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Hardmode Expansion - Future Development Plan
« on: September 29, 2016, 05:12:41 am »
Future Development Plan
This post contains my current points i will be working, a new version release will be made inbetween.
I update as I go, fulfilled points are marked with "DONE".

Screenshots and progress reports are usually left in General Feedback Thread

Current development plan:

1.) OpenXcomExtended Stuff:
  • Alien Bases perform Operations in their regions - DONE
  • Add more Recommended User Options - DONE
  • Fixed User Options - DONE
  • 33% Chance to prevent alien infiltration mission bases being build, when successfully assaulting the Battleship - DONE Base gets prevented Mission will continue
  • 33% Chance to prevent alien base missions from alien bases to build alien bases, when successfully assaulting the Battleship, Vanilla Base Mission stays as is. - DONE Works as intended

2.) OpenXcomExtended UI/QOL:
  • Add TerrainHint DayNightIndicator - DONE
  • Add Stun, Burn and Bleeding Indicators for Battlescape - DONE
  • Add Avatars and TinyRanks for Battlescape - DONE
  • Add OXCE Enemy Preview Background - DONE
  • Add OXCE Armor Preview for Craft Equip Screen - DONE
  • Add OXCE Tank/Drone Preview for Craft Equip Screen - DONE
  • Add Zero Content Base mod - DONE
  • Add Inventory Images for all Aliens - DONE
  • Add Inventory Images for all Civilians - DONE
  • Add Inventory Images for all Xcom Tanks - DONE
  • Add Ufopaedia Images for all Xcom Tanks - DONE
  • Add Ufopaedia Images for all Xcom Drones - DONE
  • Add OpenXcom Nationalities Expanded Mod - DONE
  • Add Inventory Images for all Xcom Drones - NEEDS GRAPHICS

3.) Further Future changes and additions:
  • Rebalance Melee Weapons - DONE
  • Add Elerium Powered Stun Rod - DONE
  • Add Elerium Powered Taser Clip - DONE
  • Add Hoverdrones - DONE
  • Add Walkertank/Laser - DONE
  • Add Fire Extinguisher Item - DONE
  • Integrate: High Quality Sounds
  • Add Ufopaedia Info for melee Weapons, to make sure player knows Soldiers strength is applied to damage

4.) Mission Related Stuff:
  • Integrate: Armed Civilians Mod - DONE
  • Alien Bases perform Attacks on Earth Military Bases in their regions - DONE
  • Add Soldier Civilians for Earth Military Bases - DONE
  • Add rewards for successfully Ending a Alien Terror Mission (Possible Bonuses: Flat Score, Flat Money, Free Soldiers, Engineers and or Scientists)
  • Split of Gamestart Mission, Mapscript and Deployments into total unique seperate branch.
  • Add Interruption chance also to Vanilla Alien Base Mission to unify behaviour and avoid player confusion
  • Revise Mission Structure and Triggers

5.) Terrain Fixes and Additions
  • Apply OXCE Map Scripting options. To Mix Terrains even more and bring even more variety for the player
  • Fix up Linership so Crafts can also spawn on it.
  • Add Missing Globe Terrains from Hobbes Terrain Pack
  • Recheck destructibility of Terror Terrains
  • Overwork destructibility of Globe Terrains: Junglemountain, Mujungle

6.) New Mars Terrain Maps  - POSTPONED FOR THE TIME BEING
  • Add Expanded Mars 20x20 Mapblocks
  • Add Expanded Mars 30x30 Mapblock (Pyramid of Pain)
  • Add/Rework Expanded Mars Mapscript

Feedback and Change requests will be put in between those, as I see fit, or as they to do fit in general with the design concept.
If there is something missing or you wanna add stuff please feel free to post, any form of suggestions or feedback of any kind is also really appreciated.

EDIT: I am not the fastest of modders, but my stuff tends to be mostly bugfree, so patience sometimes pays off.
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