Author Topic: [Showcase] Hatching Chryssalids and Tentaculats  (Read 866 times)

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[Showcase] Hatching Chryssalids and Tentaculats
« on: March 22, 2021, 10:28:04 pm »
This is a show case for scripting. I will probably put some more proof of concepts on the forum at some point.

I have found this setSpawnUnit command in the scripting API so I wanted to do something with it.
One of the results is this mod "Hatching Chryssalids and Tentaculats" which handles zombification with scripting alone. The weapon of the Chryssalids and Tentaculats do not zombify in this mod.
Instead they infect soldiers with parasites which essentially is a tag used to determine damage per turn and whether soldiers should become zombies or not. Of course it's possible to spawn different units depending on the tag. So this means curses and such are also possible.

Of course anyone can use all the scripting of the mod. Feel free to do so. Some credit would be appreciated.

If you are curious you can find the mod on on

Code: [Select]
- Chryssalids and Tentaculats infect soldiers
- Infected soldiers turn to zombies whether by the infection itself or by any other damage
- Infected soldiers are indicated with a green color as visible feedback
- Medi-Kit can cure infections (previous painkiller position)
- Cure charges are dependent on research. The more research is done on Chryssalids and Tentaculats the more charges a Medi-Kit gets
- Infected surviving soldiers will be wracked by the parasite. This means that they will lose stats when finishing a mission still infected.
- Depending on research the stats loss will be reduced to 0.

A lot of thanks goes to Yankes who updated OXCE so this mod was possible.
As a consequence this requires the bleeding edge version of OXCE.

Required version:  Extended-7.0-ea2092bc5-2021-03-22.
You can find a download here

I hope you enjoy and any feedback would be appreciated.