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[SUGGESTION]Question about funding.

Why countries with zero alien activity rise x-com funding at the end of month? Is it more logical, that they will not change their payments, because we do not do anything?

Help / Empty hand HWP?
« on: January 07, 2023, 07:52:10 pm »
Is it possible to somehow create a HWP (lets say battle robot) with both hands empty? Normally HWP item will be allways placed in right hand, specialUseEmptyHand does'nt work.

OXCE Suggestions DONE / [DONE][Suggestion] Manufacture rating points.
« on: December 30, 2022, 04:28:06 pm »
As title says, it would be useful to have possibility to create manufacturing project (using rare components maybe), that produce rating directly. Like something social, etc.

Idea is to make downed unit, who continues to burn, to produce light as normal fire until it dies.

Help / Self-priming grenade
« on: March 24, 2022, 11:04:44 am »
Is it possible somehow to create a self-priming grenade? So that when item is created, it is allready primed?

To the point: i want to create corpse, that will explode later, on the next turn after death. "specab" can not be delayed, and corpse can not be of type: 4, so i create another item, that drops down when unit is killed, and then make real corpse invisible (with size 0x0). But if i use fuseType: -3 it will not explode, in any other cases it must be primed manually.
When we create items with terrain, there is "fuseTimers:". But what about items in pockets?

Now it is like on screenshot. Text is ok, but name can not be seen.
Is it possible to draw an article name atop of unit inventory image?

Help / Mod content: powers of light and dark.
« on: February 01, 2022, 10:40:11 am »
Hello, fellow X-Com commanders.
During my modding i ran into a question. I am creating fantasy mod, containing powers of light (blessings, angels, so on) and powers of dsrkness (necromancy, etc). So i want to know your opinion, which way should these powers interact. First way - no interaction, maybe facilities of dark can not be built on bases where temples allready exist, and so on. Second way - similar to Dioxine's codexes, when you must chose side.
I must confess that results will have little effect on my opinion, but maybe some thoughts will be convincing.

Help / Invisible region
« on: January 30, 2022, 05:16:59 pm »
I'm using special region to spawn special mission. All works fine, mission spawns in a random point inside needed area.
But this custom region shows in "Alien activity graph", and that bothers me and can misguide player.
So, can i somehow "hide" region? Or maybe i should use another way to spawn mission?

Released Mods / X-Chronicles Release, v.0.99.10
« on: November 03, 2021, 11:39:03 am »
Let me introduce you:
 The X-Chronicles version 0.99
Welcome to the global fantasy-themed overhaul mod.
This time, the aliens did not come, instead - magic came to Earth. And along with it, strange magical creatures, sorcerers, zombies and other fantasy clich├ęs.
Or not really?
Choose a patron country on which the gameplay will depend.
Learn magic technologies and throw away your guns.
Evolve your operatives from ordinary humans to demigods ... or monsters.
Learn powerful battle spells.
With all these bells and whistles, go down to the abode of Aliens ...
and lose outright to the horrors there.

Available languages: US English and Russian.


V 0.99.10
- dwarves arc is finished (or maybe 99%). New units, new mission, new research tier.
- 3 new X-com units: golems (for summon and for manufacturing);
- new Ufopedia articles;
- new Amazonian level;
- new enemies for Amazonian hell (final bosses);
- new intro;
- multiple new events;
- hazmat wooden vest added;
- X-Com undead energy, wounds and armor fixed;
- empty retaliation fixed;
- many ufopedia articles fixed;
- invader lord interrogation fixed;
- temple of light mission spawn fixed;
- manufacturing fixed.
V 0.99.9
- added ability to damage armor for many creatures;
- added missing ufopedia articles;
- fixed HWP reload (no more reload for tanks during mission);
- fixed many shock weapons to ignore stun immunity;
- fixed pilot bonuses;
- fixed sentinel transformation;
- fixed plane glyphs manufacturing;
- fixed high blessings requirements;
- nerfed Lumen resistances;
- fixed spawned units, now they have no TU right after spawn;
- multiple minor fixes of research tree and ufopedia;
- minor balancing;
- added new race - dwarves (not finished yet, but allready can be encountered);
- added new items - magic gloves;
V 0.99.8
- Fixed critical bug with interception sprites;
- Fixed bug with Aliens on flying ships instead of Adventurers;
- Added new units: earth golem, solaris, triffid;
- Added new spell - poison cloud;
- Added new facility - Artifical Sun;
- Fixed Legion cowardness by adding new unit - Legion Saggitarius. Now footmen will rush into melee properly;
- Now player can manufacture lesser wands without scriptor;
- Increased efficiency of stone shield and darkness shield against bullets;
- some new research topics;
- as allways, bugfixing and balancing.
V 0.99.7
- Added new primitive race: serpenters (with more poison weapons);
- Added new undead transform;
- Added new plane: Vulture;
- Added stun batons (i know you wanted it);
- Added many missing ufopedia articles;
- Added new events;
- Improved many ufopedia articles;
- multiple bugfixing and balancing (including less damage from smoke and better melee accuracy);
V 0.99.6
 - added new UFO - the temple ship;
 - IMPORTANT: rebalance, no powerful invaders will spawn while x-com posess no magic nech;
 - bugfixing, all prefious hotfixes included;
V. 0.99.5
- added new unit: phoenix
- added new terrain: fire dimension
- added some lore articles
- added 2 new craft equipment glyphs.
- added new facility, psi barrier
- fixed HMGs for using by normal people;
- added new faction: temple of Death, with their own ships and stuff;
- added submod Cyrillic names for XCHR;
- added 5 new melee weapons;
- minor bugfixing
V. 0.99.4
- Added two new facilities for base defense. Runed missiles and fiery bolts;
- Added ufopedia articles for all Aliens, all Aliens now researcheable;
- Added some other articles for explanation of storyline;
- Added a pair of events for immersion;
- multiple bugs fixed, thanks to wolwerine.

V. 0.99.3
Major update.
- Added choice of side in the confrontation: light or darkness, with facilities, items, spells and events;
- Added Light blessings, working for whole combat;
- Added Light Temple faction with their own units;
- Added more summons;
- New mission arc - espionage;
- Civilians will change through world events;
- Bugfixes;

Warning: not really tested, so expect bugs
V. 0.99.2
- Fixed nasty error with archmage tower;
- New units: wight, herald;
- New terrain: mushroom forest;
- New events with trustee countries;
- Minor fixes.
V. 0.99.1
- Added new armor: crusader;
- Added some mapblocks for Archmage yard;
- Multiple bugfixes in research tree, thanks to ted_die;
- Fixed Archmage tower spawn, thanks to ted_die;
- Cleaned starting base;
V. 0.99
 - initial release.
Copy to the mod folder, run the game and chose "Base game" X-Chronicles.
Thanks: to OpenXcom authors for a brilliant game; to Yankes and Meridian for powerful OXCE, to the other modders from whom I borrowed something.

Release status: mod is fully playable, but not really balanced.
Version 0.99 means, that i will work on it further, maybe for years, adding new stuff and redacting existing things.

Future plans:
 - more maps;
 - more undead;
 - more summons;
 - demons;
 - alchemy;
 - dwarves and elves, maybe.
If you want to help:
 - This mod desperately needs a spell check of English translation.
 - More map blocks needed for existing terrains. I will do it myself, but slowly.
 - I will be grateful for bug reports. 


All X-Com resources belongs to X-Com franchise owners (Take-Two Interactive, i think)

All other is under CC-NC-BY-SA , as mr.Hobbes insisted.


Idea was to forbid psi-nullers to train in psi-labs. It is useful for not ot train tank ai in a gym too, and other similar cases.
Maybe it is possible to add one or two properties into soldier definition?

Please, make different startingConditions work for second-stage missions.
Example: first stage is open ground, second is inside caves or building, so no 2x2 units can pass. Or, in my case, second stage have EM-interferences, so no electronic devices possible.
Now i must disable tanks for whole mission, but they can be useful in first stage.

Help / GlobeMarkers, explain your smolness.
« on: October 10, 2021, 08:42:20 pm »
Encountered strange effect when trying to implement GlobeMarkers, all markers become 1 dot. See screenshot.
Code fragment:
Code: [Select]
  - type: GlobeMarkers
    width: 210
    height: 7
    subX: 7
    subY: 7
      0: Resources/UI/UFO_Icons.png
Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_SMALL_BOAT
    size: STR_SMALL
    marker: 10
    markerLand: 15
    markerCrash: 20

Am i unheeding again or what? Help me please...

How about commendation, given for certain alienDeployment? Like "these veterans was in a battle of Cydonia! Oh, oh..." :-)

When one transforms a unit, it is possible to keep new unit wearing old armor. But what if new unit can not use such armor type, but player does not want to lose old suit?
I think it is needed to divide
Code: [Select]
keepSoldierArmorinto two:
Code: [Select]
keepSoldierArmorand perhaps
Code: [Select]
storeSoldierArmor, which will remove armor suit from unit and place it into base inventory.

OXCE Support Y-scripts / [Solved] Replacing weapon sprite depending of ammo.
« on: September 23, 2021, 12:08:26 pm »
I think i saw somewhere a mod, that changes sprites for loaded and empty guns in battlescape. But now i can not find nor it, nor these possibilities in ruleset or scripts.
Am i hallucinating?

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