seagull missiles and those cost an arm so I guess it balances out.

And yes DF's interface is, well... let's say that I stay away from the military screen as much as possible.

I think the description hints that you really need to look good (read: beefy) to wear it without ashaming yourself... :) It's for elites, not swabbies.
Btw great LP and it's probably you whom I have to thank for basically doubling the download rate of my mod :) You're going to like the next update (read: moar semi-NSFW material) :)

Aw, I went back to smokey/gym for swabbies until they can the strength and TU for better protection. Swabbies with strength higher than 35 are rare.

Also yay for NSFW.

That said I hated micromanaging stats and inventory in the original game and yet here you embraced it and made it fun.

Also moving the save towards the new version caused no problem, however...

The nuclear powered gear research (cannot remember the exact name, I'm at work) led me to a screen with the message 'it make life better', perhaps I was supposed to unlock stuff I already done at this point.

Also I understand that you lose the monsters you captured (even if it was weird to lose my 'tame reaper') when you research them but do slaves die from being looked at? Perhaps it would be possible that the research give the slave back?

Also I did not find what the stats displayed on the screen like 'workshop code' means, did I miss a bootypedia entry?

Alright, thank you. By the way, is that intended that the amazon outfit weights 20 (or rather 15 after the strength bonus)? I had trouble in a pogrom because I gave the outfit to weak rookies and they could not even hold a knife.


First of all, thank you for making such an awesome mod. I halted a XCom 2012 campaign to make a LP at the bay12 forums (link).

Is it safe to move saves from 0.92 to 0.93? I see that some research has been moved but I am eager to go after the reticulans.

Thanks again.

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