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This mod is brutal and so awesomely cool that I can hardly imagine how to express it with words!
The new alien weapons and UFOs are superb I just love them at first sight. And those nasty surprises in the game mechanics... Cool!

I started it on Superhuman as "what may it have to surprise me so much?"... Well, first shocks:
- 4 scientists and living quarters enabling 20 men (also labs have 20 space). What?! Giving some challenge right the beginning, that is cool. I do not remember if I met such difficulty modifiers in any other mods I played (mayhaps Piratez only).
- Spotted a small UFO, easy prey for my Avalanches! UFO shot back before Avalanche in range to even fire?! Wow, no more easy preys for beginning crafts and weapons. This is also a lovely thing and hope it will remain such (plasma cannon will not be an ultimate obliterator I hope). Now use researched craft weapons still not guaranteed to shot down small UFOs without damage.
- Alien crews. Have a terror with roaches. Roaches die from a "fart", cool, something more squishy than Sectoids and Floaters! Easy loot... Then met the four Silacoids. In the first month. Worse than Cyberdiscs. Will the game full of such surprises? Hope it will as I enjoyed playing UFO so much really really a while.

Congratulations for this mod! This is awesome and cool and made me sit and play well after midnight every days!

I'm glad you like it. :)  I'm finding my own mod really difficult. It's funny because I wasn't trying to make a challenge mod. Let me know if you encounter any bugs as I expect that the mid to late game stuff has a lot of bugs.

XOps you should be aware (and you probably are, but better be sure) that your STR_UAV_ROCKETS item only counts as 1 rocket ingame, despite "clipSize: 4"; so you have to buy 4 of them to fully equip your uav launcher.

I am aware. It's just that none of you appreciate the haphazard and hastily thrown together genius of my naming systems. :)

i'm starting to think 1x1 size hwps *with ammo* are impossible to do.

I have a 1x1 HWP that uses an ammo based weapon

Code: [Select]
    size: 5
    costSell: 350000
    bigSprite: 960
    floorSprite: 960
    handSprite: 0
    bulletSprite: 0
    fireSound: 1001
    accuracySnap: 40
    accuracyAimed: 115
    tuSnap: 25
    tuAimed: 70
    battleType: 1
    fixedWeapon: true
    invWidth: 2
    invHeight: 3
    listOrder: 1510
    size: 0.6
    costSell: 2250
    weight: 1
    bigSprite: -1
    floorSprite: 16
    hitSound: 0
    hitAnimation: 0
    power: 70
    damageType: 3
    clipSize: 4
    battleType: 2
    invWidth: 2
    invHeight: 3
    listOrder: 1511
    race: STR_UAV
      tu: 140
      stamina: 110
      health: 20
      bravery: 110
      reactions: 20
      firing: 70
      throwing: 0
      strength: 10
      psiStrength: 110
      psiSkill: 0
      melee: 0
    armor: UAV_ARMOR2
    standHeight: 10
    kneelHeight: 10
    floatHeight: 15
    value: 15
    deathSound: 12
    energyRecovery: 50
    moveSound: 1000

However, I don't use any aux weapons, just the main weapon. Perhaps that's the problem? I've never tried giving an HWP more than one of weapon.

Edit: BTW, nice robot  :)

By default all normal mods should be compatible with Extended version. Question is what base version of game your mod require.
Right now 2.5 is one or two of months behind nightly.

I'm using the most recent nightly 2015_12_09_0050, but I suspect one couldn't go back too far before encountering problems. If Extended is one or two months behind, I'd guess the feature that is causing the crash is probably the new soldier types (assuming Extended cut off before that point). That's the most recent big change I can think of.

Small update. Just a few tweaks. Also I removed another mod that had somehow got dropped into the Xeno Ops folder by accident.

Been going through the latest release - impressive work with the new graphics :)

I hope you're planning to replace the legacy vanilla graphics that are still around (Power Suit, etc.) because they're really starting to look out of place when placed side by side with the rest. One particular thing I noticed is that while you haven't added almost any of the terrains in the Terrain Pack you seen to have given the Desert terrain a facelift. Are you planning to retouch the original terrains?

I actually did plunder a fair share of the terrain pack, but I rather cherry picked things. There was a lot of good stuff that I didn't integrate because I am indeed planning to touch up a lot of the old tiles and maps or add my own versions down the road. A lot of the terrain work I want to do will have to wait until I get the rest of the mod a little more polished.

It's also pretty clear that why your mod and Redux don't fit together, after all the changes you made to the tech tree and others. With the graphic changes the impression I'm getting is that this is rather a reboot of the first game. It's interesting that while I would like to use the new Berserker, I will keep to the older versions of the Muton Guard, etc. rather than the new ones (which look very cool) because those fit the vanilla game better.

It's gradually turning into a reboot, though that wasn't what I was originally trying to do. This whole mess started because I wanted to make a more military looking armor set. Next thing I know, I'm redoing every UFO in the game. As the sprite quality improves, the more work I seem to make for myself. It's terrible.
I'm glad you found the Berserker useful. :) It's getting more difficult to keep the styles from clashing. Vanilla has a sort of 70s era sci fi television feel. Probably because it was mostly inspired by the UFO tv show. Xeno Ops has high tech/modern feel (minus the shaky cam and lens flare). I am still debating on what parts of the original artwork to keep and what to replace completely.

I not tried this so far since I need some nightly update for that but I noticed armoured Mutons. Are those a late game upgrade of Mutons? And you plan such improved version for the other squishy races too (Floater, Snakeman)?

Armored Mutons are indeed a late game upgrade. They have some rather angry friends with them for terror units as well. I have some good early drafts of armored floaters so I do plan to add them eventually. I don't have any plans for armored Snakemen at the moment. Doesn't mean I wont end up adding an upgraded Snakeman in the future. Do you really want an upgraded Chryssalid though?

Super mod, nearly as a brand new game, like piratez! Absolutely agrre with Hobbes! I really hope some communuty member here would like to help...i' too incompetent even to conceive!!! :o

@XOps: is the mod compatible with the latest relases of openxcom extended, let's say 2.4 and/or 2.5?

I checked today. Loading Xeno Ops in Extended crashes upon starting a new game, so it's not compatible.

Work In Progress / Re: pulsed energy projectiles
« on: December 07, 2015, 05:35:31 pm »
Add the below line. It removes explosions. I found it out when experimenting on creating a portable stun pistol.

blastRadius: 0
Try this. Worked for me.

For the special mission
There are two codex missions: arctic and jungle.
First a jungle codex mission has a 12% chance of spawning each month, not just on month one. If it doesn't spawn, then an arctic codex mission has a 12% chance of spawning. That should be a roughly 24% chance for a codex mission each month (my play testing seems to suggest this, but I could be wrong). If a codex mission spawns on a month, it takes the place of a Terror mission for that month.
This means that, on average, there should be around 2 codex missions a year or so.
There are two exceptions on month 6 and 12. Both of these months have an extra codex mission spawn in case the RNG hates the player. Assuming the player flubs these, then they should eventually get another chance by way of the RNG.
I think almost everything else in the mission scripting should be vanilla.
It should work, unless the mission scripting has been updated.

As for the map size and design, it is a concern of mine. I'll wait for feedback. It is easier to get away with larger maps so long as the mission doesn't revolve around clearing out every alien, but if people complain, then it's an easy fix to scale things back.

Edit: After doing some tests, the mission is repeating as it should. I may bump up values though in increase the odds of the mission spawning.

It's my birthday today and everyone else is getting a present.
Just a warning. I consider this mod a mess right now. It should be beatable though. The UFOpaedia is probably the most broken thing right now. The most critical information: what aliens to capture to win the game and Codex stuff should be there.
Have fun. Or just steal the sprites for better mods. :)

Resources / Re: [GRAPHICS] [RESOURCES] Dioxine's Airtight Hangar
« on: December 06, 2015, 05:58:13 am »
A Ruleset for a tech-green recolor of the interface (sample below). Might be useful for some mods (like XOps maybe, unless he made his own version already :) ).
As a matter of fact, I do not. *Steals*

Suggestions / Re: [BRAINSTORMING] Z-COM: The Zombie Apocalypse
« on: December 03, 2015, 07:07:41 am »
I left out on propose the end goal from the original post, to see what people would suggest. My idea is that scoring/funding will still be very important, the first to pay for maintenance and salaries, and the second to prevent you from losing the game.
Too bad you can't divorce the money part from end month score screen to survivors. ZCom's performance would be measured not by an increase or decrease of money, but an increase or decrease of surviving population.

Month: Nov 2017
Remaining Survivors: 18,475,242 (+624,000)
ZCom Needed Population: 6,452,712      Balance: 4,272,341
The surviving nations are reclaiming territory due to ZCom's efforts. Keep up the good work.

UK, USA, MEXICO, and CANADA have benefited from Zcom's progress and have made progress rebuilding.

RUSSIA, JAPAN, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, Etc, have been ravaged by the zombie horde.

BRAZIL and CHINA have been completely wiped out by the zombie horde.
Don't think it would work though. Kind of depressing if the player is spending survivors.

By the way. ZCom was actually in a video game. Plague Inc. Though you actually play the virus in that game.

Resources / Re: [TFTD] Some map variants
« on: December 03, 2015, 06:45:33 am »
Where and how are you going to use that boat?

Well, people did complain about those long ship missions. :D

Work In Progress / Re: [BETA][WIP][BUNCHOFSTUFF] Xeno Operations Mod
« on: December 03, 2015, 06:40:07 am »
I still think you should try releasing the mod more often, and let people test it. Without feedback, it's much easier to mod stupid things. Maybe with user input, it'd be possible to gradually repair and upgrade the crafting system, instead of crying over a broken one like you do now :) Oh and it's already past Fallout 4? I swear the pre-release hype seems like it happened yesterday. Time flows differently in the OXCom world... :)
Economy and manufacturing is stuff which can be best evalidated by testplayers.

Believe me i am happy to get any feedback from guys, or suggestions fo new stuff all the times.
Some stuff fits, some stuff needs to be changed etc..
I am myself not really convinced about the economic changes i did towards my own Mod.
But as long as noone complains :)

As Dioxine already said, release your Mod more often, testplayers will report obvious bugs towards you, so you can fix them.
One more thing, although this is shooting blind... If the crafting systems becomes a chore after a while, maybe you should add researcheable shortcuts? Like, higher-tier research allows you to get rid of some or most of early-game crafting chores? Hi-tech items less dependant on everyday crafting materials?
Maybe you are both right. I tend to be rather trigger happy when it comes to murdering my darlings. Perhaps I just need to polish what I got and send it on its way. I think a big part of my problem is that I am trying to balance a huge mod by myself when I just don't have time to play it enough in order to do so. I just hate releasing things that I know are broken.
And Dioxine. I have actually kind of done your suggestion. The higher tech tree stuff cuts out a lot of steps completely. Part of the problem is that my patience burns out before that point. Maybe I just have a pacing issue. Or maybe I'm just impatient. Or maybe I need to quit sitting on my mod. :)

There's quite a few new terrains in Redux that you might find useful for special missions. But from my experience with the latest Redux update, before you add more special missions, have you considered why they are needed? To get additional techs/artifacts? To trigger other special missions? To introduce a side plot? And are those really necessary?

Also, every special mission (as in something that appears only once during the game) will have an impact on the overall campaign: add a lot of special missions and the impact of each one will be lessened, but at the same time you're adding a lot of pole signs that the player needs to follow to reach the end of the campaign, making it less sandbox. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't use special missions, simply that they can have a big effect on the overall playing.

I'm not really too worried. Xeno Ops only has one special mission for the entire game. I am no where near the point Redux is in terms of mission variety. The current extra mission is the only mission that the player must go on at least twice in order to beat the game. I have a few other plans for future missions, but most of these will be optional like most XCom missions. Even then, I don't think I will ever get close to Redux in this area.

Why is the crafting system needed? It sure sounds challenging that you need to set up a 'artifact recycling' system in order to be able to use advanced alien tech, but has it only been added because of the difficulty?

The theory behind the crafting system was pretty sound. Make every alien artifact in the game useful. In addition, it was to add an extra layer of critical decision making. I wanted the player to choose between selling artifacts or scrapping them for parts. I really wanted to curb hoarding. Setting alien items to self destruct upon death really brought me close to this goal since it made sellable plasma weapons very scarce and thus no longer a reliable source of income.
In addition, some people (boring people like me) just like complex construction systems. Fun can be very subjective.
However, like any system, it has its cost. The cost was clicks, time, and micromanagement. In it's current state, I feel the costs out way the benefit.

Now I have a simple question, I am using XenoOPs armor and weapons on a 1.0 game with a few other mods and whenever I use the stunrod a really cool effect occurs (I think is from this mod) but then it crashes my game, is this a known issue or is it even related to this mod? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This is an issue with 1.0 of OpenXcom. Melee animations for 1.0 use like three or four times the number of frames for animation. When it reaches the end of the animation, it crashes because it thinks there are still more frames. Later nightlies fixed this so the mod was adjusted with the correct number of frames. The only way to fix this is to find an older compatible nightly. No idea where you could find one at this point.

Work In Progress / Re: [BETA][WIP][BUNCHOFSTUFF] Xeno Operations Mod
« on: December 01, 2015, 03:58:06 am »
Completed Xeno Mod. Cydonia was tough. Not to gonna say more than that. I think this is the longest time I have spent on the Cydonia level (I am yet to complete XPiratez).

PS Where is the frozen map? I was looking forward to that.
Still hoping to do something special for Cyondia down the road rather than just having a large map. Probably not in the next beta though. As for the frozen map, it is for the next version. It's a bit of special mission. Need more of those special missions.

GOT a CTD. I got a PSI-AMP. Went on a mission versus the floaters who had reapers. Tried to mind control a reaper. The game showed that it was successful. When I try to select the Reaper, the game CTD.
Just tested. Should be fixed when I release the next update.

why do the terran and alien plasma weapons have mismatched/corrupted sprites?
Very strange. Looks like a mod indexing issue? I will keep an eye on this after the next beta is out.

Expect official merchandise to hit the online stores one month before its release ;)
Hopefully I won't sell out to EA. :) Then I can have preorders and season passes. Or I can be like a certain other company and start selling crappy single mission DLC. Thankfully, I live in a world where XCom would never succumb to being victim to a crappy single mission DLC... wait a minute.

Add the below line. It removes explosions. I found it out when experimenting on creating a portable stun pistol.

blastRadius: 0

I'll give that a try. Thanks. :)

So last update was Updated: 11/22/14 (0.90) it's more than a year...any news on progress?
;) Well, this worthful mod becomes better and more attractive...

Will it be released in first half of 2016?..

... next month it is better !!!!! :P
So it has been awhile since I last gave a status update. There are two reasons for this. One is Fallout 4. That's done though. I was always a big fan of the Fallout series. But I always come back to XCom. Now for the other reason I vanished for a month. After much playtesting, I have determined that my crafting system is indeed not fun. :(
What does this mean?
It means that I need to gut a huge part of the mod. Basically all of the manufacturing and economy stuff needs to be redone.
After hitting the end of year one, the crafting system ceases to be fun and becomes a chore. I am convinced it would only be viable if the mod had an interface specifically designed for it. Something like a screen that would allow the player to quickly break down alien artifacts into their core components for further manufacturing. As it stands now, it is simply too many clicks and it adds too much busy work. During the first year, it's tolerable, but it quickly grows tiresome. Another thing good in theory, but poor in practice.
This combined with the sheer difficulty of balancing resources has made me shelve the mod for a month and play something else for a while. I needed some time away to clear my head so I can come back and look at the mod with a fresh perspective.
For that part, I am basically back to the drawing board. :(

Now for some good news.
I have added another alien race. I may actually release this new alien race as a standalone for TFTD.
I have added a few variants of psi amps. Now psionics has a kind of progression system. I still need to do a bit of balancing with these though.
Updated the graphics for the alien blaster launcher, alien high explosive, and alien grenade. I don't think the aliens have any of the original sprites left for their equipment.
Updated the graphics for the alloy armor sprites. They look much better now.
Replaced Personal Armor sprites completely with the old psionic armor. I am working on a new Psionic Armor sprites to replace that one.

Resources / Re: custom geoscape background
« on: October 26, 2015, 05:54:46 pm »
Well I need to explicitly add support for a custom high-res background. :P Can you post your background standalone so I can use it for debugging?

Here. It's a strange resolution because I'm too lazy to find out what the more common monitor resolutions are.

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