OpenXcom requires a vanilla version of the original UFO: Enemy Unknown / X-COM: UFO Defense (any edition) with the latest patch. It is not compatible with other games in the X-COM series. If you don’t own a copy, you can buy it from one of these retailers.

Do not use modded versions of X-COM, as they may be incompatible with OpenXcom.

Check the Installation documentation for more details.



These builds are automatically generated from the codebase, so they have the latest fixes and updates as well as the latest bugs. Use these if you wanna live on the bleeding edge or to check if a bug is obsolete. Do not install these on top of 1.0!

Windows Mac OS X Ubuntu / Mint

Maintained by SupSuper

The EXE version has an installer while the ZIP version is standalone. For more details see the FAQ. Latest version is at the top and includes all previous versions:

Warboy1982, Mon Dec 5 18:02:04 2016
fix minimap glitch

Daniel, Wed Nov 30 21:34:26 2016
Merge pull request #1127 from uqs/ifdef

Remove a FreeBSD specific ifdef and a redundant _WIN32 ifdef
Ulrich Spörlein, Sun Nov 27 11:24:09 2016
Remove a FreeBSD specific ifdef and a redundant _WIN32 ifdef

It's fine to also check in /usr/share/openxcom under FreeBSD, no need to
special case this. Update the docs to reflect that this is being checked
always (this was an omission from the Linux docs previously.)

Trim some trailing tabs while here.

SupSuper, Sun Nov 27 22:20:49 2016
It's me I'm the dumb

SupSuper, Sun Nov 27 16:47:20 2016
Fix dogfight logic so TFTD depth checks actually work

SupSuper, Sat Nov 26 04:24:07 2016
Missing include

SupSuper, Fri Nov 25 22:23:24 2016
Code cleanup.

Daniel, Fri Nov 25 21:16:06 2016
Merge pull request #1124 from sengaya/fix-unused-variables

Remove unused variables
Thilo Uttendorfer, Wed Nov 23 23:51:26 2016
Remove unused variables

Warboy1982, Fri Nov 25 17:24:18 2016
fix node error

nodes are placed relative to map block height, not map height.
make the correct check as appropriate.

Warboy1982, Fri Nov 25 16:18:54 2016
Merge pull request #1123 from uqs/freebsd

Fix build on FreeBSD (and possibly NetBSD) where backtrace() is in li…
Ulrich Spörlein, Wed Nov 23 20:17:41 2016
Fix build on FreeBSD (and possibly NetBSD) where backtrace() is in libexecinfo

Mac OS X
Maintained by grrussel

Check this website for more details.

Ubuntu / Mint
Maintained by Krzysztof “Knapsu” Knapik

Available on a dedicated PPA repository. Please do the following in a terminal:

# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:knapsu/openxcom-beta
# sudo apt-get update
# sudo apt-get install openxcom