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Title: Hardmode Expansion - Future Development Plan
Post by: hellrazor on September 29, 2016, 05:12:41 am
Future Development Plan
This post contains my current points i will be working, a new version release will be made inbetween.
I update as I go, fulfilled points are marked with "DONE".

Screenshots and progress reports are usually left in General Feedback Thread (,3550.0.html)

Current development plan:

1.) Alien Command Ship:

2.) Upgrade Civilian Unit, Terrains and Globe:
I have already fixed a big portion of the globe terrains and the bugs i found in them.
There is still a lot todo and Hobbes, responds barely towards my fixes :-/
Guess I have my own bugfixed and integrated version then.

3.) Add Expanded Mars Terrain

4.) Further Future changes and additions:

Feedback and Change requests will be put in between those, as I see fit, or as they to do fit in general with the design concept.
If there is something missing or you wanna add stuff please feel free to post, any form of suggestions or feedback of any kind is also really appreciated.

EDIT: I am not the fastest of modders, but my stuff tends to be mostly bugfree, so patience sometimes pays off.