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Suggestions / [OXC] Feature Request: alien activity graph on Geoscape
« on: June 11, 2022, 10:59:59 pm »
This goes under the category of UI improvements, I guess.

The Graphs are usually one of the most underused features of the game IMHO because you either create a routine of regularly checking the graphs to look for undetected UFO activity, or you simply ignore them to speed gameplay and rely on your radar network.

So, when I was switching between both Graphs and Geoscape, I realized that what I needed was some sort of alert system on Geoscape to avoid having to regularly check the Graphs.

Something like this quick copy/paste I've attached, where the Alien Activity graph has been pasted into the Geoscape. Now if that graph was updated every 30 minutes or so, then the player would know when something interesting is taking place, and then check the Graphs to see the region, etc.

And this feature could be made optional - press a key and it would pop up in the Geoscape.


After a couple years of hiatus due to the crediting and permission issues, and a couple personal issues that I've had to solve during that period, the Terrain Pack will be re-released in the next weeks in a public GitHub repository and with a CC-NC-BY-SA 4.0 open source license that will allow people to irrevocably use, distribute, modify and redistribute version 4.0. of the Terrain Pack if they follow the LICENSE's exact terms to properly credit its AUTHORS (I've attached the draft versions of these files).

To be perfectly clear: you can make and distribute your own version of the XCOM: Terrain Pack, add some of its terrains to the your own map pack or a single, clone the entire terrains for a MegaMod or Total Conversion, etc. With no need to ask for permission, as long as you properly credit and attribute the Terrain Pack or the authors of the terrains. You can also ask for donations when using the Terrain Pack or its individual contents, but non-commercial use (selling) is forbidden.

The new release will be version 4.0 of the Terrain Pack, after the previous version had to be nuked due the permissions and credits abuses. It will also include all the files of versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the Terrain Pack: the first one I made for the UFO2000 multiplayer game, and the other was for the original XCOM using XComUtil and BB's Tools using my original mods made nearly twenty years ago.

Furthermore, this bundle will also include nearly all my original material (.MAP/.RMP) that I never released before, as well as all the terrains made by other UFO2000 authors, that become unavailable when my old web page went offline. It will also include all the editors required to make terrains, as well as documentation. The only terrains I've not included at the terrains I specifically created for my Area 51 mod, which will be also released later when that mod is completed and published with the same CC-NC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

With these three versions included, for the original game and its two open source engines, and the extra materials I've included, the pack will be renamed as the XCOM Terrain Pack because of its enlarged scope.

Once the new version is published on the Github public repository in a couple of weeks, I'm not planning to add more terrains to it soon, but I'll continue to maintain it and provide help to terrain modders. This also means that I might be looking for new contributions and new developers for the community to use and enjoy. But more details on that later because there I'm still looking into the conditions and technical criteria.

And regarding the issue of donations, the XCOM Terrain Pack project won't accept them directly but will always direct them instead towards the OpenXCom project. This is a non-commercial community resource that involved several authors and different projects at different stages, and to ensure a fair distribution, any material gifts of appreciation such as donations should instead be given towards those who made this community and modding possible - OpenXcom and the developers who keep hosting, maintaining, updating and expanding it for both players and modders to use.

As for mods that use and have a Terrain Pack license, you're free to ask donations a gift for your work. Just keep in mind that according to the terms of the CC open source license, any mods that use the Terrain Pack are also required to have a CC-NC-BY-SA license.

Finally, now that the Terrain Pack will have an open source license CC-NC-BY-SA, it will be very clear how modders can use it and its contents on their mods, to avoid situations like in the past three years. Follow the license's terms and your use, distribution and modification work of the pack will be always protected and available for others. Ignore the terms and you'll get an initial warning, followed by a take-down notice if necessary and your open source license being revoked for not respecting the terms under which you're allowed to use the Terrain Pack and its assets.

More details will follow later. For now I'm posting the draft versions of the README, LICENSE and AUTHORS file for discussion, corrections and feedback.

Work In Progress / [WIP][OXCE] XCOM: The Unknown Menace
« on: January 15, 2022, 06:54:55 am »
Hello all,

2022 will be a special year for me because it marks the 20th anniversary of my first major fan project related to a videogame, the fanfic novel XCOM: The Unknown Menace, which tells the story of the First Alien War in a whooping 692 pages.

And that year also kinda marks the beginning of my XCOM modding with the first map mod I ever made as a replacement for the original game's Terror Site terrain, originally called 'City' and later adapted to OpenXCom as 'Commercial'. My map modding then extended to making part of the UFO2000 project, a multiplayer clone of the original game, where I created several terrains that eventually I later adapted to the Terrain Pack and Area 51 OXC mods, which included even more new terrains I made, and that have been unavailable for the past years due to a number of issues and the lack of time to solve them, which caused me to make a pause from XCOM/OXC modding, after a really long time involved. 

But my personal love for XCOM modding has never disappeared, and over the past years I received requests and feedback to make my mods available once again, for the OXC community to play and enjoy. It is then my pleasure to announce that I'm currently actively working on a new OXC mod, called the XCOM: The Unknown Menace in homage and inspired by my original fanfic (which also inspired Area 51, thus the circle becomes complete).

I won't provide more details at his point, other that it will be an expansion to the original game built upon my previous work and new original material, and it will include selected features from other mods that I'm currently in the process of contacting the authors to obtain their permissions, in order to add them. It won't be a mod pack though since I'm done for good with that kind of projects, so those contributions are going to be on a needed basis and I won't take requests to add additional features.

ETA is currently unknown but stay tuned: there's a fast mover on its way. ;)

PS (January 18th, 2022) - Things have changed after I posted this, because of my decision to make Terrain Pack to go open source. So the stated above will not be exactly like it turns out.

Released Mods / X-Chronicles resource review
« on: January 14, 2022, 05:23:28 pm »

You're using terrain files from my mods Terrain Pack and Area 51 without permission from me, the author, who you didn't even bother to give proper credit.

Those include:
NATIVEURBAN and all the adaptations

Please remove these and any other unauthorized files/terrains from the mentioned mods from your mod. Failure to do so will result in this mod being reported.

This is not negotiable.

Thank you.

As posted elsewhere, as an author, I've decided that my original work/files in the Terrain Pack, Area 51 and other mods cannot be used anymore by other modders on their own mods.

This applies to any mods that publish new versions after today - you're not required to remove any previous versions that have been already published.

Any unauthorized use of my work will be properly notified and reported, if necessary.

To help modders know what they need to remove here's a list of authorship the Terrain Pack content, and what I'll keep (because I'm the author or I have permission from the authors) and what I'll remove (because I have no authorization to use).

* All units will be removed from the Terrain Pack, mainly civilians. Later, I may ask the authors of specific units for permission to reinclude them again in the TP.

* Improvedglobe - this file was made specifically by me for the terrain pack from the original, which the TP got permission to use. It contains several changes that I introduced. Thus, you can use the original file if you have permission from the author, but use of this specific modified file is not allowed.

***Author: Hobbes***

Keep In Mind
* You'll have to remove all of these terrains.
* This includes all the original .MCD, .PCK., .TAB, .MAP and .RMP and other files made by me as the author.
* It also includes any other versions of these terrains present in Area 51 and Tech-Comm.
* Any modifications or derivative works made to the original files by modders are not authorized by me as an author and need to be removed.
* If you have previously contributed with any assets to those terrains, and you want to revoke your permission for me to use them, please notify me.

The following terrains and files were nearly all made by UFO2000 authors, which gave me permission to use them.
Since I extensively converted them for use in OpenXCom, I also do not give permission for the original work I added to them (all the .RMP files for instance) to be used in other mods. If you ask permission to their authors, you may use these terrains in your mod but only the original terrain files, since you may not use the files I created originally for them to be used in OpenXCom.

I'll also be removing all non-original or unauthorized content from Area 51 and Tech-Comm, following the above guidelines.

If you have any questions or need more guidance, just ask.

Released Mods / Terrain Pack considerations
« on: November 26, 2019, 04:50:28 am »
I've been modding XCom for quite some time now. I've given a lot to the community and received a ton more in return. I've seen projects rise and fall, and I've seen a new vibrant modding community here at XCom, which has pleased me. And I've seen how my work has inspired others to create their own worlds, which is the great compliment I could have.

That has always been one of my intentions when I created the Terrain Pack: for people to contribute so that others could create their own worlds. But over the years, it turned solely into a collection of assets to be used by other modders using its assets, as freely and extensively as they want, and those modders even created their own terrains, but they almost never cared with sharing them in the pack. Or sometimes even giving proper credit to the Terrain Pack and its individual authors.

Furthermore, I've learned recently that there are mods that use extensively the Terrain Pack with links for donations, without asking me first for permission for them receiving money from thousands of hours of work I did for free to the community.

So, there's definitely going to need some changes regarding the Terrain Pack. SO I'd like to know everyone's opinion on these issues,  specially those of the modders using the Terrain Pack.

Open Feedback / Subforum settings
« on: July 30, 2019, 06:56:59 pm »
I just noticed in Area 51 subforum that new replies/topics now require moderation before they appear. Is there any way to disable this? I find it annoying both for the moderator (me) and to the people who post.

Released Mods / [OXCE][Compilation] Area 51 submods
« on: May 14, 2019, 06:53:49 pm »

This is a collection of modular mods created to add new starting options to the vanilla UFO game, using OXCE features that were originally developed for the larger megamods available. Once the planned mods are completed, this collection is being considered to be the prerelease of the Area 51 mod.

List of submods (*italics under development/consideration*)

Alien Hives (
Alien bases will launch UFOs against incoming XCom craft and upgrade their interceptors as time advances.

Armed Civilians (
Adds paramedics, firefighters, police officers and military soldiers to terror sites.

Beaches Of Cydonia
Replaces the Mars Cydonia Landing mission with a new terrain.

Close Encounters (
Alien spotters/snipers added. Alien melee units will charge more aggressively.

Council Betrayal ((
Several countries start already infiltrated. 4 additional countries. Pacts can be reverted by destroying bases.

Early Invasion (
The aliens' invasion timetable is advanced by six months.

First Class (
Only the eight starting soldiers can be promoted to Commander rank.

Galactic Fantasia
Adds the Spacefarer, Waspite, Phaser, Overlord and Gazer races, Muton Berserker/Elite/Leader/Commander units, Armored Sectopod and Hybrid terrorists.

Hunter-Killer UFOs (
Medium/Large scouts, Terror Ships and Battleships have increased radar sight and can attack XCom craft.

Immediate Evac
Terror sites have a 33% chance of being generated as escape missions, where XCom units need to reach an exit area to win.

Mudranger APC craft
Adds the Mudranger APC craft, and uses it  to replace the starting Skyranger.

Muton Warlords (
Muton UFOs can bombard XCom bases to destroy facilities or even destroy the entire base. Adds Muton Leader/Commander.

Night Terrors (
Alien bases can also generate terror missions. Mission sites will despawn even when targeted by XCom craft.

Outside Context Problem
Captured aliens are required to unlock all major alien tech. Adds Alien Scientist Rank.

Outworldly Physics (
Smoke is 25% less effective blocking alien vision. Electroflare light power reduced by 25%.

Spacemen Remix (
Adds mixed crews of the vanilla aliens.

Terrain Pack
New terrains for landed/crashed UFOs, terror sites (include new civilian units) and alien base missions. Includes Geoscape redesign. *Being adapted from latest version*

Top Gun (
Adds pilots to XCom, required to pilot all craft.

Ununpentium Unlocked
Elerium research is a prerequisite for all major alien techs.

Xenophobia (
Human soldiers may suffer additional morale losses during combat.

Each of the mods present in this collection is independent from the others and can be installed and played separately, allowing for granular difficulty settings.

OXCE Suggestions DONE / [DONE] [Suggestion] Earth-based alien operations
« on: September 03, 2018, 06:39:07 pm »
These are suggestions for Tech-Comm but that can be used by other mods.

I'll describe each one separately since they can be implemented separately and add new possibilities, although they are all required in order to add a new feature for Tech-Comm - Nuclear Missile Attacks.

The concept behind this idea is that as the war progresses Skynet will turn to desperate measures to stop Tech-Comm and it will activate a nuclear missile base somewhere in the world, that each month will fire a nuclear strike at one of Tech-Comm's bases that will completely destroy it once fire. The only way to stop these attacks is to locate this base and destroy it with a ground assault.

1) Make UFOs spawn/despawn on a specific alien base to simulate take-off/landing

This can be used also for total conversions where the enemy is not an extraterrestrial force parked in Earth's orbit. A player should be able to figure out the location of hostile bases in this matter, with the radar detecting the 'ufos' taking off/landing between their missions (but revealing the bases still requires a craft).

Another suggestion to implement would be through a new waypoint:
Code: [Select]
  - id: L0
      - [6, 0, 0]
      - [0, 3, 74]
      - [0, 1, 28]
      - [1, 1, 47]
      - [6, 0, 0]

A 6 setting tells the game that the ufo's starting location is an alien base (the two 0s refer to 0 height and 0 speed)

One issue to solve is how to determine which alien base is used to spawn the ufo. If the mission is spawned by a specific base (through  genMission on alien Deployments) then the issue is solved since that base is used. If the mission is spawned through missionScripts then the game should check for any existing alien bases that fit the criteria (namely any specific regions defined on that missionScript entry) and choose randomly.

2) Retaliation UFOs can destroy XCom bases without any base defense taking place

As it says, once the final retaliation run begins there's no way to stop it short of defense facilities firing. If they fail, then the base is automatically destroyed.

This simulates a missile strike (or a saboteur/infiltrator) and if that sounds too extreme for some, it could be suggested to have a flag on base facilities that defines whether the facility will be destroyed or not by such a strike (underground facilities would survive, surface ones would not), but that would require a ton of more work and I only need the full destruction part at this point.

3) Missions spawned by alien bases can be set to target any region with an XCom base

This allows for an alien base to generate retaliations (or any other missions) on a region different than the one where it is located, by defining regional weights, targetBaseOdds, etc., on genMissions, the same way that is already possible through missionScripts.

Work In Progress / [TC][OXCE][I.D.T.] Terminator: Tech-Comm - Alpha
« on: February 17, 2018, 03:31:49 am »
"I'll be back"


It is 2027, nearly thirty years after Judgment Day.

The war against the machines has entered a dangerous phase: in 2025 the resistance attacked Cheyenne Mountain in a gamble to destroy Skynet's Core and end the war. After months of preparation and gathering the necessary forces, the resistance forces were able to overcome the complex's massive defenses but the A.I. had long predicted such a move and had already relocated itself to a currently unknown location prior to the attack.

Although successful in taking the complex despite the heavy casualties, the Resistance's victory become a phyrric one after the battle: Skynet immediately launched a counter-offensive worldwide to terminate key resistance units and bases, taking advantage that many assets had been redeployed for the Cheyenne Mountain offensive. While Skynet also failed to take down the Resistance, both sides were left exhausted by the fighting.

For the past year Skynet has reduced its activities, allowing the Resistance groups to recover but reports indicate that the machines have been developing new technologies and mass producing new Terminator units and Hunter-Killer craft, and getting ready for a new offensive destined to crush the Resistance and drive humanity into extinction.

However, at the insistence of John Connor, one of the Resistance's most successful leaders, the human factions have decided to combine their efforts into an elite unit charged with researching the machines' technology in order to defeat Skynet and win the war for human survival.

This unit was known as Tech-Comm.

Requires the latest OpenXCom Extended version.

Mod Portal link -

Discord link -

XPiratez / Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity
« on: May 22, 2017, 03:56:10 am »
Dioxine, in case you need a trailer for Piratez... just rename your mod ;)

Offtopic / Merry Christmas to everyone!
« on: December 24, 2016, 03:12:46 pm »
Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones :)

Work In Progress / [WIP] Tech-Com - Terminator series
« on: August 04, 2016, 04:33:24 am »
Anyone considered developing a total conversion based on the Terminator series?

The scenario would be the war between humans and machines after Judgement Day until Skynet's defeat by the resistance. The player would be in charge of Tech-Com, and would contain the advance of Skynet throughout the world while researching techs to defeat the machines, and assume the role of John Connor or Connor could just be in the background story.

Work In Progress / New features for missions - variable timers
« on: February 02, 2016, 04:16:15 pm »
Thanks to Warboy1982's work it is now possible to:
1) Add a turn limit where the game automatically ends after a defined X number of turns, and define how the mission ends
2) Modify the turn where the AI becomes aware of all your units (the original game has it set for turn 20, or if there's 2 or less units by turn 10)

These two variables can be set individually for each mission through alienDeployments:

Code: [Select]
    turnLimit: 20
    chronoTrigger: 0
    cheatTurn: 10

* turnLimit is used to define the turn where the game ends, default is 0 (no limit). If the value is changed from default then the game will display the number of turns on the 'Hidden Movement' screens as '1/20', '2/20', etc., and the numbers will switch to red when there's less than 3 turns remaining.
* chronoTrigger is used with turnLimit and defines what happens when the turn limit is reached. There are 3 possible settings:
** 0 (default) = forces a Loss, meaning that the player loses everything if the mission isn't completed by the time the turn limit is reached. All units are declared dead or MIA when the game ends. This is ideal for bomb defusal type missions.
** 1 = forces a Abort, this is almost the same as above, with the exception that there must be at least 1 solder on an exit-only area (like the green room on the 1st stage of Cydonia) to win at the end of the turn limit.
** 2 = forces a Win, where if you have at least 1 live unit at the end of the turn limit you'll win the mission, regardless of where the soldiers are. This is meant for Survival scenarios.
** Regardless of the setting, the player can always still win by eliminating all alien units before the turn limit, or fail the mission by losing all units.
* cheatTurn allows to define the turn where the AI becomes aware of all your units (default is 20) for individual missions. Once this turn is reached the aliens will be forced to go into attack mode and engage your units. This is effectively a cheat for the AI which was present on the original game.

As you can imagine this opens a lot of possibilities for designing new missions. :)

As another example:

Code: [Select]
    objectivesRequired: 16
    objectiveComplete: [STR_MISSILE_SILO_DISABLED, 750]
    objectiveFailed: [STR_MISSILE_SILO_OPERATIONAL, -750]
    turnLimit: 20
    chronoTrigger: 0
    cheatTurn: 10

This creates a Destroy mission where you have 20 turns to destroy at least 16 missiles and where the AI becomes aware of all your units after turn 10. You also have two several win conditions: you need to destroy the missiles and get back to the craft with at least 1 soldier before turn 20.

Suggestions / [BRAINSTORMING] Z-COM: The Zombie Apocalypse
« on: December 02, 2015, 04:38:21 am »
ZCOM is an idea that has been mentioned here and there for quite a long time amongst the XCOM community and that I've started considering how a total conversion could work, now that OXC has so many available assets to play with and it is possible to create something without using any of the original units, terrains or weapons :)

I haven't made my mind if I'll actually go for this, but I thought I'd share what I came up with right now.

It started with isolated reports worldwide of the dead reanimating themselves, which were initially dismissed as medical errors or pranks. But as the days passed, the number of cases started to increase exponentially and the authorities started to enforce quarantines, which were quickly upgraded to martial law as fear and protests ignited riots and other disturbances. As chaos and violence soared so did the number of undead, until the governments realized that their individual efforts were hopeless and that the epidemic was out of control.
It's now a month since the initial cases were reported and the world economy has collapsed due chronic shortages of food, power, transport and other commodities. Millions of refugees have taken to the countryside, hoping to escape the zombie hordes but unwillingly helping to spread the infection. Emergency and the police/military are close to be overwhelmed and in many cases governments don't run their countries anymore since most of their territories have fallen into anarchy.
Realizing the zombie pandemic as a major threat to civilization, 16 countries decided to join their efforts to defeat this menace. A multinational team of soldiers, researchers and engineers was formed, operating out of an isolated base and provided with the latest technology in order to combat,  investigate and defeat the zombie threat. This team was called the Zombie Combat Unit.

* Countries still pay you money according to your efforts (until they are overrun by zombies, that is)
* Money represents basic supplies (water, food, power, housing, etc.) required for survival
* You can only hire/sack people (plenty of refugees around to recruit, if you can feed and house them) or sell items - you can't buy any weapons, craft, ammo or any other items since there's no economy anymore. Whatever you need you'll need to recover, steal or manufacture it.
* This also applies to new base modules - you'll need to get specialized materials before you can build them or any additional bases.
* Specialized materials will include things like fuel (for craft), processed metal, electronics, heavy machinery, aircraft parts, etc.
* Initial research will require the player to capture 4-6 different types of live zombies. These different types will have a regional dispersion.
* Initial base will have a Skyranger plus 2 Darkstars (in lieu of Interceptors)

* UFOs will be replaced by Recovery missions, where there will be present a target for recovery (warehouse, crates, etc.) instead of an alien craft. Success in the mission will get you specialized materials for building stuff.
* Recovery missions will appear as the green crosses on Geoscape once detected. To detect Recovery missions, the player needs first to research a topic (North America Survey) to locate possible targets, which activates the appearance of the missions on the next month.
* The player can use then a Darkstar drone or Skyranger to locate the 'green crosses' and assault them. Recovery missions will always take place in cities. After some days the Recovery site will disappear as the red dot flying off (someone else got there first).
* Once you complete the research on a specific region (Europe, North Africa, etc.) you'll also activate a monthly zombie terror site on that region.
* Alien Retaliation will be replaced with 'Zombie Horde' assault on ZCOM bases

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