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« on: September 17, 2020, 05:25:23 am »
Hi everyone!, first of all i have to say that english it isn't my first language so i apologies if something doesn't make sense.

The thing is that i was playing TWOTS mod for several days in the OEXCE and it is a fantastic mod but i already experience 2 errors that crash my game  the first one was when i shoot down a very big alien ship i think it was the dreadnought , whenever i wanted to do the mission on the crashed USO i get a message saying a archive was not found and it closes my game. The second one is a more recent one , i fought with my ship to what it looked like a kraken-ish tipe of submarine (in the display picture it look like a mouth  and tentacles) and when i shooted down and wanted to do the mission the crash happen and in the message say this   "Alien deployment STR_HOR1 not found"  i got a log and a save if someone wants to try to replicate this error, i don't know what to do so i posted here.

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Re: TWOTS Error
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2020, 10:31:17 am »
Welcome to the OpenXcom forum Kanryu.

If you are using a version of OXCE that is above v6.5.3 it appears there is currently an incompatibility that causes an error when running that mod.

Try launching the Mod in OXCE v6.5.3 and see if that prevents the crash.

Additionally my suggestion is to post about this in the mod's official forum thread and attach both your log and save to the post to help track down the bug.

Here is a link to that thread: [TFTD] [Expansion] TWoTS+ Release (v.2.47)

If your OS is windows TWoTS comes bundled with the version v6.5.3 of OXCE, so check the folder the mod unpacked in and try running it directly from the OpenXcomEx.exe file you find there if you are not already using that.

You can also find builds of V6.5.3 for download at these locations:
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