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Translations / Italian Translation for various mods
« on: August 26, 2014, 02:37:40 am »
I want to make an italian translation for various mods, but i need some help to know how i can do this. I already tried to translate some mods, expecially the "colour armor", combat knife and the shotgun. Combat Knife and Shotgun worked properly, but when i tried to run the game with colour armor, there the problems began. All Ufopedia topics of them had the title "STR_BLUARMOR...." ecc, and descriptions too. That's the problem.
Here a list of the mods i'm working on.
Colored Armors
Combat Knife
Firestorm Restyle
Harvest R0002
Sniper Rifle

P.S: Se qualche italiano vuole aiutarmi, libero di parlare nella lingua madre. :D

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