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Resources / New ships [UFO/TFTD]
« on: December 15, 2019, 09:32:09 pm »
Hi Guys. There was an interest in the creation of ships for x-com games, and that they are not lost in the depths of the hard drive, I will spread them here. :)
I hope they will be of more benefit here than just lie images on the desktop. And maybe someone will use it as a new map for your fashion.

ps: Now there are a lot of ideas in my head (in addition to ships), but it takes time, and sometimes a lot of time to implement them.  :D
pss: I'll Start with the smallest and simplest ship ;D

№: G0000.
Class Ship: Dragonfly.
Size: Small.
Game: UFO Defense.

  - type: UFO_G0000
      - U_EXT02
      - U_WALL02
      - U_BITS
    category: UFO
    group: ufoShips

ps: The ship was corrected, added the missed plate. :)

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