Author Topic: Edit any ship as you need! It simple/Fuego can land 36 units now!  (Read 2794 times)

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Have you looked at a lot of empty space and wondered why they don't use it?
You couldn't handle 12-18 units?
Maybe you want to change tactics? Tired of being special forces and want more massive attacks?
Maybe you just do not want such restrictions?
This mod is for you.
Now you can convert and parachute up to 36 units (or more if you edit) in 1 battle.
Mod for Ventura (One of type) for the red code in Piratez. You can ask me or do the same for other types of Ventura and ships in general.
All you need to do is change the soldiers/vehicles in rulset (Piratez.rul for example). And also add cells to SHIPNAME.MAP (VENTURA.MAP for example).
Different types of Ventura have their own map, but there is only 1 file. You can just copy all the code from me and use it for your Ventura/Ships IN ANY MOD. Deployment coordinate does not matter for different types of Ventura, that is, they are identical for each. But for others ships need different deployment. Last number mean place where will look your unit.
To avoid bugs, you should equip vehicles that occupy more than 1 cell (any tank) as firsts unit. It has also not been tested on story missions and many encounters. But you can always test it yourself.
Based on my mod, you will understand how to change the number of units and their landing. This why i post it here.