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Offtopic / How do we lose?
« on: September 01, 2013, 02:54:41 am »
(I'm speaking about the vanilla game)

There is a thing that do not occur that often: losing.
In fact I have lost in only two ways:
- attacking Cydonia and retreating.
- two consecutive negative monthly financial deficits.
In fact I didn't really lost, my "retreat" from cydonia was because I wanted to restart the fight because of a misclick, and my financial lost was because of this bug.

Of course I'm not a superhero, but I have never continued a game when it was evident I was going to lose. So I don't know what are the loss possibilities. I presume losing all the bases in end game, but I don't know if there is a time limit (such as two or three years) or if losing two much countries due to alien infiltration is a direct cause to loss. Does anybody know?

And, is loss exactly the same in OpenXcom?

Programming / New graphical option: Black bands to keep aspect ratio
« on: August 29, 2013, 11:34:14 pm »
This being in the todo list of SupSuper and being usefull to me, I wanted to try and do it by myself.
I think I have found an easy way to do this, but the way I try to do it has a side effect. In fact I change the final stretch of the picture, which prevent the mouse cursor to appear in the black bands.
As the cursor is draw before this final stretch, it is impossible to prevent this.

I really don't know if this is a good thing. On the one side, this could be rather strange, particularly if the black bands are very large. On the other side, it makes sense not to draw the mouse cursor in those black bands.

Should I keep it this way?
Should I modify how the mouse cursor coordinates are calculated? (This way the cursor won't appear in the black bands but it will simply be invisible within them rather than "jumping" when the cursor go out the window).
Should I modify the picture before being draw by enlarging it and apply an offset to every draw in it? (painful I believe).
Should I modify how the mouse cursor coordinates are calculated, but only if fullscreen is not set?

Troubleshooting / Problem to use Bug Tracker
« on: August 28, 2013, 09:27:04 pm »

I have created bug report #225, but I am totally unable to attach a file as I thought I could. I think I do it how I should but it refuses to attach it. Is there a list of valid extensions?

I attach the file here.

Translations / French "close to original" translation
« on: August 27, 2013, 11:35:53 pm »
Bonjour à tous,

As you should know, original game does had the french language. The french language translation for OpenXcom is far better, but it is not the same, and a nostalgic player such as me likes to kill aliens rather than extraterrestres (even though, I know, alien is not French), to throw some leurres électroniques etc...

Of course, "deproving" french translation would be silly, but why not to propose a second French translation, matching the original one?

First question: Is it worth I do it?
Second question: I believe if a string would be missing in the "french old school" translation, the game would use the english string, is there a way it would use the french string if available? (lazy contributor spotted)

Programming / New optionnal feature: storage in hangars
« on: August 26, 2013, 10:17:51 pm »

Being used with the original game, taking in account items on Skyrangers in the base storage capacity somewhat hurt me. I believe to compensate, we should add some storage in the hangar, at least as an optional feature. A value such as 10 would be nice, because 20 soldiers each with a riffle, a rifle clip, an electro-flare and a grenade would need this storage. It sounds to me logical some equipment can be stored in the hangar, or some Stingray or Avalanche missiles.

But I'm not sure what is the better way to do that. I have tried to modify the RuleBaseFacility::load() function adding the following:
Code: [Select]
_storage += _crafts * Options::getInt("storageInHangar");

This seems to work perfectly, but am I doing it the good way?

Tools / Playing comfortable with a dual screen.
« on: August 26, 2013, 03:31:41 am »
Hello budies. I have two screens, and I know this configuration is more and more usual.
One of my screen has a 16/10 resolution, so it would be great to play ufo full screen.

So, I use the free nircmd tool as follows:
I launch OpenXcom, then change graphics options to display window with resolution 1920x1200.
In a command prompt I use the following commands:
Code: [Select]
nircmdc win -style title "OpenXcom 0.9" 0x00C00000
nircmdc win setsize title "OpenXcom 0.9" 0 0 1920 1200

First command removes all borders to the window but slightly increase display size. Second command move the window to the top-left of main screen (at (0,0) coordinates) then give the window the exact size 1920x1200. Then OpenXcom occupies the whole screen. Being in a "window", not real fullscreen mode, you can move cursor on the other screen, and use a web browser for ufopedia wiki or anything you like, and the taskbar appear if you move the cursor down (I have set it to "always on top" and "disappear automatically").

Hope that will help other peoples.

This is a mess. When the last battleship of one of these two missions enter atmosphere, no matter what you do an alien base is immediately built and in the case of alien infiltration one of the council countries quit. This seems highly unfair to me. There should be a preference to delay the consequences at the battleship's take off. This means if you crash it or capture it on the ground the whole alien mission should be a failure.

Who agree with me?

Programming / Building OpenXCom on Windows with Mingw
« on: August 25, 2013, 07:50:48 pm »
Hello buddies,

As I try to see what I can do to modify OpenXCom, I'm trying to build it on my computer. I am using Mingw. (Please do not ask me to install what everybody seems to want me to install, because this EDI sucks).

I downloaded SDL for developers and built a small test program with SDL.
I downloaded SDL_mixer source and 32-bit DLL and built a small test program with SDL_mixer and SDL.
I downloaded SDL_image source and 32-bits DLL and built a small test program with SDL_image and SDL.

I downloaded SDL_gfx, tried to build it with the makefile for MinGW, had problems, found this, built it and built a small test program with SDL_gfx and SDL.

I downloaded yaml-cpp (version 0.5.1) and cmake, tried to use cmake to generate makefile, realized boost was necessary, downloaded boost, tried to build boost, failed to build boost, realized yaml-cpp would perhaps only need boost header files, tried to generate makefile for dynamic build, had problems, found this, decided to build a static library, generated makefile, built yaml-cpp, built a small test program with yaml-cpp. (I have headaches now)

Now, I'm trying to build OpenXCom itself, and of course, it doesn't work.

This is the makefile I have written:
Code: [Select]


SRC=$(wildcard src/*.cpp src/*/*.cpp src/*/*/*.cpp)

CFLAGS=-DWINVER=$(WINVER) -I..\SDL-1.2.15\include\SDL -I..\SDL_mixer-1.2.12 -I..\SDL_image-1.2.12 -I..\SDL_gfx-2.0.24 -I..\yaml-cpp-0.5.1\include -I..\boost_1_54_0
LDFLAGS=-L..\SDL-1.2.15\lib -L..\yaml-cpp-0.5.1\build -lmingw32 -lSDLmain ..\SDL-1.2.15\bin\SDL.dll ..\SDL_mixer-1.2.12\bin\SDL_mixer.dll ..\SDL_image-1.2.12\bin\SDL_image.dll ..\SDL_gfx-2.0.24\bin\SDL_gfx.dll -lyaml-cpp

.PHONY:all compile depends mrproper clean rebuild



AppDep -n -l "# Dependencies" makefile
for %%i in ($(SRC:.cpp=)) do $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -MM "%%i.cpp" -MT "%%i.o" >> makefile

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $(BIN) $(OBJ) $(LDFLAGS)

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $@ -c $<

for %%i in ($(BIN)) do if exist "%%~fi" del "%%~fi"

for %%i in ($(OBJ)) do if exist "%%~fi" del "%%~fi"

rebuild:mrproper all

Compilation just (seems to) works fine.
But at the very last step, linker fails and give the following errors:
Code: [Select]
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x240): undefined reference to `_imp__glGenTextures@8'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x26d): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x393): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x4c1): undefined reference to `_imp__glBindTexture@8'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x4ee): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x60a): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x63e): undefined reference to `_imp__glPixelStorei@8'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x66b): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x787): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x7f3): undefined reference to `_imp__glTexImage2D@36'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x820): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x93c): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0xbd8): undefined reference to `_imp__glClearColor@16'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0xbe9): undefined reference to `_imp__glClear@4'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0xbf3): undefined reference to `_imp__glFlush@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0xc4b): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0xe8b): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0xfb1): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0xfeb): undefined reference to `_imp__glTexParameteri@12'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x1016): undefined reference to `_imp__glTexParameteri@12'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x1048): undefined reference to `_imp__glTexParameteri@12'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x1084): undefined reference to `_imp__glTexParameteri@12'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x10b1): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x11cd): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x11f7): undefined reference to `_imp__glMatrixMode@4'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x120b): undefined reference to `_imp__glLoadIdentity@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x1269): undefined reference to `_imp__glOrtho@48'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x1290): undefined reference to `_imp__glViewport@16'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x12a1): undefined reference to `_imp__glMatrixMode@4'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x12ab): undefined reference to `_imp__glLoadIdentity@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x12cb): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x13e7): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x145f): undefined reference to `_imp__glPixelStorei@8'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x148c): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x15a8): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x161c): undefined reference to `_imp__glTexSubImage2D@36'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x16bb): undefined reference to `_imp__glBegin@4'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x16d6): undefined reference to `_imp__glTexCoord2f@8'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x16f6): undefined reference to `_imp__glVertex3i@12'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x171b): undefined reference to `_imp__glTexCoord2f@8'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x173a): undefined reference to `_imp__glVertex3i@12'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x175f): undefined reference to `_imp__glTexCoord2f@8'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x1780): undefined reference to `_imp__glVertex3i@12'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x17b1): undefined reference to `_imp__glTexCoord2f@8'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x17d1): undefined reference to `_imp__glVertex3i@12'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x17db): undefined reference to `_imp__glEnd@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x17fb): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x1917): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x193a): undefined reference to `_imp__glFlush@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x1964): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x1a80): undefined reference to `_imp__glGetError@0'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x245a): undefined reference to `_imp__glDisable@4'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x246b): undefined reference to `_imp__glDisable@4'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x247c): undefined reference to `_imp__glDisable@4'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x248d): undefined reference to `_imp__glDisable@4'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x249e): undefined reference to `_imp__glDisable@4'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x24af): undefined reference to `_imp__glEnable@4'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x24c0): undefined reference to `_imp__glEnable@4'
src/Engine/OpenGL.o:OpenGL.cpp:(.text+0x275a): undefined reference to `_imp__glDeleteTextures@8'
d:/prog/i686-w64-mingw32-gcc-4.5.4-release-win32_rubenvb/bin/../lib/gcc/i686-w64-mingw32/4.5.4/../../../../i686-w64-mingw32/bin/ld.exe: src/Engine/OpenGL.o: bad reloc address 0xbc in section `.rdata'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
makefile:25: recipe for target `bin\OpenXCom.exe' failed
gmake: *** [bin\OpenXCom.exe] Error 1

What am I doing wrong? (except refusing to install you-know-what).
Please, tell me I'm just missing something easy to repair...
Do I miss an openGL library?

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