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This is a little difficult to explain, I'll try my best.
I have two separate terrains that are meant to be used together (I can't merge them into single terrain, too many MCDs):
 - FARM (the "main" terrain)
 - FARM_INFECTED (the "slave" terrain)
Therefore what I'd do is to slip some FARM_INFECTED map blocks into a FARM map, using the mapScript:terrain command.
Everything should be doable.

The problem is that the missions that are going to use these hybrid maps, are supposed to have aliendeployment:objectiveType, that is a bunch of MCDs you have to destroy to complete the mission.
First problem:
What should aliendeployment:objectiveType indicate? The index of the MCD within the whole terrain or the specialType (AKA Target_Type:59)?
I have two different MCDs that needs to be destroyed and they can appear together on the same map. They share the same specialType (AKA Target_Type:59). So, if objectType refers to specialType  this problem is solved. If not.. how do I solve it (if even possible)?

Second problem:
Within both terrains, the wannabe-objective MCDs have same index (it's also the same specific MCD library), see picture attached. But the actual MCDs placed on the map are from the FARM_INFECTED terrain, and these map blocks are placed in the map by the mapScript:terrain command. If aliendeployment:objectiveType refers to specialType, again this problem is solved. If not.. how to correctly define the objectiveType to the MCDs inside the FARM_INFECTED terrain?


OpenXcom Extended / terrains: textures
« on: March 20, 2020, 11:33:38 pm »
Wasn't there once the possibility to hijack the globe terrains from the terrains themselves?
Like this:
Code: [Select]
  - name: MY_TERRAIN
    textures: [1, 2, 4]
It doesn't seem to do anything anymore and ruleset reference doesn't mention it.

My problem is: I made a new terrain to use in place of the vanilla CULTA terrain, so I was looking for a way to say: "use my new shiny FARMN terrain whenever you should have used the CULTA terrain". That "texture" entry IIRC enabled me this temporary solution, without touching the globe (which is veeeeery scaaaaary, along with regions, they're nightmare-ish).

Help / customize "Prime Grenade" text?
« on: December 23, 2019, 11:48:58 pm »
is it possible?
in a similar way you do for shots:

 - type: STR_BIGGU_GUN
     name: STR_BOOOM

I made a portable robot that you activate and throw, so it is a bit silly that you "Prime Grenade" it.
I need it to be a grenade because in case the soldier in knocked out in battle, I want the robot to activate automatically (provided it has been "primed" beforehand).


Help / standHeight vs floatHeight
« on: December 23, 2019, 11:22:26 pm »
I have a doubt.
The total height of the unit is standHeight + floatHeight..? yes they are it seems.
Or maybe floatHeghit simply represents the "empty" part of the standHeight value?
For example: with the following I wanted to define a 10-high unit standing at 10 from ground (which means the top of the unit is at height=20):

    standHeight: 10
    floatHeight: 10

Or should i set:
    standHeight: 20
    floatHeight: 10
  # setting this is not allowed

Alright they are summed. But then the selection arrow on the unit is drawn in the wrong position. It seems to me that floatHeight is not taken into account to calculate the arrow positioning. Which means, in units with large floatHeight and small (relatively) standHeight, such in this case, the arrow is drawn on top of the unit itself. Pretty ugly.

OpenXcom Extended / Alien Bases detection ?
« on: November 28, 2019, 10:05:10 pm »
In my mod the enemies main activity is to build bases, so the mod gameplay relies a lot on the player actively searching for them.
For this reason one of the very first equipment the player can research, is a craft radar that increases the sightRange of the craft, making -on paper-, the detection simpler.
The problem is that the detection change is still lackluster, unless I make the sightRange basically world-wide.  (Vanilla sightRange is already large, so 'm not really making it much bigger, because otherwise it's ridiculous).
Is there something more I can do to make the alien base detection more fast and reliable? This would also help with testing, because without being able to find the bases quickly, it's hard to tell if the mission I designed is working correctly (AKA spawning the base) or not.

Work In Progress / scratching my head on missionScripts
« on: November 16, 2019, 02:56:01 pm »
As far as I know, missionScripts are executed monthly.

  - type: alienA
    executionOdds: 100
    startDelay: 1000

The above script will start executing STR_MISSION_A after a delay of 1000 + the 'timer' of the first wave, from the beginning (day 1st) of the month (let's call it "month x")?
If the waves timers are short enough, will STR_MISSION_A be run many times during month x, or will it be executed only once?

Then comes "month x+1" and alienA is interrupted, to be executed again for month x+1 ?
This time though STR_MISSION_B is selected and STR_MISSION_A is halted after the last wave. Is it correct?
STR_MISSION_B will start executing from:
 - month x+1 day 1st + 1000 + timer
 - STR_MISSION_A last wave end (let's say the mission  is so long it goes on on month x+1) + 1000 + timer


OpenXcom Extended / weapon firing arcing/non-arcing ammo
« on: November 12, 2019, 10:57:15 pm »
My mod has a missile launcher that, in theory, launches two types of missiles:
- a guided missile that uses waypoints (see blaster bomb)
- a missile that flies in an arcing trajectory
I instinctively placed the peculiar entries (waypoints/arcinShot) in definition of the ammo, respectively, instead of the launcher. The waypoint missile seemed to work perfectly but the arcing missile was just flying straight.
I tried to put arcingShot into the launcher.. and now also the waypoint missile flies -not unexpectedly- in an arcing trajectory (with comical, but also quite buggy results).
Is it impossible to have these two different type of ammunition for the same launcher?

Code: [Select]
    size: 0.3
    costBuy: 82000
    costSell: 61500
    weight: 12
    bigSprite: 584
    floorSprite: 584
    handSprite: 584
    bulletSprite: 0
    fireSound: 52
      name: STR_LAUNCH
    accuracyAimed: 120
    tuAimed: 70
    battleType: 1
    twoHanded: true
    invWidth: 2
    invHeight: 3
    recoveryPoints: 4
    armor: 50
    attraction: 1
    aimRange: 200
    snapRange: 200
    dropoff: 0
    tuLoad: 10
    tuUnload: 8
    noLOSAccuracyPenalty: 0
    #arcingShot: true
    size: 0.2
    costBuy: 2300
    costSell: 1725
    weight: 7
    bigSprite: 325
    floorSprite: 325
    hitSound: 0
    hitAnimation: 0
    power: 120
    damageType: 3
    clipSize: 1
    battleType: 2
    invWidth: 1
    invHeight: 3
    arcingShot: true
    size: 0.2
    costBuy: 13500
    costSell: 10125
    weight: 8
    bigSprite: 324
    floorSprite: 324
    hitSound: 0
    hitAnimation: 0
    power: 100
    damageType: 3
    clipSize: 1
    battleType: 2
    waypoints: 5
    invWidth: 1
    invHeight: 3
    recoveryPoints: 1

Work In Progress / Player controlled civilians (brainstorming) ?
« on: October 22, 2019, 10:59:24 pm »
Wanting to discuss an idea.
Theoretically, exploiting the item-spawn-unit mechanic, you should be able to populate the map with civilians under direct control of the player.
You have to disseminate the map with such items, with the flag that the unit spawned is player-controlled, pre-primed to go off on round 0 (this last bit should be doable, it is already used in X-Piratez to make minefields AFAIK).
The units spawned in this scenario are civilians (at least looks-wise) and they could also be armed too (using the builtInWeapons entry on the unit definition); but of course they could be any third party units that fit whatever narrative the mod adopts (soldiers, cops, friendly aliens).

(Then -but this is unrelated- I guess it is also possible to bring home the surviving "civilians" on the craft and turn them into regular soldiers... still haven't looked into those mechanics tho').

It it feasible or am I missing something?
Is anyone already doing this?


Help / MYFILE.MCD limits?
« on: May 08, 2019, 10:48:10 pm »
I can't find anymore the various limits of the MCDs. I know that the total "placeable" MCDs for maps is 255 (or 254), but that's not what I need.
What is the max amount of MCDs that a single MCD library can contain ?
What is the max amount of graphical sprites (PCKs) ?
For example my XBASEN1.MCD library has 96 MCDs and 104 PCKs (simply because some MCDs are animated and use more than 1 PCK). How many more of both can I add?


OpenXcom Extended / interruptPercentage vs endlessInfiltration
« on: April 28, 2019, 03:50:14 pm »
I'd like giving the player the ability to thwart alien missions (specifically the infiltration type).
Setting "endlessInfiltration: false" has the same practical effect as setting "interruptPercentage: 100" to all the UFOs in the mission waves?

(Maybe it's worth mentioning that I'm designing the waves so that all UFOs appear more ore less together, unlike vanilla where they appear one after another).

    #operationType: 6  # take off and land in the same alien base that spawned the mission
    points: 150  # Pact score only awarded on month end
    objective: 1
    siteType: STR_SUBVERTED_HQ
    spawnZone: 4 # Mission zone for alien bases
    raceWeights: *raceWeightsAlienDrop
      - ufo: STR_UFO_PROBE
        count: 1
        trajectory: P0
        timer: 16500
      - ufo: STR_BATTLESHIP
        count: 2
        trajectory: P7
        timer: 60

      [ cut ]
    width: 50
    length: 50
    height: 4
      - HQ
    script: HQ
      textOffset: -16
      background: BACK01.SCR
      showTarget: false
    alienBase: true    # this is only to tell new battle mode what to do with this deployment

The alien mission happens corectly, with the country forming a pact with the aliens at the end, but the STR_SUBVERTED_HQ site is not generated.
The deployment works correctly in New Battle mode.
What I'm doing wrong?

Help / Base site with random race different from UFO waves races?
« on: April 05, 2019, 12:19:07 am »
In my mod aliens do the usual alien infiltration, but after succeeding a "subverted headquarters" is spawned instead of the normal alien base (it is a base-like kind of site, and if you beat that mission you can win the country back).
The subverted HQ is populated by mixture of humans and aliens, so it uses a different race from the infiltration UFOs (which is a aliens-only race); this can be obtained straightforwardly using the "race" parameter of the alienDeployment.
My problem is that I'd like the subverted HQ to have a bit of variation in that department, but the "race" parameter only takes one race which means a fixed race for all the subverted HQs ever.

So far the only turnaround I thought of is to duplicate everything: multiple identical alien missions, each with its identical subverted HQ, each with its own race. This would give me the result I want but it is quite inelegant with all that duplication. Is it my only option?


Help / mapScripts + addLine + maxUses ?
« on: March 09, 2019, 02:03:50 pm »
maxUses doesn't seem to work for the addLine (direction: both) command.
Is my only option to have (in the terrain definition) several duplicates of the default road block, so the exceptional road block is used rarely by mere chance?

Help / Replace MCD library in a set (MapView and more)
« on: January 20, 2019, 08:01:04 pm »
Can I change this
Code: [Select]
files:Office Luxury
like this
Code: [Select]
files:Office Luxury
without issues?
MCDLIB2 and MCDLIB4 have exactly the same amount of tiles inside.
Obviously I'll need to tweak the map for the changed tiles, but that's a given; what I'd like to know is whether there is risk of map corruption or similar bad stuff.

Work In Progress / Control equipment stack position
« on: January 10, 2019, 10:11:39 pm »
Is there a way to control where (on which tile) the stack of unequipped equipment is placed on the entry map/craft?

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