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Suggestions / "Know Thy Enemy" from UFO Extender
« on: June 22, 2014, 10:55:32 pm »
Hi, first congratulations on the release of 1.0. Great, great work. I can't stop playing this game and now with OpenXcom... maan. Looking into donating to the project. So happy with it =)

And now to the suggestion (question). Is there anyone who has worked into implementing the "Know Thy Enemy" option mod from Ufo Extender?
Damage is reduced against targets until an autopsy has been preformed. There is a small chance that a "lucky" shot will do full damage. Explosives and Fire are not affected. The reduction only affects the damage that is applied against a unit's health not armor.

That is a great addition, making the autopsies (excluding the psi ones) giving something to the gameplay and making them actually useful besides giving flavor descriptions. Are there any plan of implementing it or is there already such mod created?

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