Author Topic: Hardmode Expansion - Bugreports  (Read 67096 times)

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Re: Hardmode Expansion - Bugreports
« Reply #135 on: December 01, 2022, 11:02:27 pm »
Thank you for your great MOD and for addressing the issues.

Thanks you so much for reporting this. I am sorry for my late reply, I had to take care of my brainstroked girlfriend, this leaves me sometimes without proper response time...

Looking through the code (commits up to Sep30) I found the following issues:

The diagram implies that Advanced Medikits research requite Medikits, while this in not in the code.

I will to check thanks for letting me know.

Upgrading Walkertanks seams to be broken. Not only it costs 10% of what it should, it gives you free armor/mobility by starting off with a Sectopod rather then an Armored Sectopod and ending up with a Walkertank Plasma, paying nothing for the extra armor etc. .
I added requirement for a Armored Sectopod Corpse to do the upgrade i hope this suffices. ;)