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Help / Segmentation-fault
« on: May 29, 2018, 06:33:57 pm »

I'm having a slight issue with a segmentation fault that I seem not to be able to track down.

nightly 2018-05-10 20:33

This item is taken from Dioxine's X-Piratez mod.
I have changed it to use it with FMP 2.0b.

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_AUTO_AXE
      - STR_AUTO_AXE
    size: 0.6
    costSell: 32000
    weight: 16
    bigSprite: 411
    floorSprite: 253
    handSprite: 742
    bulletSprite: 5
    fireSound: 108
    hitSound: 39
    hitAnimation: 0
    power: 120
    damageType: 7
    accuracyAuto: 100
    tuAuto: 16
    flatRate: true
    clipSize: -1
    battleType: 1
    twoHanded: true
    invWidth: 2
    invHeight: 3
    armor: 30
    maxRange: 1
    bulletSpeed: 50
    autoShots: 4
    attraction: 6
    listOrder: 1909

Spoiler details:

Start up OpenXCom, with mods.
Go into NEW BATTLE, equip my soldiers and start the battle.


I have the item in my hand. Everything is fine.
I move one tile forward (down on the ramp). Everything is fine.
I try to turn. I get a segmentation fault.

The game tells me something is missing from a mod.
Unfortunately, the openxcom.log file is unable to tell me more. It just states the above sentence, and that is all.

I also try to throw a primed smoke grenade. As long as the soldier doesn't turn, all is well.
But when I try to throw the smoke inside the craft (and the soldier needs to turn) I get the segmentation fault.

First: Removed every mod and added them back - one by one, starting with FMP 2.0b - and chose NEW BATTLE with an auto-cannon and smoke grenades.
All mods loaded fine, and NEW BATTLE gave no crashes.

Checked extraSprites for BIGOB, FLOOROB and HANDOB. Numbers for bigSprite, floorSprite and handSprite are all correct. And graphics files are in place.
Checked ExtraSounds for soundfile. Number for fireSound is correct. Wav-file in place in correct folder.
Checked FMP-files for used hitSound and hitAnimation values. Changed them to same as Machete/Knife.

Tried to include a "costBuy: 0" line. Removed it again. It should not matter. And it didn't.
Tried damageType: 1 and battleType: 3. Changed back to 7 and 1 after confirming it didn't help.

Everything is ok when loading the game. This new "Chrys-Ax" of mine (Auto-Ax in X-Piratez) has a nice UFOPaedia article. I can research and manufacture it (if I have the necessary prerequisites to do so).

Would be nice if someone could tell me where I should look next.
I'm sure (well, as sure as one can be messing around in rul-files) that it is only this item that is causing the problem.
But why?
What is missing?

Hello, forumgoers.

Using latest nightly.
For completeness' sake I should mention I use a few mods (FMP 1.9.7. - FMP High Quality Sounds - Extra Explosions - Alternative Smoke, plus a few of my own), but none of those are anywhere near meddling with soldiers or soldier-types.

I've been looking at this file (see attachment) for hours now. I can't seem to figure out this:

A - Regular soldiers does not come with PSI stats revealed.
B - Specialists do come with PSI stats revealed.

It doesn't matter if I have to research the class, or if it is available from game's start. If I start with a regular soldier and an assault-class soldier; the regular soldier has not psi-stats revealed while the assault-class has psi-stat revealed.

I can spot no difference other than that they are two separate soldier-types.

I've tried commenting out research-requirements. I've tried having research topics with zero costs and non-zero costs. I've tried having soldier-class techs both with and without a zero-cost prereq-tech.

Please tell me where to look in my files to find my problem. I'm not asking anyone to do it for me. But I really need some help in finding out where I need to dig. I know I must have made a silly mistake somwhere. I just don't know where that is...

Current tech-tree is:
STR_SOLDIER_CLASSES (4th research-topic at the start of the game)
STR_SOLDIER_CLASS_[insert class] > has previous topic as dependency (not requirement).

I'm taking a break until tomorrow. My head is empty of ideas now. I hope that some of you may have an idea as to where I have to look in order to fix my problem.

I've been eager to start a new experimental game, but with specialist soldiers coming with psi-stats already revealed, that is not happening. No fun, you know.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Released Mods / [Addon to FMP 1.9.4a] Kjotleik's Addons to FMP
« on: November 09, 2016, 01:22:05 am »

UPDATE 2017-04-17 (a bit later)
Use Final Mod Pack 1.9.7.

UPDATE 2017-04-17
The attached file now contains an update to allow it to be used with the latest nightly (2017-04-13, or later).
Also, the file commendations_FMP.rul is included. Replace the file in FMP 1.9.6c with this one.
Once FMP is updated to the latest nightly, you won't need to replace this file. But until then, you will have to.

*************ORIGINAL POST*************
Attached are my personal Addons to FMP 1.9.4a.

Once I'm done with my Harder Interrogation Mod as well, I'll be sitting down in front of my computer to actually PLAY a game of OXC FMP 1.9.4a K's Addons. Will probably not happen before christmas, though. I'm too busy with non-OXC stuff, for some unfathomable reason.   ;D  :-[

I'm going to use these Addons, and the RPG Classes mod, in my playthrough.

In the attachment are three mods:
K's FMP Addon (only use with FMP 1.9.4a)
DamageReliabilityMod (can be used in vanilla, I think)
ExplosionRangeMod (only use with FMP 1.9.4a)

I'm also going to use these:
Extra Explosions by Arthanor
Alternative Smoke by Meridian/Robin
FMP High Quality Sounds by Daedalus

SpoilerK's FMP Addon Changelog - updated:
K's FMP Addon
by Kjotleik

Use with Solarius Scorch's Final Mod Pack 1.9.7 and nightly 2017-04-13,
or later.

This Addon may, or may not, work with later FMP versions.


Commendations Mod:
Updated to latest nightly (2017-04-13, or later).

New project: Pyro Proxy, dependent on Advanced Firearms and Proximity Grenade.
Pyro Proxy: An incendiary proxy-pack. Graphics taken from X-Piratez' Firebomb.

Can now buy: Machete, Dynamite, UZI, AK47, Snubnose Pistol, Pump Action,
Hunting Rifle, RPG and Light Pistol. And ammo, of course.

Changed the listOrders a bit.

Commendations Mod:
Made a lot of changes to the numbers (too many to count in the changelog-file).
In short: I've made it so a lot more actions are needed for getting higher-level decorations.

Well, since FMP makes the game take longer to complete...

The commendations may still not function properly, though.
I've no idea as to why some medals are awarded when they shouldn't be (according to the ruleset-file).

HANGAR: Storage changed to 0 (from 25).
CORRIDOR: Buildtime halved from 12 to 6 days.
          Buildcost changed to 100k (from 75k).

damageType of HWP CANNON SHELLS changed back to the original 1 (from 3 in FMP).
hitAnimation for HWP CANNON SHELLS changed back (?) to 26 (from 0 in FMP).
I don't know if the latter is correct. I think it is, but I don't know it is.

Changed size (storage-space needed) for all guns/equipment-items to correspond to invHeight and invWidth.

autoRange=5 (for those pistols having auto-fire, that is)


Pistols, SMG's and Rifles - weight set to two (2).
Heavy weapons - weight set to four (4).
Heavy Plasma still weight three (3).
Have NOT reduced weight of Heavy Weapon clips with higher weight than four (4).

Painkillers/Healing Sprays/Stimulants now have weight of two (2).
Motion Scanner has weight four (4).
Stimulants now have energyRecovery of twelve (12). It was ten (10).


I've found that in the difficulty.rul (OpenXCom/standard/xcom1) there are three types of damage-ranges:
Code: [Select]
  - damageRange: 100
  - explosiveDamageRange: 50
  - fireDamageRange: [5, 10]

I haven't found anything in the ruleset references (nightlies) over at about these.

Are these the only three types of damageRange that can be set in a ruleset-file?

I assume damageRange is for all direct fire weapons/bullets, explosiveDamageRange is for all grenades, proxies and HE rounds in weapons while fireDamageRange is for all incendiary damage.

What damageRange influences smoke, melee and acid?
Is it possible to set a smokeDamageRange (same format as fireDamageRange, to set the amount of stun-damage taken from smoke)?
Would it be possible to have one unique damageRange for each damageType exposed to a ruleset-file?

I am experimenting with setting damageRange and explosiveDamageRange to 20 right now. Just trying to make damage a little bit more reliable. What I want is no more early-game "plasma-to-the-face" heroes surviving when hit by enemies. Also, to make it necessary with better weaponry to pierce the armour of armoured enemies (after all, a standard Rifle CAN do up to 60 AP damage - worst/best case scenario).


Work In Progress / [REQUEST] A use for Sectoid Corpses.
« on: May 16, 2016, 01:43:17 am »
I don't know if this has been discussed anywhere, but I thought I'd just put it up here.

Playing OXC with FMP 1.9.2 it seems to me there is no current use for Sectoid Corpses (I haven't gotten that far, at least), so today I thought of something.

The Request:
Since I am not able to make any new items (graphics 'n stuff) to put into the game, I'd like to know if anyone has made a mod like this. Or, if not, anyone would be willing to make it. I'd love to play with this.

SpoilerMod Idea:
After researching a psi-capable alien (unlocking the psi-amp in vanilla), I'd like to unlock...
A - Extraction of Psi-Tissue from a Sectoid Corpse
B - Production of Psi-Nanites
C - Production of Psi-Amp, using one Psi-Tissue and one Psi-Nanite. No other changes from vanilla Psi-Amp.

The Psi-Tissue/Psi-Nanite UFOPaedia could read something like (suggestion)
After study of the psi-capable alien, we've found the area of the creature's frontal lobe most active during its attempts at psi-controlling our soldiers.

We can easily program nanites to do the same job. However, we need a larger sample of psi-capable tissue in order to amplify the psi-strength enough to benefit us.

Extracting this tissue from a dead Sectoid and combining it with the nanites in a sealed container, allows our own soldiers to control the amplifier with their own minds, connecting to the aliens' brainwaves.

This would make one more corpse useful in my game. And I'd be happy!  :)
Of course, discussions are welcome. If I overlooked anything, or you have better ideas, please share your thoughts.

I am going to start a new game with my personal mod (.rul changes only, I'm the CTRL+C/CTRL+V kind of modder  ;D) this weekend.
Explosions have blastRange of (Power/10) and all damage is restricted to +/- 20% from the UFOPaedia values. Should make for an interesting game. I'm sure I will find a way to share my experiences/results once June comes (I can only play during weekends, and I presume this will take a few to get anything useful to say on the matter).

Kjotleik    :)

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