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Resources / [GRAPHICS] A lot of new Guns&Ammo Bigobs... for free!
« on: February 05, 2014, 01:06:35 am »
So, while working on the Piratez mod, I had to draw a lot of new weapons & other stuff, so why not to share them with the world? These are just BIGOBS, so it's more like a modding resource than a full mod. Feel free to use them in any way you please (preferably further upgrade them), just don't claim you've made them :3

1. Shotgun & classic feel shells for it. Slightly different from Warboy's, better? Worse? you decide :)


2. DShK 12.7mm HMG. A picture taken from the Net and completely redrawn in PS, as I usually do, plus ammo for it (based on Ryskeliini's)

3. AK assault rifle + the iconic banana clip

4. A snubnose revolver (I reccomend Ryskeliini's ammo drum for it)

5. Brown laser rifle + recolors of the excellent Yrizoud's laser clips:

6. Flamethrower and a fuel tank for it, stolen from somewhere and drawn over:

7. Dynamite. Dyna-mite. The sound. Of the word.

And finally, a rar archive with all the stuff together. Enjoy!

Released Mods / Re: [WEAPON] Minigun
« on: February 05, 2014, 12:35:54 am »
Adding my 2 cents to the minigun hype, I've redesigned the Bigobs for it (flashy neon light might be over the top, but it's easy to remove), and also I drew a backpack (yet again using nice Ryskelinii's LMG clip as a base :3 ) Feel free to use it if you like it, Solar!

Work In Progress / Re: The Piratez Mod!
« on: February 04, 2014, 04:47:23 am »
Thanks! It worked! Sort of, at least :) Some photo material from testing (but not many new enemies, I had no time to actually test the game at any lenght yet):

The Traders' trained dinosaur with incendiary missiles (ripped from tftd) - assigning the weapon worked, however the AI isn't using this unit very clevelry... well, it's just a stupid dinosaur :)

Traders' Engineer, based on Luke83's sprite;

The unique experience of finding oneself on the other end of a HWP's barrel. And here's the problem: the weapon works when I MC the tank (PSi Str lowered for test purposes), but 1) the engine fails to draw the turret, 2) more puzzlingly, the game crashes when the AI tries to fire the gun (presumably; I have no idea what causes the crash, except it only happens when AI has these tanks, and while I've seen them moving around, I haven't witnessed them being fired by the AI).
Oh, and in the background, Mercenary Commando, based on Warboy's (?) Dark Mutons with added jetpack and a more human-like face (not pictured).

Work In Progress / Re: The Piratez Mod!
« on: February 03, 2014, 02:59:17 pm »
I've spent most of the last night overhauling the "factions" (races), now each has their own new sprites. The first playable version should be ready in a week or two; however, I've ran into a hurdle when trying to add new terror units. In short, they deploy unarmed (in the case of tanks, turretless) and I have no idea how to associate a weapon with a terror unit. Is it even possible through the current ruleset? Can anyone help?

Work In Progress / Re: The Piratez Mod!
« on: January 31, 2014, 04:49:25 pm »
So I've been working on the mod for the past week and the idea is evolving... towards some kind of Mutant Earth adventure, aka Revenge of the Post Humans, or what if X-COM had lost. Here's the first research available:

Other than that, it is just making loads of new stuff and graphics - a couple of screenshots:

The game genuinely plays differently now - battlescape-wise it's basically avoid prolonged firefights, use melee or explosives and get to love the Smoke Grenade. Geoscape-wise it's more like - learn to use cannons, as even a single outfit of allmighty Avalanches is going to ruin your monthly budget :3

Troubleshooting / Acid and Melee damage not displayed
« on: January 25, 2014, 06:45:40 pm »
While this is of little consequence to the vanilla game (unless someone wanted to expand the Ufopaedia, that is), it is kind of irksome that the Ufopaedia Armor article format (type_id 5) doesn't support Acid and Melee damage - any modifiers are simply not displayed. Same goes for Equipment format (type_id 4) - if a weapon/ammo causes either, it displays "unknown" instead. Could it be perhaps fixed?  :)

(I'm posting it here since it's not a bug per se)

Work In Progress / Editing Geoscape textures???
« on: January 19, 2014, 09:10:57 pm »
So I'm having a problem swapping Geoscape textures.

Sorry I'm reviving this topic, but reading previous topics on this matter didn't help...

I extracted the Texture.dat using PCKView just fine (the extract as one picture option doesn't work, though), but when I'm trying to replace one of the bmp files in the program's window, like it says in the manual, it just shows me an error message... And I don't know how to pack the whole folder up into a new texture.dat after modyfying it.
XCView can't even load the Texture.dat properly...
With the ConvMisc program, I had even less luck - it plain just bombed out when I asked it to unpack texture.dat (some sort of Red Green Blue Java palette error or something).

What am I doing wrong here?


Trying to compose a texture.dat file from a batch of .gifs using bbtoolkit returns me with an error "color parameter outside of expected range: Red Green Blue"

Work In Progress / Re: The Piratez Mod!
« on: January 16, 2014, 08:58:38 pm »
Hehehe, nothing like a bare belly to stir people and draw some good-natured flames :)

This part is of course the silly part, I wanted to learn something about drawing sprites/pixel art and drawing not-fully-clothed women is about the least painful way to do it - I'm drawing a basic sprite for the mod right now, and jeez, 250+ frames is suffering... I'll probably just draw the stationary frames and proceed to develop core mechanics next.

So, on a more serious note - I want to implement factions, or rather fake factions for now - there would be civilians, military, and  privateers, but there will be no real interaction between them; Instead, various factions would fly their own types of vessels with their own types of missions and fighting them would have various effects on the funding score and yield various loot and rewards.

I know that these are some big plans, requiring stuff like new vessels... we'll see what comes out of it. In a few days (or weeks) I should have a working test version with new armors and weapons, and hopefully also some budget-made enemies to fight.


In between drawing, I worked on more... appropriate... names and ranks system. Here's a sample:


Canada, and others, be scared! :)

Work In Progress / The Piratez Mod!
« on: January 15, 2014, 04:14:42 pm »

So it's been merely a few days since I've discovered the OpenXcom, and I was delighted to see the impressive moddability of this project, which, combined with UFO's timeless mechanics... well, I'll better get to the point:

I was watching my friend storming an UFO with Ryskeliini's Magnum in one hand and a Stun Rod in the other, and an idea occured to me: what if I could make a mod which converts UFO into a Pirate-themed game? Before you stop reading, forget wooden ships and think more Rogue Trader :) And I realized how many elements of the original are already in place and require only minor tweaking to achieve the desired effect...

So, here are the general, rough ideas so far:

- As a poor, but ambitious Privateer you run an aerospace pirate operation from your Secret Hideout.
- Your goal is to, well, get rich! And when rich enough, you might be even able to seize legitimate, political power...
- You have no funding. The only initial way to earn money is to Plunder!
- You hunt and shoot down civilian vessels, rob them blind and preferably take valuable people alive for ransom or entertainment.
- Your activities generate Terror Points, which allow you to earn Protection Funds (ie funding) from the scared countries.
- In time you might want to tackle high-risk military vessels to plunder technology and advance your pirating ways to higher levels.
- Pick your prey sensibly. Your old boat can take a lot of punishment, but it's really slow. Your fighters can hunt couriers and passenger craft, but they won't be able to stand up to warships! Money is tight and vessels are expensive.
- Eventually, the forces hostile to private enterprise are going to raid your facilities. Prepare a bloodbath for them!
- Be wary of Security Conferences in major cities! If you allow the politicians to soothe the public into a false sense of security, your Protection Funds are going to dwindle! Strike fast and hard and show that accidents can happen to anyone!
- Finally, you are not alone - other privateers might establish their own Hideouts on your turf. Show them who's the boss before they hijack Protection Funds that are rightfully yours!

So far, I've made some graphics for inventory screens:

(all of these armors are starting gear, but 2-4 have to be bought and they're expensive)

1. Unarmored
(basic armor set to 20 to provide a real chance of basic weapons to fail to do damage; explosives will be adjusted accordingly)
This default gear offers moral protection at best, but it's weightless and provides +30 Energy and +15 TU boost. 20 armor on all facings.

2. Assassin
Provides only a token increase in protection, but due to advanced electronics it boosts your Firing Accuracy by 5 and Reactions by 15. It also provides a slight Energy and TU boost (+10, +5). The armor increase is decent on the frontal facing, but almost non-existent on other facings.

3. Assault
Slightly better armored and considerably heavier, this armor is equipped with a hoverpack for maximum mobility. It increases your TU's and Energy by 15 both. Improportionally high increase in Bottom armor.

4. Defender
The heaviest and best armored of the lot, but no stat bonuses. Armor is strongest from the front, weakest from the rear and the bottom.

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