Author Topic: Altoid aliens - All sprites are free to use!  (Read 44136 times)

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Re: Altoid aliens - All sprites are free to use!
« Reply #105 on: June 10, 2021, 04:13:28 pm »
Duke_Falcon's original UFOpedia images:

I've tried to replicate the look of the Funnel Head in Duke_Falcon's UFOpedia images by altering some of Robin's art and combining it with a muton's body.

There are also two variant of this unit that I tried to give it the more veiny look of the UFOpedia images.

For the first variant parts of Duke_Falcon's "Anthropod Commander" were used:

For the second I tried to simulate the randomly placed veins using fragments of a converted TFTD image:

To use it you need to use DrawingRoutine: 10 (Muton) and set deathFrames: 20 in the armors: section.
(Or its death animation will not function.)

When this unit dies it quickly melts leaving only a small amount of residue on the ground.

All three version's unit sheets along with a FloorOb are attached to this post in the file.

[Additional Credits]
The Funnel Head's head is a altered version of the "h_disruptor_heavy.gif" HandOb in Robin's "From the Apocalypse"
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