Author Topic: Mod idea, spawning ufos. newbie questions.  (Read 1912 times)

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Mod idea, spawning ufos. newbie questions.
« on: May 19, 2022, 09:43:51 pm »
I have a mod idea for letting the player spawn ufo's.
Inspired by the USO Trap mission i xcf. Where you you send out as false supply request to the aliens.

I'm thinking a new hyperwave encoder facility, that lets you manufacture an "ambush transmission" item, that causes a ufo mission to spawn.
This would speed up the part of the game where you are just waiting for a ufo with the correct alien rank onboard to spawn, or are just farming elerium.

Using different "ambush transmission" item based on what ufo's you have researched would also give those researches some meaning.

The hyperwave encoder facility could require an item only found in alien bases so you dont build it too early.

some questions about modding:
  • Do I need to restart the game everytime i change a file?, or will the game for example read the missionScripts file every month?
  • I see that the Mission Scripts have itemTriggers/facilityTriggers that could be used, but would that mean that the mission spawns near the base that has the item or facility?
  • Is it possible to spawn flying ufos this way?
  • If i add a missionBountyItem to STR_ALIEN_BASE_ASSAULT alienDeployment, can i add just that one thing? and lets the rest come from another mod or the default rules? or do I have to redefine the whole thing?