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Great to see you back, man.

Please let us know if you need any X-Com resources; so much stuff was made these past few years, there's a fair chance something you need already exists. ;)

I'm actually more interested in how far openxcom extended has come.

Do you plan add love triangle to your mod? :D
That's just inevitable. There is no escaping love triangles.  :)

Just tried v0.958 and get a crash upon starting a new game, no save available. Tried it on both the latest nightly and latest opxce+ but save result-see picture. When I tried using opxce+ it will allow me to start a new battle but not new game!
Disable all other mods first. See if that's the problem. Anything that messes with soldiers are armors might be the culprit. It runs on both extended and the most recent nightly for me.

Hey everybody. I fixed the download link. Uploaded a new version with a few fixes. Sorry about my prolonged silence.

So what’s been happening to me? Well I sortof kindof achieved pseudo internet fame by accident. Those who have dived back in the thread may have noticed something about me writing a book. I spent the last couple of years trying to market it. Well I succeeded, though not how I planned. In an act of desperation, I made a silly YouTube channel where I gave terrible writing advice in a highly sarcastic tone and for some reason it took off. So I make my living now creating videos where I tell people what not to do. Go figure. So basically my creative career ate me.

So is this mod abandoned? Nope. I am just on hiatus until my funds stabilize. This mod is a labor of love, but stuff that pays bills is a priority for me at the moment. I always come back to Xcom as it is still my favorite game. I will be back because there are still so many more things I want to add. Until then, if the mod breaks, please feel free to email me (my email is in my profile info). I will try to lurk here a bit more and I want to keep this mod at least working with the latest nightly. I will also try to fix game breaking bugs when they crop up.

For those wondering where I have been for the past several months, well did you know that launching a book is really hard and time consuming? So basically my time and creative energy has been monopolized on getting my book launched, getting a website set up, design work for marketing materials, etc. However, that does not mean that I have abandoned this mod. I always come back to XCom, and I always end up fiddling with this mod.

I have been working on a few things.

But I haven't really had time to sit down and add enough to merit an update. I will post more info when I start working on this mod again. If I can ever find time, I will try to sit down and iron out of the lot of the bugs others have found first.

I love the mod, XOps, been looking forward to the next set of updates.  I love scavving your weapon sprites!
Thanks. Hopefully I can release the next update soon. Been really busy on my end. I haven't been completely idle though.

this mod looks pretty cool indeed, i love the high techie sci fi vibe you got here.....and man DAAAAT GIFF THO  8) 8)...i love how a lot of stuff is animated in the missions (i love the harvester bloody carnage feeling you got when you storm the first floor for the very first time :D!)
this is awesome!, imho only miss the commendation and the expanded terrain and map packs and this would be perfect :P :P :P

edit: also juuuuuuuuuuust and small nit-picky annoying thing.
 i notice how sometimes the armors, suits and stuff have the "tanned gray-brownish color"(sorry i dont know how to describe it, but you know,the vainilla POWER SUIT ARMOR COLOR) being the "standard" version of most armors, but the personal armour standard color is a blueish one and its feels odd and my OCD is killing me xD, so i think it should be better if PA its also tan for the continuity and standarish sake ...if you dont care about this i understand it and i would like to know how to fix this ...cheers :p

Thanks for the feedback. The armor naming thing should be fixed on the next update. Also the commendation mod is completely compatible. I should probably mention that on the front page. I hope to add a lot more maps in the future, but I am trying to get the rest of the mod finished first before I start messing with that.

Great mod, amazing and for me, incredibly difficult!
I believe I have found bugs in the mod, I am not sure if they are in the game by design although I am fairly convinced they are not.( I am using Nightlies 2016-01-30)
-When I start a game and build a base, I have two manufacture options: The Defense Contract and The Laser Sword. I believe Defense contract is supposed to be there but I believe the laser sword is a bug. I have noticed that after researching a few items the in early game I can no longer manufacture the laser sword.

So I'm not crazy. I kept seeing that laser sword bug myself, but then it would vanish before I could fix it. Stupid phantom bug.

-When I research an alien weapon I cannot equip it in a craft or manufacture it and I have noticed that even after I have researched it, it still reads Alien Artifact in the battlescape, but it appears I can use them on battlescape, but not equip them into  a craft.

Not a bug, just a lazy modder who needs to update his alien weapon UFOpaedia entries. An inability to use alien weapons is a design feature of the mod. Researching only reveals weapon statistics. Later Codex research gradually unlocks alien weapons for use, but there is no way to manufacture alien weapons, but late game research does allow XCom to build their own versions.

Thank you for the feedback.  :)

Offtopic / XCom 2 Review
« on: February 02, 2016, 10:40:09 pm »
TotalBiscuit's review for XCom 2 is out. His reviews are usually pretty comprehensive. No major story spoilers are in the review.

He at one point outright said that if you liked the 2012 remake, then you will like XCom 2. Overall, he really liked it, but he liked the 2012 reboot as well.
Some other takeaways.
Needs optimization and is still pretty buggy. Nothing new there.
The geoscape seems much improved in that there is more freedom and less forced missions, but base building has been further dumb down. I didn't even think that was possible given how simplistic the 2012 base building was.
Tactical Combat is basically like the 2012, but more polished and faster paced. Also there are still soldier classes.
Still only three tiers of weapons, but lots of upgrades and misc equipment to add more variety.
Did not see a single HWP. Guess those are gone completely except for the support class's drone.
There is going to be a lot of mod support out of the box. I think there are already people modding it and the game isn't even out yet.

In summary, if you hated XCom 2012, then skip XCom 2 since it is basically XCom 2012 with more polish.

I assume the only change to the floaters is in the ufopedia images and not the sprites in battlescape or are you considering this?
The battlescape sprite should already be implemented. I replaced the battlescape sprite, UFOPaedia picture, autopsy picture, big objs, and floor objs. The only one I forgot was the inventory screen when they are mind controlled, but I'll fix that next update.

One final question if I may, is there an earliest nightly I should be using as I'm still running from 2016-01-07-0008. I've had no problems so if I don't have to update all the better. You know the old expression, if it ain't broken don't try to fix it!
The oldest nightly that should still be compatible should be one of the November ones I think? The one where new soldier types were added. Any nightly before that crashes I believe since it doesn't recognize new soldier types.

Just a small thing I noticed in the ufopedia, not very important but the text for the following doesn't all show, is there anything that can be done? I tried reducing the video to to 640 x 480 but still the same.

The obvious solution is that the mod author needs to tightened up his UFOPaedia entry writing.  :)
I updated the Hypervelocity weapons with a third ammo type, but didn't update the UFOpaeida entry text since the third ammo type scrunches up the text. I fixed it in the current update.

  -Shrank size of Codex Recovery Mission slightly to 70x70
  -Fixed PSI amp not being usable bug
  -Updated Hypervelocity weapon UFOpaedia text to fit within new window
  -Floaters Rebooted

Could you answer me one question, I managed to do some research down the psionic line and have produced one psionic projecter @ XCOM HQ base but I can't equip it, is this a glitch or am I missing out on some research? ps I've almost researched all stage 2 CODEX technology, am ready to build stage 3 ASAP.

That would be a bug. It should be usable. That's what I get for copy pasting the code from the psi amp. :P
I'll fix it for the next version. I've attached a ruleset hotfix. Drop in Xeno Ops mod rules folder.

OpenXcom Extended / Re: [EXE] OpenXcom Extended
« on: January 15, 2016, 09:50:35 pm »
Looks interesting. Could always use more animation options. :)

Hate to seem like an idiot here, but what exactly is this error and how does one fix it? How can a node be outside the map's boundary?

OXCE Suggestions DONE / Re: Hey player, I am now refueled and ready!
« on: January 15, 2016, 09:42:13 pm »
1/ First issue is the rearming and repairing time (mostly repairing). Because in most mods, which try to make the game harder, you don't have plasma cannons in Month 3... you will get damaged a lot. And because of repair->rearm->refuel order, your craft may be out of order for a long time if you have used up all the fuel.

Note: people suggested to change the maintenance order to refuel->rearm->repair ... but I think that goes against the idea of making the dogfights harder... so after careful consideration I am against such a change... not even as optional feature

Agree with issue one. Players need to devote more resources to interceptors in this case. The only time I find this a problem is when I neglect to build a fleet of interceptors. Though I wouldn't be against the option to redo the order to refuel->rearm->repair, I just wouldn't use it. To each their own though.

As for issue two.
Having recently added a radar craft to my mod, I share this particular lack of vigilance when it comes to managing patrol craft. They are very easy to get lost in the shuffle. However, to be honest, I hate popups in both game and when browsing the internet. Even those UFO alerts get tiresome during the late game. I would rather have an automated process.
This would be my suggestion: A way to have the craft automatically launch after refuel. Something like this.

Upon refueling to 100%, the craft would automatically launch and return back to the last patrol point. It would have the downside of forcing the player to reassign the way point should they wish to move the patrol. No idea how difficult this would be to program since it would require altering the UI.
Just an idea. I am sure some of the vets around here could come up with something far better. Just keep in mind that some of us hate popups.

Troubleshooting / Re: Is there a problem with the latest nightlies?
« on: January 10, 2016, 07:18:45 pm »
Hey SIMON. Do you have a save file and are you running any other mods with this besides Xeno Ops?

Endgame+Archangel+Codex complete took an eternity and consumed the resources of 4 alien bases (one of them were full of Ethereals what was really not funny)... This mod is a gem! I liked it so much that I almost forgot those small glitches except that somehow it throws me out to desktop whenever Armoured Sectoid Navigator is researched.
I'll try to look into the Armoured Sectoid. It is easy to mess up those interrogation techs. I am very happy that you enjoyed the mod.

In regards to pacing, do you feel that the mod progresses too slowly? (or too slowly or quickly during different parts of the game?) I did need to pad things out a bit in order for the player to make use of the many tech levels the mod offers. Allowing the tech tree to move along too quickly makes the lesser technologies worthless (a big problem in the previous versions of this mod). Anything you think could be improved in this area? Or for that matter, any other feedback you can give me in regards to future improvements or even stuff you would like to see?

Please, just tell me it will not like those crappy faggots from 2000 X-com. >:( Those legless flying droids were a mere joke what they - I really hope and advice for them - accidentally were forgotten in-game. If not they should die for such a blasphemy when the Stargods find them... :o
Well, just do not abuse with to much heresy my lovely, iconic floaters ;)
These are the prototypes I have so far (Original floater on the left, redesigns in the middle, heavy version on the right, none of these are final draft)

I know you love your floaters Duke, though I honestly thought they were one of the strangest aliens visually. Even stranger looking than the purple body builders in green wetsuits :). Mostly it's the weird cape, like the floaters wanted to be a legless superman or something.
I know I may earn some ire here, but I thought the alien redesigns on the 2012 version were, for the most part, good. I even thought the floaters looked threatening, at least until they moved around like they were a puppet on strings and let out a battle cry that sounded like a cat being run over by a bus :P. Can't fault the concept artist for bad sound design and animations though.

Posted another update
  -Updated a ton of UFOPaedia entry writing. Got 90% of the text done for the new UFOPaedia
  -Converted facility images into gifs since recent updates messed up the pngs' transparency

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